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    Eirlys Return

    Hi Campbell! I first heard about nettle tea when read through a nutrition pack I got from a nutritionist. Upon investigation, it's highly nutritious, particularly for iron & magnesium (which is good for helping you relax, I gather!) - "Nettle tea is also high in many nutrients, particularly Vitamin A, various B Vitamins (including B-1, B-2, B-3, and B-5), Vitamin C, amino acids, calcium, fatty acids, folic acid, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium. It also contains numerous phytonutrients and antioxidants, including acetic acid, beta-carotene, betaine, caffeic acid, and lycopene." Here's the link I pinched that from, plus some more info: https://www.thespruce.com/what-is-nettle-tea-765166 I'm not a tea drinker but the taste is ok. Despite what it's made of!
  2. Eirlys

    Eirlys Return

    You're quite right, and I always feel so bad about food waste! But probably not as bad as I do about the spare tyre around my middle!! Thanks for your support
  3. Eirlys

    Eirlys Return

    Hi all, Long-time NFer returning to the fold after prolonged absence! My weight is also at a long-term high and I'm trying to get super-healthy once more, so my goals are: 1) KEEP DOING - take omega 3 supplements every day - eat 3 brazil nuts and variety of other nuts every day - take prescribed tablets and multi-vitamins every day - drink nettle tea daily - taking protein & other supplements daily 2) START DOING - re-introduce filtered water to my household and keep the damn jug clean - drink more water every day, don't get thirsty! - using standing desk at work - hook up standing desk at home - use standing desk at home - figure out how to introduce exercise into everyday life - having bath with epsom salts periodically - going to bed by 11pm 3) STOP DOING - wasting time on the internet during the day and particularly in the evening - over-eating (including figuring out a strategy to deal with toddler food waste that doesn't involve me doubling my portion size!) - eating trans fats Want to get to my birthday having lost about 14 lbs or so, and it's not long so need to get my head in the right space! Have weaned myself off added sugar in the last month, so at least one part of the battle has been fought and won for now! Much love xx
  4. Hi After a difficult month I think I will cancel my challenge in favour of "getting through the divorce process", part of which is concluding this month. Have not had time to do anything! See y'all next challenge (And thanks for stopping by Bekah & Aerisand )
  5. November is going to be a stressy month for me, so I need to keep my challenge on the light side. 1) Figure out evening routine with son objectives: minimise TV-on time work out a wind-down routine (hard with this lively little one!) maximise evening play time together improve bedtime going-to-sleep (him, not me!) 2) Low-spend November After the relative success of no-spend September, I want to go on a money diet again in November. For many reasons! I'll figure out the 'rules' for this time soon, but one thing I want to do is: decrease lunchtime spend which ties in with... 3) Improve eating habits stop buying (and therefore eating) such big lunches!!! cut the snacking at work 4) Go to gym again (it's free FFS!) speak with reception about getting a gym locker work out how to operate gym locker Even going to gym once will count as a win here. I would prefer more, however! 5) Reduce time wasting activities I am resigned to watching a whole raft of reality tv programmes this Michaelmas. But one thing I wanna do is: notice when I am pointlessly surfing websites on my mobile phone and snap out of it! reduce the number of news websites I visit
  6. Eirlys

    Sunmage: ONE

    good luck with the job interview!
  7. Eirlys

    Eirlys: S^4

    Well, my focus in this challenge ended up being spending more quality time with my son, and stopping my blood sugar levels from massive ups & downs during the day. My weight has turned a corner and is a couple of pounds down from its peak. I'm still not happy with how I spend my evenings/TV quotient. Financial spending - it's not out of control but it's higher than I like. I have ideas of how to address this further in the next challenge...
  8. Eirlys

    Eirlys: S^4

    My bedtime is still awful. However, I've reduced significantly my sugar intake during the day, and I'm not currently experiencing the constant sugar crashes of a few weeks ago. Scales were showing up 3 or 4 lbs lighter this morning, compared to a week or so ago. I am so proud of my 21-month old son listening to me teaching him road safety skills. He can barely talk but on Tuesday said: "stop! brm-brm? no? no car." which is almost the same as what I say to him every time we get to a road (assuming no cars of course!) Good boy!!
  9. Eirlys

    Eirlys: S^4

    Rough day and night, thanks to my poor son's pre-molars cutting their way through his gums! About to head to bed (too late again, but at least the house is tidy & clean in the right places). I am very happy in my new job, but yesterday had an in-house headhunter from a massive corporation contact me about an "executive level" role, which was nice to receive all the same. One day I will help bring that glass ceiling crashing down!
  10. Eirlys

