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  1. Oh man. Dangit I am bad at keeping up here!!! Hmm, too many days to try and fully catch up on, so to just summarize. Music has been going AMAZINGLY! Have met target times of practice the last two weeks across all three instruments. Art also has been super on task. Exercise was not great on Week 3, but made all 5 days for Week 4. Food continues to be a terrible problem. I think part of the issue is that this winter has just been SO freaking cloudy. Day in day out cloudy and I am really feeling withered. I suppose with the rest of my habits doing well, I need to double down on this. I think, in order to get myself back on actual track, I am going to have do some calorie tracking and really cut out the sweets. I have such a great desire to get back to healthier weight and shape before this summer, and I need to stop putting this off, or approaching it half-assed. Here's the art I drew of Jules after her really bad night (And she's still messed up from it!) And also a picture of Aaron chasing someone out of the club. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the Enneagram book and finding it both interesting, and potentially helpful. Especially the bits on how to interact with others #'s and how they see and perceive things. I really want to find a solid - very accurate - testing site so I can hone in on what I am for sure. I think I'll try and use the last week here as a refocus week. Try to 100% the food part of it, and then re-prepare for next week/zeroweek/new challenge.
  2. This is classic, and it needs to be in signatures everywhere. Also, I am pro Pistachio Everything! Ice cream, pudding, muffins, bread, aaaghhhh, coffee creamer, I've heard, exists, but have not found it. NEED.
  3. I tried to make myself a goal of, reading others then posting in my own this time around. But sometimes, I also just say, "I will read 2 persons threads today, and two next time." Haha, but yeah, keep up with what you can how you can. No stress.
  4. Glad to hear you got some relief from chatting with the hubs. The grey and rainy certainly makes those brain circles so much darker too. (At least for me.) Good job though with the keeping on the keeping on!
  5. WEEK TWO -- Or is this proper week one? No, it's two. Ok ok. Much the same as last week, wth! LOL. Goal #1 - FOOD! In 5/4 Timing Plan: Eat Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack each day. Avoid adding extra snacks, especially in the evening or on weekends. 4/7 days I managed my goal. Did not do better. LOL Weekend was out of control. This is always the nemesis point, I just have to stick to my guns when I make a 'cook food' plan. Goal #2 - Groove and Move Plan: 2-3 Strength Days / Week. (Winter means less options for cardio, so a great time to increase strength days to 3.) 2+ other activity days. 2 Strength Days, 3 move days - Identical to last week. 2 strength days, 2 dance days, and 1 day of totally cleaning/rearranging the Gaming House basement. Totally counts. Goal #3 - Pick, Pluck, and Pen Plan: 2 hours / week of guitar, bass and piano. 3 hours of art. Guitar 4h30m / Bass 2h5m / Art 3h48m / Piano 1h23m This was also almost identical. I got 1 more hour of guitar in that last week and about 30 minutes more of art. Everything else was the same. Part of the issue on both weeks, was that Monday was not a great mood day and that lead to not great practice times/desires. Piano really needs to come out 3x a week if I am going to get at least 2 hours in on that one. Now I know. General To Do's - Boldness, Books and Budgets Overall thoughts; eh, I am not super satisfied with the week. I didn't slouch or anything, but I didn't really put in any above and beyond effort- especially on the parts that are proving to be the biggest challenge. Teh Foodz. I could have. I just chose not to. That's fine on occasion, but I need the habit to be effort as the default, and slack off on the occasion. On Saturday, we spent the whole day at "The Gaming House" and cleaned shelves, rearranged furniture and make room for an eventual return to in person gaming for our larger Sunday night game. This thrills me to no end!!! It also gives us more room for our Thursday game that has been in person for about 6 months now. (Speaking of, our beloved grunge girl vampire is in a load of trouble again, and it's amazing rp and so delightful!) I'll share that below. The Friday morning doc appt when well enough. It's not an A+ report card, but it's not a D or an F. I'd say it's a ... B- ? Another follow up in 6 months. The cysts are still there, but are still labeled as probably benign. I would have preferred a 'hey they're gone'. But this is still a sigh of relief. Basically - keep up the proactive watching, but no reason for HUGE concern at this point. Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers. This week is a bit different in that TheBoy and his pals are doing their big Eldritch Night on Saturday. I have decided to visit my hockey pal turned D&D/CR fanatic. She said she has one of her live games that night and has invited me to play along. I might take 'em up on that. I would know only her, and not have any idea how their games go or what the DM/story is like. But it sounds like a chance to practice boldness. I would also like to put some more time into the interface task. I also really need to get my bass a pro set up. I have so much string buzz right now. Vampire Story: New art coming on this one! LOL. So fun and exciting! But man, IS IT THURSDAY YET?
