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  1. So I know it was waaaaaaaay back there when I last posted here - but I'm going to pop an update here in case anyone wants to read it! TMI Alert - there's a lot of detail here that is pretty personal - fair warning! Things got mighty crazy right after my last post in Sept. Saw the Dr. Had some tests with the goal of finding the source of pain. An Ultrasound had revealed some anomalies with an ovary so we scheduled surgery. Sept/Oct resulted in a MAJOR merger at work and I got exactly ZERO time to do anything. So exploratory surgery was early Nov - looking for endometriosis and to figure ou
  2. BRUTESQUAD!!! Good to see you John! *hugs* Just wanted to say hi! I'm lurking... but 6 weeks from now I'll be clear for participation and in the meantime... more lurking As I expected - tons of WIN all around here
  3. Ok - I'm crawling out of the self pity hole finally. Still no working out - though I am starting to feel much better so I am going to give it a go this week. Tylenol is making me pain free so at least with good management I can get through my day easier than the last couple weeks. One more week until I see the Doc again and get the surgury plan figured out. Honestly I'm hoping they can get me scheduled fast and perhaps get me pain free asap! Saturday spend the entire day outside running Twin Cities Pagan Pride day. SUPER Hot here but the event went well and it felt good to be out and about.
  4. Thanks John - a hug is really what I need. You're right - I'm uber disappointed and sad. I know I'll get there and this is just a setback, but still. I'm struggling to deal with that productively and the recent bout of constant pain is not helping. You're right - I need to stop dwelling on it and just get things taken care of so I can get back on track. It really IS time to stop feeling sorry for myself.... which I can readily admit I've been doing since Sat for sure. No walk/run last night - ended up grilling a bunch of stuff I got at the CSA and freezing it for later use. Went to bed ea
  5. Finally an update! Met with my nutritionist on Friday and had an excellent consultation. She is recommending some additional supplements and for me to go ahead with surgury. I felt better about things after talking with her. I Ran the 10K on Saturday - it went ok. Still has some back pain from last week and it steadily got worse during the race. I did finish and I'm proud of that, but the experience cemented the fact that I need to dial things back and figure out whats going on if I'm going to ever hope to run long distance races. This made for a depressing weekend as I mourned yet another
  6. The pain continues... went to the Dr. Again, to mostly complain that no one seems to have any idea why I have random bouts of debilitating sciatica pain on my right side. Couldn't see my normal Doc on short notice so I saw one of the others. She was AMAZINGLY helpful. New working theory on the source of the pain... endometriosis. No one has considered this so far! Most women have other symptoms too - I don't - but she seems to think it explains the cyclical nature of the pain bouts and the exact location. It explains my weird symptoms according to her - but the only way to know for sure is ex
  7. Nice work Monkey! Those are pool distances I can only dream of with my flopping around... thank goodness for the running belt or I might drown in the pool
  8. Well look at you kickin ass and takin names! Nice Job! Your workout looks awesome
  9. Thanks guys - we shall see how the next month goes. I had more pain this weekend so I missed yet another long run. This is becoming a problem. Onward I guess... Otherwise last week went really well - I got my runs in and felt great! My speed is picking up which is really important. Last week was finals for school and those went well. I'm off this week and then new classes start on the 2nd and they will be my last 2 classes for this degree! WOOHOO! Things have been incredibly stressful and I've taken on a lot more than I should have Its horribly hot here this week and I'm stressed about th
  10. Thanks guys! I appreciate the support and encouragement! I'm certainly not giving up on the marathon goal! I will run Grandma's in the spring and try for this one again next fall if I can't do it. I'm seriously toying with the idea of starting it no matter what - and if I can't finish I can't finish but at least I put in the effort. I'm still putting in the work as if I AM going to run and I'll decide later if its not been enough. HEALTHY matters and I don't want to hurt myself - but I'm definitely going to put in some serious work to make it happen! I have to really look at the positive
  11. Glad the back is improving! As someone who is constantly plagued with back pain I can appreciate the frustration! Something my running coach told me - you get almost the exact same cardiovascular benefit from swimming as running (like 90%) so you aren't hurting yourself necessarily with more swimming since it gives you almost the same cardio benefit but won't result in overtraining injuries! Just make sure you get some training runs in because obviously you need to condition your musculo-skeletal system to handle the work, but you aren't necessarily hurting your running with the extra swims!
  12. Ok Joy - I want to be supportive but I'm going to make a radical suggestion ... you aren't eating enough!!! That's why you are so tired in the morning! Your body needs fuel to keep your metabolism up and help you burn fat. When you don't eat ALL DAY the way you have been, everyday, your metabolism slows and you actually do damage to your body. Intermittent fasting means once in a while - not every day. I don't think you are helping yourself at all by starving your body. I'm not saying you should binge - but healthy balanced sensible meals are so important. I would encourage you to look at a bo
  13. So quick update. Not much to report really... running running and more running. I'm feeling awesome but I'm starting to mentally prepare for the possibility that I'm not going to be ready to run the marathon. I'm still pushing forward and things a so good, my training is starting to feel good instead of feeling like I'm dying I am really really struggling with my long run distances. I'm just not there - and I can't seem to get there. I know I lost a lot of base building with some of the other issues I've had to work through during the last 8 months and I may just have to face the fact that I
  14. +2 So much WIN with this race - congratulations!!!!!!!
  15. Oopps... duplicate post somehow...
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