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  1. Starpuck

    Starpuck: The Middle Floors of the Dungeon

    Another rough day due to stuff that I won't rehash now that I am getting ready for bed. Despite this, I did get everything checked off my list today. Tracked calories like crazy and had a really big deficit (not on purpose, but not worried about it considering my overages from last week, lol) Didn't get a workout at lunch, so did my 45m of dancing at home. Ate healthy left overs and a decent snack. Worked on the art tablet and continued painting the minotaur- should finish her tomorrow. Laundry done. Face washed and lotioned, teeth flossed. I didn't get D&D prep done, but that's okay. I have it mentally lined up and I can jot the notes down tomorrow.
  2. Starpuck

    Elastigirl's Challenge

  3. Starpuck

    Saving What We Love: Tanktimus' Mindset

    Sounds like things are evening out... Even-ing? Balancing? Mellowing... normalizing? Gah, words are hard. Never got into James Bond myself, not sure why. I think I am not a big movie buff at the core of it heh!
  4. Those are super fun pics! I always imagined I could enjoy running more, if it wasn't through Suburbia. Hehe.
  5. Starpuck

    Sloth's Power to Weight Ratio

    Omg, Sloth. I always bust out with an audible LOL at work reading your threads. You've got such a way with words, and the cadence of your writing. I really love it! Bless your hearts for how you care for these doggos. You're good peeps. You also seem to be a better midwesterner than I am. I can't shrug my jacket till it hits 65+... so I am in the throes of misery here with this still hovering in the mid 30's with windchills dropping it to FEELSLIKE 22. BAH!
  6. Starpuck

    Jarric - Road to Oblivion III - KISS

    HeyJarric, Just a thought/question. Do you plan in 'excursions' into your budget. If you aren't currently, could you? Like a planned 'eat to maintenance day' but with your money? When special things come up, I think it's terrible for us to put guilt on them because they don't fit into the 100% plan of perfection. I'm still working on getting this trick mastered, but when it does work it feels SO GOOD. Let's pinky promise for some week two improvement, lordy knows I can only get better from where my week one was, lol!
  7. Starpuck

    obax ~ only human

    Like the approach on the mental side of this Obax! Nice job. I'm still really struggling to get my act back together, so it's cool seeing you get to that. It's inspiring and motivating. Ya know, like when one of your linemates is all revved up and then everyone else starts playing to their level. Thanks for that teamie!
  8. Starpuck

    GoodDoug: 80's training montage

    If that's your pic as your avatar... did you get married at 6???? You don't look a day over 30! Hehe! Keep up the slow rebuild. Trust that your body will get back to where it was, but nurture it the right way to do so. It's a winning formula, I promise. I too have had to do the 'regain lost things due to lazy'. I am teetering on the edge of that happening again now, so the struggle is real. We got this! I mean, if I recall correctly, when I first started here, I was actually a half-orc ranger! And you were my half-ogre buddy! We're strong races, with a racial feature of indomitable!!!
  9. Starpuck

    [Rebel Pilot Gar] Sets up Camp

    I see a lot of points getting ticked off here! Good job Rebel!
  10. Starpuck

    There's a New Sheriff in Town

    Congrats congrats! Guys my heart is so full of joy! Way to go on that diaper dad! (As someone with the ultra rare achievement of being 40+ and having NEVER changed a diaper, I'd be terrified!) What a little firebrand! She's adorbs and totes feisty as a LilBeatz!
  11. Starpuck

