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  1. I got really sick one week and missed a bodyweight workout. I've lost 4 pounds so far though! No fast food. Drinking is in order. auditioned and got a role for 10 minute plays AND did 24 hour theatre festival. I feel like that's a bit of extra credit.
  2. It's a few weeks shy of a year since my last fitness challenge. I took a hiatus from my health and I have paid for it. I started out 2013 weighing 199lbs. I woke up this morning weighing 219lbs. I am 20lbs farther away from a healthy body than I was 9 months ago. I feel it. I feel heavier and things are a bit more difficult than they used to be. I feel that I have been avoiding NF and avoiding personal trainers and health enthusiasts because of guilt. I feel that not only have I let myself down, but everyone else, too. This has to change. After a year of hiatus and dismantling my health,
  3. Oh man! The Hobbit was amazing! I love it. The movie was pretty terrific as well. I still managed to go to a midnight showing while having a 7 A.M. final the next day (and passed). Other updates, I am still good on my water. I think I might have drank under a liter a total of two days, which overall isn't too bad. I've unfortunately given up on cardio. I haven't found anything that doesn't bore me to death yet. :/ My daily meal planning has tanked as well. Oof. Two out of four isn't too bad, but nothing to brag about. With only two days left, this is basically going to be my last update on t
  4. I've been doing really well with my water intake. Cardio 6 days a week has been proven pretty difficult with my hectic end of the semester schedule, so I'm averaging about 4 times a week. Not bad, but not my goal either. Meal planning has been pretty consistent, with only minor slip ups do to sleeping in. Also, I'm 46% through the Hobbit. 15 days, guys! 15 days!
  5. Update: Goal 1 is pretty easy to do now that I'm conscious of it. I easily drink 1.5 liters a day. I have a water bottle with me at all times! Goal 2 I slipped a day because of thanksgiving travel/black Friday working. All in all, still pretty good though. Goal 3 my meal plan is a modified meal plan from an old fitness magazine. It makes for a good template for a beginner! Life Goal I'm reading the Hobbit on my Kindle and I can say that I am 30% through it. Farther behind than I'd like to be, but that's okay!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm really looking forward to trying a new method of planning meals.
  7. My last challenge fell short and I only completed one of my goals. I could curse midterms, birthdays, going away parties, Halloween and work, but who does that help? Certainly doesn't make me any healthier. Here I am to try again! GOAL 1 Drink 1+ liter of water a day. It's getting colder and it's easy to slip up on the water intake. I'm planning on making use of the Brita filter my ex roommate left behind and keeping a liter with me at all times. REWARD CON:1 GOAL 2 6 days a week. This goal is to do cardio 6 days a week in addition to any other workouts I do. Cardio does NOT include my dance c
  8. Update for October 4th! Goal 1: Currently down to 204.6! I'm amazed. I have no idea how that happened so quickly. Looks like a good few weeks ahead! Goal 2: No bread is so hard, even when I allow it for the weekends. I had some boreak at the farmer's market when I went with my roommate last Saturday and I had a whole wheat deli sandwich after work one day that wasn't worth it, but I was in a hurry. No temptations to indulge too greatly! Goal 3: I've been having a bit of acne trouble that I want to cover up, but I haven't! Willpower! I just need to drink a lot more water. The colder weather ma
  9. Oh man, no bread is SO HARD! Especially on days that I neglected to pre-plan a meal for the night after work. Now that it's getting colder here, it's so tempting to just have bread and comfort foods right on hand. Thanks so much for your support!
  10. My short story has been outlined as much as a short story can be. We can basically write about anything we want as long as it's between 10-15 pages. I'm leaning towards a more "dirty realism" approach. I'm really excited! I'll let you know when I actually have something to show for it!
  11. I would love to be able to have as many people give their opinions on it as possible! Thank you so much! I'll keep you posted on my progress. I outlined the piece last night and did a bit of background for my characters. I'm so excited about it!
  12. I took up Bellydancing in February and haven't stopped since. I fell in love with it and as it's my first style of dance I've learned, I am amazed to see the amount of physical awareness and balance I've gained from it. Plus, it's so much fun!
  13. Update: I've been bread free all week thus far. Yes! I've attended both of my dance classes, but I've got to make up some Cardio. Trying to figure out ways to look more feminine when wearing just jeans and a tshirt when I'm not wearing makeup. What an unforeseen challenge! Also talked to the play writing professor to look over my short story before workshops today. He said yes!
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