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  1. Shun the Sugar: Seriously, only one sweet thing per day. This includes cookies, even if they're small! - sub-goal: I've become addicted to pudding. So with this challenge, I'm only allowed to make it once per week. Return of the Lifts: 3 sets of squats, deadlifts, and some kind of press 3x/week. It doesn't matter how much weight or even if a "set" means 2 reps one day or 10 reps another, I need to just do it. Early to bed, early to rise: In bed by 10:30, up by 7:00. Side Quest: There's a 5k that I want to run, but I keep forgetting to register. So I need to sign up by the end of this challenge!
  2. Ok, I might have forgotten to post things, but I still did my goals! I don't remember exact numbers, but overall grades: 1 & 2: I didn't necessarily do 3 yogas or 4 walks per week, but I *did* do yoga or walk almost every day! I am very pleased with this. Calling it A- 3: A+ at eating fruits and veggies, somewhat less successful with sugar. Averages out to a B+. 4. A! I still got frustrated, but it helped to have a mechanic in place to interrupt my spiral of frustration. Even when I wanted to scream, I felt less helpless or out of control, because I knew that I was exercising my self-control (even when it wasn't working very well). I've also gotten pretty good at going to bed before 11 and getting up between 6 and 7, which is making it much easier to get back to work. Next challenge: squats and sugar!
  3. TIL that sugar is a crutch. Hi, my name is Eilyd, and I'm an emotional eater.
  4. I really appreciate this new format - 4 weeks on with only a weekend between keeps me from mentally checking out. Yoga - 1/4. Not NF, just did some sun salutations in the morning before work. Walk - 3/3. Walked a half mile each way to and from my car on Monday and Tuesday (first days back at work!) and .8 miles around the neighborhood today. Food - 3/3 on veggies (except for meals that I didn't eat, and well, that's another problem). 1/3 on sweet things. I've been indulging my sweet tooth too readily since the baby was born and now it's a hard habit to break. I found myself trying to justify that this scone didn't count as a sweet thing, because I picked it for its goes-with-tea quality rather than its sweetness, but that's basically bs and I know it.
  5. Agreed, you sound like a warrior!
  6. 1. NF Yoga 4x/week 2. Walk 3x/week 3. Fruit or veggies with every meal and only one sugary thing per day 4. Respond to baby-based frustration by counting to 10 and breathing. (Not as quantifiable as most goals, but I need to do this.) Adorable baby tax: I got started well last challenge. Now I think I can be a bit more dedicated and challenge myself. (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!)
  7. Neither walked nor did my third yoga for last week, but I...thought really really hard about it? Week 4: Veggies - 5/7. Yoga - 2/3 Walking - some, but not my mile. Organizing - YES Overall Challenge - 90% I ate most of my veggies, only missed one yoga, and got a lot better at walking distances. Things are getting cleaned up around here, too!
  8. Walked on Sunday, a bit over a half mile comfortably. I think I'll be able to reach a mile next weekend.
  9. Mindful of phone time wasting is a good place to start. I finally came to grips with how much time I was spending on it when I found my mood being significantly influenced by FB political arguments, and decided that was enough of that.
  10. Week 3: Veggies - 5/7. We were very stressed out and didn't do a good job of eating (veggies or anything) this week. Yoga - 7/7, barely. A couple days were "Oops, didn't get to yoga, guess I'll do a sun salutation". Cleaning/Organizing - ALL the laundry. Also I attacked a pile of paperwork. Got....1/5 of the way through? It's a big pile.
  11. I make pancakes that are semi-paleo (depending on whether you allow dairy) with cream cheese, a couple eggs, and an alternative flour to provide extra cohesion. We've actually fooled people with them; they thought they were normal pancakes.
  12. defeated Bed Gravity to get up and do yoga!

  13. Thursday - Ate sufficient fruits/veggies, organized baby clothes for a half hour. Hooray! Friday - I ate some figs, but that's about it in the fruit/veggie category. I did do yoga, though! Saturday - figs in the morning, carrots in the evening, so 2/3. Went on a short walk and then determined that the wind and semi-snow were not worth it.
  14. If you exercised before and after having a baby, how long did it take you to return to your pre-pregnancy level of performance? Please include relevant variables for reference (e.g. weight gain and activity levels during pregnancy, c-section or vaginal birth, medical complications). For me I did not exercise much during pregnancy because of chiropractic issues and a big-ass baby, so I gained 45 lbs and lost all my muscle (except in my back; that one seems to have deteriorated less). I am 8 weeks postpartum with very little diastasis, so my midwife cleared me to begin exercising. However, I've discovered that going for walks is exhausting and I seem to be at absolute beginner level of yoga. I understand that my body has gone through a lot, so I'm not mad--I just want to have reasonable training expectations.
  15. Hehe! I need to have that party again. This one was a wine and girl-stuff party, but managed to be almost as fun.
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