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  1. HAHAHA, yes. Rocky out those eggs. Drink them like a man badass!Oh yeah, baby. YESTERDAY: Easter! I went for a good 2-mile hike up a steep hill to make up for my walk delinquency Saturday. Also I ate a lot of grain stuff and no eggs, because it was Easter family dinner, and sitting in a room all day with fifty hard-boiled eggs marinating in vinegar dye is not a good way to psych oneself up to eat eggs. Thus, TODAY: Egg Tax: 3 (all for yesterday). I did it again. Here is the plan. Pain-Free Rocky Eggs Of Total Domination: -3 raw eggs -1 banana (frozen or otherwise) -half a gla
  2. Nice, thanks for the drill, Hugh! I have a wooden beater, and I should definitely be swinging it around in the yard more often. TODAY: Walk: FAIL again. *eyeroll* I could go on a big Easter hike to make up for it. I feel bad sticking my better half with the childcare while I go wandering around the neighborhood. Spring break can't be over soon enough. Balance: 1/2 hour of yoga at home. Fair enough. Egg tax: 3. One for a bowl of oatmeal this morning, one for some risotto at dinner, and one for a glass of wine. Whoa, man. I totally went Rocky Balboa on this one and just gave them a s
  3. Posting any more walk pic?HAR I am not too lazy to do the walk, but apparently I am too lazy to download things from my phone. I was not expecting this! (Photos soon. I have a bunch.) Today: Walk FAIL. Although I did walk to the grocery store twice, which adds up to about the same distance, and also includes a bunch of groceries that were apparently made of lead or some shit. Perhaps it can count. Burpee/pull-up/jumprope workout ACHIEVED. I am still doing negative pull-ups. Soon I'll be back to proper ones, or at least one per set. Egg tax: 0. Although I ate an egg anyway. And I
  4. Nice, way to follow through on the 'punishment' you set for yourself. It has to be that way if it's gonna mean anything and be helpful to you. Also, nice workout! Good to see some PRs in there.Thanks, Kishi! I hope to rack up some more. Those are not really proper PRs, just "new to Fitocracy" PRs -- but I think I'll be breaking actual new ground fairly soon. YESTERDAY: Mile walk: Achieved! Egg tax: 2. (Again, had a friend over to the house last night, and again with the eating and drinking. One for the ravioli, one for the wine.) TODAY: Mile walk: Achieved! Egg tax: 0. Not go
  5. I'm doing a daily mile-ish walk as part of my challenge. Haven't missed one yet! I know, it's only Thursday.
  6. Attached: One exciting picture of deer poop. (Seriously: There was so much of it. It is not entirely clear from this picture, but that piece of land is obviously Deer Central.) Today: LIFTING. I've been keeping track of all my workouts over at Fitocracy. Much easier to copy whole workouts than type them into a WYSIWYG. Here they are. tl;dr: I'm up to a 75 lb bench and a 115 squat, 5x5, and I feel pretty good about sticking with those weights and working on form for a little while. Bench is hard! Squat is not as hard, but I can feel that I have some form and steadiness work to do
  7. Enjoying all this stuff, but especially the writey stuff. Very exciting! Walking is also good for figuring out writey things.
  8. You are so awesome and so hilarious; that is all. *huge fistbump*
  9. Good stuff here, good stuff. (Apart from the food poisoning. Bleh.) And be patient with your body, eh? Curious about the hip flexibility program, too. I will be watching to see how it works out for you.
  10. You had me at "Stick them with the Pointy End." And then again at "secret of obtaining permission for antisocial behavior." And then I died at the Egg Tax. This is awsome. You are awesome, and also your FACE. STUFF I DID TODAY: -Walk to the land. It was a fine walk. While out, I heard peepers peeping for the first time this season, which had the effect of instantly validating my choice of daily challenge activity, and also making me feel preposterously smug about how spending time outdoors was making me more in tune with the great cycles of nature. I swear to God, I hear a fro
  11. Ah, German Longsword. A man after my own heart. (I learned foil, épée and sabre when I was a kid but sport fencing never really held my interest)Well, a something after your own heart, anyway. *grin* Fechtschule in NY? I'd love to attend but not unless some kind soul buys me a transatlantic plane ticket I'm in Ireland and it's tough enough getting the cash to travel 100 miles, let alone 3000!Aw! Well, perhaps we shall meet on the field of battle one day.
  12. Do you like eggs? Just wondering.I do! I like eggs. (I really like deviled eggs.) But something about eggs in any large quantity gives me the heebie-jeebies. If I stray too far into the Land of Toast and Lager, I am going to end up making that Paul Newman face. AHAHAHAHAHAHAIt is good to see you again. *huge grin* It is good to be back, Kishi-san. *bows* Eggs good. Swords good.Burpees... I might come back to you on the challenge idea (I hate burpees).What kind of sword classes / fencing do you do? I'm a HEMAist myself.Eggs good, swords better! (Burpees? Burpees suck. In the BEST way.)
  13. IT'S BAAA-AAAAAAACK. Hey Monks! Harris here...now flying under the callsign PointyEnd. To remind me to keep things simple. First lesson: STICK 'EM WITH THE POINTY END. DUH. Sometimes the simplest lessons are the hardest to follow. It's been awhile, Monks. After making quite a bit of progress with help from y'all at NF last year, I've been largely a slug for a great while. Doing some swordfighting and fencing, sure, but not with any kind of sustained diet and exercise plan behind it. And it shows. So, back to basics. GOAL: Make the body engine run better. Here's the four-point b
  14. PointyEnd


    Welcome to the club. The How The Hell Am I Getting Heavier In The Same Damn Pants club. AW YEAH, MOAR MUSCLES.
  15. Right you are, Kishi-san -- as usual! And yet. It's tough. I've always been prone to cycles of success and failure, and it's always hard to see the mountains from the valleys. Grateful for the encouragement; working on keeping despair at bay when things don't work out. I've been fighting tooth and nail to be faster, stronger, a better fencer and a more agile mover, for about a year and a half now, after a long period of neglecting my body. And I'm in a much better place than I was when I started, physically and mentally. I can see that. This week, I've been taking it easy on account of
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