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  1. I am so mad at myself, for forgetting my most favorite worm of all time! From the video game Pyre!!
  2. Yeaah, the 26th I think? This is my favorite month on the Citadel. Thanks for stopping by fellow ME fan! Yaaaaaaaasss! Thanks for being here Willes! Despite being a lazy lifter for months, I maintained my 5x5 even with putting on ten pounds, so.... that's like resistance pull ups! Right? I am on a mad dash for them now. Hello there new friend!! Glad to have ya! I'll try and keep things interesting on this channel since I have some newbies here! Well hello old friend! Always a pleasure. Day 2.
  3. Everything looks good here Obax! (And we continue to share such mutual feelings and experiences in some areas, lol.) I am so glad to hear you've got a new position that you feel is a great fit for you! Seriously happy to hear that! The rest of your plan is spot on too. Me and my freaking yo-yo scale. I need to get to the Yo and cut the dang string.
  4. If I don't have the right sports bra on, I end up having more "outside parts" than is typically allowed too, lol. Glad to be here following you along again. I think I will reward myself with a purchase if I manage to stay ON THE FORUMS the whole 6 weeks.
  5. Man I like this. It feels so ... weightless. Do good things, when you can, because they are good. I could get on board with this!
  6. There are a million images of worms, and none of them are cute. That was a challenge in and of itself, but here I provide for you ... Tiberius, the Muse Worm~! He's the fella on the right, and he's super into drawing? Look at that pencil grip!! Be amazed! Here to follow along. I think you might be the new @raxie lol -- also, I really want to get back into drawing too.
  7. I was already gifted a copy of it. The trouble is ... the next chapter of ESO, Blackwood drops on June 1st lol. Arg!! Thanks Tank! Yay!! We are reunited! Hey Ela. I'll make my way to your thread soon as I can! Rarrrrrr!!!berry? Day 1 in the books. I built a squat rack during my last hour at work, and then did 45 minutes of Beat Saber after work. I tracked my calories, and was just a bit over due to a dirty chai that was consumed at work. Brushed and flossed. Hmm, that's all I got.
  8. After commenting on Tank's thread about my needing to not let go of the reins, I figured this was as good of a title as any. Perhaps by declaring what is already happening, I can more easily frame my thoughts into a pattern of 'done' instead of 'need to do'. I have more fluff again than I would like this year. This happens in cycles. Lose 20, gain 10, lose 20, gain 10. Maybe this time I can get to that sweet spot I found last year and really hammer in the habits and routine so it just becomes the new way of life. I think, perhaps, under a different ye
  9. Heeey I've been thinking about you! (Not in that weird way, but like 'hey, where's rebel, I used to follow her!') But also I have been Queen of Slacksville around here, so it was probably my bad. I am trying to fix that this challenge!
  10. Very much in this same boat. For a while I've felt the wagon starting to speed up and get ahead of me. I'm still hanging out by it, but I don't have the reins under control. I can fix that. So long as I don't let go of those reins. Here to to not quit with you!
  11. Eh, I am here? Kinda. Today is being fairly good day with things so I figured I'd give this whole updating the thread a try. Only way to get a habit back is to start doing the thing again. Weather has been bleh. Food has been hit or miss. Devotions a non-stop success, so good there. Teeth, brushing is good. Flossing is sooooo not happening. Workouts, well at least 3 a week usually, but not with consistency. Art, not drawing, but doing lots of writing! Today I managed to get a very pumped up strength day in. The most I
  12. I've done a terrible job keeping up anywhere, but I still want to keep checking in here and striving to get back into this groove. I found another bullet journal while cleaning that I was collecting favorite passages in, and it really has me jonesing to collect more passages.
  13. taking a peek in I've been doing another shitty job of even updating my own thread this challenge, let alone checking in elsewhere. Sorry to hear about lockdown hitting the gym scene just as you were getting into it. Also allergies suck so much right now. Hope that eases up -- though, I mean, if you're like me, it will last until next winter lol. At least the weather has been more nice than meh! We've had an okay spring here, and I think you get our weather a day or two after us?
  14. It's Friday - I went the whole week with non-updating. Huh. Go me? Things that have happened/ been done since last update? Had a fight with a friend that, while resolved, is left in a new weird place of how things will be for a while. Paid my bills. Got my insurance reimbursement. Got mostly back on track with eating better. Have not been consistent on exercise. Got my covid vaccination (J&J, so one and done.) (*just yesterday too) Did some art. I am going to use this weekend to really slow my roll and try to get refocused. I
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