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  1. Starpuck

    Starpuck: The Bravest Warrior

    Well, Thursdays seem to be turning into some kind of midweek rest day. I struggled with an all day tension headache (I think the running is causing it!) and so I opted out of working out again. Probably the right choice. I had tacos for dinner, and tracked my game night snacks so as to not be too out of hand. Totally kept my shit together. No drawing or tablet time happened but it never does on Thursday D&D night, so no worries. Today was back on track. Food all good, I got my 3rd lift day in and accidentally PR'd my squat because I can't do proper plate math, lol. Bench was weaker today, but I suppose I can't be strong top and bottom ALL days. Got some tablet time in and did a quick color on a noble boy I sketched for practice.
  2. Starpuck

    karinajean takes better notes

    Oh Karina! I am so happy for you and Papa Karina! That's such wonderful news. You're such a warrior with the travel you do to be a great support and caretaker for your peeps. It's something I really love and admire about you. Keep being awesome. And just this past November when I had to renew my license, I full on signed up for being an organ donor. Be safe up there this weekend chica. The flurries are just starting here in Chi-town.
  3. Starpuck

    Do You Even Work Here? Tanktimus' New Year Challenge

    Chicago 'burbs Tacos. The best around here! So yum. So inexpensive. SO HAVING THEM TONIGHT!
  4. Starpuck

    karinajean takes better notes

    I also, would die. DIE. Glad you made it!
  5. Starpuck

    Raxie Has Goals

    She teases Tank... Hahah - payback! XD Then drops a Starbuck gif. It's like she's making me fall in love with her all over again! Also, your naan bread looks like a frog, looking longingly at the stew. I can't unsee that!
  6. Starpuck

    Starpuck: The Bravest Warrior

    A pretty good day despite a dip of the mood between 2-5. I worked out! I didn't want to, but I'm on such a good streak and am feeling stronger. So I... "Put on my red pants, and got it done." (Yes @Wolfpool, those are Deadpool leggings.) - Ate well, tracked, and got ... 6 servings of fruits/veggies in. Also - pizza was for dinner. I skipped on it. Guys, I had no regrets, did not at all feel restricted or denied... I mean I mentioned it before, but the last few times I ate pizza, it a) didn't taste as good as I remembered it, and b) left me feeling really bad with rot gut. So I opted to have left overs - which was totally unappealing, but it tasted fine, and filled the hole. [Left over salmon, thrown on a bed of left over barley, with a side salad.] - I got an art lesson in. I worked on the tablet. I did lots of D&D prep. - Then I owned a game of Northgard, where I did a free for all with Snake Clan and won another domination victory. I think I might be getting pretty okay at this game! - Now it's face, teeth and a calmer game to relax to, and then filling out some bujo stuff. I'd really love to be in bed, lights out, by 11pm. That's the goal tonight guys!
  7. Starpuck

    obax ~ the long road continues

    I had a day like that too. Was meh, meh, meh. Forced myself to do a bunch of things, that for a bit, made me feel better, then I crashed meh again. I am counting this one as a weather shift- that storm is supposed to be coming in, must be messing with the Cosmos. That painting bit sounds awesome though! I'd love to do something like that. And while you were out later than you wanted, it seemed like kind of a chill-but-social thing to do, so that's neat. I have tried fine liner pens on the BuJo, and I really like my Prismacolors the best for filling things in. I think everyone has to find what feels most natural for them though.
  8. Starpuck

    Raxie Has Goals

    This is such a solid plan. Good job. Every time I deload to focus on form, and then regrow those gains, I feel physically stronger for having done so. And mentally stronger for not letting crappy feelings of 'but I shoulda been able to' deter from the real win of: Doing good things for a Strong Body. Darnit, this is going to be a thing? I had to run back to my bunk after seeing this first pic of food pr0n and now you're posting it non stop? Nnnghh! Not only does the food look so delicious, but your creative artistry of the presentation is to die for! Color me impressed, and now a bit obsessed with your food!
  9. Starpuck

    Raxie Has Goals

    I'm late to your late party! LOL. But here I am now, and I will try and catch up after lunch!
  10. I did pull the plug Wolf! I should see the system first week of February. Plenty of time to get it all set for ANTHEM! Btw, I expect all the insider scoops and tips, because I MUST be better at it than my other guy friends! You're doing a fantastic job of being here, despite how busy you've said you are, so props on that. You have a whirlwind right now. It's okay to accept the limits of the bandwidth you have, and prioritize. We're not going anywhere! It's not like we're the Atari 8600 or something.
  11. Starpuck

