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  1. Hello Every one new Druid here I was wondering if anyone knew if I could still participate in the weekly challenges even though u didn't register in time for the six week challange?
  2. Hello gnollcharisma love ur name btw. I also am around ppl who are very aggressive and abusive towards me every day for my job and there are some things they taught us in training that I thought were real dumb at the time but now they are life savers. The first thing was stay calm and speak in a measured calm voice. I figured this would work 0% of the time but it works about 95% of the time it's hard for someone to rage with the other person staying relaxed an calm. The second thing was don't hold it against them staying angry helps absolutely nothing and always remeber that it takes true stre
  3. http://www.nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?17753-Real-Life-Roleplaying-Making-Your-NF-Character-and-Updating-Your-Signature Heres the thread on starting your character I think we are to late to start the six week challange but there is a lot info here on diet and exersice you can browse and check out to get a better idea of what's going on.
  4. Can I still participate in the mini challenges for my guild even though I didn't register in time to do the overall six week challange?
  5. We are all intelligent ppl here, we know zombies are real and we know an outbreak can happen @ any moment. This bein said I only have one goal survival. Hi ladies and gents, I'm hraz. I'm 22 im an aspiring weight loss coach and I'm working on becoming an ace certified personal trainer. I'm new to fourm style support an accountability but not to exercise and diet. In the past year I have lost sixty pound an kept it off for six months now and I'm looking to drop another sixty. I had a pretty tough choice between ranger and druid. Both fit my exersice habits and diet. I have been a vegetarian fo
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