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  1. Things finally looking up. My FitBit says I got over 7 hours of sleep last night, which is much better. I'm going to continue on with the sleep aid for a couple of more days. I got my tracking in, and my calories on target - I just need to start pre-tracking again. Got in my meds, got in my steps. My creativity was more design work on my little bungalow. It is taking some considerable design work and research to maximize my storage in 650 square feet, while not damaging the original bungalow to any great extent.
  2. Yes, a BBWW may be in order her. I decided that my asthma wouldn't improve unless I got some sleep, so last night I tried a mild sleeping aid. I slept and felt much better. I'm going to do that for another night or two and see if I'm feeling better. I snuck in just at 10k steps (broken up in 3 jaunts - before work/lunch/after work). I got my meds in and did my tracking and was right on target. I limited my creativity to paper/pencil so I could erase any errors; I designed my tiny bungalow's walk-in closet. At only 60" wide, it isn't wide enough for hanging on both sides. The plan is hanging (double) rods on 1 side, and shelving and drawer units on the other. Now that I've got it sort of laid out, I'll put it into Visio or something and see if I can put it into my thread.
  3. Never give up - never surrender. I'm not a big breakfast eater, and am never up for meat at that time of the day. I have one of two typical go-to breakfasts: 1. Fage 0 + (unsweetened) fruit + chopped walnuts 2. Quick steel cut oats + "just a handful" of Omega or Go Raw trek mix. The oatmeal takes about 5 minutes to cook, so it's pretty much done by the time my tea finishes steeping. I don't like regular oatmeal because of the texture, but the steel cut oats are fine.
  4. Thanks, I hope so too. I'm short on steps again today; just too tired to feel like heading out in the rain. I tried to do as much as I could to get ready for the next couple of weeks. I'm spending the long weekend in NYC with friends, then come back and my brother and SIL come here. I got my bedroom all cleaned up and the apartment vacuumed. I got lunches made for entire week, and handled a little paperwork. I got my meds all done on time, meals tracked and on target. Headed to bed so maybe I can get some sleep.
  5. Clearly not my best challenge. My asthma has beaten me down all week. I've managed my steps almost every day by doing short bouts of walking, but I'm not sleeping. I finally got some sleep last night so hopefully I'll start perking up a bit. I managed a trip to the grocery and farmer's market, but am a little short on my steps. I tracked all week, but I've been so-so on hitting my target. The only thing I've succeeded at was my meds. I've been so dopey in the evening, the one jewelry piece I started, I totally messed up.
  6. W2/D1 (My week 1): 1. Didn't track my food, but ate pretty well. I'll have my act together tomorrow. 2. took all of my meds on time. 3. Only 9k steps; spent too much time glued to my computer catching up email. 4. Today, I worked on the lighting plan for my reno, and finished documenting design changes I made on my trip. More about my reno (without going all HGTV on you): I purchased a property in Pasadena with a rental plus the original 1912 bungalow. The bungalow is a modest 650 square feet, which I think will be the perfect size. It has the original doors, door hardware and windows (except the 1 kitchen window. I minor update was done in 1935, and a cheapo kitchen update in about 1980. The plan is to just do some cleanup and keep the integrity of the house. Phase I is the reno of the bathroom, bedroom and laundry room. I'm working with my contractor to nail down the design and materials so that we can start about 7/1 and be finished before my tour here in DC is over.
  7. This is going to be a shortened challenge for me; I took a week off during a trip to CA. Since I'm already starting late, I'm going to recycle my last challenge. 1. Keep on tracking what I eat everyday AND keep to 1400 calories 5 days/week. 2. Continue to take my meds on time AND add back in the supplements I haven't been taking all year. 3. 10k steps/day OR a gym session 6 days/week. 4. Explore DC/Travel and environs OR work on something crafty 5 days/week. Crafty includes design work on my new home. Had a bit of a rocky weekend coming from warm and dry in CA to damp and cool in DC - apparently not good for my asthma; hence my late start. My trip to CA was intended to kick of the renovation of my 1912 bungalow, so I'll be working on the final design during this challenge. I'm also spending Memorial day weekend with friends in NY.
