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  1. Sunday Update - Week 2 Round Up I had a spectacular Sunday as well all! Tracked everything I ate, had home cooked food all 3 meals. (Or food at home at least, one was a Kodiak Cake Flapjack container.) I did not get any exercise in, which means I only hit a total of 4 days this week. But that's up from last week and getting closer to where I want it. It was also a really hard week to coordinate the work outs since we had two work luncheons and that's my normal workout time. Oh and I made a stir fry without a recipe, just throwing in various oils / seasonings / sauces as I wanted based on the smell. It turned out great! Plenty of art nights were done! So much so that I am straining my thumb. I tend to hold my tools (pencils, pens, forks, whatever) super tight. Basically, (and we're about to get really deep here because I had an epiphany about more soulful things) - I have this thing where I feel like the tighter I hold on to something, the more control I have over it. Wow! Right??! It's going to take some serious conscious effort to learn how to loosen my grip whilst drawing, but I am going to try. And this deeper tidbit into my noggin is super interesting. Being organized and liking my lists, and trying to make sure everything is all in order? That's great. If I keep a loose hold on it. But I try to sort out every last angle, reach into the furthest nooks and crannies to make sure no step is missed, no angle overlooked, no person not on board. In short. I have several coaches, each with four or more horses, and I try to hold all those reins SO DANG TIGHT! I need to learn to loosen that grip up a bit. It's not my job, nor my place, to try and control everything. I don't think I do this out of a sense of feeling like it has to be MY WAY. But because I have, my whole life, hung around people who are followers with very little self-motivation to take lead. It's just always ended up being me who looks around, sees the empty spot in the lead harness on the sled, and goes, "Well ok, someone gotta do it. Might as well be me." Then over the years, I began to lose faith that any of the other sled dogs are even capable of doing it right / good enough to give them a go even if they wanted to. This is not an ideal personality trait, and I must actively work on it. Any tips on how to work on that would be great to hear! So, that's the sum up! Great week 2 really. Just Wed was a bit of a problem. Week 3 is upon us, and the schedule is tentatively as follows:
  2. Hahaha! Tony is my FAVORITE. Thanks on the hair! Thank you thank you! Thanks! I had a lot of fun portraying her as a fun-loving, info-addicted tavern owner. Thaaaanks Tank! Thanks chica! Yeah, the weekend went really really well food wise. Omg, great gif. And you've got me blushing! Thanks! It was kind of liberating in a way. I'm glad I ended up loving it. A good start to seeing that outside your comfort zone can be full of wins! Thaaaanks girl! Thank you Rhia. I need to shake more rust off and get back to lessons so ... I can, ya know, get beyond comfort zones with art too. And thanks on the hair.
  3. So! We lost internet last night and that meant I got lots of art time in. Actually, I got some Don't Starve in first, and then art. Finished up Rayla Stillhawk, my (secretly) half elven proprietor of The Cask's Quarrel - one of the two main taverns in the main Elven city of Ashal Veloth. It's run by House La Quella - known for being a bit more out going and far less insular than some of the others. As the party has arrived (consisting of three humans, a halfling and a half-orc) into a city that is strictly elves, it's really plucked her curiosity! The only question that remains is... can the party handle Rayla? Today was a good day. I ate healthy, tracked my calories, helped my sister out a ton (she had thumb surgery last Monday and is still sporting a wrapped up club-bear-paw thing!) Played another Extreme NG (and we won) and then some Don't Starve. First time in a while a Saturday was tracked AND within range. We had super wet wet slush snow slush ice and I had shoveled twice, so that counts as working out today for sure. Oh, and I did my week two Bold New Puck thing... (don't mind the bad lighting and background) Everything else was done... but I missed my bed time by 30m Though, I can sleep in tomorrow too, so not too bad.