    Starpuck: The Middle Floors of the Dungeon

    Well, we only half respawned this weekend, but tomorrow is a new day. I am logging off the PC now, at 10:30 in fact, because I am gonna be that far ahead of the game! Yeah! Busy week ahead, as I have to use my spare time to prep for D&D. That has to come first above all the other hobby stuff, except for art. But I am pretty sure I can manage attention to both without much fuss. Exercise, exercise, exercise. This is going to be a thing all week. And hockey on Wednesday unless my D&D prep is REALLY far behind at that point. I know I keep spamming you guys with videos, on a game you are (mostly) not playing, but I keep trying new things with the video recordings and stuff, and if not to show my people here, than who? I mean you guys are my favorite people. So, I beat the story of the game today, hit Level 30, and immediately gave a Grandmaster I stronghold a shot. I didn't die guys! I survived! Granted, I had a really good random squad, so there's that. But holy moly it was exciting. And all the Masterworks!! I also learned how to overlay a video of ME onto the capture!!! Hah! So, I have a really crappy webcam, but you get to see me being a total dweeb while I play!
  12. Starpuck

    Starpuck: The Middle Floors of the Dungeon

    So guys, week one was a bust. Man. I can't believe I did so well during the gloom of winter, and now that spring should be on the horizon, I am flailing so hard. No exercise all week except Monday. Every little excuse derailed me. Bad headache, then stomach rot, then too busy. My art wasn't that strong past Tuesday, and now here we are on the weekend. I'm calling a Mulligan - because if I don't, then the mindset going forward is going to be hard to overcome. So, I start a week later, and run through zero week for my four weeks. This is doable. As Picard said... I lost 20lbs and several inches over the winter. I maintained my 20lb loss during 3 months of eating at maintenance. I have not come that far... at 203 days tracked in MFP, to give in at the slightest push! Today's Plan. Rule #1 NO ANTHEM UNTIL 5 OTHER THINGS ARE ACCOMPLISHED! Clean Room Paint Minotaur in MS5 D&D Prep @Punks - Plan and Book Trip @Punks - Tidy shelves and clean basement up. Mess with 3D printer Plot next week's Bujo Make Arena Fight Map DANCE for 45m
  13. Starpuck

    Starpuck: The Middle Floors of the Dungeon

    Wow! I should have/could have hit you up for advice on where to stay. Hah! HEY NEIGHBOR! So today was super depressing and frustrating. I got all set for buying tickets to see Critical Role live at Gencon, and the ticket platform they used was total bs. A short queue to get in, but I was spamming it starting at 2 minutes before sell time. I get in, and pick my seats. Click buy. "Verifying your tickets!" - "Oops! Another fan has already purchased those seats. Please select again." Ok sure ... EXCEPT THAT IT KICKED ME BACK TO THE "WAIT TO GET IN AT ALL" SCREEN. I get in again, pick seats, ... repeat the same bullshit above, for a total of 8x. Of which took 8 minutes... in which the frakking thing sold out. My entire reason for going to Gencon this year was to see that show live. Now that I can't... I am really debating not going at all. It's a lot of money for the same thing I can see at a local to Chicago con... blah. Cue stomach upset after this, followed by tension headache. Either the adrenaline stress really threw me off, or my spinach for my eggs was bad... this was twice this week I got upset tummy after breakfast. I was supposed to hockey tonight, but above mentioned ailments kept me at home. Despite another ZERO activity day, I am eating within my more strict deficits. (Or very close to it.) I did some art lessons on my lunch break. And then well, I spent the evening at home trying to get better at Anthem. I am currently uploading my most recent Stronghold mission to youtube, and am really excited for my fellow Lancers to take a peek at it. It's my best run yet. AND... it was on Hard, with a bunch of rando's! Two of which were wee level 14 pilots. And I only died once (legit death ... the first part of the mission I died, but there were only 2 of us that had loaded in so I am not counting that.) I still have random crashes because am zooming all over, but I feel like my ability use, combos and general movement was SO much improved on this one. It won't be ready until tomorrow, but I'll tag it in once it's done. Now, for a slightly past bed time sleeps... and a hopefully better day tomorrow. Video done! So much improved. YAHOO! (Yes, the irony that it picked the death screen as my image haha)
  14. Starpuck

    Starpuck: The Middle Floors of the Dungeon

    I thought you were over there in yonder east of the great pond-ville. Are you seriously that close to Chi town?
  15. Starpuck

    There's a New Sheriff in Town

    I told you to watch ur six! Sheez!