  8. Sadly, I bring the headaches on myself about 1/2 the time. Not enough sleep, not enough water & too much worrying. But yes, it did leave. W4/D3: Tuesday went okay. The usual round of meetings etc. at work then dinner with the agency VIPs we are hosting. I chose reasonably well from the limited menu, but I forgot to track. I got home too late to do anything except take my meds and crash. With the walk to/from the pub my steps were fine. Wednesday went better. I did track, and even stayed on point all day. I had to brief all the VIPs today on my projects, and I'm so nervous doing that - convinced I sound like an idiot. Then afterwards everyone said how great I did, and I'm thinking to myself boy, I must have look so lame they think they need to cheer me up. No, I never learned to take a compliment; and yes, I'm insane. The rest of the day filled in with administrative stuff & preparing to be gone next week. My friend is going to cat-sit, so he came by right after work and I did a walk-through. Delilah hid till he left, and then decided she needed to be glued to my lap the rest of the night. Took my meds, did the last bit of laundry needed before my trip, and made lunches/dinners for the remainder of the week. I'm working extra-hard on getting to sleep on time this week, so I'm changing up my routine. It isn't going to bed that is the problem; I go to bed and lay there with my brain whirring for 2 hours. So this week I'm getting everything ready early and shutting down the computer by 8:30. Then I can read or watch 1 program, and hopefully actually get some sleep.
  9. W4/D1 Okay, I missed the entire weekend posting. I spent the whole darned weekend with a headache. I got most of my steps in doing errands and working around the house. I cooked meals for the entire week, and packed most of my clothes for my trip, and actually did a little cleanup. I ate well, but didn't manage to track, and sure didn't do any beading. I did some more planning on my house and went thru the 2nd draft plan. Feeling just a bit better today, but was a little short on steps. I did great eating - there was a meet & greet and I just enjoyed the fruit and passed everything else by. Just took the last of my meds and heading off to bed to hopefully shake the last remainder of this headache.
  10. W3/D5: Thursday I got lots of steps running around at work. I tracked, but again slightly missed my target. Did meds but had a cat on my lap, so no creativity. Today, was so so. Woke up with a headache, but I got out a little to do errands. Did several loads of laundry and caught up some odds and ends. I got the update to my bungalow-reno plan and reviewed that. I think I've done all I can before I actually get there. I have a sweater I got out to mend, but not enough light for that, so I did a tiny bit of beading. I've got the pattern laid out for a bracelet. Didn't track, but didn't eat anything horrible, so I guess it's okay. I didn't quite make my step count, but hope to make up for it tomorrow.
  11. W3/D3: Trying to get myself back to normal, but not into a rut. I did get myself tracking again, and I'm feeling good about it even though I was 50 calories over target. After my visitors got a week of perfect weather, it got chilly but I did get in my 10k steps. Took my meds on time. I got some chicken breasts out of the freezer Monday night with the intention of cooking them tonight, but they were still frozen. Looks like its a job for tomorrow. I got plenty of creativity time in; I put a clasp on scraps from my shortened necklace and made a very nice bracelet. I got my contractor's first draft plan for the renovations to my Pasadena bungalow. I had a few changes, and am going to have to realign some of my materials list.
  12. Happy-mediumness has never been my strong point; my husband helped provide me with a balance that was hard for me. But realistically, we didn't eat badly at all, and walked our socks off. Got my FitBit report & I did 92k steps last week! I came pretty much straight home tonight, figuring I'd have to do a little sorting...but not so. All the laundry done, dishes put away, and house vacuumed! AND they left me a bracelet I'd admired at Eastern Market. Such sweethearts! I did need to clean out some food, but I'll be all ready to start tracking again tomorrow. I'm taking my meds now, but no creativity. Miss Kitty has spent the entire night on my lap (and it's too hot for that!)
