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  1. Starpuck

    Starpuck gets her Ranger on!

    Two days of sun, and the mood is much better! Man, why do I live someplace that has clouds and cold for seriously 7-8 months of the year? Got a bike ride in yesterday, it was so great! Except that the sustained winds were 23mph. Um, that legit pushes against you and makes it way harder! That's rough for the first proepr ride of the year. Still managed 8.2 miles in 40 minutes, got back to work, put bike away and stretched. My hamstrings have been sore all week. Loser hamstrings. Food continues to go fine and the scales downward trend again reinforces the return to better habits. I had plenty of cals left last night for the ice cream outing, and I ended up getting a mini cookie dough blizzard (because that's what I REALLY wanted) instead of a small blizzard of another flavor. (Small Oreo blizzard is like 500 cals. Whereas a small cookie dough is 710. - I consider this a huge win in my brain. Getting less of what I wanted, than going for quantity on a flavor that would have been second rate. Today I got a 3 mile slog in. First 2.5 miles I alternated 2 minutes of slow running with a minute of walking. Then I walked the last .5 miles and did lots of active stretching along the way. Man the weather is just so gorgeous. (And starting tonight we go back to like 6 days straight of rain and highs only in the 50-60 range. Bullshit.) Getting the itch to plan my next National Park trip, and am really tempted to plan it for Shenandoah, in the fall, to coincide with Maryland's Ren Fest. Just need people to go with me hah.
  2. Starpuck

    [Sloth] Eat Pizza, Be Awesome, Repeat

    We call them German Water Wings. >.> I will never be rid of them. Sigh. Sloth! I took my first ride of the season yesterday. It was sunny and 80, and that is like the first combo of that we've had since last August! I failed to notice the 23mph sustained winds hahahahaha omg! The ride out was fine. The return??? Good lord. (and on my crappy 7 year old, broken down K2 mountain bike ugh). Why does your butt hurt for the first two rides of the year? Like... the butt bone bones. But by mid summer you can ride daily and nothing hurts. Do you get calluses on your ass?? LEARN ME!
  3. Starpuck

    Cheetah sprained his butt.

    I used to be a mega music major nerd in high school. Was in the jazz band playing both trumpet and sax. Blues scales are sexy as hell! Loooove it! Keep on enjoying those moody blues! Keep nursing the sprained butt too.
  4. Starpuck

    GoodDoug goes hunting dinosaurs, again

    Nice goals! I am right there with you on the running. I gotta get past the 'must run non stop for 3 miles to call it a run!'. Just get out there and get the steps in, regardless of how fast I get them, right? Right! Following!
  5. Starpuck

    Starpuck gets her Ranger on!

    Midday for D3 Week Zero. Food's been fine and the few flash pounds I snagged during my week of slacking are starting to shred off. Good good. I've been within a 3lb range for like 5 months, I am going to call that one helluva good run at maintenance! No exercise yesterday - continued poor weather, plus super mega DOMS urged me into funk-inspired rest day. Lots of gaming at night with friends which was a nice change of pace from solo gaming. I think I might be a little company-starved; but it's weird, because I try to keep company with my sister for her sake, but she/her hubby watch tv shows I just can't stand so it's like ugh! I think I need the no stress - normal routine company. As opposed to "Everything at home is turned upside down" type of company. Just for a recharge ya know? We have a rare few hours of sunshine today, so I am going to go out for a nice bike ride at lunch time. Hoping to snag an easy 8-10 miles, but it'll only be my second ride, AND I am still really sore in the quads/hamstrings, so maybe not that many hah. We'll see. Tonight, I am taking my sis to DQ. She's mobile enough to walk to a car, so she needs out of the house for a bit! No art yet this week- the depressed mood has been too strong to warrant any creativity in that regard.
  6. Starpuck

    Starpuck gets her Ranger on!

