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  1. Yawwwwn. This one is exhausted. Must find a warm place to curl up and rest, yes. The week is over, and now is the time for Tsaraji to enjoy the crisp air and blue skies and remember that doing labor for the common folk is good for the soul. Day 5 ends one of the more brutal work weeks. So glad the weekend is to start now! Tomorrow is a slew of yard work. Perhaps a To Go Schnitzel Sammich from Babcocks, and then an evening trial with the guild and some story mode in ESO. The entire day is already booked. Sunday needs to be a day of chillax I think. Day 5 Summary Dual Sabers: ☑☑☑☐ Cat Claws: ☑☑ Rising Whirlwind: ☑ Fighting Spirit: ☑☑☑☐ Elegant Courtier: ☐ Indomitable: ☑☑☑☑☑☐☐
  2. I am so enchanted by your vacation and the fun things you are doing. Sounds like a really good time is being had and I am so glad you're getting to enjoy these days!
  3. This one had another very hard day working for the caravan! But soon it will be time for rest and revelry! At least Tsaraji did the things she was supposed to do! Guys- work is killing me this week. I am so mentally tired and worn out and it's making all of life seem so much harder. I think I am going to plan in some outside refresh time. I've gotten outdoors for a bike ride and a lunch meet up, but I think I need to be purposefully outside for the sake of outside. Just need to plan it. Food has been okay. I got my second strength day in, so I am lined up good for all the goals this week so far. That feels solid! Especially on a hard work week. Borrowing a good old NF slogan about courage - here's what it looks like when Starpuck takes on a new 'intense' beat saber song. You guys get a fail video! Day 4 Summary Dual Sabers: ☑☑☐☐ Cat Claws: ☑☑ Rising Whirlwind: ☑ Fighting Spirit: ☑☑☑☐ Elegant Courtier: ☐ Indomitable: ☑☑☑☑☐☐☐
  4. This one had a very good training day. The masters will surely be pleased by Tsaraji's saber skill! Now, if only it could also transfer to focus for the rest of the things! Had another tough day at work. I think I have to realize the whole week is going to be this way since I am covering a vacationing coworker. Food was tracked accurately despite having two meals out! Met with a friend for a mental break and had a mini beef sandwich at lunch. Then dinner was my sister's anniversary, so we ordered in some Olive Garden. She and I split a healthier fare, but also split a lemon cake. Restaurant food is such a calorie bomb yo. Back to better options for tomorrow. Been a while, and I had a SUPER "ON" day with Beat Saber. Here's my recent 'bad ass' clear. Day 3 Summary Dual Sabers: ☑☑☐☐ Cat Claws: ☑☐ Rising Whirlwind: ☑ Fighting Spirit: ☑☑☐☐ Elegant Courtier: ☐ Indomitable: ☑☑☑☐☐☐☐
  5. Omg, thank you. I am not the only one. In person, I am the hyper-accurate note taker, extra credit doer of all things relating to the game. The online thing I am like 'which character am I even playing today?' It's so bad...
  6. Day 2 Summary Dual Sabers: ☑☐☐☐ Cat Claws: ☑☐ Rising Whirlwind: ☑ Fighting Spirit: ☑☐☐☐ Elegant Courtier: ☐ Indomitable: ☑☑☐☐☐☐☐
  7. Midday Update Day 2 The sun shines through a lung burning haze today, but this one is grateful to see it nonetheless. Sore from yesterday's training but not so much so that Tsaraji could not do her job! Ok, well a little bit too sore. This one has other excuse though! I did get outside for lunch as the temps are beautiful (80, no humidity) but we're getting some of the wildfire smoke and either its that, or the allergens I'm sensitive to acting up but during my attempt at a bike ride, I was having some notable difficulty pulling 'enough air'. Soon as I got indoors it felt better, so I am really thinking it was the air. Evil air. Food will be fine, and I got some good sleep last night, so despite another brutal hectic day at work, my spirits are holding high. Tonight is ESO baby alts with other friend. Maybe some beat saber if there is time after dinner, before meet up.
