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  1. WEEK 3 WRAP UP Is it week 3? TRACK CALORIES :: Calorie Spread: 1741 -1636 - 1684 - 1560 - 1744 - 1905 - 1879 Veggies: Fine and good, 5-6 a day, except more like 3-4 on weekends. Strength Days: 2 Proper Move Days: 4 Days; 2.5 bike rides, and 2 Beat Sabers Stretching: 2 --- I apparently hate taking time to stretch. Daily Bible Verses: 7/7 Bible Study: Finished another 7 day devotional study. Bed Time: 2 for sure. 2 definitely not, 3 unknown lol. Art Time: None. Haven't arted in weeks. Other things pulling attention - Maybe I just needed a break? Also, D&D is typically my inspiration and my DM has been busy for the past 2-3 weeks and all games have been canceled. Coincidence? Reading: 2 days in. Down to the last 2 chapters of my book, crap! Friend Connect: Hour long talk with one of my friends. Eh, it was an okay week. - Honestly, food and exercise are solid and really probably to a point I don't need to track them. - Actually, I freaking dropped another pound it looks like, since the last 3 days I am hovering at 133.5-ish. I really need to find ways to get more calories in without just eating ALL day, or snacking on not great stuff from 6-11pm. More nuts! I like nuts hah. And they don't fill me up at all. - I did fill out a bujo and kinda used it? Will try for better this week. - I had my first cucumber harvest! 3 cucs! And guys, they were delicious!!! - Sat. bike ride we had to bail early because of storms chasing us back home. But it caused a shift in the day that led to a really late lunch, and a chance encounter that has nudged me AGAIN to learn ASL. We were at my favorite taco place, and our bikes were still on the back of my car. As we left, a couple had ridden up and looked to us hopefully. They asked if we had a pump. I did! And as I said, "I have something better than a pump," the woman says, "We are both deaf." They could lip read very well, and I did not have a mask on at the time so that was fine, and actually had really good speech too. So communication for me was easy - in that I was able to be cognizant of their need to SEE me while I spoke, and kept from talking too much too fast hah. They had gone flat, half way back on their 20 mile one trip ride, and I was able to get them all filled up. They asked if we got caught in the rain and I said we actually called the ride short to avoid it. They DID get caught. So, it felt really good to help them out. But it also smacked me across the back of the head and the little voice said, "Can you imagine how much more it would have made their day if you could sign -even a little- and they had just happened to find a person with a pump, and the ability to meet them halfway in communicating how they do it best?" + So I think I am going to try and force myself to start doing this. The thing is guys, I like to learn by doing - not by learning. And there's no way around learning actual ASL with some semblance of proper grammar, without reading stuff and going through lessons like a damn school book. Hopefully, I can pick things up and that encourages me to keep at it. I'm in this weird place of consistently half-assing the challenges. But I am not doing anything terrible as far as falling behind or off the wagon, so I don't see it as so bad? Not sure this is a good thing. Or maybe it's just because I've been grinding out these levels hard for the past 5 months and it's normal to hit a bit of ugh on it at this point. Going to use the week at home to try and get some better routines going again. Oh, so lemme show you my cucumbers now guys! So these are them as of this morning below --- the one on the right was just 3 weeks ago! They had barely reached the 2nd bar, and now they are hitting the top!! This weekend, I picked and ate some, and they turned out great!
