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  1. Step 1) Collect Underpants Step 2) Something.. Something Start eating Keto. Step 3) Take over the WORLD!!!! You got this.
  2. A small pair of dumbbells can be used as push-up handles, and can do double duty as... well... dumbbells.
  3. yep, tried it at home, and have no problem... so much for updating it conveniently... home PC is a dinosaur.
  4. Welcome back.... good luck on your Academy and RH, along with the upcoming challenge.
  5. still no access for me... I'll try it from a different computer... I always access from work and they may have changed their network restrictions.
  6. I'm getting a "page cannot be displayed" error on the tracking spreadsheet.... anyone else?!
  7. Jacksonville.... but not a Warrior. Hope you find a lifting buddy.
  8. InnerFire, Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.... Lupus is no picnic. Good luck with all of your efforts, take small steps.
  9. Hi Telion, Congratulations on your self awareness. recognizing your issues is the only way to begin to address them. I hope you have or will return to your counseling, and appropriate medications. No solutions were ever found at the bottom of a bottle. Congratulations and condolences on being made redundant. I hope it opens a great new chapter in your life. As to your family issues, I know family is important, but FIRST you do you. Once you have your own issues addressed, then be there for your sister with a shoulder to cry on, or be happy for her, which ever is appropriate. Be there for your grandfather, whether he recognizes you or not, be a loving grandson, or a new friend, whichever is appropriate. I'm going to break pattern now.... DON'T be there for your parents! Be there for your mother, and be there for your father. If they are at each others throats, that's on them. I know it's hard, seeing the foundation of your childhood possibly crumbling, but know that it's up to each of them to find their own happiness, with or without each other. And remember, your happiness is only your responsibility. I hope you will be happy. I hope your sister will be happy. I hope your grandfather will be happy. I hope your mother will be happy and I hope your father will be happy. As for the drink, only you can determine how much of a problem that is. But if you feel it's out of control, bring it up in your counseling, and possibly join a support organization specifically for alchoholism. Same with the WoW... video game addiction is a real thing... only you can make that honest judgment. Finally..... a big congratulations on completing your training to become a leader in scouting. It's wonderful that you care to provide support and guidance to the next generation.
  10. No where near, but nearer than before... I was at a 130 lb off set, and doing 3 sets of 10. Now I'm at 115 lb offset, and 3 sets of 8, so far failing after 7 on the 3rd set. I weigh 220ish, so I went from pulling 90lbs to 105lbs of my weight.
  11. Final Score... 1) Cut out Soda’s 100% 2) Clean Dirty dishes from the sinks 87.5% missed 1 of 8 days. 3) Excersize twice a week 75% missed 2 workouts. 4) Decrease offset on assisted pull-up machine 100% every workout pushed through decreased offset. Overall: 90.625%
  12. Thanks, I'm good with the little set backs.... Life happens.... FIDO (Forget It and Drive On).
  13. 1) Cut out Soda’s 2) Clean Dirty dishes from the sinks 3) Excersize twice a week 4) Decrease offset on assisted pull-up machine Well, not a great update..... I'm still good with the sodas..... Car problems have me frustrated, skipped dishes, and missed the gym. time to get back on track.
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