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  1. Yo guys. It's been a while. I've had to deal with like 10 straight days of stress and trouble shooting. Long story short, new PC from Cyberpower was not working. 5 days of trouble shooting that. Then I just opted to return it and went to buy a new one from a local store. Which also didn't work. Returned that one 2 days later for even exchange, and the new NEW one also didn't work. Returned that same day, and picked out parts to custom build. That was picked up just Sunday the 24th, and now, finally, I have a working PC. BUT! I have a very strange, probably not correct, financial conflict to resolve with the store + the store CC + refunds / rebills that I won't be able to resolve until the CC company has 10 days to post the refund. I had 3 days off from work in that time, and all 3 days had about 8 hours of of tech support calls, chats, youtube videos and digging into the guts of my RIG. In short, lol - the first 10 days of Restember were stressy because of covid watch and having no friend hang out time. The past 10 were stressy and exhausting because of PC stuff. I didn't really do anything food or exercise wise. Picked up the guitar a few times. Nothing else really was on the plate because I was just too pooped out all the time. I would have preferred my Restember be, ya know... restful. But at least I adopted the idea of 'do what I can, or what I must and not stress about goals and ticking off boxes.'. I am feeling a bit of the turn around now and the path looks clearer ahead. Today I have a lunch meet with a customer, but I've decided already to get the chicken burrito bowl, easy beans, and count that as at least getting some veggies in. Dinner is pork and saurkraut so good there. I am going to try and ease back into my challenge here, and, rather than feel overwhelmed catching up on 2 weeks of your alls, just gonna mark them read and start fresh keeping up from here on out.
  2. Haha, I feel like I'm not doing much at all. But that's okay for now. I wish that my 5 of 7 were good enough, but my 2 of 7 has often ended up SO out of whack, that I'd have to basically fast two of the weekdays to make it not undo all the other calorie deficits. Need to just stop letting weekends convince me to 'loosen up and let it slide'. I need to like ... keep a grip and let it inch. I'll get there. Thanks Cheetah! Good to see you here. That might be a really good option! I gave it a peek and the only thing that scared me was the amount of reps per set. (At least in the one I looked at! LOL. I will have to look for some more.) It sure did feel good. Wednesday Wrap Up Managed another good day. Food was spot on, no excessive snacking or splurges. And I did a bike ride at lunch. (Which was a mistake... it could have been glorious. 65 and sunny, seemed like a great plan so long as I had long pants and a hoodie. Except I forgot that I have this weird thing where cold air/wind getting into the INSIDE of my ears, causes like ... 'ear migraines?' Like my inner ear hurts so bad I get nauseated and dizzy. I knew I had this thing (not that I've ever heard of any one else experiencing it) but I thought the threshold was like 55 degrees.... because warm wind doesn't bother it at all. So, that was a bit of a drag, but I still got my exercise in. Did about 20 minutes of guitar, then swapped "I'll do my thing if you do your thing" with @Keladris - she did her knee exercises, and I did 5 minutes of practicing the F chord. Some games had and now to extra early bed. I got a headache - could be from earlier ear woes and allergies. So rest is key.
  3. That was the most poetically gross thing I have read on the internet in some time. LOL Thanks!? Glad to hear things are trekking along well Tank! Keep that vibe going! Yeaaaaaah! Also - I went to parochial school K-8th. And my brother's name was Mike. And he had a black Trans Am. I wore a watch, and during every chapel service, would talk to the watch and tell "KIT" to come get me. Because ....
  4. That song is so crazy! In the best way. It sounded so pop-punk and then it got hard and dirty! Switch back to very KPop sounding. So much going on! I love it! And that video is amazing and gave me serious Scott Pilgrim vibes. Love the Wed plan! Eager to see how it all wraps up for you. I agree that unplanned free time can sometimes go "FWOOP!" Sometimes though, I feel like that's needed. But definitely as a treat and not a routine.
  5. This Kassandra yoga sounds intriguing. And 10 minutes is not overwhelming as a time amount - would you say it's suitable for beginners and those with little yoga in their history?
  6. All the rangering! Haha, it happens to the best of us. Hope you are more recovered now!
  7. Wooo! She's making her own gifs now. The possibilities are endless!
  8. Tuesday Wrap Up. I had a good day at work. Kept my head together and pretty chill. I took a 2.8 mile walk at lunch and the weather was just absolutely perfect!!! So nice. Food was on track. I did have the thinnest slice of a Jarosch Bakery coffee cake, because those come straight from Heaven and one does not pass that up when a vendor drops it off at work. Kept everything else super chill food wise. Even tracked calories yesterday and today. Played guitar for about 30 minutes and had SUCH a good session with it! Felt great. Played some games, and winding down with some VtM streams and maybe some more games, or game prep. Haven't decided yet lol.
  9. Thanks guys! I realized, only just now, I could count that as two days of arting! Hah! Today's Go... I dragged my butt back and did the work out. I didn't enjoy it. I will continue to do this for the week and gauge if it's just the 'object out of motion stays out of motion' moops. That combined with that 'wow, it's all so hard again because you stopped for months'. Right now I am going into the workouts, pre--resentful. Presentful? Hmm, doesn't work as a combo word. Anyway. I need to give it a few times to get over the 'tantrum' part of it. If I don't start perking up with it, I need to find other options for the exercise. Food was fine. No music today. It was SO cloudy and dreary all day. It was a low key day. Tomorrow we'll see how things feel. Early to bed tonight.
  10. I love all these smart goals. And man you are gonna have so much fun!!!
  11. Man this is all so exciting. Also, I am taking notes.... for my eventual day! Sounds like you guys are tackling it all really well though!
  12. I love all of these goals! And all of these gifs. And all of these plans! And the guy who wrote them up!! Inktober! I am planning to use that to spring board my art side back into existence!!!
  13. Electric Company... Wait, was that the one with : There's No Gnews, like Good Gnews, with Gary Gnus! Wait no. Just looked it up!!! That was The Great Space Coaster, which was one of my faves! Good to see good things happening in her Tank! And all this Nostalgia, it's like your thread because an episode of Stranger Things, where the plot is entirely happening, but we're all just like OMG! WALKMANS! RADIO SHACKS!
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