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  1. Hey guys, thanks for following and supporting. I appreciate it tons! I've been skimming along this week, without a lot of effort on anything. I am once again full body resting from exercise because the wrist has been very bad and my stomach has been off and on sour all week as well. I have a sinking feeling I have some middle forties female related hormonal chaos happening and that may be partially to blame for stomach, moods and laziness. The rest of the junk food has been emptied from house and I think next week will be much better. The super ThinkyThought mood from Monday actually netted some very good post-thought relief. Not like a switch was flipped, but more like the dimmer light rose a few degrees warmer. This is a good feeling. In other news, I saw a house come up on the market in my existing neighborhood, freshly refinished, and in a workable price range. I took a chance and reached out to my old realtor and asked to set up a showing. I will be seeing it tomorrow at noon. Practicing my new "though-guard" of : No decision is permanent. I can do things, make choices, and live on after them, either having agreed to the idea, or passed on it. Adapting or changing minds is allowed. Also exciting! I will be, along with a few other nerds, (discovered through the discord chatter), delving into more creativity for 2022, including getting back into music. I've put some items on my Christmas list that might in fact help me set up a better gaming pc / creative work desk in my room. So that's cool. Going to use this weekend to tidy things up, purge some stuff I don't need to keep hanging onto, and also getting back into healthier grooves. Hoping I can do some Beat Saber without irritating the wrist as I'd like to get some sweating in.
  2. I like this plan! Seeing points gained is good for brains! Also - that tea gif/animation. Whenever I see tea like that, it makes me want to love tea, but I only sometimes mostly like tea hehe
  3. I am not sure if you are keeping current on new campaign, so I'll warn the clip has major spoilers. But Fearne (played by Ashley) at one point says. "I understand you didn't like jazz. Jazz is chaos..." And the way she delivers it is just so wonderful! Understandable feelings about the dad's dog thing. I think you're playing it smart though. Just be slow and let things happen as they feel right.
  4. Aw yeah that's super cool. After reading about your music, I put something on my Christmas list... a kalimba! It seems like it could be a fun thing to learn, and I could also use it next time I play a bard in D&D lol, and it could be a great way to get me back into the groove. A jazz band might be a little more fun and less obligatory - if you like Jazz. (Omg, that reminded me of Critical Role Campaign 3 reference. Let me know if you'd like me to share it at some point.) You have so much wisdom to share Artemis. Thank you for being open with us here, and sharing what you think and feel. I was telling my sis just this morning, that I don't have a small group / life group like my church is always encouraging people to find. But I've found folks here on NF that do that same thing and I am so thankful for that!
  5. Bodies being borky are such a bummer! I'm also fighting some ailments and like you, trying to avoid the Advil. I also brought my Turmeric Tea in today for some help!!! LOL. You have a solid plan of approach. Gosh I love reading your plans of attack. They fill me with all kinds of inspiration!!
  6. Not sure if something like this would work for you. (Im not even sure it'd work for me these days.) But waaaay back when I was first playing MMOs and FFXI was my jam. I just set up a rule that once I got home from work, I had to do 30 minutes of DDR before I could log in. Maybe you could combine two yoga poses = 10 minutes on screen, and sort of xp your way up to getting to the computer after doing something else you also want to be doing?
  7. Don't beat yourself up over the fight Cheetah. You're in the ring right now, and as you take some hits, it's going to stagger you back a bit. But you want to keep in the fight - we can all see that - and so give yourself some grace when you get dizzied by some big hits. Today, just really focus on doing ONE of the things you want/need to do. Get your fists up to block so to speak. There will be time for strikes again, but if your winded from the struggle, then just focus on the blocks.
  8. Squats may be the only thing I can do until my golfers elbow / lat issue / wrist sprain heals lol! I'll bite. Since we're talking butts and squats, I guess this is partially appropriate.
  9. Here to steal some Holiday cheer. My sis calls me a grinch. I love the spiritual side of the season, and I do like gifting people things. But I hate decorations, and lights, and music lol. And now we've decided as a family to NOT exchange gifts again and rather just hang out together and bake cookies, and do crafts and fun games. Which is great! But yeah I could use some jolly This definitely seems the place to be for that.