  6. Thursday Midday Update Continue to feel not 100% - like a loose 86% maybe. Totally well enough to function fully, but with a few complaints here and there. I alternate days of some nose stuffiness/throat scratch, then that goes away and the sinus headache/pressure comes in. Just keeps waffling back and forth between those two things since Sunday. I feel like if it were going to blow up into full blown ick, it would have happened by now, so just staying the course with extra Vitamin C, good sleep, immune boosting tea and healthy eats. Well except for the two McDs burritos I had for breakfast this morning. I was running late. 😋 Last night, and with the help of wonderful @Keladris - I got the audio interface and software to play nice together. Then I tried recording. It ... worked! But I have so much to learn and unpack. Still, this scratches the 'start learning that thing' box on the list. I then loaded up OBS and gave it a go to see if it would recognize the audio input as the interface and it did! So, two steps taken! Here are the not yet wonderful fruits of that labor. Things I need to sort out. Levels! I am playing along with 'bass play along tabs' on youtube, so those videos up the bass tone so you can more easily hear it and follow it. I might need to have the input for me to hear, but drop the recording input of that audio to nothing. Then, and this seems like a doable thing but tricky, import two separate sound tracks to the recorded video. MY bass as one audio and then the actual song soundtrack, and get the timing to line up correctly. I've managed time on all instruments and art this week, so that's going well, and I've got 3/5 move days in. Food is going pretty well. I had the cookie fiasco on Monday but have stuck clean and smooth since. Going to get Lift 2 in today and then tomorrow, hopefully find some energy to dance again and boom, all 5 days. Tomorrow I have a morning appt to follow up on a mammogram from 6 months ago. They recorded two [probably] benign cysts and recommended follow up ultrasound in 6 months. I am very diligent on this since my mom had breast cancer, and while I am not OMG panicked, there is always that low grade stress under the surface. Thoughts and prayers will be appreciated! I know some of ya'all have been through this road too, so you understand the mental side of it. It's odd. I've had, three times now in my life, female repro 'scares' that have been taken care of, that don't cause me nearly as much mental stress. It was always just, 'found this, do this, fix this, carry on'. But with the boobs, it's like it pulls up on past trauma that I have told myself didn't affect me, that maybe did affect me? Brains are complicated.
  7. Sucky on the therapist. Can you ask to be put on wait list for earlier openings if they become available? Awesome on the blues Uke! I remember old Cheetah-Ukelele videos and I loved them!
  8. I've read that planning travel is as good for the soul / emotion tank as actually traveling. You're talk of trips reminds me I need to get into this mode for this year.
  9. Ah nice nice! Red returns! That's gotta feel good getting that checked off. And yes, squats. News from the grapevine mentioned something about false hyping of squats yesterday.
  10. I still use this, repeat this, and quote the source. As for Five Guys. Ugh - they're not my type of burger as I like lean prime meat over 'greasy burger' burgers. On a recent road trip, we'd just finished a 15 hour drive, and stopped at one for dinner. We saw the prices, looked at one another, and kept driving. LOL. They are also so dang expensive. Trucking along on the other things too. Nice nice!
  11. Nice week one! You've reminded me I want to get reading into my Enneagram book. Sheez. I am way behind.
  12. Thought I was coming down with something last night, but two nights of extra rest, a regime of bonus Vitamin C and Echinacea blend tea and I think I dodged it. Had a nice long walk yesterday (and I think that was part to blame for the chill and meh in the evening.) Got my strength day in today and that went well. Music hasn't been great, but I've gotten my time in. I am hoping that when it sounds good again, it will be like a big progress leap. Yeah. Did lots of art between the last two nights. Food was on tap yesterday until I binged on cookies. Today was perfect though. Here's the arts. First one is Jules, the night after her best pal and her got in a huge fight, and he jumped out of her moving car. She is pretty ticked off at him still. Second one (I stole the background because I was sleepy and wanted to be done) is a future friend of Jules. She might even ghoul her (make her a bonded retainer). She's a punk that loves music, computers and illegal 'borrowing' of tech info.
  13. Goal #1 - FOOD! In 5/4 Timing Plan: Eat Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack each day. Avoid adding extra snacks, especially in the evening or on weekends. 4/7 days I managed my goal. Need to do better. That's barely 50% of the time. Upping the effort this week. At least we are back to full normal routine - no more work days off for a long time. Goal #2 - Groove and Move Plan: 2-3 Strength Days / Week. (Winter means less options for cardio, so a great time to increase strength days to 3.) 2+ other activity days. 2 Strength Days, 3 move days - though I was very forgiving in what I allowed to be called 'move'. Still counts. (Like spending 3 hours rearranging and deep cleaning a room counted for one.) Goal #3 - Pick, Pluck, and Pen Plan: 2 hours / week of guitar, bass and piano. 3 hours of art. Guitar 3h37m / Bass 2h5m / Art 3h1m / Piano 1h20m Nailed most of it. Piano is always the easiest to not get because of the effort of pulling the stand out of the closet, the keyboard from under the bed. Plugging it, and the pedal in, setting up the stand. It's just so much easier to grab a guitar and jam out. General To Do's - Boldness, Books and Budgets Only got one of these done, but that's ok. A pretty okay week one. I'd like to get a bit more going for this week 2, but I think it's fine to ramp up slowly. Had a really good week on guitar and bass. Not a single session (had 4 days on each) felt horrible. Food was the loser here. I need to not crack at the last minute and choose crappy options over already made better plans. I think it will be better this week due to aforementioned 'totally routine' schedule. I'd like to get a few of my side to do's done also, and oh, need to add "do taxes" to that. Today, the sun showed up, so I went out and got a 2.5 mile walk in. It was amazing, but also, the air hurt my face so... haha, I am now chilled to the bone and sitting with my toque on in the office while I wait for the last 30 minutes of the work day to shut down. Dinner is some meditteranean chicken thing my sis is making and I am SO stoked for it. I decided today, since the scale bounced up again that I will track calories for a week or two to get my habits back in a better place and my portions toned down. I am however, making the goal to be at a higher net calorie than most programs would auto suggest for weight loss, so yeah. Still going with that 'higher calorie range' even while deficiting approach. I am thinking about getting my audio interface set up tonight. If I don't chicken out! LOL. Then some music and art.
  14. This just sounds so wholesome and comfy. I love it.
  15. Oooh I hadn't heard that waist half your height. That seems super doable I think for the most part. I am 62" tall, so 31" waist would be a good marker huh? I shall try this too. Sounds like you had a great week. Your post reads so upbeat and hopeful. I love it!!!
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