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  1. So the gloom continues here in Chi-burb-o. All the rain and grey skies combined with what is apparently a rougher, more intense pending shark week (all the pre-symptoms, in higher doses, starting earlier than usual.) UGH! I just feel emotionally miserable. Yesterday I had the day off to take TheBoy apple picking and hiking for his b-day, but it poured all day. We managed to get to the orchard in time to get an hours worth of picking in before the rain started really really coming down. We had been fine picking in the drizzle, but downpours and lightning are right ou
  2. Week 4 was another bullshit week for me food wise. I also failed to get enough exercise in, getting only 4 days of movement. I got 6 days of art in thanks to Inktober, buuuuut, still doesn't feel like much of a win. Saw 4 more open houses, so got that side challenge done. Saturday went off great! The boyz loved the tie-dye day and the shirts turned out pretty well for first timers! Friday's WATCH prompt was: (It's an Owl peeking out of the hand hole of it's transport box) I skipped Saturday's "Pressure" Drew the pick axe fr
  3. Ooooh like it! I had a very bad day at work, so this was my clever spin on it.
  4. Friday Update. Me. All week. I really don't know what the freaking issue is, but tomorrow it stops. What? On a Saturday? YES! Tomorrow is going to be part 1 of TheBoy's b-day celebrations. I bought all the stuff for tie-dying and will go to his house and set up and we will tie-dye shirts in the morning! His roommate, and also my dear friend and best GM ever, has a b-day a week later, so he gets to come to this tie-dye party too! Once everything is dyed and starts setting. TheBoy and I will do a quick run out to get ingredients for pumpkin chili,
  5. Thursday. Ate a burger for lunch with my work wife. It was delicious. I kind of don't regret it. Did not track. This is a bad week for tracking. Did do my Inktober, and I hated today's prompt. Very uninspired for it, and also didn't like how it turned out. "Fan" was the prompt. The sun peeked out right before work ended, after 4 days of clouds. It was super mood lifting, and then it down poured on the drive home and we're back to rain and clouds. It was however a refreshing adventure of a drive. I was feeling peppy, so I did 45 minutes of Dance Central f
  6. Had NO joy in today's prompt. But I did one anyway, lol.
  7. Catching up after falling a bit behind. Lots going on, but you're still here treading and moving. That's a good thing! The movement thing has allowed me to count exercise on a day I would have maybe not - and thus stopped me from going 'oh well the day is a failure'. My foods been a problem though, but at least I can say I've "moved". Is your weather being stupid? Mine is, and it's killing me!
  8. Haha, Tell me about this sod. Because over here, these nuances are blamed on Murphy's law. Your pathfinder day and game sounds lovely. We're still not gaming in person by us (more due to the fact the gaming house is now a work from home house and we've lost a lot of room to try and fit 7 people around a table) and I miss it so so so so bad.
  9. Down to my last 6 episodes of C2... Push push push! We all planning to watch the new one from the get go? Will be nice to squee with people over things.
  10. This is so awesome, and really encourages me to stop worrying about adding weight on my lifts all the time. Maybe I can just go back there and squat a reasonable amount for reps and thank my muscles they are doing it happily, and pat my bones on the back and say "You'll be strong in old age thanks to this!" Nice job on your days and progress. Life sounds lovely right now!
  11. Today is going somewhat better - though I caved in on the invite to get pumpkin swirl latte's from Dunkin' - that was probably 400 calories... woops. Exercise for tonight will be Beat Saber, I think / hope. Art was had because #inktober is great for the art challenge. Today was 'Spirit'. Another reference picture adaptation. Or 'cover' if you will.
  12. I also want a drink haha! Nicely done. I went with the ghosty type of spirit, and used some full color shindig as my reference for today.
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