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  1. Well, the first week so far is going pretty well. It's been a bit hectic, so I haven't had much time for Python so far (tsk tsk) but I've been doing well with my diet and exercise goals. What I need to do is do what helped me a LOT with working out: schedule it in my iCal in advance, rather than just doing it "when I have time." Tomorrow's going to be wicked hectic. Long day at work and extra busy in a way that only happens a few times a year. I think the evening's deadlift-based CrossFit workout will be just what I need to relieve the stress hehe. And then that night is my aunt's birthday party, which will be my first major test of keeping my drinking down to a reasonable level at social events. Though this is kind of an easy one to start with, since I will naturally rein it in when my mom is present, lol.
  2. Cool, looking forward to it! And my sister is obsessed with Ron Weasley, too, so no judgement here
  3. First couple of days have gone well so far. Went to CrossFit yesterday and the regular gym today (since I didn't go on Sunday), and have been meeting my food goals so far. I've got some errands to do this afternoon but will be making some time for some Python tonight. Thanks! My only coding experience before Python on Codecademy was a mandatory MATLAB course in undergrad, which was...not the most fun. Definitely enjoying Python more. I think it helps that I can directly see how it's going to be useful to me, rather than just doing it because someone says I have to. Thanks! Yeah, I'm planning on going to Atlanta for college homecoming the first weekend of November, so saved up money from less bar-hopping will go towards financing that.
  4. I'm fairly certain it's also on Netflix, if you have an account.
  5. A Browncoats group? Shiny! Count me in.
  6. Sneaking in from the Rangers forum to say awesome goals! And also, I actually am a member at CrossFit NYC. In fact, I'm heading there as soon as I finish typing this post haha. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about CrossFit, that box in particular, New York City, or any of that! Also, that's a great motivation pamphlet.
  7. Hey everyone! So this is my second and a haflth challenge. Why the half? I sorta dropped out in the middle of the last challenge I did a few months ago. I love this site, but unfortunately I'm pretty terrible at forums...I always seem to wander away. Hence the thread title...why do we fall? So we can learn to get back up again. Determined get back up now, and here's why. After several years of job-related struggle, it seems that I've finally landed a job in my career field (transportation engineering/planning). Because of bureaucracy, I have to wait a few weeks before I have an official offer and start date, but I've been told by the department director and hiring manager that I've got it. While the start date isn't nailed down yet, it will probably be somewhere in mid-October, conveniently near the end of this challenge. I've made great strides in the past couple of years with health and fitness, but I want to make sure that doesn't get lost in this huge life transition I'm about to make. So with that in mind, here's the challenge! I apologize in advance for my incredible verbosity. Main Quest: Create and maintain healthy habits to carry through this new chapter in my life. Goal 1: Work out four times a week. No less than three! I started CrossFit at the end of May/beginning of June and really enjoy it, though my attendance has lapsed in the last week and a half. My goal is to work out at the box 3 times per week. Usually I go to afternoon classes on my days off or on days when I have later shifts. However, over the next few weeks, I will gradually shift to earlier classes, so that when I start my 9-5 job, I will be able to attend the early morning WODs before work without it being a huge transition. I still have a regular gym membership. My plan is to go here once a week (generally Sundays) to work on lifts I think I need extra practice with, do movements that the CrossFit programming hasn't done recently, etc. Goal 2: Eat to grow! I used to be a heavy guy. I've successfully lost almost 50 pounds by following the Paleo/Primal way of eating and not constantly stuffing my face. So now I've successfully met the goal of "don't be fat." The next step is "be strong and fit." Goal 1 obviously plays into this, but I need to eat to fuel myself. Part of me is terrified of the "eat more to gain muscle" idea because I'm afraid I'll just get fat again. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been trying to get past that, and it's been working out well so far (get it?). I aim for about 3,200 calories per day from primal-friendly sources, though my carb intake will be higher on workout days (particularly post workout). I'll be tracking with MyFitnessPal and monitoring my weight, body fat percentage, etc throughout this, so if I need to adjust up or down, I can. A corollary of this will be to eat home-cooked meals as much as possible, so I'm not dropping obscene amounts of money on food. At the end of the day, I don't have a particular weight goal. It's more about performance, plus a side of how I look Goal 3: Tone down the drinking. I have a bad habit of going out to bars (well, a particular bar) by myself when I'm bored and nobody is around to hang out. No more. My worst episodes of inebriation have happened in that situation, since there's not much do do besides drinking and texting. Also I will decrease consumption when I go out with friends. It's hard to quantify, because I don't drink beer (makes me feel like crap) and mixed drinks can vary in alcohol content from place to place. But basically, being relaxed is fine, but I want to make being drunk a rarer thing. Mark's Daily Apple had a rule of thumb: "If you feel off the next day, you had too much." I'll start with that rule and go from there. This will have side benefits too, like being better for my budget and better for sleep. I've got a couple of friends on board with this, so that should help too. Life Goal: Finish the Codecademy Python course. This is a goal from my aborted last challenge. I'd always assumed that I was terrible at coding, but never really gave it a chance. For the last challenge, I was learning Python on Codecademy, but stopped halfway through. Now that I know I'm starting a job that will include using ArcGIS, this has become more important, as the reason I wanted to learn Python was for ArcGIS scripting. So I'm going to get back into Python. It's been so long that I think I will just start from the beginning again. If I have time, I will practice using this in ArcGIS itself, so I can be extra prepared when my job starts. Motivation: Defy expectations. Ever since I was little, I'd assumed that I'd be a fat, weak guy with a distinct lack of self-confidence for the rest of my life. Well, little by little I've been chipping away at that. I'm not heavy anymore. I do better with people than I used to. The next six weeks are to get me moving in the right direction to be healthier and stronger, and to start this important next step in my life with confidence. Here's to it! I may add attribute points later, but at the moment, I've got to run to CrossFit.
  8. I had been, up until this weekend, where I came down with some sort of fever and sinus issue out of nowhere. Still recovering...had to cancel my CrossFit class for tomorrow And this is a really important week for me too. I'm desperately trying to get a job in my field (civil/transportation engineering) and I've got two networking events in the next two days. Extra-strength Sudafed for me lol.
  9. I'm walking mostly okay, haha. Unless there are stairs involved. Then it becomes significantly more difficult. The worst thing is transitioning between sitting and standing. I've actually done a bit heavier squats before. But never with so much volume. Plus, when you have a coach there to stop you from cheating by not going down far enough, it gets harder Thankfully Thursday's WOD does not involve squats or Olympic lifting. Looks like push presses and then an obscene amount of bodyweight stuff like hollow rocks. Looking forward to it...guess I'm a full CrossFit masochist now. Side note: I've noticed my appetite has perceptibly increased over the last couple of weeks. And it wasn't exactly insignificant to begin with
  10. Today's workout, with the exception of the running and stretches during the warm-up, was all squats. Bodyweight squats, jump squats, and 10 sets of barbell squats. I wonder if I'll be able to walk tomorrow.
  11. Nicely done! How long have you been doing CrossFit for? I just started a couple of weeks ago...that WOD you did for the partner workout was what they had us do during our intro class (except it was AMRAP for 10 minutes instead of a set amount of rounds). It kicked my butt. But I'm glad for it. I have difficulty pushing myself hard when I work out alone, so the group aspect of CrossFit helps me a lot there. Yoga...I dabbled in it when I did half of P90x a while back. Honestly, it was the most difficult part of the program for me, by a significant margin. I have little flexibility, it would seem.
  12. Neat! I'm the last person who should be making one of those videos, but I'll definitely keep and eye out and see what sorts of cool things are submitted!
  13. As if a mere exam could stop the Goddamn Batman! Great going. I haven't done any of those PvP challenges. I should look into them. Though I'd have to find someone on a similar fitness level...I've got the upper body strength of a six year-old girl and the cardiovascular endurance of the Pillsbury Dough Boy.
