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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. I forgot to post an update. I have continued to do mobility work and prevention. It's somewhere in the middle, I know that even light dead lifts well cause it to worsen. I did those the day before it went south again. Therapist says I have hypermobility. So it's important I do the strengthening to stabilize that area more. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  2. Goals 1 and 3 I have done well with the first week. I was doing very well in fact, something loosened up and I could go for most of the day pain free. I was sort of afraid to do the exercises in case it undid what I achieved. So I have done none of that. However, I did some thing later earlier this week anyway that seems to have done that anyway. So far, sciatica is winning, but the battle continues. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  3. It's almost a year since my last 6 week challenge. During that challenge I slipped a disc in my lower back doing deadlifts and it really threw me off track, failed to complete my PLP, stopped running, scaled back my workouts, etc. Now almost a year later, two physical therapists, and a chiropractor I'm still dealing with some leftover sciatica. It was nearly gone, but then started creeping back in. I started to realize that this had a lot to do with me not continuing the stretches and exercises that were helping things (due to just plain getting lazy). No more excuses, this is m
  4. Injured myself doing deadlifts in the middle of this challenge, and have not gotten back to full capability. Injury to the lower back is causing sciatic pain, I'm working with a physical therapist and its improving a little each day. But I don't want to injure myself further so I fell short on a couple goals. Nevertheless, I still made some great improvments. Full write up here
  5. LEVEL UP! Goal 1: PLP - Target was to reach day 60. I lost a few days here and I only reached day 50. 50/60= 83% = B - STR + 2.5 STA + 1.6 Goal 2: Skills work - I ultimately did not achieve any of these skills because my training was cut short on these, I could not perform the progressions of these with my back injury (pistol squat, handstands, l-sit). I did however practice these skills and make progress for half of the challenge so I will issue a C - STR + 1 DEX +1.5 Goal 3: Cuts - Target - 17% body fat - loss of 6 lbs. Initial scale measurements 180 - 19%BF Fin
  6. Ok I missed posting a few weeks. I'm still recovering from the injury doing deadlifts, so things have gone off the rails a bit. The pain moved from my back to my sciatic, and it has varied day to day. After it didn't seem to get better, I got an appointment with a physical therapist, but they were booked until tomorrow. So... here's where I am at.. Goal 1: I am not going to make it to day 60 before the end of this challenge, I am currently at Day 48. I missed several days when I first injured my back. Last week it didn't bother me to do pullups and lunges and pushups so I got
  7. Ive got physical therapy scheduled. The pain has moved to my glutes and down my leg...sciatic(??). I did some sprints today, no problem, pushups and pullups no problem. Situps aggravated it though.
  8. Late update... Goal 1: Was on track until Thursday when I injured my lower back doing deadlifts at crossfit. I lost a lot of mobility and couldn't continue exercising Goal 2: I've spent more time on handstand practice than any of the others, injury derailed this. Goal 3: Continued to eat well until Friday when I went out of town and I ate at some of my favorite old restaurants and cheated a bit. However, I still have not had any soda since the start of the challenge. No weigh in has been done.
  9. Back still hurting, gonna have to keep resting it, I think I'm going to have to drop out of this challenge
  10. I injured my lower back doing deadlifts yesterday... won't be able to do these until that is feeling better. Waiting at the chiropractors office right now.
  11. Week 2 update - so as I said in the last update we were travelling, camping, doing museums and water parks during the early part of last week... this affected my ability to work on some of these goals. Goal 1: PLP - I missed a couple of days (Mon, Tues) mainly because we kept busy with various activities and hanging out with friends... there were places to do pull ups at the campgrounds I was at but I just didn't do it. I did hit a few one of those days and I actually was able to do 7 strict pullups in a row which was a PR (at the beginning I was doing 3), so the PLP has definitely improv
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