  13. W2/D7: I've had entirely too much fun this week and walked my legs off. Thursday was Mt Vernon (15k steps), Friday was Georgetown/Tudor Place (20k) steps. Unfortunately Saturday dawned with a headache. I sent my friends off to the American Indian, but joined them later for coffee (and only about 5k steps). Today was Eastern market, Capital grounds, and the Botanical Gardens for 14k steps. Eating wasn't perfect; we had a couple of small dinner parties, but someone foolishly sneaked some cookies into the shopping cart. We've been keeping each other on track with water and meds. I've got to figure out a way to have fun and track tho.
  14. W3/D3 No posting yesterday, because my friends got here & I was having too much fun. I tracked all day until dinner (I ate healthy, but didn't track). Took my meds, and got in 11k steps. Today was out and about all day; tour of the Smithsonian castle, Sackler museum, and one wing of the Art museum...17k steps. It was so beautiful out today. No, I didn't track at all, but we were super healthy eaters. Meds all taken too. I'll see if I can track tomorrow.
  15. W3/D1: Too much sitting again and I'm a tiny bit short on steps. I'm trying to get everything going at work, but may have uncovered a serious problem in my laptop project. I stayed too late trying to tie it down, but never got it 100%. More to do tomorrow before my leave starts. I did some more housework when I got home, and washing towels so I've got my house ready. Nailed my tracking & calories, got in my meds, but no creativity. Way toooooo tired after today's episode.
  16. W2/D7: My knees killed me 1/2 the night. It wasn't that many steps yesterday; I think it was just the uncomfortable bleachers. I decided however, to take a bit of a break so I was down around 6k for steps. I got my bath and living room clean, and everything in pretty good shape. I ate okay, but managed to be 45 calories over my target. Got in my meds. My creativity was limited to a little mending. Pretty good week two: 1. Keep on tracking what I eat everyday AND keep to 1400 calories 5 days/week. Tracking 7/7, Calories 5/7 - Goal met weeks 1 & 2. 2. Continue to take my meds on time AND add back in the supplements I haven't been taking all year. 7/7 on this one - goal met. 3. 10k steps/day OR a gym session 6 days/week. Only 5 of 7 on this, but I had a busy week, so I feel good about it it anyway. 4. Explore DC/Travel and environs OR work on something crafty 5 days/week. 6/7 on this.
  17. W2/D6 I started out the day at the Cherry Blossom parade. I took the metro most of the way there; it was a beautiful day and everyone was having a good time. I had to bail after a bit more than 2 hours; my knees were killing me after hardly being able to move. I walked along the parade route on my way home, so I saw it all anyway. It was so pretty, I walked the entire way home. I grabbed some food on the way home, so I ended up just a bit over calories for the day. I finished the 2nd half of the necklace so I could clean up my beading supplies and get everything stowed. Then I did paperwork and cleaned up my desk, rearranged furniture a bit, and cleaned up my dining area. I got a lot done, but not everything on my list. My profile needs an update now that I've had a birthday...and well, it probably needs more than that. I'll shoot for tomorrow.
  18. Thank you - trying to make the birthday fun last all week. W2/D5: My friends fly in Tuesday, so I've started getting everything ready for their visit. Headed to TJ's this morning, and then on to Bed/Bath/Beyond for a couple of odds and ends. With side trips for coffee, I ended up with 16k steps. It was time anyway, so I tore my bed down to the mattress pad & washed everything. Gave it a super-duper dust and vacuum & got it all done. Minor straightening up done in the rest of the house too. Got my eating back on track, got my meds in as well. I have a vintage necklace with some great beads, but yucky cheap spacers. I'm restringing it with gold seed beads in place of the originals and I think its going to look great. Vintage costume jewelry like this from the 50s-70s frequently has expensive crystal and glass beads, but look shabby and sad due to aging findings; I look for fun things to wear (or give) in the $5.00 range. This one had matching clip-on earrings, which were made by wiring the beads to a mesh base. These beads match the necklace, but are commonly smaller. In this case, I wanted to lengthen the necklace a bit, so I'm using all of the beads from the earrings on my restrung version. I got to the mid-point but I don't want to ruin it by doing something dumb because I'm tired. Tomorrow more cleaning and Cherry Blossom Parade!
