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  1. late posting this cus i've already been working on my life goal (posted below) this time i'll be focusing on 2 bodyweight exercises mainly and want to hold the line elsewhere and try not to spend so much time on facebook, webrowsing, youtube, etc. got alot of stuff to do before the baby arrives(due on dec. 19) and just want to get into better habits of how i spend my time as well. so here goes Challenge #1 : Be able to do a set of 15 deadhang pull-ups +2 STR +1 CHA +1STA My PR right now is 7. Wanted to reach this goal last time, but I was way weaker than I thought Challenge #2 : Be able to d
  2. I know I'm way too late to enter but thot i'd post some results Challenge #1 - Be able to do 3 sets of 15 pullups and of chinups at different times. STR: +3 CH: +3 I got up to 7 deadhang pullups, so this was a pretty good improvement, not quite what i wanted tho. I give myself a C so STR:+1.5 and CH +1.5 Challenge #2 - Be able to run the block, around 6.4 km, in 30 minutes. STA: +3 CON: +1 Hurt my knee during the jump rope challenge and wasn't able to do this again. F and no change Challenge #3 - Only 1 serving of dessert/day. And no snacking on chocolate, candy, or chips. CHA: +1 WIS: +1 CON
  3. Has anyone hear ever used the DVD series? is it any good? worth the money? or is there something else out there that has better value?
  4. ^^ true enuf. good point. it's almost all crap.
  5. awesome. that's great. such good feeling. keep it up!
  6. i agree, its a cool test, but i do think the plank and the box jumps have a much lower standard than the rest of the exercises. maybe tweak the numbers a bit for the PvP
  7. i'm in on it, but it won't let me join the team either (from canada) unless i just don't know what i'm doing. it's tuff and my wife is already having a hard time keeping eye contact with me :S
  8. NICE! congrats. that's awesome
  9. yah and also it's not like it's an uncommon view. i mean look at the workout of the month things they put in fitness magazines. it's like never ever the big 3. it's like weird variations of bicep curls and shoulder press.
  10. hahaha totally. it's crazy how tuff active kids are tho!
  11. so true. congrats! such a good feeling to fit in clothes!!
  12. that's wild. never even heard of that before. so your prescription for glasses actualy changed that much? what did ur optometrist have to say about that?
  13. hahahaa well i dunno, maybe us skinny folks will outnumber the powerlifters, so we'll be able to take 'em one at a time. more meat on those guys.. actually i'm on my way there with the lifting i've been doing......
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