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  1. Woot! Awesome news on the acceptance and start date! And man... my mind is all over the place on this plowing match talk lol. I half want pictures, and half want to just let my brain imagine it as it is.
  2. I mean wait.... LOL... Love that you listened to the body and had a rest day that left you ready to roar on Monday!!!
  3. A lot of things went solidly for ya on the last week! Nice job. And holy moly that D&D recap--- intense! I've been getting lots of floon back for D&D lately that I hope to really ride into the autumn with. Good luck on Week B! (Our vampire coterie is starting a bar/club for people to play gigs at, and we almost named it "The B Side". We instead went with Antithesis, because the downstairs is grunge rock and a side arcade, and upstairs is a cigar lounge and more fancy bar area for our fancy clan mates. LOL.)
  4. Oooh I don't know what it is about the first crisp air week that makes me want to bake and cook and be very domestic, but your cookies sound awesome. Also scrap booking!
  5. Another voice in the choir here. Take your time, we'll be around!
  6. 10k steps used to make me so bitter because I work in a family owned business with an office that is maybe 30 steps from one end to the next. There'd be days I did an honest 3.1 mile run on my lunch break, and get home and still not crack 10k steps. But yeah, anything that is motivating or can be used as a marker for improvement in something you want to improve on is in itself a good thing. Are ya feeling all better by this point I hope?
  7. I remember on my trip to Voyageurs National Park, trying some actual Minnesotan wild rice at a restaurant. NOT A FAN LOL
  8. I'm behind a few days, ack! Week 2 Final Tally was good. 2 Strength Days / 4 Move Days for a total of 6 Active Days Tracked food all 7 days and was actually within calories for all. Even my 'treat' dinner out wasn't out of whack. Probably. I think. Only got 3 arts, 3 bass days, 3 piano days. But I tracked time spent on those as well :: 4.5 hours of art was had last week, 2 hours of bass, almost 3 hours piano and 2.25 hours of guitar. Devotions all 7. Positive thoughts 5. Started to feel better by the end of the week and had a busy weekend. Did some cooking - had a cajun shrimp, sausage and vegetable skillet on Saturday afternoon, then went to the World's Largest Corn Maze that evening and went through 2 of the 4 maze sections. Had a hot fresh apple cider donut - which is the best part of autumn if you ask me. Sunday was church, yard work and then evening gaming. Back to the grind now at Week 3 and navigating through things better this week than last for sure. I reached out to my two friends struggling and just asked how they were. Got decent text chat with one and the other called, having been back in the hospital - but he sounded SO good -and I told him that. Hopefully my encouraging his brighter outlook will inspire him to chase it even through the hurdles. Had to counsel some communication suggestions last night to TheBoy™ and he emailed this morning that he was able to sleep far less angry than he would have had I not chatted him. So, yay? I helped? Now I just need to get through a hectic week this week. Vampire Art
  9. Well, good news is I've been doing better keeping up on other threads so far! Into week 2 and I've not gotten scarce, yay! This week has been good. I am taking a page from @Tanktimus the Encourager and just proclaiming what it is, rather than let feelings dictate a whole day or week being anything other than good. I got a lot of art in on Mon and Tue night. I also have done a fair bit of music across the three instruments. I've added some tracking to the AGT™ Spreadsheet (Artemis' Grand Tracker for Starpuck) and now I can input how much time I spend on my hobbies, and it divides it out at the end of the week to let me know how many hours per thing. I realized that sometimes I might only get to piano twice a week, but sometimes I get in the zone, and it's like 2 hours! This should be more overall encouraging for the 'hey look at how much time I dedicated to this thing!' feels. Food has been good for a few weeks with exception of a few hour splurge here or there. But they've been just small trips, not Wesley falling down the hill screaming 'as you wish' type stumbles. The scale is overall trending downward and that makes me feel good. It's slow. But I've been on this road before, and that's fine. I'm not after a destination anymore really. Or at least, this is how I am trying to re-frame my thinking. I have the map, I have the vehicle, I've got the skills on how to navigate both of those things. If I just slowly teeter between this weight now and 10lbs less, that's fine. We'll call that 'maintenance' and long term 'lifestyle'. Last night had some stress, which I am working to balance the 'care about the person/thing without taking all the stress' levels. This is so hard! I've got some super upbeat, fight the good fight, Christian rock on, and it's doing my soul wonders to get me back on my feet. Like this one, in particular. So, I guess now is the Vampire Art share time.... where did we leave off...
  10. What's the benefit of covering things with clippings? I mean, here in Chi-town, we just tear down the old dead garden bits, and let the snow and brutal cold have its way with the soils and stuff. LOL. The only thing we do is put leaves around sensitive plants, like the newly reborn rose of sharon that grew from the ashes of the one we ripped out years ago. You don't get snow much do you? And certainly not the like ... High of -5 with wind chills hitting -60. Right? I would have thought PNW gardens could just like 'chill out man' for a few months then be back to ready. I hear ya on the 'do all the things, and then get side tracked' bit. I have that happen too.
  11. The band name I am probably going with for my vampires soon to be band is, "Hemlock Groove" hehe, but I also really liked "Wolf Cries Red" (a play on boy who cried wolf and little red riding hood, but suggesting it is Red who is in fact the monster.) Also that picture of you on the travelator is epic. Could be an action movie pose reference for future drawing ideas. Nice work on everything and great job making the smart call!
  12. Oof! Well the school thing definitely has the priority button right now, so if the other stuff has to be set aside for a moment or two, it makes sense. But deffo try and get some rest!!
  13. OH no! Man Cold??? I love the opportunity to use an Empire Records gif! Seriously though, get rest when you can and lots of good nutritious food and feel better!
  14. If you are the champ, I am the runner up! LOL. Sooo many note books purchased under the guise of 'better planning and management for the things I am doing' and then tossed or donated or thrown into notebook purgatory. LOL. At least spreadsheets take up only digital space. I for one love your sheets! I am going to rename the one you helped me with to AGT for Puck. (Artemis' Grand Tracker) (And I should show you what I figured out how to do too! LOL.)
  15. Me too! The reason I have tolerated vampire is because it's the story of people fighting to NOT become the monster they could be. The system itself often uses the quote, 'By exploring the fight against the monster, we might learn more what it means to be human.' And I saw Mark Meer and absolutely knew that was Commander Shepard! He also guest starred on LAbN!! Actually, 3 of those 6 players are guests on LAbN! Hey all, thanks for the support and well wishes. Things are okay for now with everyone and I've found a way to deal with my concerns about things. Song writing! Well at least, lyric writing for now. The music part will have to come later. Week 1 went pretty well for me. Tracked 6 of 7 days. I was doing really well until a lunch time burger on Sunday hit me with a wave of energy zapped to nothing, and I coped with that by eating non stop junk the rest of the day. 2 Strength Days, 3 Moves. Devotions solid. (That's really a habit that probably doesn't even need to be tracked at this point.) Positivity / gratitude / goodness post - just 1. THIS, THIS should be the focus between the two habits. Very low week on music ... 2 Bass, 3 guitar, 1 piano. This was partly because of how busy the week was, and I am hoping to get better on track this week. Did get 5 art days in, which is 125% of goal, so there was plenty of create, just not all in music. A decent enough week on what was both very busy and extra stressful. I can't complain.
  16. Man you get the BEST pictures from your races Jarric! Almost makes me want to run those things again. LOL. I'll have to settle for trying to get good enough with my music to get some epic jam session pics I think - which you also probably have from back in the day! Glad to see ya got a challenge up and running even if ya had to adapt it a bit. That's what we do! Rangers FTW. Eager to follow along as always.
  17. Starpuck momentarily daydreams about helping a dear NF homestead stuff... I mean ... horses, nerd stuff, Pittsburgh Penguins, Critical Role.... Uhhhhh. The internet is good?? SIGN ME UP! LOL JK JK . Sounds like you are being so productive and it's pretty awesome!
  18. I love/hate how new tech can be so motivating! I hate that when the tech isn't working, one suddenly feels like doing the thing isn't even worth it because it won't be tracked. Or does that only happen to me? >.>
  19. Sounds like a pretty good week still Elasti! I mean, garden had to be tended, so prioritizing that wasn't a bad idea. The smoke is serious business. It's amazing how different I feel when our air quality goes meh.
  20. .... for the love of all that is holy, why did you add peas to that otherwise delightful sounding dish! Might as well put chicken BREAST in there too! Nice string of days going there.
  21. Happy Week 2. Ready to tackle it with me my friend?
  22. Wednesday Update Week is going fine so far. I've gotten some exercise in every day, and some art in so far on Mon and Tue. Hope to do some doodling here in a bit. Food tracking is going fine and there's no rage inducing tantrums coming with it yet- also good. Work has some messy chaos to organize but I got through that and feel accomplished for having done so. Got a concerning call at lunch from a friend who is going in for unexpected and emergency surgery after they found renal cell carcinoma was his cause for issues the past while. Compounding that, was his request I not tell any of our other friends. This came after yesterday's news that involved my dad's neck pain being from lystic lesians, which sometimes signal bone cancer. And he told my sister to not tell anyone, but she told me. I am working through these things, slowly, and with the help of NF discord peeps (tanks guys) and trying to just remind myself that I am not in control of any of this, nor can I change it, nor can my worrying help. I can love them, and share support with them, but in the end, release them to the care of someone beyond me. The part I struggle with, is the idea that if I don't overly stress, does that make me callus and cold? If I say, 'well whatever happens happens' is that me being heartless? Or denying that it bothers me by putting up a hard shell? I don't want to be a jackfruit! But I also don't want to be a banana that quickly browns and turns into mush and gets stepped on. It's a balance I am working on. Vampire Art
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