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  1. Just signing on to the new thread. Have a happy and healthy recovery!
  2. Thanks for the support, everyone... it means a lot to me. Exercise this week will consist of lots of lifting, hauling, and stairs...
  3. Week 4 Update #1 Well, I'm back from my conference. It was a decent experience overall, but social interaction and networking isn't exactly my strong suit and so it was a bit stressful in that regard, and I was also homesick and missing my wife and daughter. It doesn't help that we're closing on and moving into our new house next week all while still trying to sell our current house (our original buyer fell through). Long story short, I'm having a rough go of it lately. I'm considering going to the doctor soon to talk about starting on something for anxiety and depression. Not surprisingly, my fitness efforts are falling off in light of all this. I did go on a good 4.5-mile run on Monday morning before the conference sessions, but that was my only run so far this week. Tuesday night I did a fairly lame strength session that was interrupted by a massive headache, due to some combination of stress and poor hydration (my water intake has been lousy of late and all I'd had to drink before exercising was some beer). My protein intake has fallen off to about 105g/day this week, although I haven't been doing much exercise to need it anyway. I've even had thoughts about breaking my streak of logging at MyFitnessPal (currently almost 670 consecutive days). Sorry to be such a downer, dear Scouts, but this is where I'm at. I'd love to check in on all your awesome threads, but I just don't have the time right now.
  4. Week 3 Update #3 Friday was a busy day. After work I stained the deck and mowed the lawn. Later I did a strength workout on the Bowflex, with bench presses, shoulder presses, and biceps curls, plus some pull-ups. Saturday I did more yardwork: weeding, seeding, fertilizing, watering, and mulching. In the afternoon I did a 3-mile trail run in a park I hadn't been to before. There were a few flooded spots where you had to slow down and go off-trail to get around them, but it was really nice to run through some natural scenery for a change. After that I did some housework, shaved and showered, and packed for my trip... I'm taking along several protein bars in case the food choices aren't up to par at the conference.
  5. Week 3 Update #2 Wednesday I went on a 3+ mile walk at lunch, and I also did two sets of 40 mountain climbers. After work, I enjoyed a dinner out with the wife and daughter, and later I washed the deck to get it ready for staining. On Thursday the wife and I got a babysitter and had our first night of co-ed summer league bowling... it was a lot of fun. Later I did a 5-mile run in our neighborhood that included 8 hill sprints. Today I rode my bike to work (about 3 miles). Starting Sunday I'm off to a 4-day conference for work, but I expect to be able to stick to my exercise plan and healthy eating. Protein intake this week: Mon 172g, Tue 161g, Wed 163g, Thu 159g
  6. Great! I just wouldn't want you to feel too stressed about going/being over your goal if you're doing enough exercise to make up for the difference. At any rate, if it's working, stick with it!
  7. A trail run, biking with the kids, and resting watching hockey: a hat trick of goodness!
  8. Hang in there, Shukar. Keep doing your best and remember that the number one priority is always your wife.
  9. Ah, the Dells. Can one still have a swig with Nig?
  10. Are you measuring your calories as gross (intake only) or net (intake minus exercise)?
  11. Congrats! Buying new clothes after losing weight is about the only sort of shopping I enjoy!
  12. Pair of bare feet— Stop-and-stare feet? They're not odd feet, Just not-shod feet!
  13. Congrats on your degree! And nice job with the sprints and deadlifts, too!
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