    Starpuck: The Bravest Warrior

    D&D STORY Enjoyed this too much, to not share! So this March, comes up on my 2 Year anniversary of becoming an honest to goodness, actual D&D DM! After our last session, one of the players sent an IC email to me. It gave me such a boost of confidence and reassurance, and today, as I prepped my game, I responded back. (Spoilered for space and interest.) [Some pertinent backstory] Serro is our female rogue (thief) that has come into contact with the party and now is traveling with them. While in the Shadowfell, she stole a sword from a warehouse that happened to be 'touched by the Queen'. The group, as a whole, was part of an event that lead to the breaking of one of the chains. And after speaking to the Queen about a way out, one of her servants granted a single white feather to her, with the statement of, "You have earned her attention. She no longer can turn her eyes away from what is unfolding."
  12. Starpuck

    Starpuck: The Bravest Warrior

    Tuesday Data Ate well and tracked. I ate ALL the veggies! Like seriously! Spinach in my eggs, cucumber with hummus for lunch, snack of zucchini in the afternoon, sauteed squash/zucchini with dinner, plus some corn on the cob, and a banana in my ice cream at night! Got a run in at lunch; lungs felt great, legs were whining. Still managed a 2 mile non stop run. Nice! Got sketching in. Not happy with them. Got some D&D prep in and am feeling the muse with that right now. Nightly Face-n-Teeth done. Missed bedtime only by 5m. I am feeling spread thin and I am not sure why. I think it's just that I have some big things on my 'want to do list' and I've not been able to tackle them. This Saturday, I have the entire day to myself after the hair appt, so I am going to try and for sure get the Closet Done, and also the Taxes Done, and also maybe rearrange the room since we're getting a cold streak and I need to be off that chilly wall.
  13. Starpuck

    Scripture Memorization for the Soul

    I start off with reciting the one I already know, because I don't want to lose it! LOL. I have the first few lines of the new one pretty firm, but I get jumbly on the last.
  14. Starpuck

    Jarric - Road to Oblivion part 1

    Geez! How heavy a KB are you using!? Also - before you do the movement with weight, do it propping a shoe on your palm. My physical therapist for my shoulder had me do that. You should go slow enough, and keep your upright arm engaged and the shoulder down in its socket, well enough, that you can balance a gym shoe in your palm through the whole motion. Also- I had a friend who just straight up couldn't do them when he first tried because he lacked the full body coordination. Not saying that's your issue at all, but if you feel like the movement is really clunky at this point, I'd say, do it without weight until you get the feeling and balance for it.
  15. Starpuck

    Starpuck: The Bravest Warrior

    Well it was a pretty great day despite really bad sleep? So weird. Ate well, tracked. Got lots of veggies in! Tried a new oatmeal that I LOVE. (Kodiak) Got my lift in. PR'd bench press at 120# for 3 reps! Officially lifting what I did in highschool after a semester of 'strength training!' Sketched Got boat loads of tablet time in. Washed Face. Flossed. So, something I'd like to do this year, is draw a picture a week, of an event that happens in one of my D&D games. Last night we were attacked by four giant crocodiles. Like huge-sized giant crocodiles! My tempest cleric's best friend gets chomped by two of them, so she opens with a mighty spell and does a bunch of thunder damage. ... they don't die. Our wizard lobs THREE fireballs at them! ... they don't die. The crocs continue to play with poor Lhauric like a chew toy and he goes unconscious! Our sorceress can't lob her big spells on them, because it'll hit the people being chomped. So she reaches into her Magical Bag of Tricks, throws out a bean, and it turns into a giant spider that starts biting the croco. Next round, she launches another bean that turns into ... wait for it ... ... a toucan. Meanwhile, Aella (my cleric) misses on her next three attempts at spells! Our healer, a dwarven life cleric, is desperately throwing out huge heals to keep Lhauric, (chomped by two), Chaxious (gnawed on by one) and Wermzer, (our glass cannon evocation wizard). As Aella gets frustrated with failing magic, she runs up to stab the thing - and misses - so it leaves the turns of the magically summoned creatures. The toucan rolls to peck the croc. Hits. Does max damage of 6. THE CROC EATING LHAURIC DIES!! The rest of the night, I endure the teasing of being outperformed by a two-bit Toucan. And thus, it inspired this picture: