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    A meh check in. Guys... I just have nothing in my tanks! It's so frustrating. I don't wanna be fat and lazy, but everything just takes so much effort lately. I am tired, drowsy, moody, sad, bleh. In the last 37 days, we have had just 4 days of sun. That certainly doesn't help. I can't shake the funk. Last year's Gloom Monster is nothing compared to this years, and it's kicking my ass. I am doing terribly at keeping up here, or anywhere for that matter. Even things I like, and want to do, seem to be an effort now. Arrrggh. My sleep has sucked. Everything is just out of freaking order and I can't seem to get the pieces sorted so the puzzle can take better shape again. My hip is still not right but I've just been living through it. /shrug Resting it and treating it weren't making it any better, and for the most part, exercise is not making it any worse. So I figured I need to get back on that wagon first. It's my easiest first step. I am still seeing the chiro with it, so it's not like I'm being dumb. But I am just not babying it fully now. I am wondering if I need to quit stuff... like. My 'boredom' mode sends me to FB, Twitter, etc. Maybe I should back off on those things. And my video games addiction. I need to get back into the rule of Must Do's before Want Do's. Trouble with that is my Northgard partner has to be in bed by 8:30 so I need to, on our prescribed Monday night, play first, then shift to art. This is a thing that can be done. (Right now the trend has been finish our co-op game, then do a solo by myself. No more of that.) DM'ing is something I love - and my games have long enough gaps that I just need to find a good pattern of how best to prep for it. I've been getting back to the hockey rink. (Skated two weeks ago, and skating this Sat.) so that's fine. Sigh. I need to keep pushing myself outside the comfort zone here. Or it will shrink to a point that I suffocate myself. Been trying to track this week. Did great on Monday, did track on Tuesday but was 400 cals over. (still under maintenance though I suppose) Today back on it. Worked out on M, rested yesterday (mega sore) and hitting the weights today. Will have 5 workouts in this week so long as I don't laze out. Last week I had 4. Week before 5. Sooo, kinda getting back to it. I also think I need to reorganize my bedroom. I think if I do a purge/clean I might feel more in control of stuff. Also, I need to get back in the habit of having my bujo OUT and in use so it's not last minute 'oh shit I gotta do that'. Art hasn't been happening. I need to get back on that too - which is hard because I am rusty and I suck at it . (OMG GUYS, I AM SORRY I AM SO GLOOMY) I am like Wallace from Bee and Puppycat! Sorry! I need to get over this hump. I WILL get over this hump. I might just have to ... right the ship now, and really nail it next challenge. (Thanksgiving next week, and my b-day is on Black Friday. Plus I run my D&D game on the 30th and will be going out for b-day foods before hand. No point in starting next week. I will just say that I will be SOLID all week, but enjoy Thursday and Saturday as special days.)