    Eirlys: S^4

    Deactivated my facebook account a couple of days ago and now feeling more detached from the phone checking cycle. It occurred to me that a lot of bad habits crept in when I reactivated it earlier this year. I had blamed them on the appearance of a mouse in the house & the stress that caused me, but on reflection perhaps the facebook aspect compounded things, or was even partly a root cause? Have also started reading a number of parenting books while on my commute. Although they're not saying anything groundbreaking, they have made me realise ways in which I can improve my time with my son.
  11. Eirlys

    Pressing On

    Hi Ferngirl Hope you're doing well! I see we're both battling the sugar demons this challenge. I like your idea of posting up daily how you've done on the sugar front. I may copy this idea to motivate me too It is amazing how much sugar fruit juice has in it, doesn't it! Good luck on your challenge
  12. Eirlys

    Eirlys: S^4

    Forgot to mention that I had a gym induction at work this week, and the day after (Wed) I went back to the gym in my lunchbreak. Still feeling the DOMS!!
  13. Hooray for getting back into routine! Doing that is the biggest step towards life wins!! I like your collage. It looks like you're having fun making it. Thanks for stopping by my challenge, I appreciate it! Good luck with your table yoga!
  14. Eirlys

    Eirlys: S^4

    Hi mom2sjm thanks for posting! Twins - wow! I cannot imagine how much work that must be. Except a LOT!!! Hats off to you A food diary is a good idea. I think I will start doing that. But not for today ;-) I even have heartburn now, down to how much I have eaten today I think the thing with my son is mainly about making sure I don't feel the need to check my mobile phone so much when we're together. I've got my flow of emails down to almost none that would need to disturb me during non-working hours, so I need to break that habit. At the moment it is hard to do any chores as he is 21 months and a little hand will start tugging me if my participation is required (which is most of the time). But I will try to break it up like you suggest, if there's something taking longer than 5 minutes. I should be deactivating my facebook account tomorrow so starting to wean myself back off the internet and checking habit. Facebook winds me up as the people in my newsfeed have opposite political opinions to me and like to express them a lot, so my head is often filled with grumpy thoughts of "what I would really like to say back, but won't" circling around - a complete waste of brainpower & emotional energy!! Have had a stressful week but made headway on some important things nevertheless. Hooray!
  15. Eirlys

    Eirlys: S^4

    Utterly depressing weigh-in/measure-in this evening. I have been feeling humoungously fat all day, these stats prove it! Weight: 61.4 kg (135 lbs) Waist: 28-30 in Bellybutton: 29.5 - 32.5 in Tummy (roundest point) : 35.75 Upper hips: 36.75 Lower hips: 38.75 Bum: 39.5 Thigh (roundest point) : 22.5 Mid-thigh: 18.5 Knee: 14.5 I can't bear feeling this fat so I need to start action IMMEDIATELY. First step is to "get comfortable with being uncomfortable": - if feeling hungry, observe sensation but don't go fetch food - if feeling stressed, find an action to take (possibly involving making a cup of tea) instead of eating; redirect energy towards making progress/taking a quick break away from desk - if feeling bored, work out what needs doing next - remind myself that the sensation of feeling rolls of fat around my tummy/fat thighs is much worse than the vague sensation/desire of 'wanting to eat' A big part of the problem has been the abundance of free food I have had access to via my job since I started it a month ago. In particular, the honey roast nuts. NO HONEY ROAST NUTS THIS WEEK!!! ( )
  16. Eirlys

