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  1. My first workout with freeletics in two+ years.
  2. Hey gang! Anyone else doing Freeletics? I just finished my first workout with it. Wow. It. Kicked. My. Tail. What's your experience been? Wanna find me on the app? My username is undead monk3y!
  3. Shagy, I hope and pray that you are getting victory over the things you mentioned. Here some of things I have gleaned over the years ... First of all, the fact that you're tired with the status quo is a GOOD thing. Someone once told me that in the Christian life there is no such thing as being stagnant. You are either moving forward or backward. So since you're trying to change your life/habits and improve shows forward movement. Believe it or not, with that alone you've already won half the battle. Secondly, we all mess up. Every day. Usually several times a day. Whether or not you're called
  4. God has blessed my life in more ways than I could ever express. I was saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ when I was 6 years old. Since then God has been leading me every step of the way. Glad to see other Christians on here!
  5. No, you didn't sound sarcastic! Yes there are TONS of bodyweight programs and most are similar. I was just curious if any other martial artists had any particular insights about body-weight training in relation to martial arts. I realize that question could cover a broad spectrum of answers though.
  6. Howdy! I introduced myself in the general "Rebel Introductions" section, but I thought I'd poke my head in here and see how everyone's doing! I have trained in "American Freestyle Karate" for 11 years now, though the four or five have been hit-and-miss due to me allowing life to "get in the way." In case you're wondering: American Freestyle Karate (AFK) is a combination of Shotokan karate, Tae-kwon-do, Aikido, Judo, and kickboxing. So I'm looking to get back into shape Rebel-style. I prefer body-weight exercises and circuit training. Anyone else combing this with martial arts h
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