    Thaaaanks Cheetah! Ayyyyye mate! Thanks! <3 Thanks Tank! Thanks thanks. Sis is dealing with lots of post op pain, but her PT's and docs say she is doing just fine. Hopefully she gets past the major pain soon. Heeeey. The eating out shouldn't be hard to stay within prescribed amounts because honestly... I don't even LIKE eating out anymore. When I do, it's typically my ma and pa taco place. (Two Fat delicious tacos + chips and I am at a bill of $5.50.) Or a craving for a burger. But yeah, flexibility has been on the upswing these past months, so I'll make sure to keep that in place for the foods too. Posting art eh? Deal. Once I get to making art again. Zero Week check in: I did a super laid back, low weight, higher rep strength day yesterday. It was my first time lifting things up in seriously 3 weeks. I am paying for it today, haha. Food was fine, and I ended the day at the right amount of tracked calories. No art, but I did relax with some Northgard. Planning to do some dance at home tonight (Weather sucks here. 50 and rain.) and so am gonna try and do some art stuffs on my lunch break.
  7. Starpuck

    Cheetah sprained his butt.

    On board with the getting on board.
  8. Starpuck

    Wolfie, what have you done? [A Wolfpool Chapter]

    Posting to follow, will catch up in a bit more proper. We can be returnsies together.
  9. Starpuck

    [Sloth] Eat Pizza, Be Awesome, Repeat

    Hmm, you can have the pizza part of this for me, but I'll get on board for the rest.
  10. Starpuck

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Doing this post stuff on a thread thing. *click* Posted. I am now a follower of Tanktimus. It's okay for NF to take a few steps lower on the ladder. Heck, sometimes, it's best to step off a ladder for a bit. Like, during a lightning storm! Or high winds. You can always get back on when the weather calms.
  11. Starpuck

    Starpuck gets her Ranger on!

    I took like 1.5 challenges off due to business, lack of direction and vacation. And now, during the time of year I usually find it easiest to lose weight, I find myself towing a dangerous line. I know what to do, I know what works for me, and I've had some awesome success. Now it's time to push toward those final levels. The challenge, of course, is that the foes are currently harder. Namely, there is a LOT on my plate right now. At work, my boss (whose accounts I handle) had his hip replaced last week, so I am covering all the direct calls he normally takes until he comes back. These are high maintenance customers who normally ONLY want to talk to him. In addition to the boss being out, for the next 3 weeks, there is also a customer service rep out, meaning our team of four, is running on a team of three. At home, my sister had her knee replacement last Monday (same day as my boss in fact) and so I am doing a lot of extra work and running at home for the foreseeable future. And of course, from May - August just seems to be ridiculously busy with events that come up. I just got back from a lovely vacation in Florida, and I used that trip to practice the art of flexibility and rolling with the punches. I didn't pre-plan any of the travel days or their lodging, and played it by ear according to how far we felt like driving. Nothing terrible happened! I planned the day's events by ear and didn't feel like I missed out on anything due to a lack of plan. So, good progress there. This is not to say I will some day become a totally spontaneous person; no, I LIKE plans and organization. But it was a good excursion to the land of flexibility and I think I will benefit from continued practice to find this middle ground. Things that have slacked and had a noticeably negative affect on stuff: I am not cooking at friends house as much, due to crazy schedules and the feeling of having to do most of the work. - The way around this is to stop looking at it, as a partnership in cooking, and treat it as friends allowing me to use their kitchen for my needs. Just get it done. For yourself. Exercise has not been consistent. This affects mood, and my sleep at night, and lots of stuff. - Stick to a plan of 5x a week, varying what I am doing and not worrying too much about exact types. But definitely get the strength training back in there. Art. Guys, I have not drawn a damn thing in like a full month. Not a sketch, not on the tablet. Nothing. I find it relaxing, and I enjoy it, so I need to keep this hobby practice up. So, since I am out of practice on these here challenges, and I haven't decided yet if I am going to BuJo this up or just use a bulleted tracking system on here, let's keep it simple. Goal 1 - Cook thyself some good food, and track your calories more honestly! Limit food out to ONCE per week. All other food days with friends need to be home cooked. Goal 2 - Exercise. The season of sun and training is upon us, do not let it go to waste. Bike, hike, walk, run, get outside! Do your strength training on the cloudy, rain filled ones, for the most part. But lets get back to five days of intentional movement of any kind. Goal 3 - Art stuff. Step 1 - realize you have to shake some rust off. That's ok. Step 2. Draw. Just... draw. Take requests and ask for prompts from the community here and get 'er done like it is Inktober in May! And that's it. I don't need to stress myself out with too much, while I already have full plates. So let's just get back into the habit of accountability, and support, and doing the things!