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  1. Howdy Rebels! I'm Drew, and I'm eager to join the fitness cause! I'm brand new to the whole "being an adult" thing. As I've just graduated college, this is the first time on my own, figuring out "responsibilities" such as "loan payments", "bills", "health insurance", "401K"s, and other mythological beasts that come, literally, with age. During college, I was an avid member of the rowing team for two years, in addition to working at the campus gym for four. I've dabbled in fitness time and again, with many successes to recall, each quickly followed by me falling off the bandwagon or something e
  2. Looking forward to celebrating with you on the Woot Room. The inner strength you've cultivated over the years only guarantees your future successes. I'll be cheering for you. By the way, you had me at Next Generation (Demolished all the seasons in a 2 month period. It was good times)
  3. Using a Chipotle commercial as motivation is awesome! Its delicious, and you're now that much more awesome(er) in relation! And I don't think Willie Nelson is awesome, but thats ok. Rootin for ya. Let us know how that Zombie Run goes I'm gonna be downloading that app soon. Freaking AWESOME!
  4. I figured I'd be getting my tactical practice with the Zombi U for Wii U, but good point!
  5. Yeah, not following the "uni". Good luck on the paleo! I've yet to break my addiction to carbs.
  6. [table] MAJORA'S "RUT TO ROUTINE" CHALLENGE So allow me to be frank. There are a few motivations to this challenge: About 9 months ago, I was showing a 4 pack for the first time in my life. Needless to say, I'm keeping it under a pad of ice at the moment I've been out of routine for the past 6 weeks due to a lower back injury, (Don't lift heavy things in an environment where you cant stand up straight. I say this from experience) and desperately want to get back into being regular at the gym Lastly and most vainly, for work, I have to use a community shower. With other guys. We're all na
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