  10. How have I not known you play trombone? I was a trumpet girl in high school (and sax, and percussion, and ... a lot of stuff while I was dabbling with the idea of music major)! That's so awesome. I especially loved girls in the brass section, because it always seemed super bad ass to me. I haven't touched my horn in decades and am terrified to even try. Not having someone to play WITH is a big draw back. A solo instrument without accompaniment is so sad. At least piano and guitar sound "more" ya know? Very cool about duets with mom. I've had a lot of what you mentioned too - longing for what is past and gone. I've just recently sort of realized that, and am trying to sort out how to navigate those feelings, without letting them stop the moment and the future.
  11. Glad to hear you're continuing to mend on the ills. I remember being so ready to be done with braces when I had them (I was 27-31 whilst I had them, and they were traditional braces) It was 2.5 years in braces, and then, then they finally came off and I was thrilled. And he said, Retainer, all day except eating and brushing, for a year, then every night for the rest of your life. I followed the Rx to the T! And here I am many years later and very VERY happy with the results and that I stuck to his rules. Another round of trays in the long run isn't terrible - and you'll be very happy you did I think.
  12. Nice job yesterday! So, I was in jazz band as a kid, is jazz orchestra truly a thing with full ensemble of stringed instruments to boot? That sounds really cool!
  13. Sorry to hear the cycle is shifting, but as the others have said, very glad to see you recognize it and prepare to work through and around it. That's healthy. And we're here to support you in whatever way that means. Ups and downs, mountain tops and valleys, you have a crew that believes in you and is there for you my friend. Sincerely, crewmate Puck.
  14. Today is a day. Today is a good day. I woke up with very deep thoughts on things relating to life and happiness. I shared them in a lovely discussion on the NF Discord channel and had tons of great insight and feedback. (I really love you all and this group that has become my 'do life with these people' group.) Work then got very very busy and I had wanted to write them down somewhere, but just didn't have the time. So I am going to scroll back and copy/paste here so I can reflect more later. I did not work out today. Work was busy and I went out at lunch to use up my Starbucks gift card on 6 cake pops for the team at work and I tried the sugar cookie almond milk latte and really liked it. I over did it by having the last 2 left over cake pops, but we'll call that 'work b-day' and write it off the books for today. I'm feeling motivated to try and figure out a better work station / space in my room, so that other hobbies (like art and music) can be more accessible and perhaps be chosen over the far easier to hook up 'video game' evening. Things like this look so great and just inspire creativity and 'zen' feelings with me. But I don't think I have the room for this. (Also, the set up on the right uses Alex and the Table from Ikea, of which I have both those already.) In addition to golfers elbow and the lat muscle issue, I strained my wrist while doing the gutters on Sat and now I feel really gimpy. I can probably still Beat Saber- maybe? But I am unsure how well weight lifting will go until the wrist calms down. So walks, Beat Saber if able, and Dance Games will have to be the heart pumping activity while things mend. Maybe some light Yoga. I need to get the bujo out tonight, maybe I will do that after tidying up work spaces and seeing if I can maximize existing set ups. Also - remind yourself Puck, look up tablet holders and better mouse/keyboard pads.
  15. I need to do something from now till then. I have few spoons and not so many bones. Too many days off in the past several weeks where I sat and did nothing and feel no sense of accomplishment. ^This is apparently something I need to feel for happy healthy Puck. Thanksgiving into birthday is always a bad food time for me. I feel yuck when I eat badly that long in a row. ^I should therefore not do that. So. Use my BuJo - don't even gotta make it fancy. Exercise several times a week. Eat like a sane person. Please Puck!! ^Yes I am talking to myself here. Do some art and other things that are not video games. Follow up on your peeps here. That's all I got for this right now. Back to work tomorrow after another 5 days off in a row. System Shock incoming!
  16. We should name it. ZeroThree or something. Like the thoughts and plans here. I think I will also use this mini challenge as a plan for next challenge.
  17. I also seem to have made it to page one. It is a good day. I tapered off the last 1.5 weeks of previous challenge (seems to be the norm... maybe some black hole exists for me there.) Sorry to hear you got sick but glad to see you mending this week and approaching recovery with this new fandago Ranger Minimalism. "Do All The Things In Moderation and Whilst Listening to your Body?" It's long... maybe you can come up with something catchier.
  18. Level 50 woot woot! Congrats! So glad to have been here through your journey thus far. You're a great person DR! Here's to 50 more challenges!!
