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  1. Haha, I feel like I'm not doing much at all. But that's okay for now. I wish that my 5 of 7 were good enough, but my 2 of 7 has often ended up SO out of whack, that I'd have to basically fast two of the weekdays to make it not undo all the other calorie deficits. Need to just stop letting weekends convince me to 'loosen up and let it slide'. I need to like ... keep a grip and let it inch. I'll get there. Thanks Cheetah! Good to see you here. That might be a really good option! I gave it a peek and the only thing that scared me was the amount of reps per set. (At least in the one I looked at! LOL. I will have to look for some more.) It sure did feel good. Wednesday Wrap Up Managed another good day. Food was spot on, no excessive snacking or splurges. And I did a bike ride at lunch. (Which was a mistake... it could have been glorious. 65 and sunny, seemed like a great plan so long as I had long pants and a hoodie. Except I forgot that I have this weird thing where cold air/wind getting into the INSIDE of my ears, causes like ... 'ear migraines?' Like my inner ear hurts so bad I get nauseated and dizzy. I knew I had this thing (not that I've ever heard of any one else experiencing it) but I thought the threshold was like 55 degrees.... because warm wind doesn't bother it at all. So, that was a bit of a drag, but I still got my exercise in. Did about 20 minutes of guitar, then swapped "I'll do my thing if you do your thing" with @Keladris - she did her knee exercises, and I did 5 minutes of practicing the F chord. Some games had and now to extra early bed. I got a headache - could be from earlier ear woes and allergies. So rest is key.
  2. That was the most poetically gross thing I have read on the internet in some time. LOL Thanks!? Glad to hear things are trekking along well Tank! Keep that vibe going! Yeaaaaaah! Also - I went to parochial school K-8th. And my brother's name was Mike. And he had a black Trans Am. I wore a watch, and during every chapel service, would talk to the watch and tell "KIT" to come get me. Because ....
  3. That song is so crazy! In the best way. It sounded so pop-punk and then it got hard and dirty! Switch back to very KPop sounding. So much going on! I love it! And that video is amazing and gave me serious Scott Pilgrim vibes. Love the Wed plan! Eager to see how it all wraps up for you. I agree that unplanned free time can sometimes go "FWOOP!" Sometimes though, I feel like that's needed. But definitely as a treat and not a routine.
  4. This Kassandra yoga sounds intriguing. And 10 minutes is not overwhelming as a time amount - would you say it's suitable for beginners and those with little yoga in their history?
  5. All the rangering! Haha, it happens to the best of us. Hope you are more recovered now!
  6. Wooo! She's making her own gifs now. The possibilities are endless!
  7. Tuesday Wrap Up. I had a good day at work. Kept my head together and pretty chill. I took a 2.8 mile walk at lunch and the weather was just absolutely perfect!!! So nice. Food was on track. I did have the thinnest slice of a Jarosch Bakery coffee cake, because those come straight from Heaven and one does not pass that up when a vendor drops it off at work. Kept everything else super chill food wise. Even tracked calories yesterday and today. Played guitar for about 30 minutes and had SUCH a good session with it! Felt great. Played some games, and winding down with some VtM streams and maybe some more games, or game prep. Haven't decided yet lol.
  8. Thanks guys! I realized, only just now, I could count that as two days of arting! Hah! Today's Go... I dragged my butt back and did the work out. I didn't enjoy it. I will continue to do this for the week and gauge if it's just the 'object out of motion stays out of motion' moops. That combined with that 'wow, it's all so hard again because you stopped for months'. Right now I am going into the workouts, pre--resentful. Presentful? Hmm, doesn't work as a combo word. Anyway. I need to give it a few times to get over the 'tantrum' part of it. If I don't start perking up with it, I need to find other options for the exercise. Food was fine. No music today. It was SO cloudy and dreary all day. It was a low key day. Tomorrow we'll see how things feel. Early to bed tonight.
  9. I love all these smart goals. And man you are gonna have so much fun!!!
  10. Man this is all so exciting. Also, I am taking notes.... for my eventual day! Sounds like you guys are tackling it all really well though!
  11. I love all of these goals! And all of these gifs. And all of these plans! And the guy who wrote them up!! Inktober! I am planning to use that to spring board my art side back into existence!!!
  12. Electric Company... Wait, was that the one with : There's No Gnews, like Good Gnews, with Gary Gnus! Wait no. Just looked it up!!! That was The Great Space Coaster, which was one of my faves! Good to see good things happening in her Tank! And all this Nostalgia, it's like your thread because an episode of Stranger Things, where the plot is entirely happening, but we're all just like OMG! WALKMANS! RADIO SHACKS!
  13. If you made this up. It needs a ™ because that quote is Freaking Life! Read through and caught up. Good to see the things you are doing and plotting. Also good to see the immense support you're getting from all over. I love seeing that, and you friend, deserve to have the 'the wagons circled' around you.
  14. That's a great title for a book! But I think my barriers are more like yours. (I'm still half convinced I full on burned out, and that's why I am meh about everything lately.) Getting those notches off your list is good. Weather said no to others, totally not your fault. I am not into space games, but the way you talk about this.... I am tempted to try!
