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  1. Week One Wrap Up It was a week of sun and warmth (hotness actually, but I loved it) and so I feel great mentally! I didn't 100% all of the goals this week, but I really can't be too upset about it. I'd like to tighten that up this week now that I am back into a more proper routine. Track Food Daily - FAIL. Didn't even attempt it really. Additionally, did not eat at all for health and nutrition, lol. All desires and whims this week. Strength Train - 0/2 No strength training technically, but I did have 2 days of 3-5 hours of outdoor yard work and gardening which involved some muscle Cardio-Ish - 5/3 - I was outside, and moving, constantly this week. It felt great! Piano - 4x a week :: Nailed it. Bass - 4x a week /or 20 minutes daily. :: Due to hectic schedule (and no program found/purchased yet) only 3/4. Guitar - 4x in this week. Guitar was in the shop first half of the week and when it came back, it felt so much easier, I kept playing it! Art - 2-3x a week, let's see how it fits in - None had. No free doodle time. Connect - Do that connect with people thing that I talked about last challenge. // Forgot to to this again. Still a good showing for the week. 5 days of movement (and I mean like, burning 300-500 more calories than I would have even on an normal day with a lunch workout.) 11 music practices between the 3 instruments. To Do List Remants Redo Budget Set up Spending App Till Garden Plant Veggies Set up Trellis Build Animal Barrier Find Strength Program Laundry Vacuum / Dust Room Catalog Tye Dye stuff before Sat Run D&D Game Fri Cut Grass
  2. Quick update here. Lots of movement this week. That's easy when summer comes early. It's actually been dangerously too warm for too early (bodies not being acclimated) in that we've been in the mid 90s all week! Now, I love the heat, but I also know to respect it. So I had the zoo Monday, the gardening bits Tuesday. Wednesday was first day back to work and with the AC broken I opted to NOT work out. (Good call Puck.) Thursday I did my first lunch hour bike ride, just a short one to get the legs moving and stuff, but plenty enough to count as movement. Today - will be a walk most likely as it's still hot hot. I will not get any lifts in this week (unless I do two different body areas one on Sat and one on Sun) but I am okay with that. I wasn't slacking - I was just choosing to enjoy the weather I've been mad craving for like 7 months! Food, though, has been a disaster. I was just telling someone that it's like: Eat when your sad. Eat when your bored. Eat when your angry. Oh you're happy and the sun is out and weather is great? EAT TO CELEBRATE! LOL. I need to stop this for reals now. LOL! I have 12 weeks to my trip to Cali in August. If I start fueling properly and being mindful, I could very easily drop 10lbs by then and that'd be fantastic!! But, I need to stop putting things off to "tomorrow" because tomorrow never comes! By the time it comes, it's Today! Hah! I picked up my guitar from the repair shop after having them do a pro set up. New, lighter gauge strings, and the action got lowered. Guys! It is SUCH a huge difference and is going to make progressing so much more enjoyable and easier. Just so much less work to get those strings down and making pretty sounds. I'm thrilled! So I've got all three of my instruments ready to roll! Just need to get into a good routine of which thing gets practiced on which night! Art hasn't been done this week- I might get a doodle or two in. So Week 1 is going to fall short on a few things, but I don't feel awful about it? Especially with how much I am trying to do all at once. I might make things a bit more forgiving. Priority of movement and food getting in line - but the music and art stuff can maybe be all part of the same thing, "Create!" I bet I will still end up with lots of all of the things. Oh, and then the gardening bit too. LOL WHAT HAVE I DONE!?
  3. Mid-week of Week 1 I've had a great start to week 1, but not because I am nailing my goals lol! Because I've just enjoyed life and felt great about it! Since we had to cancel the trip to Arizona, my sis and I instead took off Mon and Tues of this week as the forecast was FINALLY for sunshine and warmth. Granted, I did not ask for straight to July temps - but that's what we got! We went to the zoo on Monday and spent a goodly 5 hours there leisurely walking around and taking pics. Tuesday we included the brother in law for breakfast out, then went shopping for garden and plant stuff. By the time we got home and ready to plant it was 87 degrees! Needless to say, we waited a few hours for the sun to get behind some clouds before we tackled it. I also expanded the garden area plot since I am going to attempt to do cucumbers AND tomatoes this year. Also got my oil changed and had my follow up to the ENT. As the initial complaint is long gone - we discussed that I would just take Pepsid as needed, before outings / meals that might be a trigger. I think I am also going to go back to my normal diet, for the sake of doing the food sensitivity test my chiropractor offers. I got lots of movement and calorie burning in on Mon / Tue with the walking at the zoo and the heavier labor yard work. Today, I had planned to do a strength day at work - buuuut, it's 91, feels like 100 and our work AC is totally broken. I did not want to get all heated up out back and then NOT be able to cool down once done. Take it as a rest day. I need to get into the groove here, but it's always so hard when you have days off.
