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  1. ---END OF CHALLENGE REPORT--- 1. Level Up my Lifting RESULTS: I did pretty good at making it to the gym. Some days were better than others but at the end of the day I only missed 1 gym session, so I'm gonna count that as a win. Front Squat - Start: 145lb End: 155lb Back Squat - Start: 180lb End: 190lb Deadlift - Start: 285lb End: 270lb Bench - Start: 120 lb End: 140 lb Row - Start: 80 lb End: 80lb OH Press - Start: 50lb End: 50lb Handstand - ~10-15sec freestanding Weigh In: Start: 155.5 End: 159lb So I didn't make a lot of weigh progress, but I'm actually okay with that. A lot of the
  2. Another super late update Week 3 1. Level Up My Lifting Did I make it to the gym 3 times this week? NO I missed one day. But I made it twice. This is not going so well....sadly for me. I pulled my back sleeping after gym #2 for the week. Like..really Brice? Yeah really Means I'm not taking care of myself. I'm not stretching enough after working out (I usually do for like 2 seconds and then leave) and I'm not stretching at all in between sessions. Also means I'm probably lifting too heavy. Which is sad because I'm slowly adding weight so if I'm too heavy that means I'm
  3. Okey Dookie Folks here is my super late update: Week 2 1. Level Up My Lifting Did I make it to the gym 3 times this week? YES I've got my gym numbers written down somewhere but I'm basically just following the 5x5 increase weight by 5 lbs. each lift routine. My shoulder is a little tense with the overhead press so with that one I'm just working high rep low weight, 2. Engrain new Routines into my Schedule Same as last time, morning is good, night needs some work 3. Going Digital This software that I am learning, Omnifocus 2, is crazy smart. It can hold a
  4. Alright I'm here with my week 1 breakdown: 1. Level Up My Lifting Did I make it to the gym 3 times this week? YES Here are my starting Gym Numbers for the challenge. These are not 1RM. These are just my working set weights: Front Squat - 145lb 5x6 Back Squat - 185lb 5x5 Deadlift - 285lb 3x3 Bench - 120 lb 5x5 Row - 80 lb 5x5 OH Press - 50lb 5x5 Handstand - ~10-15sec freestanding Weigh In: 155.5lb I'm coming back from a shoulder injury that put me back on my upper body weights. So my plan is to start small getting back into the lifts I stopped after injury (Rows, OH Press, Bench) and
  5. After a unfortunate level of inactivity on my part with the rebellion I am creeping in the back door here a couple days after the challenge starts... I fell off the last challenge hard and haven't been back on the forums since :-(. My last post was on Jan 20...bleh. Life got ridiculously busy and I've been falling behind in just about everything: gym stuff, nutrition, socially, personal goals. Pretty much I'm just consumed by work lately but that's pretty okay by me ( my work life involves lots of personal development so at least we are moving forward) Here are my goals over the next 6 w
  6. Fastest Update Ever: Alive: Check Worken a ton: Check Meal Prep: check reading book: check Recent accomplishments: 150lb Front Squat (woot woot!) Now since I don't have time to go around and post on everyone's thread this is from me to EVERYONE: You peeps are my favs
  7. Have you ever seen someone in a full run and their feet start to fall out from under then and you can see them going over but they are running so fast it takes a few steps. I need to not be that guy. So lets make this stupid simple: Challenge: 1. meal prep 6 times. that's once a week for math purposes. No glorious post on how to do it step by step or anything. Just once a week come home a cook 2 lbs of chicken and steam some veggies. Takes like 2 hours on a tuesday or something.This isn't f*ckin rocket science (I say that because to me this is rocket science for some reasons) 2. read
  8. Hey Steve are you hosting a meetup at the WDS this year?
  9. this rings routine is badass nice work
  10. My Gym Notes: Monday 12 /1 Warmup/Stretch/Core Skill Work: Handstands & L-Sits Strength: Deadhang Wide grip pull ups/Straight grip chin ups (supersets) 5/5 3h2/5 2h3/3h2 2h2/2h2 (the h stands for half, when I cant get my chin over just start pulling for half way or not letting myself down all the way to keep going) Ring Support Holds 6x ~10-20 sec Shoulder Rehab Circuit w/ Ball - 3 circuits. Tuesday 12/2 Warmup/Stretch/Core Skill Work: Handstands & L-Sits Strength: (30 sec rest between sets) Front Squat 105lb 7x7 Pullups 5x5 (last two sets half way down) 1arm asst pushups 5x 5 5 7
  11. A number of marketing/business/life books and couple of entertaining one. Influence (psychology) , 4 hour workweek (the expanded edition this time ) the e-myth revisited (business) , art of war, trust me I'm lying (marketing), pitch anything, holographic universe (physics) , and the Epic of Gilgamesh (considered to be the oldest written story in the world!). There's a few other too..haha I don't even know where to begin.
  12. I've bought 12 used books on amazon in the last 8 weeks. I want moar books! I think I have a problem with buying used books. I'm torn between disappointment and excitement. Excitement at the new books! HOORAY! Disappointment that it will take me a year to read all these books. Plus what about all the books I find in the next 8 weeks??? That's another whole year of reading! HOW AM I EVER GOING TO CATCH UP ON ALL THESE AWESOME BOOKS I KEEP FINDING?!? WHAT IS A BOY TO DO!? Probably start by cancelling netflix And reading the first book WHICH ONE DO I CHOOSE?!
  13. This is my new bookshelf! It still needs to be sanded and stained but I was too excited to let it sit naked in my room. I built it with wood and stuff. As my cousin said, "it's all about the clamps, you can never have too many clamps" I'm so proud of my books' new home I feel like a good parent hahaha
  14. Alrighty a quick post holiday update: Thanksgiving = awesome The holiday threw off my goals a little bit, missed my meditation a couple times again but f*** it. I need to work on my nutrition plan a little bit over the next couple weeks but it's coming together nicely. My shoulder feels good. I feel like I'm losing some power with the shoulder rehab but that's okay I can get that back later. Book reading goes good. I built my books a new home this weekend so that's really exciting for me This week's focuses will be summary: gym time 3 times, book readin', 110% meditation success, work on my
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