  19. All sort of folks are sick at work. Glad you were smart and took it easy.
  20. W2/D4 Well, only so-so day today. I got a lot accomplished at work. I set up a SharePoint site for one of my team projects, which was sort of fun. There TWO going away events today though. I got thru the 1st one okay, but got snagged by the cake in the 2nd. So I tracked, but was a bit over my calorie target. I took a long walk at lunch and after work to get my steps in. I finished my little earrings, and started in cleaning up vintage crystal necklace. Some of the findings were mangled, and it was really long (42" I think), so I'm shortening it to about 30". I think I'll have enough bits left over for a bracelet. The little earrings were easy, don't know why I had trouble last night...they like kindergarten-beginner level. Late taking my meds, but going to get my suppliments in now and go to bed.
  21. W1 update: My FitBit report for last week: 78k steps! W2/D3 Work continues to be busy and I'm trying not to feel squashed for time as my week of vacation time approaches. I am going to take my vacation. I don't know if there's something going around, but we had 4 folks out sick, which is a big part of the department. I took the scenic route to my lunch-time SB run, and detoured to Aveda on the way home. I had a ticket for a birthday gift of lavender stress-relief body oil & it sounded like a good thing to have. It was plenty to get my 10K steps in. On target tracking, eating and taking all my meds. I started a beginner's kit for chain-mail earrings. I only got part of one done, but I think I've figured out what the problem is and should get at least 1/2 the pair done tomorrow.
  22. W2/D2 I feel much better. I did my (new normal) round of meetings today, but threw in a little variety by packing up equipment for shipping. That and the nice spring weather helped me get my steps in (yay). I did great on my calorie target again. I did finish the necklace I was restringing, but that was all. Miss kitty usually just sits next to me, but my lap was in demand, so I didn't get to start the little earrings that are next on my list. Got in all my meds. Still a little tired, and probably headed for bed early.
  23. W2/D1 Sinus infection is getting better, but feels worse as the toxic gunk has started draining. I think I'll wind up being a teeny bit short of steps, despite the walk I took in this afternoon's lovely weather. Took my meds and got an A+ for eating and tracking today. Fooled a little with beads, but didn't really accomplish anything. All in all, not a bad day.
  24. W1/D5 Woke up Saturday, and knew the worst - despite all my saline rinses and all, I'd been ambushed by my annual April sinus infection. Fortunately, my doc had armed me with a just-in-case antibiotic prescription. I dropped it at the pharmacy and got enough stuff for some nice chicken soup. Stayed home and into bed early. I ate okay but a bit over my target, and only 8k steps for the day. W1/D6. Happy Birthday! Met up with the DC group for a nice walk around the monuments. So glad it was sunny; it was great for walking. We met up with a couple more nerds for a nice brunch. I did a good job eating and skipped the mimosas. I stayed within my target for the day, and ended up with 18k steps for the day. Not sure it quite pulls me up to my desired weekly target, but a good day none the less. 1. Keep on tracking what I eat everyday AND keep to 1400 calories 5 days/week. Tracking 7/7, Calorie target 5/7 - goal met! 2. Continue to take my meds on time AND add back in the supplements I haven't been taking all year. 7/7 on this one - goal met. 3. 10k steps/day OR a gym session 6 days/week. Only 4 of 7 on this one. 4. Explore DC/Travel and environs OR work on something crafty 5 days/week. 4/7 on this.
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