  4. Glad the car news is not as bad, and the migraine was not terrible. Now all we need is for Sra to get all better! Sending all the TP&V that it happens quickly!
  5. Yay for good weekends. Solid plan on the cal adjustment. Today I am hitting that grind again too.
  6. Echoing the sunshine! I am refusing to complain about the that came with it! I LOVE heat. (I just love it best when I can work my way back up to existing in it.) (Our temps are hitting 90 this week... after a high of 48 like, seriously, 9 day sago. LOL. I love how active you are with your church! I really want to mimic that some day...
  7. Hahaha, The feeling is very mutual by the way! I've been to Pens games (in Pittsburgh) more often than I've been to any hometown Hawks games lol. (And yes I get a LOT of hate for not being a Hawks fan.) My friend and I even went to the inaugural game at the new center back in 2010. Jade is adorable in the scarf! Well done! And ditto on a slow start for week one for me. Oof. Having two days off throws off my routine on normal things like crazy. Hope you get over the sickness bump soon too!!
  8. Such a fun recap. I am so glad you head a good time. I can feel all the good feelz in your text and it makes my heart smile to see fellow Nerds meeting up and enjoying each others company. Back to the grind now! But for me, after things like that, I usually get a dose of extra motivation!
  9. Hooboy with those symptoms. Bummer of a deal but heeeey, so far not Cov+ is awesome! Hope you guys get up and over the mend quickly. Just call this Zero Week 2.0
  10. I feel like we probably covered this ages ago, and the fact you called it a Pens game, and not a Rangers game... should mean you are also a Pens fan?? I didn't watch the game, only kept on with FB posts from them. Holy smokes. I get so nervous at playoff time! LOL. I should try and get TheBoy to watch a game this weekend if it lines up right. I would really like these guys to get one more Cup. (At least one more.)
  11. I can't wait for the Willes/Jarrics selfies to be honest!
  12. Hey Elasti! Thanks! I admit I am feeling very kid like right now. Ya know, when kids get into something new and it's like 200% obsession! LOL Awww, thanks Tank! Maybe some day I will challenge Charles Berthoud to a bass battle lol! HAH, kidding. I will learn 'senpai notice me' and send him the footage instead. I'm really stupid excited about the bass, and I've already doodled this week for art, so that wasn't a momentary whim this last weekend. That's what all the boys say, lol! Heeey Rebel! Happy revenge of the fifth for ya! It seems like a lot, but piano is an old brush up and the guitar is a super cheesed hobby now. I want to focus most of the time on bass and piano. Thanks! Much like having a pre-written strength program or WOD really helps me get back there to do it, I think having existing lessons and modules all set for me to follow along with will be really helpful. Plus, the free bits he has online - I really like his instruction and how he lets you play along through several speeds of working up to it. I might pull the trigger! Doug!!!! So good to see you! And omg, you - the man of infinite talents and past times are teasing me? Hehe. Kidding kidding. No voice for me, thats why I took up instruments to begin with. Today was my first day back to working in the office post quarantine. It felt good to be in there and I got all organized and back to normal routine stuff. That was a huge relief! I didn't feel overly wiped out from it either, so all told I think I just need to ride out the last remnants of a head full and then I'll be GTG. I doodled at work. Just a quickie about a girl playing bass, lol. I came home, had some PF Changs for dinner, and for the first time in 11 days got to eat with my fam! Then I had a wonderful day on piano and did some more bass practice. All in all a good day. I need to start adding activity back in, but I am trying to wait for a full two weeks before going hard core. I'd like to just get some walking time in but it's been cold and raining so that's been denied. By the weekend, should be good to get some extra movement. Doodle
  13. Midweek zero check in. I rearranged my room today and that felt pretty slick. Now I feel all snazzy and well set up. (Even though I literally just swapped my desk and bed position.) I did a final load of laundry to get rid of any clothes that had germs on them, and tomorrow I go back to the office. I'm looking forward to getting back to my crew and getting reorganized. It is infinitely easier to keep on top of things AT work. I've gotten 2 days of bass in, and some piano and 2 days of guitar, so music is going well. I need to do some artsy stuff but the muse is not strong at this very moment. I also need to decide if I going to pay a pretty hefty sum for online bass programming. I need something that gives bite size bits of lessons, and Josh over at BassBuzz really seems to have a working plan. But it's $197 for the course. That's really like, the equivalent of 4-5 in person lessons, so can't complain for a whole course at that cost, but it's a nerve-wracking investment. I have not started tracking calories yet - but going to ease into that now that all the sweet treats are out of reach lol. Got around to some following today, and will do my best to keep up with you lovelies as well!
  14. I can either make my challenge on time, or follow people before they reach page 2, but never both. Here now.
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