  19. Thanks guys. It seems to be a recurring ambush this past week. My armor is all dinged up and my sword arm is tired. This is helpful! I can still potentially blame hormones on some of this nasty business. Ugh! Things have not been well this past week. Mood has been pretty down despite my efforts to focus on positives, and things are stressing me out like crazy lately. I actually thought this past week was final week and was going to right off the rest of the challenge and zero week (thinking it was this week) but here we are with a whole other week to try and do stuff with. I can't in good conscious tell my sister, "Don't say 'I'm starting in Janary' - just start now." And then turn around and write off a week just because my mood sucks. So wait - last week was week 5. Is this a sneaky 6 week challenge? What's happening? Did I count my zero as my first week and thus am super off? Well, this is the recap of last week, which happens to be Week 5, I guess? Goal #1 - MAKE THE CHOICE 7x/week 5/7 I did not get the journal out on the weekend, so Sat/Sun were missed. Otherwise kept up on it. Goal #2 - PUT YOUR BOOTS ON 5x/week 1/5 I took the week off mostly on purpose, and partly due to circumstances. I had to cover a coworker so worked through 2 lunches and then just didn't have the oomph on the other days. Goal #3 - PACK YOUR RATIONS 7x/week 3/7 Bad week. Skipped M/T as mentioned earlier last week. Then did 3 days solid, then blew the weekend. Again. I might switch this goal to track 7 days - but do not track the one weekend meal out. That's a freebie. (Within reason.) Goal #4 - BRING YOUR PARCHMENT AND INK 3x/week 5/3 I did tons of art this week and it felt great. I did a request for my guild mate, who wanted a chibi version of herself made. She is a red haired Nord woman, named Anna Leon. Carries a big axe. I am having major stress with other stuff too- which is no doubt causing some trouble with goals. Going to try and do my best through this week up until Thanksgiving which - I feel like people just need to enjoy and not obsess over. I'm going to strength on Mon and Wed and try to get some cardio in on T/ Th. Friday might be a chill day, we'll see how tired I am after family is over for Turkey day. Then it's the weekend, and I have Monday off for my b-day. I think I will track my calories and foods, but not care where the calories end up. (within reason lol). I need to try and get the habit going again before it's gone, but my brain is too angry to really hone in on numbers right now.
  20. "And as it always happens ... following perfection, the fall that cometh after the pride." Monday and Tuesday were two of my saddest, ugliest days since I've started the positivity habits. I am coming off sharks (Hormones shifting a different way can cause bad moods? I dunno?) And the weather sucked for all 3 days of my extra days off, as well as the weekend proper. It was resigned to inside, lounge, boredom surfing and anime watching. Even though it was anime I enjoyed, the non stop hour after hour of not doing things I think wore me down. By Monday night, I had a headache so bad I was feeling nauseated. Ya know what fixed it? Two advil and a shit ton of sugar. That lingered into Tuesday as well, where, my mood and head, felt better, after lots of cookies and sweets. SIGH. Two days not tracked. It happens. I will get things back on track tomorrow especially since I am headed back to work and will have my routine back. With the headache on Monday I took a day of rest. I tried some Beat Saber today but my mood was so foul I had no love for it and found it only frustrating me more. I did last for 30 minutes, so that counts, but it doesn't feel like a win. I did manage to finish off my picture of Thanatos from Hades (Supergiant game). I am REALLY glad to have gotten the tablet out again and put the work into it. I went with a more modern, punk themed, fan-art rendition of him, and here he is! Work tomorrow, but soon as I am caught up with it, I am getting caught up here on the forums!
  21. It's Sunday! I've had 3 days off already and two more to boot. It lined up with the worst weather of the new winter season coming in, but we've got anime and games to play! I made dinner on Friday - a delightful butternut squash soup and it was amazing! I've gotten a lot of art in, busted out the tablet and started dusting off those skills. Got a workout in with TheBoy where I helped show him how to brace and keep his back in a good neutral line instead of arched. Not sure what we'll do for tomorrow and Tuesday yet, but it's a nice break from routine regardless. Week Four Encore! Goal #1 - MAKE THE CHOICE 7x/week 7/7 Continued good work on this. I think it's helping me approach even the more challenging, or stressful thoughts and feelings in a better light. Goal #2 - PUT YOUR BOOTS ON 5x/week 6/5 Totally ok on this one. 2 strengths, 4 beat sabers. Goal #3 - PACK YOUR RATIONS 7x/week 7/7 This was a good week in this regard. I tracked everything, and counted cals in MFP. I also adhered to my pre-existing zig zag, and need to tally up total TDEE for the week, vs calories consumed. I will add some more cals per day if it comes up more than 3500 in the hole. Goal #4 - BRING YOUR PARCHMENT AND INK 3x/week 4/3 Again got 4 days of art in! Woot. Including tablet art! I hope to finish it tomorrow. (It's a modern day punk version of Thanatos from Hades) ** Which I've been playing a lot of. So a really really solid week. I will do my best to catch up with you lovelies this week too!! Hugs hugs.