  2. Yeah, oddly enough, I am not a total country girl either - because while I love disconnecting from the wired life --- I can't do that full time. I need my high speed internet and nerd stuff at easy pace. And I also like the security of nearby well stocked grocers, an array of doctors and specialists lol... I'm definitely a suburb girl. I just wish that Illinois was more grand in its nature areas. 😛
  3. Been to Vegas area twice in the last 5 years. Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire State Park are amazing and I love them!!! I am totes not a city girl - so avoiding the congestion area is my preferred mode of vacation. I especially love the suburb of Henderson, NV
  4. I'd have normally been hitting Northern Cali or Arizona this year, but I am trying to keep the trips driveable for the time being. I've probably already been near you and didn't know you at the time! Sadness! But yes! I would HAVE to meet you and get some good food. Wednesday Update Food good. Exercise was a bit of a bike ride to Target to return a swim suit (too big) and get a new one. Then I cut grass when I got home. No art, or reading. Bible done. Bed time botched but not my fault! - As I logged off game at 10:55 and was going to close down the PC, Discover had sent an email about locking my account due to excessive login attempts. (Wasn't me.) I was 40 minutes late to bed as I spoke with them to get it all cleared up. Thursday Update Food good. Exercise was a lift day and then, since gaming got canceled, also some Beat Saber. No art, or reading ... sigh. Bible done. PC off by 11pm. Light outs by 11:20. So - not that I am horribly worried about it, but ... tips for finding maintenance point with food, lol? I've increased my calories the last two weeks, and I am mostly hovering at the same weight, but today the scale dropped another pound. Guys, I am eating such bad snacks to make up for the calorie gap! LOL. Last night, 1.5 cups of ice cream with banana and chocolate. I was still 400 calories under maintenance target yesterday. (I was busy with running Veteran dungeons on ESO and so didn't get to snack as much.) I'm also worried because I don't want to bulk up with MORE muscle - I feel like my current amount of muscle mass is good. So if I eat more, but am still working out, will I just build bigger and bigger muscles? LOL. I've never been at this point before! Today's plan - Bike ride at lunch, but it's gonna be wet since we got 2" of rain last night and my route is around water retention facilities and two creeks. Fun fun! There is a D&D game tonight that we don't do video for, so I should be able to do lots of art while playing I think! Tomorrow I am trying to get an early morning bike ride in before afternoon rain threatens. Then my friend (who is now allowed over) will watch some anime at my house woot! Evening should be ESO. Duh. I'm thinking of getting a rear rack for the bike so we can get rack bags and carry more waters, and essentials with us now that this is becoming a thing. Also, we've decided to cover all miles of all trails in our area, in segments! I wish we'd thought of this earlier, so I could actually map and photoblog our progress, but we'll just start now a bit late. I have enough of last weeks ride in pics and stuff, so woot. Oh, and here! Office Workout Installment #4.
  5. I could get behind this plan. ^^ A friend (big eater, not very fit, laughs at his own unhealthiness) recently texted me saying, "I just burned 2000 calories!" And while I replied back with an "Oh cool, good job." I told my friends I was chatting with on Discord (also his friends) "He must have burnt his pizza." He replied back then, "I burned the brownies." *facepalm*
  6. Nothing I say is coming out right! I was being sincere lol! Gaaah! Your Xbox, my ESO... it got me good. Dangit.
  7. Starpuck


    WOOT WOOT! YAY! Awesome job!! Yeaaah! I totally didn't get any vibe of weird speculation given the word choice. To me, my brain emphasized it as, "The work you've sent me." Sooo excite!
  8. Oh I love pics of work out spaces almost as much as pictures of BuJo layouts lol! There was so much to love on this post. Ice cream. Work outs. D&D. Talk of bike rides. Maaaaan. I want to be your shadow right now!
  9. Way to trooper through a sleep deprived anniversary day! And Happy Anniversary to you. Also grats on the sugar-cut progress and noticeable affects! Very cool! I am so excited to see you will soon be joining in on the bike-selfies with me and @Sloth the Enduring - One of us. One of us! I love biking so much more than running. Even when its hot out, the breeze from motion is just lovely, and you get to cover more ground and see more nice things and its nicer on joints and - oh it's just the best!
  10. Hmm! We've been on a 3 week break as the DM has his mom in town. Mom's ruin all the fun! But we did finish up the Citadel, lessee. Our group: Dragonborn Cleric of Bahamut. Halfling necromancer wizard (me hehe). Half Orc Paladin. Elven Rogue. Human Ranger. Tiefling Bard. Super lacking in detail because it's been awhile lol. Also because I play my halfling very 'in the moment' and she doesn't really pay attention to the bigger things.