    Eirlys: S^4

    Pluses from last challenge: No-spend September - I spent approx half of what I did during August Downsides: even with these cut-backs I was spending more than what I should budget for ==> Optimisation required Minuses from last challenge: TV habit has spiralled out of control I am crashing asleep on the sofa/after putting baby to bed I have put on about 6 lbs since starting my new job 4 weeks ago This challenge's plan: Identify where I have been tripping up Work out how to stem the tide Work out any steps to reverse the trend Implement as appropriate Monitor Areas to tackle: Sleep (need more) Sugar (blood sugar levels over the day) Spending (financial + time) And the fourth area I want to devote my challenge to: Son - coming up with plans for better: meals, evening time together, weekend time together
  17. Making some progress on the to-do list this evening.. have installed anti-virus software across my 3 main devices have downloaded all my latest baby videos for July & Aug, and halfway through doing so for photos cleared down unread emails in a number of accounts, including one account from over 500 to less than 50 I'm not 100% sorted in the physical world yet but 95% there, so now is a good time to attack digital mess!
  18. Hi kvedulf Sorry it has taken me so long to reply The thing that strikes me the most is you're rating yourself at a measly 59% and from what you say you've been doing, it sounds like you're achieving so much! Hope you've recovered from the flu - illness is a real bummer for routines and ambitions!
  19. I wanted to analyse why things have gone majorly off track in terms of weight, posture & evening routine in the last couple of months. Here are my contributory factors & how much I think they made a difference: mouse in the house - 9/10 overall - stopped exercising, hunched up all the time (especially on bed) due to being on red alert, changed diet to ensure I didn't have food out attractive to mice (fortunately mouse is declared gone) course of medicine - 8/10 for diet - I kept forcing myself to eat healthy foods, but that was on top of what I would normally eat, so my calorie intake was much higher than it would normally have been daily ice cream & junk food - 10/10 for diet - had mental association between "it's a hot sunny day & I'm relaxing" with "must eat ice cream". Sometimes had multiple ice creams per day! baby late bedtimes - 5/10 for diet, 9/10 for evening routine - was out of time in the day before I'd even gone downstairs and had my dinner. Although did appreciate at 7:15-7:30am wake up call rather than one an hour earlier! stopped posting on NF - 6/10 overall, due to lack of accountability More recently: free food at new job - 9/10 - need to keep an eye on this one!! Next step: analyse how to get back on track and what systems/changes I need to put in place to correct the above
  20. Also setting myself another challenge: No-Spend September No frivolous purchases No unnecessary purchases No kindle books! (except if required for work) Only allowed to buy food and replacement household goods (e.g. more kitchen rolls) and urgently required things for baby (can't think what they might be at the moment though). Stretch goal: seek to minimise spending on food
  21. Go kvedulf! I particularly like your benevolence goal, and looking after yourself & giving yourself time to enjoy things is so important & in our general society, often so neglected! I hope you have fun with that part of the challenge Good luck on all of them - I'll be particularly cheering for you in the time management goal. I used to be permanently late, forgetful & disorganised (a decade ago) and have managed to do a 180 on all of these so am pleased to affirm it is definitely possible to completely turn time management around Love the picture you have chosen for your challenge! Go honourable warrior, go!!!
  22. Thanks Kvedulf! High five for first reply They are both lapses on my part as I was in a rhythm with them until reasonably recently & I need to reform all the good evening habits I had until about a month ago! The Olympics definitely did not help - my timezone being BST so the best Rio stuff was on at 2.30am! (not that I stayed up that late, but went to bed a couple of hours later than I should!) I'm hoping it won't be too hard to re-establish these behaviours but to succeed I may have to ban myself reading the kindle during dinner which will definitely be a toughie!! we will see -- I also want to add an exception to #1 - there's a popular local TV programme called GBBO which has just started (today). I'll allow myself the indulgence of watching it once a week. I also want to add another pillar called BABY (although he's nearly 20 months now!) with the following current goal: - start introducing proper sippy cup at meal times So much for keeping things simple & easy now I have about 7 goals, but hopefully some of them are easier than others!
  23. Just a short post but want to wish you good luck in your challenge! Those are great goals you have
  24. Late to the party! But I've been busy and my house is finally decluttered & tidy. I love it!! I start a new job in a matter of days so I want to keep this challenge "easy". My things are: 1. Get evenings back on track - turn off TV when come downstairs from baby's bedroom - do washing up as soon as dinner is finished (don't stay there reading on the kindle) - get evening routine done asap - start to migrate baby's bedtime earlier 2. Stop giving advice - 'nuff said! 3. Ask other people about themselves - keep asking. keep asking. keep asking. 4. Walk like Beyonce - when out & about of the house 5. Keep plugging away at to-do list - August to-do is now down to about 30ish items. It was previously averaging 60 so this has been a mammoth task. - Keep on top of new things & integrate them into life asap. - Don't order more stuff on t'internet. I already have enough! Edit: forgot to add these 6. Get the hell off facebook and another internet forum (not NF ) - can hang around on fb until I start my new job - the other forum, let's call it PF, I have no need to be on at the moment so I should quit immediately Because of everything going on I don't expect to be posting much this month, but I wish everybody luck in their challenges!
  25. Eirlys

    Bee Does Yoga

    Hi Bee Sorry I haven't managed to check in on you during the challenge. I've just been catching up on your thread now. Congrats on achieving so much over the last 4 weeks. Particularly for really connecting with the yoga and finding something that calls to you in so many ways. People always rave about the benefits of yoga in both mental and physical terms so I'm glad you're already reaping the rewards there. Plus, well done on the chips!!!!
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