  8. Everything about your first day on holiday sounds just perfect! Enjoy that friend!! Sooo jealous!
  9. This might be the best thing I read on the internet this week! I love it! I agree. Super cool on this!! So excited!
  10. Hi Cheetah! I've opted to follow less folks this time around because I keep getting overwhelmed, but you are one I am following! Because I like you and you make me smile. I am sorry you're on a grey scale right now- I know that I get super messed up every September. (My Sept 2018 challenge was specifically to fight the Gloom Monster!) I did not know (or had forgotten) you struggle with BPD. I want to just say that between your efforts, your Rx and your self education on what you live with, you manage it very, very well. So much so, that I often find you a source to help with my own zen. So yes, do what ya need to. We're here thick and thin. Heck, take it one day at a time if ya need to.
  11. Thanks all for stopping in! Ahem, I mean; "This one is glad to see you here! Tsaraji is fully confident that she will be able to stay focused, now with this very important task to fulfill!" Day 1 - Tough! Covering for my coworker who is on vacation, and it's been hectic. Additionally, sinus headaches, raw throat and annoyances got me feeling a little under the weather. Was tempted to skip workout to work through lunch but pushed through anyway. I had a poor night of sleep so took it pretty easy. Good food choices and portions, all tracked. Some wind down ESO and I think early bed tonight! [Boxes for copying through challenge] Dual Sabers: ☐☐☐☐ Cat Claws: ☑☐ Rising Whirlwind: ☐ Fighting Spirit: ☑☐☐☐ Elegant Courtier: ☐ Indomitable: ☑☐☐☐☐☐☐
  12. I have to be here! Duh! Thanks for all the hard work on this. Can't wait to get in and follow proper.
  13. So this challenge I will be teaming up with @Raxie, @Jarric and @DarK_RaideR, to take on a terrible foe. You can read more on the situation we find ourselves in, and on how we plan to take on our enemy, in the accountabilibuddies section here. My character for this challenge will be a Tabaxi* named Tsaraji. Tsaraji was orphaned during a raid upon her village when she was very young, and was taken in by those who came to defend the town. Her rescuers were a group of samurai known as the Order of the Mystic Saber who would eventually end up drawing the young tabaxi into their ranks as an apprentice. *(With characteristics borrowed heavily from the Khajiit of Elder Scrolls lore.) Tsaraji is an eager student, though often lackadaisical in her approach (a trait common to her people) and so her master has sent her off to experience the world and learn how to stay more focused. After traveling through a few places, she came across some other aspiring adventurers and decided to join up with them! Certainly experiencing the world with others would teach her so very much! "... maybe even some things she would not learn from her masters, yes!" Tsaraji in her apprentice armor, sans weapons. Attacks: Two Weapon Fighting: Tsaraji is training to master two blades and must spend time learning her katas. Completing her saber sessions allows her to bring a second blade into battle, dealing additional damage to her enemy. {1 damage / session up to 4 max} Cats Claws: The tabaxi are blessed with sharp claws on their hands and feet, which makes them suitable weapons - or climbing aids! As felines love to climb, so too does Tsaraji. She can climb to 'get the higher ground' once per week. To do so she must complete 2 strength sessions including pull ups. {2 Sessions = 1 damage} Rising Whirlwind: This move requires space and momentum, so is used only in combat that occurs outdoors. To perform this, she must engage in one outdoor activity per week. {1 Outing = 1 damage} Defense: Tsaraji has 12hp. Fighting Spirit: Tsaraji must focus on her spiritual training as much as her physical. She must engage in reading the oaths of her order routinely to do so. Complete 4 nights of bible study or devotionals. Take 1 damage for each night missed. Elegant Courtier: Tsaraji must also learn culture and etiquette to properly portray her Order's tenets. Complete 1 art sessions each week. Take 1 damage of each session missed. Indomitable: Samurai of the order are known for their great resolve, and this one must ensure she follows their example. Must track calories accurately each day. Take 1 damage for each day missed. Current status: HP: 12/12 Damage dealt: 0