  11. Starpuck

    Cheetah is Good.

    Oh nice work there Cheetah. Very cool!
  12. In womens hockey, we'd always joke - if we can't actually call ourselves good players - let's at least LOOK good doing it. I feel like I have taken this same practice to bike riding! You are the actual ride stat winner! I just make the selfies look good. Hehe. It's so weird for me to hear things like that. I see nothing 'wrong' with the picture, but also nothing worth mentioning ... huh. This is why I have to do this forced compliment thing! I love seeing photos of other peoples stuff so I figure, the more one person shares the more others get inspired to share! Hahah, POINT TO GRYFFINDOR! Seriously though haha, good one. Omg you guys are making me blush! *blush* Thanks hah. Midweek Update. - Work has been chaos. We upgraded to a whole new phone system to allow us to use the Comcast business app on our cellphones and more easily juggle between working from home or in office. The system upgrade broke everything! Couldn't print anything! So all the outside office people were Slacking me messages on what needed printing, so I could organize them and present to our tech guy to print direct from server. Then our remote connection failed so it was JUST me being able to be in system. Thankfully, he called in another CSR (and I got to see a coworker, yay) and the two of us, did the others orders as well as our own. (But still couldn't print.) It legit took until lunch time today for us to be back up and running 'normally'. But today, I had some major issues with lost shipments, and some real A-hole customers. I kind of lost it today. || Monday || - Due to how busy work was, I did not get to work out at lunch time. - Post work plans to work out thwarted by meeting my other goal of catching up with a friend on a live call. - Food was fine, I got some reading in, did my bible verse and shut down the computer at 10:30 HUGE Success. || Tuesday || - Got a strength workout in at lunch, and cut the grass after work/dinner. Did my post workout stretching. - Food was fine. - Bed time was not, lol. After 8 o'clock NG, I ran a dungeon with a friend to farm an item, and then got carried away crafting the extras. Woops. - Did still get the daily verse in. I am starting to plan my National Park trip for this year (2nd week in August) and admittedly, I am finding the process is stirring up some nerves and fear. The plan is to do a road trip (12 hours drive) to Shenandoah NP. Stay at an AirBNB that is 'entire house to yourself' and that has updated to follow current cleaning guidelines. (Also has a flexible cancellation policy.) Typical vacations are food at the house for breakfast, packed sandwiches and snacks for hiking, and then dinner at house or a nice local meal. Basically - the activities I'd be doing there, match exactly the current regime here as far as limiting big social interactions and not going bonkers with food out or shopping. Outdoor things + food to go / distanced eateries. As Covid is going to be a thing we deal with for the foreseeable future, I do not want to shut down life completely. Travel and outdoors is one of my core refueling stations for my spiritual and emotional health. My logical brains tells me that the plan is sound, and doable with proper precautions. But the anxiety brain is whispering all the worry and fear into my ears. The only difference between what I am doing now, and this trip, is where I'd be doing it. I just need to get over the hump and do it. The alternative is my ending up at home and putting in an unhealthy 80 hours of ESO into one 7 day vacation heh. Hoping to get the art going again here the rest of this week. It's hard when work has been so chaotic - I tend to want to go home and veg out with video games rather than art. Probably because art doesn't come super easy - so it requires more mental effort for me than a video game does. I'll get there though! Also, have some proud mama pics.
  13. WOOOOT! Awesome! That color is amazing on you! Also, that first pic made me wince... I have the worlds most sensitive gag reflex, and I cannot tolerate even a turtleneck touching my throat. Seeing how snug that helmet strap is, and where it sits has me hoarking at my desk here. The only reason I can tolerate hockey helmets, is that they're actually held on by the chin cup and not the under the neck strap!
  14. What what? Never! You're not only funny, you're creative and clever, wise and awesome. I'd continue but ...don't want to have to dock points off your usually impeccable "humble" score.
  15. I seriously want to move now. >.> I love the southwest so much, sigh.