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  1. Day 2: 17.Sep: Once again the status quo was improved upon. Quests 1 (tennis) and 2 (move): nothing done. Quest 3 (fueling): a good day. I was not sure wether to call this a good day since I skipped lunch... but then I took the time to get myself a snack in the late afternoon (resisted getting junk food). also made up for the lack of lunch at dinner. I got enough to drink. so I am calling it a good day anyway. Quest 4 (status quo): a good day. house is better now than it was this morning. i remembered to do the MIT list and got all the MITs done. kitchen is clean and I dropped off the recycli
  2. ZTD is Zen to Done... its a spin off the GTD (Getting Things Done) method but much more accessible. The simplified ZTD is explained here: http://zenhabits.net/minimal-ztd-the-simplest-system-possible/ About the shoes. I dont think what I did will be helpful to you. I got the shoes online and they had elastic laces that are not for tying up and 1 velcro strap (exactly because my daughter also cant tie shoes but likes to be independent). Unfortunately the laces made the shoe too narrow for her to get her foot in. So I cut the laces at the top end just under the velcro. Then put some beads on
  3. Day 1: 16.Sep: The status quo was kept and possibly improved upon. Quests 1 (tennis) and 2 (move): nothing done. Quest 3 (fueling): a good day. resisted getting a chocolate croissant for breakfast, had a vegetarian lunch (curried tofu and veggies), spaghetti carbonara for dinner (smaller serving than usual), 2 coffees, plenty of water and a glass of milk and ovomaltine as a snack in the evening. Quest 4 (status quo): a good day. house is better now than it was this morning. i remembered to list my most important tasks for the day and even got some done. got the kitchen cleaned after din
  4. Welcome to the Druids! This is so true!!!! I look forward to seeing how you do over the next 6 weeks.
  5. Short and sweet. I like how you kept it simple. About those 10lb, have you considered putting on muscle? I mean loose the 10lb and then replace it with lean body mass. You will be the same size or smaller but possibly weight the same you do now or even slightly more. The idea is that by having more lean mass you will burn more calories. Therefore, you are less likely to put on 10lb of fat. 500 calories of chocolate per week sounds realistic to me... that roughly my intake. Any less and I feel deprived! Glad to have you here for this next challenge and I look forward to seeing how you
  6. Congrats on a year of NF! I always enjoy reading your challenges. Its all so different from what I usually attempt. Very inspiring! About measuring goal 2 and possibly 3. I subjected GOOD or NEUTRAL rating at the end of each day could work.... and you set yourself the goal of having more good days than not (or some other number that feels challenging but realistic to you).
  7. Great challenge! This is such an exciting time. You are going in with a great attitude! When that clock goes off it does amazing things... so getting ready now is a good idea. When it was my time I barely had time to prepare. Just know also that since you are already living a pretty good and sensible lifestyle there is very little more you need to be doing... I was a stress bundle my first time around, the second time was much better because I relaxed... I had learned that body and baby pretty much take care of things. Your last 2 goals are great, between hormones and all the emotions
  8. Great challenge setup! Great goals too. While the body is healing work on the mind. Perfect! Looking forward to seeing your TMNT skills develop!
  9. Glad to see you back... for a second there I though your whole mission was going to be to eat pumpkin. Talk about keeping things simple!
  10. I actually liked your idea from your second post. Adding that to mine. I am going to list the things I have done that are not part of my usual daily stuff.
  11. Welcome to the Druids! I like your goals. They are realistic and should lead to some good improvements in your overall well being! I too am walking to Mordor... I need to add up my miles, havent done it in awhile. I am thinking of changing mine from walking to running. But thats another story. How was your first day?
  12. *hugs* family trouble is rough... specially when it involves your own parents. Take deep breaths. You can do this. Also one hint that has helped me in the past. Don't answer immediately if you are feeling emotional. Feel free to type it up... but then wait awhile before you send it. This can be anywhere from a few minutes to days. Do other stuff in between and return to it with a fresh head. Only then should you finish your answer (edit what you wrote already, keep things short). This alone has saved me a lot of trouble in the past. Good luck finishing this challenge. I also didnt finish
  13. Chanda

    Druid Lodge!

