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    Make It So!

    So how did the decluttering go???
  2. I hear you on the one project at a time. Mind you with a BAP, you want to do some smaller projects on the side to get that happy dance feeling now and then. I had to laugh reading about your heart rate. I was the same when I run regularly back in 2007. According to the stats I should have dropped dead during my most sedate training runs. I never managed to be in the fatburning/aerobic zone for longer than the time it took my heart to speed up right into anaerobic/redline. Walking my heart rate was too slow, running too high. I've also heard that the trick to improve in this case is to do interval training, I never tried it myself and dont know if its true. Will be trying it when I hit the roads again but not until another challenge. I'll be curious to see how you go staying in the fat burning/aerobic zones. A colleague of mine that runs marathons swears by that.
  3. Oh lots of pretties! I detect a certain nature/animal trend there! How is that GK BAP coming along? I am in awe of anyone who takes on a BAP! I have also seriously neglected updating my blog. And still need to get all my finished pieces into some kind of album. I'll share when I have it done...
  4. Back on the German... Dont be afraid to try speaking it. You'll find that people are actually really forgiving of any mistakes you make or misunderstandings. The effort you make is really appreciated and in turn people tend to be a lot more friendly. So I say go for it! I look forward to seeing how the test goes at the end of the 6 weeks. Keep at it!
  5. Fitness torture and cooking... could life be any better? I look forward to the recipes. It never even crossed my mind to turn ratatouille into other dishes. Nice!
  6. Ooooh another cross stitcher! Me too! Its my sanity saver! Working on anything exciting? I have a sampler to finish... which is currently gathering dust and will hopefully be one of my 15 tasks I've been procrastinating about! Enjoy your run!
  7. Chanda

    Make It So!

    Love your Many Little Life Tasks goal... Those are just the things that hold us back. Good luck tackling the Craft Room!
  8. This realisation alone has to count as an additional 5 wisdom points. Good luck reaching your goals!
  9. Good luck reaching your goals. Do take it slow and easy with the back. Cutting back sugar isnt easy, specially at this time of the year. Do you have any specific things you are doing? I cut out sugar from my coffee and teas. On the rare occasions when I drink a latte or cappuccino I find that sprinkling cinnamon on it instead of chocolate makes it taste great... even better than adding sugar!
  10. A treadmill desk. Awesome! Maybe you can make the basement more inviting? Some soothing music? Put up some posters? Good luck reaching your goals!
  11. This alone should be worth an A grade! I too belong to the chocolate is medicine camp... as long as its 70% or higher cacao content! Hope you stay true to your goals. Looking forward to your updates!
  12. Great goals and scoring scheme! Thanks for sharing the video. I'd never seen that form, it looks challenging! Makes me want to take up Tai Chi again. Are you going to video tape yourself doing the complete form?
  13. Good to see how the pros do it! Keep it up!
  14. I am new to NF but not new to bettering myself. After a long time searching I actually know what my focus is... at least for the next year or two. I would be honored if you could move my thread over here. Thank you! Link to my thread is in my signature.
  15. I just checked out this area and am wondering if I should make a switch from Adventurer to Druid. Although maybe its too late now and I'll have to wait for the next challenge. For exercise these days I do yoga and walk but considering starting up my tai-chi again (more of a medium term goal). Running and strength training are there to improve my health, not as the end game. Ultimately I am looking for a balanced life, clearing clutter from my body, mind and my surroundings (home and work) and improving relationships with loved ones. What do you think? Is it too late to move over?
  16. You beat me to it. Unlike in english speaking countries where "How are you?" is quickly answered with "Good/Great. How are you?". In Germany if you ask "Wie geht's?" and you get an answer you may be surprised at the level of information you get back... As such, it is a bit of a personal question and can be considered invasive if you ask a stranger how they are doing. Greeting with Gute Morgen, Mahlzeit (in this area) and a smile is usually whats expected. In my experience Germans arent into small talk, and in the work place its can be considered annoying (there are always exceptions thought!). Weather and traffic are great conversation starters. Make a comment about how nice or bad the weather is and its usually enough. In fact, once you break through the first layers and get a German talking, its hard to make them stop!
  17. Hi There, some help with your goal number 4! Ich bin Portugiesin und wohne im Deutschland. Deutsch ist mein dritte Sprache, mein Grammatik ist schlecht. Trotzdem versuche ich Deutsch zu sprechen und schreiben! Egal wie es klingt. Hast du heute schon mit Jemand gesprochen? Viel Glück!
  18. I understand where you are coming from 100%. I was OK with not being fit and being slightly overweight. I could function in my world, so why waste my time with such nonsense. Deep down I knew that wasnt really OK... but on the surface things were fine. Now I am the mother to 2 girls. I not only have the responsibility to be fit to look after them and be around as long as possible. I am their first role model! So I am doing this for myself and for them! Good luck! I look forward to seeing your progress.
  19. ... starts with a single step. I'll keep this short and sweet. I've never been what one would consider fit. To be honest it never really was a priority for me. However, a fairly sedentary lifestyle, a desk job and 2 babies later and I am slowly approaching that turning point in life where I have to make that all too common choice between joining the legions on the couch of doom permanently or living the best life that I possibly can. I am 5 feet tall and my weight is 150 pounds (metric: 153cm, 68kg). This may not sound like a lot of weight. My goal is to feel great and have energy to live a good life. If in the process I have some fun and loose 25 pounds I wont complain. Well, I've taken that step and here I am!
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