  22. Man life has been chaotic! Food has been spot on, and tracked! 3 days of exercise done, but resting today because I got my booster yesterday. (Original shot was the single does J&J, so I got me a Pfizer boost.) *Only a sore arm, no other kick back from it, so woot. Will do Strength #2 tomorrow. I plan to do some art today at work if things quiet down, otherwise at home while playing Starfinder. Oh, yes, TheBoy was negative. Just a really bad cold, not flu or Covid, so that's good. Tomorrow is Friday and for me, a 4 day weekend as I took off some of next week to use up the last bits of days before year end. Me and TheBoy plan to do some fun outings, but the weather has turned south on us, so we'll play it by ear. So I've been playing tons of Hades (great game, highly recommend) and so the art I am working on is a modern version of Thanatos. I did the sketch at work and I think once I put it into digital form, I can fix the bits that feel off (Neck too long, hair too tall maybe), but overall I am feeling excited about this one!
  23. At least you don't mind dark runs? I'd be terrified to do them here. Hope things settle down with church and wife work foo.
  24. Have you seen Sam's Halloween costume when he dressed up as the Rashaka? Unrelated to the Raishan fight, but the words sound similar and I always laugh remembering Sam playfully butcher the word Rashaka.
  25. Weekend was ... not ideal. These 'weekends' seem to be my nemesis. So for Week 3 Recap Proper! Goal #1 - MAKE THE CHOICE 7x/week 7/7 Continued good work on this. I think it's helping me approach even the more challenging, or stressful thoughts and feelings in a better light. Goal #2 - PUT YOUR BOOTS ON 5x/week 6/5 Totally ok on this one. 3 strengths, a walk/run, a Beat Saber, and then an outdoor hike. Goal #3 - PACK YOUR RATIONS 7x/week 4/7 This was a bad week on food. Not only did I not track on 3 days, but the days I did not track I went off the rails. I am going back to counting calories starting Week 4, so this should be a more precise yes or no going forward. Goal #4 - BRING YOUR PARCHMENT AND INK 3x/week 4/3 Again got 4 days of art in! Woot. So, a good week on some things, and less good on other. I think they call that "life". I am happy with the amount of art I am trying to keep up with, and would like to eventually bust the tablet out again. That's a bit more intimidating because the program has so many buttons!!! Exercise was fine, and I am glad I felt okay enough to count strolling hikes and walks as movement. A previous me would have said that unless I was sweating and panting, it didn't count. Food really needs the most work, so that shall be my focus this week. It will be tough as both sharks approach, and the fact I have some major stress right now. TheBoyâ„¢ got sick yesterday, and is more sick today. After I spent hours with him on Saturday and more hours with him yesterday right before he just tanked on feeling well. His doc has him getting covid and flu tested, so we will know in 1-2 days. But living with my BIL who may take this VERY poorly, has me super stressed - which in turn is terrible for the immune system of course. I have no symptoms as of now, but I can't take a test until Wed (5 days post exposure to the person of concern). In the mean time, I had PLANNED on just staying in my room and avoiding the rest of the house. I mean, that's all I can do. I just don't want to also have to deal with someone coming down on me for bringing illness into the home. (He goes out every Sat/Sun for 3-4 hour get togethers, so it's not like he has bubbled himself in.) So I am hoping and praying that these thought-whales are in fact just in my imagination, and maybe he will surprise me with a much better reaction to everything. That said, the plan is to just do my best to take things one day at a time and not think about what ifs until they are for sure's. The plan is in place. I quarantine in my room. I will work on video games and art and maybe tackle my closet. My sis will shove dinner under my door for me , lol, so I should be able to stay good on my caloric needs. Work, is actually not requiring me to stay home until we know more. Per the guidelines, since we can social distance at work, I can be here. If his test comes up positive, they will send me home until I can take my test on Day 5 and clear it with a negative. Tonight is some Dungeons on ESO I think. I need to stop hiding from the hard content lol.
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