    Welcome! Glad you made it to the Druids!!!! Reading threads is good for inspiration... even better is to brainstorm what you want to achieve. Pretty much any goal that improves your life balance and health is a druidy type goal! Welcome! Enjoy your time here! Congrats on finishing your first challenge and welcome to the Druids!
  14. Sounds like your challenge is all about adjusting to what comes your way with the target to still reach your goals. Awareness and Flexibility, two very druidy things! Anyway, glad to have you back for another round with the Druids. And even more glad that you have seen benefits from yoga and meditation. Hope you get the eating-madness sorted out and survive the pre-wedding-madness! You officiated a wedding!?!?! Awesome!
  15. Oh and here is something for inspiration:
  16. I signed up... I have getting to bed early enough so that I get 7 hours sleep as part of my Stay Sane quest. My husband gets up at 5:45am on weekdays. Two weeks ago he got one of those alarm clocks that simulates natural daylight. At 5:15 that cursed machine starts slowly lighting up our room. At exactly 5:22 I wake up. Normally I can sleep until 7:30. But since I am being woken up 2 hours earlier than I have to, I figure its time to make the best out of a bad situation. Plus I've been saying for years I want to become a morning person (so that I can have "me" time while my daughters are sti
  17. Welcome to the Druids! There are not as many of us when compared to the Adventurers... but we are a friendly bunch. So I hope you will feel right at home! You have some great quests. I specially hope you are successful with your first one! Be patient and kind with yourself... but also be consistent and persistent! Long distance relationship can be really hard. But knowing that you can look after yourself is actually a very good thing. Look at this time apart from your fiancé as your chance to learn that you can be self-sufficient. Knowing that you are with someone because you want to, n
  18. Wow Eve! You are in for a big 6 weeks. If anyone can keep a strong yoga practice through it all, it is you! You got this! Hmmm, I wonder if we should be list buddies?
  19. Your results from your first challenge were awesome and I can not wait to see how you do with this one. You are setting out to do a lot, but it is so well thought out and detailed that I have no doubt you will do it! I too love running... although thats on the back burner at the moment. I am glad you decided to join us Druids for this challenge!
  20. For me maintaining "status quo" when stuff is going on all around me is incredibly difficult. So we will see... Priority is enjoying the time with the family anyway. The rest is all a great big bonus. Me too! Hopefully I will be around more for this challenge. I'll go check yours out as soon as its up.
  21. Its almost a year since I started on my fitness journey. I've lost 8kg (actually I lost 10kg and gained 2kg back) and went down 1.5 dress sizes. I am stronger and have more endurance than I did before. I am marginally more organized. I've become much more aware of what my priorities are and why I do what I do. This is all great stuff and I am very happy and proud of the progress I have made. Over the past couple of months I have not made any new progress. In fact, I even forgot about the last challenge after the first week. In the past I used to see these times as failure. Over time, I learn
  22. Back to report this challenge is a DNF. Embarrassing to admit it but after the first week I pretty much forgot to keep it going. My Missions were: 1. Reduce weight (+3 STA): My weight is the same as it was at the beginning of the challenge. I am happy to be maintaining. 2. Reduce body fat (+3 STR): my body fat percentage is the same as it was in the beginning of the challenge. 3. Reduce clutter (+3 DEX): I did do a few decluttering sessions, but to be honest, the stats is pretty much the same as it was at the beginning of the challenge. 4. Reduce Stress (+1 WIS, +2 CON): Stress l
  23. Great Druid Book of Yoga Poses: We have a colaborative project during this challenge. You can participate by entering your favourite yoga poses and sequences in The Great Druid Book of Yoga Poses. Your entries must include at least 1 link to a site describing how to do the pose. If you also link to a good video for the pose even better! You can enter as many poses or sequences as you like. The only rule is that you must be capable of actually doing the pose! If you have added 6 poses or sequences to The Great Druid Book of Yoga Poses you can award yourself a +1 wisdom attribute point. The
  24. You wake up suddenly. Your heart is racing. Something is different. "Where am I?" You try to get up and fall down. "Where did all these legs came from?" You try to get up again and hear a strange sound when your feet touch the ground. You look down and are shocked to see hooves at the end of a set of long, thin and very hairy legs. "WHAT AM I?" You manage to get control of your four legs and make your way to a mirror. You look into the mirror. A pony looks right back at you. You rear up on your hind legs and let out a big "NEIGH" before loosing your balance and falling down again. "Stay calm.
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