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  1. Let's say I failed on the Taiji in week 4. Weekend was good though. Week 5 daily task: Qi Gong in the Morning
  2. Week 2: I failed my additional Tasks. Workshop was really great! Took me over the cliff several times. Men and Women were in separate Groups for most of the time and only met for eye contact and stuff on some occasions, that were well designed and planned. I got in touch with very Deep shame and insecurities, but when I was able to let go of all my pain and walls for a short period of time, I could rely in a different way to People. Very interesting. Week 3 Goal: 3 1 Hour sessions of do nothing Do Tai Chi Part 1 3 times.
  3. Is inline skating an option where you live? I love it better than cycling. But you need good roads... Cycling sounds great, too
  4. Week 1: Got 5 out of 7 days on the daily hour of Meditation. Failed on Friday as my schedule demanded doing it very early before leaving the house and I didn't plan that. Failed yesterday because I couldn't Keep meditating after 40 minutes. I have 5 Hours left today, that will be used with the last 1 hour session for my Weekly Task. I went nuts this week, but not regarding the Workshop. Still ignoring that Week 2 plan: Also 3 1 Hour Sessions of Do Nothing Meditation in Addition to my Tasks.
  5. 1, 2, 3, I like that. Keep It Short and Simple Have fun!
  6. At least for me the 6 weeks much different, too. With 4 weeks, when I fell off the wagon in week 2 or 3, it seemed to easy to just start better next time. With the 6 weeks, there was so much time left, that you had to fight yourself back, Right? Have a great challenge!
  7. If you get 35 days of "nothing Special to report", you had a great challenge, too! Whether it is better than 35 days of many ups and some downs still needs to be discussed whenever there is too much wine at the cabin Great Job!
  8. All I can say is: I hate running. Urrggs. So congrats on your decision. Looks like you got it covered and will get along What replacement for the running would bring the most joy to your life?
  9. We all run in circles occasionally. But: You noticed. Thats already a huge step. The rest is doing better next time How was the hike?
  10. Hey there last challenge went good for me. I had some setbacks, but overall it appears that constant daily selfcare is good for me. I will mix in some dragonslaying, too! Last week I installed Tinder again. The urge of constantly checking and so on drove me nuts. So I deleted it and know of some work. I also will attend a workshop on male-female polarity in week 2. I just got the list of preparation tasks and it drove me nuts. Lets call it huge resistance and a very prominent urge to drop it. Wont do that, obviously. Also week 4 will be a TaiJi weekend. And probably vacation. Goal: Become the creator of my feelings and future. Step by step. Task: I will devote 1 hour of every day to my wellbeing every day. 50 minutes of this has to be meditation. The workshop and Taiji will count, too. Additional: Week 1: Task: 3 1 hour sessions of "Do nothing" Meditation Goal: Prepare workshop. Don't go nuts. Week 2: Task & Goal: Attend Workshop. Go all in Week 3: Task: To be decided after Workshop Goal: Integrate Polarity into my life Week 4: Task: Taiji. Every day Goal: Be ready for Taiji weekend Week 5: Task: To be disclosed Goal: To be disclosed
  11. Im doing Yangstyle, too! Very interesting practice and very different than meditation for me.
  12. Wow! That's a challenge Looks like you aced week 0 and are up to a great start. Have fun here! And Welcome to the druid GL Team! You definitely earned this!
  13. First day went good. First week also. So this challenge ends successful. I have noticed some patterns where I really fall into states or energies, that I don't want anymore ... Time to reduce them, right?
  14. Week 2 went along fine. Week 3 was vacation. Went well, too. I failed on Sunday, as I felt down About going back to work and everything. Today I just relaxed after a night with bad Sleep.
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