  14. I somehow just noticed you have 12 hour shifts. Yikes! And I complain about the days I have a full 9-hour (with 1 hour of lunch) shift... Also, the dog is adorable. Keep up the good work!
  15. OK, recap! I've been doing a pretty good job of getting more sleep the last few days, so that's good. Eating out...not quite where I wanted to be, but better than I've been doing the last few weeks. It really all depends if going over to my friend's house, where she cooked for me and our mutual friend, counts against me or not. I've been doing terribly with the coding goal though...spent very little time on it this week. My last CrossFit Elements class was pretty good. We did handstands. I cannot do handstands. So I did wall walks instead. I wonder which will come first...the ability to do pull-ups or the ability to do handstands? The WOD was Helen, which was my first time doing a full-length iteration of one of the girls (I did a half Cindy in class two or three). For any unaware, it's 3 rounds for time of running 400 meters, 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pull-ups. I can't do pull-ups, so I did assisted pull-ups instead. My finishing time was 16:23. It was the second-slowest in the group, and a far cry from the average time of eleven minutes and something I found on Google, but for someone who until pretty recently was entirely sedentary, I think the fact that I even did it is something to be proud of. And note, our box is on the second floor of an office building in Manhattan, so there's going up and down stairs involved in this, which isn't standard Tomorrow is my first "real" CrossFit class. Looks like the WOD will be the following: A. Bent over row (ring row) 3×10 B. For quality: 1000 meter row then 5 rounds: 15 kipping toes to bar, 15 kettlebell good mornings Definitely going to have to scale those toes to bars to something else. No way that's happening haha. I'll report back! ETA: D'oh! I totally forgot to mention that my NerdFitness shirts came in yesterday! Definitely going to wear one of them to CrossFit tomorrow. I got one gray one and one blue "Captain America" one (that's what it looks like to me, anyway). Probably going to go for the Captain America one. Because one day I'm going to look like Chris Evans does in the Avengers movies. Or something.
  16. I think I should be able to handle three. I think. We'll see next week haha. My last Elements class is in an hour and a half. Thinking my first "real" class will be Sunday or Monday.
  17. Definitely true! Challenge going well so far. It was a friend's birthday yesterday and we went out, so I only got seven hours of sleep, but that's a lot better than the four or five that often happens when we go out on a night before I have work. I made sure to leave at a reasonable time. Yesterday at CrossFit was a little easier than some of the other days, mostly because our on-ramp class spent some of the time talking about nutrition. I've discovered I definitely prefer the AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) format to the "x rounds for time" format for the WODs. This is because with AMRAP, I can take more time to make sure I'm doing correct form on new exercises--or in general, be slower because I'm not as fit--and not feel like I'm standing out as much as a rounds for time WOD, where the fact that I'm the last one to finish the WOD is glaringly obvious. I was actually near the front of the pack for the first 3 or so rounds out of 5 (of 3 power cleans / 6 pushups / 9 air squats), but ran out of steam, as I clearly came out too strong at the beginning. Lessons learned.
  18. Good going so far! And I can definitely sympathize with being very sore for days after CrossFit. My first week I was walking around like a cripple for about six days straight lol
  19. From one Avatar to another....I like your goals! I'm working on a fantasy novel project myself, though it's way at the beginning stages. I've done some short stories though and even there, editing can be a ****....can't imagine a full novel!
  20. Welcome aboard! I've been doing the "lone wolf" thing too since doing a challenge back in October. Totally with you on the issue of support and community being helpful. I'm sure you'll do great! And wow, competition level in CrossFit? I just started a couple of weeks ago, so just surviving is an accomplishment for me
  21. Awesome goals! Definitely going to be checking back in regularly.
  22. Welcome, Disco_Inferno (great name, by the way)! What language are you learning on Codecademy? I've done part of their Python course, and one of my goals for this challenge is to finally finish it.
  23. Hey everyone! CrossFit n00b looking for a buddy here (really a n00b...this is my third week). CrossFit is mainly what I do for exercise these days (well, that and lots of walking, thanks to living in New York City) but I'm open to most things, really. (Apparently I really like parentheses.)
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