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  1. Thaaanks! I am getting into an upward swing for sure, I think! (Sun four days in a row??? WHAT IS THIS?!!) Thanks! I feel like they don't, and your saying they do, is really encouraging. Thank you!!! So much planning amirite?? And I've been working on pull ups for 8 years! My progression on them is like this. Except with more drops back down to the very bottom lol! I actually am really surprised I was able to 'keep' as many of them as I did this time. And, while your mileage may vary, I find that looooong static holds are really wha
  2. On a good streak for this week! Food tracked. Strength day had. (Managed 4 sets of 5 pull ups, and that felt good.) Tonight was Warhammer FRP night - we're getting into the last chapter which is always bitter sweet. About to go on a hunt for Khazrak One-Eye, and (under secrecy oath from both a Witch Hunter and Luther Huss) an additional side quest. (To find the truth of rumors regarding Valten!) My character is feeling overwhelmed and not wanting to get into something so big (she likes just doing her merc jobs with her pals) but Luther mentioned how he has hope that
  3. Oh man! A) Happy Birthday, I totes missed it on my crazy Monday!!! Also, now I really need sherbet for the the weekend. And third, that camper is sweet!! Super cute name if ya can get it down too!
  4. There is no server transfers for ESO. Also, best to have two... because, I have heard some folks say the ping trying to play on a 'not your own' server can be not great. Hopefully that is not the case for you / us.
  5. I typed 'random' in the gif search box. Did not disappoint.
  6. Gratitudes. Yup. Science even backs it. Our brains are immensely powerful and over time, the shift to focusing on what to be grateful for DOES increase joy and contentment. Just like a new exercise regime, it's hard to get it started because you don't yet have the strength all the time, but such a worthy effort. And you always inspire me to keep going for it, because I can SEE the difference in you! Ok enough sappiness. Carry on!
  7. Omg, I caught up! So much glorious ESO news. @shaar Welcome to the cult club! This is so exciting. Seriously you guys. If you are into it, I will get a NF guild going so we can invite peeps in as they make the jump to play. Also for those wanting to enjoy the RP elements of seeing the quests as you do them, (especially in four man dungeons) I will GLADLY offer my services to join you guys for group content in a manner that will appeal to you. As a vet player, I have all roles available to help (tank, healer, dps) and know all the base game dungeons forward and backward. Seriousl
  8. Tank ... when he replies to any post between Starpuck and Red. Haha, just getting caught up here now. Sounds like things are going pretty well. And hey, hand wraps are cool too! I have some at work and at home from when I was boxing in the warehouse. That's a great idea! I just assumed it was a resistance band since you are in the PT scene a bit! Stronger is better than PR's in my opinion. I mean, you'll get the Pr eventually anyway. But sometimes, I really have the best workouts when I go a little lighter, a lot slower, and mentally THINK about the mu
  9. First ever job was at a huge arcade /entertainment center called Enchanted Castle. I was a redemption counter person first, then a game attendant (fixing games and monitoring the floor for problems) and my longest position there was a Q-zar marshall. ALL my money went to playing Q-Zar (I even traveled the country for Q-zar tournaments and was rated in the top 3 female players in the country. [I think only like 20 girls played competitively lol]) and Taco Bell lol. Seriously. Also, I was 3 pages behind again, and I really need to get better following people. I w
  10. Maybe I should stream some ESO some night and give peeps the link. Then I can practice streaming AND show off hair cut lol. I've missed two days of updates on this week - but I've not been terrible. Monday and Tuesday - Food GREAT! Monday rest - Tuesday Strength Day, plus grease the groove pull ups on office door with the new rig. No Art has been had all week! I've been too busy with ESO projects and other stuff. Monday and Tuesday - Devotions done. In other news, the doc visit I had on Monday was inconclusive. Long story short. I was not a go
  11. Oh man, I missed like 4 days of checking in. And I also wasn't really keeping up on my things very well, Damn! Blast! I do have my bujo all set up for next week though! I also got a nice hair cut and color. And, I pulled the trigger and got the Wacom One tablet and got that set up today. I have to fight my dual (into triple monitor) situation when I plug it in, but I think I can get used to this! Very exciting! Tomorrow is my next doc appt so I am working on keeping the nerves at bay. So far, mostly good? I am not non-stop thinking about it, just once
  12. So so tired. Long day with a few new stresses and of course the continuation of the ongoing one. It's all good. Working on living through it and trying to let go of what I can't control. So hard. Anyway, next appt is set for Monday, so at least that's on the horizon. Food not tracked, but mindfully eaten. 45m of Dancing in for my exercise. Art was done. Devotions coming up. Hmm, think that's it! Zonk. Oh, pic. Did this as a 10 minute pencil sketch, and about 35 minutes in the tablet. This is my Breton, Warden Healer i
  13. Today hmm. Sun was out. That was cool. Work had a big mess up, of which we will have to finish resolving tomorrow, but the boss didn't freak, so that's cool. I've been suffering through low-mid grade cramps all day; which is unusual for me but likely due to my shiznit going on. That's bleh and I want this abnormal stuff to be gone. I did not track calories, but also did not binge, so food is being counted as okay. No exercise, due to above pain and woe. I did get art in. Devotions getting done before sleeps, of which I am going to call it an early ni
  14. Er, Um, I don't even know what I was trying to say there, lol! Well then. Ahem. Today was a decent day. Super tired. Didn't sleep well last night, and am suffering either some pains from Lady Woes or, preferably, pending Sharks. Hopefully the latter. The weather continues to suck the life out of me. My sister and I have decided that tomorrow after dinner, we will drive to the town over, whose Dairy Queen does NOT shut down for the winter, and get ourselves an ice cream treat to pretend like it's not the middle of doomy winter. Food was tracked today
  15. Man, not only are you kicking some butt, but I had quite a few posts to try and catch up to get current. Some random tip ins on the conversations. Travel - As someone trying to hit all 60 US National Parks (and having hit 38), I actually do think we have different cultures within our one big country for sure. They may not speak different languages, or come from different national backgrounds, but absolutely there is a different cultural feel from one place to the next. Knickers / PE clothing - I went to a private school (Lutheran though, not Catholic) and we just
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