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  1. Sunmage

    Sunmage - Emerging from the Cocoon

    Week 1 report: Replenish Accomplished 30 minutes to 1 hour of Meditation every day This is no magical fix though. Grow No Sports until the threads are pulled. Refuel No Progress. I do notice extreme amounts of bloating. But I have yet to figure out where it is coming from.
  2. Sunmage

    Jean crushes his world under his heel

    Just hang in there! The Bodycare routine might feel like depriving yourself of deserved rest on the couch and sleep, but let's take a rational look: Total time consumed: Less than 30 minutes. Willpower required: Near to infinite! Hang in there right and you will see this one shrink. Also: Get the evening stuff done right after coming home. Then change into your sweatpants and consciously note that you are a free elf now.
  3. Sunmage

    Redbeard's Quest of Abso*expletive*lutely Awesomeness and Betterment!

    Looks great! I have no doubts, that you will find your approach for this in no time
  4. Sunmage

    Sunmage - Emerging from the Cocoon

    Guess I have to Research when I did use this title, but it is a great fit. I have two full challenges ahead to get into the best shape I want to be. Actually I still have to figure out where I want to go, but some things are clear: Replenish I have to do whatever it takes to not wear myself out. Daily Meditation Right after work, seems to be great. I will do 1 session of 30 Minutes every day. My Goal is 1 hour. Afterwards I'm less stressed and able to use my free time better. Grow I need to seet the right impulses for my own growth. This will be done by Picking up CrossFit again. 4 BW Workouts until Feb 17, CF afterwards Refuel My diet is key for my Energy Levels My tummy is bloated and irritated a lot right now. I will figure out why and will only eat the good stuff. There are thousand more Things I want to accomplish, but this is where it begins! Brace yourself!
  5. Sunmage

    Druid cabin

    Welcome to the cabin! This challenge will be spent on a quiet and peaceful hilltop. There is a nice variety of tea and coffee. Just help yourself. Join me by the fireplace to watch the sun set over the lake through the windows. Or take a blanket and enjoy the front porch. This is your place for gathering, chatting and everything on your minds and hearts. Are you ready druids?