  4. Thursday's game night got canceled on account of illness by the DM and his roommate. I told those fools to start eating real food. They've been passing colds back and forth, legit, since Thanksgiving!!! But you can only tell a horse so many times, that it needs water, before you get tired of even talking about the water trough. For me though, it meant a much delighted in off night. My Northgard buddy and I tackled (and totally pwnd) our first Extreme difficulty mission with the Wolf Clan. (We'd tried 3-4x with Goat clan, and the initial mission is just too map dependent to make it feasible without the perfect generation of tiles / etc.) That felt really good! I also had left over meatloaf (which I found out today, was made with 96/4 ground beef - so even less calories than I was expecting, bonus!) Snacks were reasonable. While I bought a 6-pack of donuts for the gaming group, I managed to have just one last night. More of the same for tonights dinner. Food tracked yesterday and today, so Wednesday's bump is in the past. Got a strength workout in yesterday, and my coworker and I went back there today and took 30" rounds on the bag with each other while listening to some classic club mixes. It was a blast and it felt good to get my heart rate up and keep it at a higher level. Makes for a good week thus far in the exercise category. Art was worked on last night as well. Still fighting to learn the new update on the software. I just ... like the way the old one looked better. Bah. Lol. Change is my enemy! I must learn to embrace it better. (I got used to my new computer chair and actually am really happy with it, hey!) Plan on doing a bit more tonight and should have a final product to post for sharingz. In other news, I've pulled a @Raxie and joined up another D&D game. This one will be via discord/Roll 20 and likely only once a month on Fridays. That makes game #.... let's seem Thurs and Sunday games are weekly. Saturday's bi weekly, PBP as it goes, 4 live games and 1 PBP? I'm up to 5 D&D games???? >.> Tomorrow's the big hair cut. I'll take a before and after. I just asked my stylist if the thing I wanna do will work on me and she said "OH ABSOLUTELY I LOVE IT!" And I trust her, she's straight up told me no before, so I believe her commentary. Will do my best to pop in on Saturday and not be a weekend ostrich.
  5. Gotta say! It felt really really good. And oddly, the night seemed to last longer - in a good way. Like, I looked at the clock at 10pm and said "Wow, I've done so much and it's only 10!" Oh sweetums! Hello! So good to see you here!!! I must search you out now. *stalk stalk stalk* Yeah, it was a rough day. Obviously affected all the more so by unreasonable hormones. Damn those things! Haha, no worries DM. I have you mostly to myself in other palces! Yeah. It was good reflection! I mean, its nice to look back and realize all that. Someday, with practice and repetition, that reflection will come to my mind in the moment and might help me stave off the reactions that don't help! Baby steps. Doing pretty well outside of the out of the ordinary Wednesday! Getting my groove back maybe. Well, more like fully landed on shore and thus were easier to navigate lol! But yeah! I'm glad of that too! My sister tells me that at my age, I might be hitting that ... "Peri-" stage. And that things start getting goofy. OH YAY! /sarcasm I know that a solid exercise routine (aka consistency) really helps keep me more even keeled, so I need to make sure I get back into that habit. Well hiiiii! (Said in the voice of a certain Southern Orange Tabby cat) Good to see you! Being somewhere is always the first step to the doing of a something! So yay!
  6. Amusing stuff happening here. I love it. Would be more fun if @wolfie were here to see it. Just checking in friend.
  7. Omg, right! I think one of the Rangers previously mentioned you stream! And it's something I've been meaning to poke at. What exactly do you do streams of? And how do I find you if I wanted to poke in and see the thingus!
  8. What a busy set of days. And continued super interesting. And super anime like! Are you sure you're not an actual anime character? Good luck on the job prospects! You seem to be keeping yourself in good order. Well done!
  9. Glad to hear things are going not too shabby with the return to activity post cold woes. Adjustments sound sane and sensible too, even it not ideal. I bet that puppy sure offers some incentive to get to the gym though! I love the recovery circuit you do there!
