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  1. Thanks guys! It's interesting to hear how little things have made such an impact on your daily lives I had a non-Primal day on Saturday (first since New Years) and won't be doing that again any time soon. Initially I didn't have any issues, but the next day it was like having a hangover. Guess it's time to sit back and see what the next few months have in store.
  2. DEFINITELY eggs. Definitely If you have them regularily for breakfast you're going to go through a lot of them! Nuts are excellent for snacking on, I try to keep a range of them in the cupboard so I don't get bored with any one kind. Also, I do go through a lot of butter while cooking. Not quite Paleo, but it's appropriate for Primal. If you're not one for butter, definitely keep a fair amount of Olive and/or Coconut oil handy
  3. I'll have to look in to the boar! Wow that sounds amazing- pork chops on steroids? I'd also like to get my hands on some bison or moose, though those would have to imported.
  4. Hello Everyone! Today marks my 3-week anniversary of going Paleo/Primal (More Primal). With the exception of a few cheat snacks here and there, I think I'm doing pretty good! Any changes I'm seeing (or think I'm seeing) in myself are minimal, but it HAS only been three weeks. I'm noticing I'm more mentally aware and my skin has cleared up significantly. So far no real physical changes or sleep help, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for those I'm interested in hearing how your first month went after going Paleo! How did you feel? Did you see any physical differences? Mental differences? Did you give up on it, was the diet worth it for you? Did you start to include non-Paleo foods after Month 1? I'd love to hear your stories! Cheers!
  5. I do it, there are some gums you can buy at health food stores that still contain actual sugar and not sweeteners. It's a little guilty pleasure, certainly not as bad as cookies or cake As well, I find that chewing gum LIMITS my cravings for junk food.
  6. Hi Guys! Thanks for writing, glad to see some Bluenosers on here! Pyth: Thanks so much for that website! I'm going to look at the order form and see what's what with Wild Mountain Farm. My favourite place to go lately has been the Farmer's Market, but unfortunately Saturday mornings are tough to get down there. Luckily Pete's is right down the road from work, so getting quality produce is pretty easy
  7. Welcome to the forum! It's so great that you've deciding to make significant changes to your life for the better! I'm pretty new here myself, but so far everyone has been super helpful and supportive. If you're looking for someone to (electronically) kick your butt, you've found it Cheers!
  8. Hello, welcome to the forum! Warrior Dash sounds amazing, kudos for making the decision to go for it! Everyone here is super friendly and helpful, you're gonna have a blast.
  9. This is the onyl way I can function during the week You can cook weeks of meat at a time, maybe put 2-3 days worth in the fridge and freeze the rest. I use to pack each serving in a freezer bag, but wrapping each individually in cling wrap and storing them all in giant freezer bags works just as well. It's great because you can pull them out of the freezer in the evening, andin the morning they're thawed in your fridge. This is especially great for snacks like chicken wings, where 2-3 can be wrapped together and taken out whenever you feel the munchies!
  10. Water Chestnuts are a fav on my salads right now. They're refreshing and crisp As well, mandarine orange pieces or pear cubes.
  11. Welcome to the forum! I just joined up yesterday, so far the people here have been great! Definitely a good spot for active nerds. PS- How is "Reality is Broken"? Any good? It's on my list.
  12. Hihi! Just wondering if there are any Halifax, Nova Scotia paleo/primal peeps on this forum! I'm new to the lifestyle and would totally love to pick a local's mind about farms/markets/co-ops nearby!
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! JarrodCL: So far so good, my energy levels have improved, at least. Desperately craving pizzas and cookies and all things bad-carby though. Jofalltrades: Thanks! Is there a place you're finding your awesome Paleo recipes? How's it going for you guys so far? Laureleye: Thanks! I'll probably sit out this next month, just to ramp up on the eating thing/getting back to gymming, but am interested in trying out the next challenge!
  14. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Dropping the amount of veggies and upping the proteins and fats will probably help a lot. Yesterday I ate so much green I can barely look at it today... not a good thing Torsitano, thanks so much for the recipes! Maybe muffin-sized pizzas would be enough to keep the cravings at bay for awhile. And I have that pancake recipe pinned already, good to know they're awesome! ::Shall be stuffing face with pancakes soon:: Keto might be something I'll try after ths first 30 days of Paleo, just to see how I feel, but I'd like to stay on track for now. Thanks for the info though, DrewKorpal! Carb-Quick is something I'll definitely keep in mind!
  15. Hello! I'm sure there's a thread like this already- please forgive me, I'm new to NF I decided after New Years to try the Paleo-Primal diet for 30 Days. To eat clean and healthy, and see how I feel and what the results are. However, I'm so totally itching for... everything I can't eat right now. Cookies, cake, muffins, pizza. It's barely been a week and I'm itching to just go home tonite and eat a box of mac and cheese. I know this is normal and it won't be forever, but for now I'm wanting grains, wanting them NOW, and the thought of another salad makes me feel ill For anyone who's been through this before, what did you do to combat this? Were there certain foods you ate which satiated these cravings? I'm trying to watch my carbs and keep them around 50-100g/day since I'm aiming for some fat loss. The last thing I want to do is cave and eat when I want, because if I do I'm the type who'll snowball right back to my old eating habits. Cheers!
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