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  1. Over here in the U.S. many of us call the chunkier, more satisfying fries, "steak fries". Though most of us have not discovered the delight of adding a dash of vinegar.
  2. Step 1) Collect Underpants Step 2) Something.. Something Start eating Keto. Step 3) Take over the WORLD!!!! You got this.
  3. A small pair of dumbbells can be used as push-up handles, and can do double duty as... well... dumbbells.
  4. How about, "awesome goals", "you got this", "I look forward to hearing your progress"? There's a ton of phrases that you can use. But yeah, luck has little to do with it.
  5. yep, tried it at home, and have no problem... so much for updating it conveniently... home PC is a dinosaur.
  6. Welcome back.... good luck on your Academy and RH, along with the upcoming challenge.
  7. still no access for me... I'll try it from a different computer... I always access from work and they may have changed their network restrictions.
  8. I'm getting a "page cannot be displayed" error on the tracking spreadsheet.... anyone else?!
  9. Great work muadib! 2 difficult and important goals.... keep it up.
  10. Jacksonville.... but not a Warrior. Hope you find a lifting buddy.
  11. BEAST!!!! rock on!
  12. InnerFire, Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.... Lupus is no picnic. Good luck with all of your efforts, take small steps.
  13. That's no "small" victory... seriously WOOT!. Have fun getting ready for the Warrior Dash.
  14. Scadian is a person in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). SCA is an international organization that promotes the study and re-creation of the arts and sciences of the medieval periods from the fall of the Roman Empire to the wide spread use of gunpowder in warfare focusing predominantly within western European cultures. Member gather on weekends to hold tournaments, wars and Arts & Sciences competitions. SCA is a bit more serious than LARP (Live Action Role Play) but not as serious as Historic Re-enactment.
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