  15. Some things never change! Starpuck not posting over the weekend - AND not doing well with goals and ideals over the weekend as well! Hah! I did have a relaxing weekend. TheBoy™ got his first symptom on Friday (I had already shooed him away from me 5 days earlier since his roommate got sick) and by Sat was full blown sick and Sunday was positive. Which means, for reals, my September of rest is like ... a full on break from ALL my normal routines. Instead of hanging with the Boys all weekend, I made it a sisters weekend. We joined the family at the reenactment, but left before the actual 'show' started because, honestly, I am really not into those very much. But we spent 2 hours walking around the shops and camps and listening to people talk history. (Again, not my thing.) It was a super pleasant day though, so that was nice. We stopped for milkshakes on the way home and then spent the evening painting. Sunday we skipped church (watched it from the car while getting McDonalds out) and then came back for another day of painting, shopping, tacos and games. I did two pics this weekend with her, and am pretty okay with how they turned out. One is a rendition of the photo I took in Nevada from our Airbnb of a beautiful mountain sunset. The other was a 'Spoopy Season Forest' request from my friend. Today, I really need to drag my butt back to the weights and lift them up and put them down. I will tell myself to at least do bench. And if I feel like more, do more after that. I gotta break the lazy habit, but if I go back there totally pissed off about the idea, that's not going to form a good starting point for me. Food should be no trouble today - weekdays are never an issue. LOL.
  16. Today was in fact, a stressy day from hell. I did not stick to food sanity as well as I would have liked, but the day is over and I am ready to make good choices on the morrow. I wasn't vibing music when I got home, so instead, washed my sheets, cleaned up my room a bit, vacuumed, mined some ore on Palia, then played some Northgard with TheBoy™ and hopped into Bloodhunt with my clan mates for some fun matches. It felt really good. So yeah, a good day. Going to unwind and hit the sack and see how tomorrow plays out. MIGHT go to a Civil War Reinactment with my family. Very 'how I feel in the moment'. Great thing is... I don't feel at all guilty right now, if I end up saying nah. Restember indeed.
  17. A pretty solid day. Nothing out of the ordinary to report. Food was alright, no excessive snacks or portions. 30 minutes of guitar was had, and my brother in law solved my 'pedal not working' problem. They have batteries in them! Who knew!? Hahahaha. Now I can get my 90s grunge chorus pedal effects going and play my Schecter more often. It's a nice break on my hand since I am banging my head against these bar chords. Super looking forward to tomorrows overnight oats for breakfast. The weekend is going to be surprisingly extra chill, since all of the friends group is trying to wait out the 'so many days since exposed'. I'd like to rearrange my room this weekend, and I MIGHT opt for a set up that lets me keep the piano up, but negates the space for Beat Saber. If I can sort out an arrangement that'll work. Tomorrow is gonna have the potential for crazy at work. So many people will be out. So bed now, and all the effort towards waking up and manifesting a good day!
  18. Oh that's a good thought! I'll check into that. HEY YOU! I know the pic - but that's a new name! Good to see you still poking in!!! Yaaaay! I did in fact, drop the obligation. I've done things I've felt like doing this week. And that's left me doing much better on food so far! I am enjoying Palia as something I can do while watching streams and such. I don't usually get into those types of games, but the chill has hit the right spot. I was also playing Spiritfarer before this came out, and I think I might have been enjoying that one a bit more. Games that have an end, (unless and MMO) usually hold me better. But yeah! Thanks for the welcome back. Feeling pretty hopeful on the task at hand here.
  19. I feel like this is SPOT on. I was aware of Power Rangers. But definitely not into them. But I also grew up with Mighty Mouse, Tom & Jerry and Yogi Bear in the mornings. And the Disney afternoon gambit when I was hitting highschool. Omg. Do I feel this. I just got back from visiting my Dad. For his 90th b-day. And I am definitely not old enough to have a dad who turned 90. (He did have me really late... haha.) But still!!!
  20. Wow wow wow. I am so impressed with the courage and boldness you have my friend. You spoke on a lot of things that I feel about for myself, but I'm not quite ready to jump on those big changes yet. I'll be here fan girling over your leap into the next chapter. Cheering you on and supporting you! Also. Jarric is right. The music in here is 🤌
  21. Sustainable Rangering™ I like it! I think we should go forward with this branding.
  22. Hahaha, sounds like the game is fun so far! That's awesome. I have the same issue with 'goals' and 'distractions' in games.
  23. Today was alright again! Work continues to have it's major downs to go with the ups, but I am getting through it. Only 7 more business days to go. (Hmm that does sound better than 'two weeks) actually. And really, hopefully, some of the annoying / irritated things will be totally fixed up and closed soon and won't keep re-occurring. I am opting to focus primarily on food and mental space this week, so I didn't push the exercise today (again). Food was fine though. Overnight oats for breakfast with a coffee, tuna melt and cucumber for lunch, iced coffee post lunch, jambalaya for dinner, and so far, 1 cookie. Might have something else as a different snack in like 30 minutes. I played piano for 30 minutes and that felt nice. I was working on Linus and Lucy, then shifted the set list hard, grabbed the guitar and did some Metallica Nothing Else Matters and fussed on the strings for another 15-20. Today's music was all zen and enjoyable. In fact, once the piano started to fumble up and get a bit irritating, I stopped for the night. Some other days I might practice and work through a tough spot. Tonight was about just enjoying the moment. It was nice. Now for some Northgard, and watching LA by Night streams. Then some VtM prep for next session - whenever that is.
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