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  1. Hm, I think Branwyn runs in VFFs though, so shouldn't be a problem with orthotics or whatever those things are called. I think with all foot pain (unless it's a super horrid fracture), you gotta stay off it as much as possible and ice/anti-inflammatory. Does it hurt when you walk on it? Or only when you run/jog? PF happens with form and some imbalance with leg muscle groups since you're shifting your weight to compensate. It's how a lot of injuries occur. You're only as strong as your weakest link. So for now, stay off it and ice. If it's really bad, you need to see a doctor and get an x-ra
  2. So how'd they go, how'd they go? Do you absolutely LOVE THEM? I wish my school's gym wouldn't be so ignorant about them...
  3. Dude, SO many awesome things. And all of your efforts only attributed to you feeling kick ass about yourself because you earned it Keep it up.
  4. I've found the best way to avoid snacking is to NOT eat from the bag. Just pour things out into a bowl or dish and then put the bag away. If the source isn't readily available, you can't constantly snack. And, I've found that drinking water whenever I feel hungry is a good indicator of my actual hunger. If I'm still hungry after water, chances are I'm actually hungry. I've been better at controlling my danger zones. They used to be late at night when I'm studying but it's been fine so far
  5. Dear Ninja, Can I borrow your muscles for a while? Thanks. - Panda
  6. I think the calories question will be a personal thing. You'll have to play around and find what works. When I calorie counted, I varied from 1000-2300, depending on the day and what I did and if I felt hungry (true hunger, not fake thirst hunger). I've been trying intuitive eating for the past 2 months which has led to MINDless eating so I'm going back to calorie counting. Just be patient with your body
  7. For me, I have ups and downs, especially when my motivation dies a little or I become...tired. But I realize now that it's a lifelong process and that one or two days, or even a week of poor choices won't set me back forever unless I let it. I think it's just a change in mentality. It doesn't actually get easier, it's just we accept our new norm.
  8. Old Man Fischer lying in hospital bed saying "I'm disappointed..." and then he opens a flipping safe. It was cheesy because it was over the top sentimental. There's a fine line between evoking emotions/empathy/sympathy with a scene and cheesy. This one was too by the books (esp. the shot composition too, the close-ups, back and forth). The one thing that I really liked about the film though was that it made you question the truth about "reality" and dreams. What is the truth? What is reality? Is it what our minds make it out to be? Where do dreams end and reality begin? And the fact the fil
  9. Loads of similarities with storytelling and cinematography between this and Shutter Island. All I could think of in the first 20 minutes was how much it reminded me of The Matrix. Thought it was a decent movie but not THAT amazing, especially since the "let's go into another dream" was used as a crutch solution to get out of tough situations since they could always ride the kicks out. And hypothetically speaking, you can never die. Brain scrambled, possibly, but never actual death from separation between mind/body (which is where The Matrix ROCKED). As for how they got out of limbo, it d
  10. Do it for Ninja Warriors! These dudes are freaking ripped...sheesh. When you do their workout, you need to listen to this gangsta rap too. Be the Hannibal!
  11. Disappeared for close to 2 weeks cause life happened and I kind of needed to take a detour with eating which resulted in no working out. But I'm back. And it's good. I didn't let myself go. I think it's a key lesson to learn. I had 2 off weeks where I gained a bit of weight, but nothing disastrous. Now that I'm back in the gym, I'm not as fast as I was nor as strong, but there's not too much damage or setback. I got a marathon to train for! Let's get this thing rolling.
  12. DUDE JACOB. HIGH FIVE HIGH FIVE! This is awesome! You'll get addicted to races (and they add up quickly but race shirts and swag are addicting). Keep it up! Why the hell do you look bad ass in race photos and I just look like a dying whale...I gotta practice my race face now.
  13. It was my birthday on July 2, and then the 4th and then a lot of people visiting so needless to say, I ate a lot and did very little exercise for the last 2 weeks. Not to worry. Kicked my ass two days in a row at the gym and eating is back to normal. Sometimes, you need that detour to re-focus and find the passion .We've got this! Oh yeah. I avoided posting on NF when I had my 2-week bingefest. I guess I just didn't want the accountability.
  14. I had a slothful weekend. No joke. Plus a bottomless pit eating day yesterday. But every day is a brand new day. Went on an hour walk today. Went to the gym. 30 minutes on the elliptical. Bench press: 1x65x10 1x85x6 1x90x3 1x65x8 1x45x20 Assisted pull-ups: 1x80x3 1x95x4 1x110x6 2x125x8 Upright row barbells: 3x50x8 3x25x10 Upright row dumbbells: 3x15x10 Front lateral lift + side lateral lift w/ dumbbells: 3x12.5x8
  15. I'm looking to buy my first road bike for tri-training and just overall cross-training. Bikesdirect has some great sales. Now I just need input/advice/knowledge about road cycling and bikes in general! What's this aero bars, drop handlebar stuff? How many speeds should I be looking for? Any useful info would be GREAT. The bikes I'm looking at: http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/windsor/rwt_tri.htm http://bikesdirect.com/products/windsor/knight_x.htm http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/dawes/lt2300_x.htm The first two are great, the last one isn't specifically a tri-bike but I'd like to know w
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