  10. Falling behind in keeping up here, sorry guys. It's been a Sharknado here with the hormones. Yesterday was the worst of it. I didn't eat well. But I didn't go full badger either (though that's probably because the morning/lunch food made me so sick I wanted nothing the rest of the day.) Gourmet donuts and coffee cake from a prestigous Polish bakery were brought in. I had a half piece of the coffee cake, then my work wife and I split 2 donuts so ... 1 each. This would have been fine. But the donuts were the best I had ever in my life had, and you don't pass that chance up. So I had another. Kept myself to 5 square of pizza at lunch. (Think 2x2 size) and a slice of retirement cake. Dinner was Chipotle with the boys before Weathering With You (anime featured at our local theater). I had just a quesadilla. Bleh. No snacks the rest of the night. Tired and moody, no night time routine was done - save for getting to bed on time. I did get some art time in after the movie, so that was good. No exercise though. Also had none on Tuesday so I need to get on board here. Sun is out today, and sharks officially landed so the mood has pulled a 180. Just need to ride that good mojo and get back into a streak of habits. About to hit lift day #2 now, so that's at least both weeks hitting 2 strength days each. Better than in a long while. Will be catching up with folks later.
  11. Are you doing the Pub Draw stuff, or another format for your art lessons? I'm always perking an ear for sources! 105 push ups sounds brutal. And unnecessary lol!
  12. Oh man that picture is awesome!! I agree with Elastigirl on the framing it in your house! You can't see your face, so no one would accuse of narcissism lol!
  13. Wow, sounds like a fun time coming up. And your first week was solid!! Great approach on not worrying about the diet whilst snowboarding. Because, really, if you can't live it up a bit while doing something so awesome - then you're doing life wrong lol! You seriously have the coolest life. Between surfing and snowboarding and smarting stuff. Sheez. I might have to fangirl a bit.
  14. Ugh. Nothing worse than getting sick as a dog right when you're trying to get gears back in motion. I hear ya there! You took good care of yourself though and that has to come first, so don't feel bad about anything that didn't get done perfectly to plan. And don't jump back in too fast too hard until you're sure you're fully over the sickness hump!
  15. I don't pay much attention to new years (my most hated holiday) but I do love me some Nat 20's, and at least this new year brings that to the table. Hah! Table... love it when it happens on accident. Anyway. One of the best chances to get a Natural 20 in gaming, is if you roll with advantage. You get to roll with advantage if you have a certain skill set, or strong proficiency, or if the situation you're in presents you with a reason to make the task easier. It's never just a random thing. In other words, you have to do something to set yourself up for the advantage. For me, my single biggest factor in rolling with advantage, is the arcane school of "Consistency." We're starting this new campaign off with a goal of becoming proficient in consistency once more. The goal for January is to start building consistent habits. Key word. Build. I'm not looking to pour the cement on Monday the 6th, and immediately have The Sears Tower (er Willis Tower... whatever it is now.) I realize that habits are built over time, and that there will be missed days and slips and slides. So I am going to be tracking a LOT of things to start; but also not worrying about a set number of doing them each week. Active abilities: Exercise, broken into the following - strength, cardio, stretching, active recovery, other. Self Care abilities: Night time routine, consisting of the following - teeth brush, teeth floss, wash face, mud masks, 11pm lights out time. Creative abilities: Sketching, tablet art, art lessons, D&D prep, other. Food abilities: Tracking calories, or, on occasions I cannot - intuitive eat in place of tracking, planned indulgences. Some of these, I will start off with setting goals to do them so often because without that, I might get lazy. But we're also going to focus on flexibility. Move 5x a week, sure! Maybe I really want 3x to be strength but I end up with my hip nagging me, or a sinus infection that makes heavy lifting really unappealing and perhaps not the right choice for my body? Fine, but don't let good reasons turn into cheap excuses. I still get credit on 'moving' if I opt for stretching or yoga that day instead of the lift. Things like that... In August, I was doing really well with my pull up program, and I set a goal of being able to do Tom Holland diagonal walking pull ups... I will have to work hard to get back to that but I think I can still make it for the goal date of End Game's Anniversary. (April 26th) That's basically 4 months. If I lose the weight I've gained and get back into the strength routine, that should be plenty of time. I have everything plotted out in my new, bigger, better 8x10 Bullet Journal, so my check in's here will be either a snapped pic of the bujo, or a quick 'alls well' and some deets on anything that came up. Once we get through this first challenge, we'll see how things are lined up for #2.