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  1. Oh, absolutely. He's a stocky, bald, bearded dude. With a parasol. There will be pictures. XD
  2. I think this question answers itself on a site like NF. XD But yes! My husband and I are actually going to Emerald City Comic Con to meet Jewel Staite, and he's crossplaying as a male version of Kaylee... yeah, it's weird. I think he just wanted a pretty parasol. I'm gonna go as Jayne. My hat is cunning.
  3. Oh yeah, he loves water. Hates baths, but does love to swim. That's our next goal as soon as he learns to heel on command. Right now, he only does it sometimes, and only when it's convenient for him. The last thing I want is for him to swim to the other side of a pond, then not come back. XD Thanks for the info! Though he's not my first dog, he IS my first herding/working dog. I've already looked into agility training, and we may do that on the future, but we have some basic manners to get out of the way first. He does learn extremely quickly. He learned to "stay" in a matter of hours, and he
  4. Definitely. We have a two year old German shepherd-border collie mix who has oodles of energy that we need to expel somehow. We take him to the dog park, and he's still fairly new to us, but we're trying to teach him to run on the leash next to us. Then we're gonna take him hiking. He's ready making us get out more often, so he actually motivates us to get moving. So it ends up being more like he involves us in his exercise routine. XD
  5. Offer to cook! I know when I was living with my folks, they always appreciated it when I helped out with meals. Even if it's only a couple of time a week, it's still an improvement. If you think you don't have time because you're out during the day, try a crockpot. It's a lifesaver, and it will make enough food to serve several people. Something else to keep in mind is to let your family know about your goals. You might be surprised how much just saying something could motivate them to be healthier too.
  6. Also, we all love .gifs here. Just so you know. Who doesn't?
  7. EMERALD CITY! I actually came to this thread for the title, but I stayed for the ECCC. =D Also the Zelda. You and I could be friends. *nod* I'm also in the Academy (same name and avatar in the forums) and I agree...there's much more here. So welcome! Look forward to seeing you around.
  8. Brought the new dog home today! =D He's a celebrity, apparently. There are people at the pet stores who recognize him from volunteering at the shelter.

  9. So excite! My husband and I are finally in a position (and an apartment) that allow us to adopt a dog. It will be our first dog as a married couple, but I always had dogs growing up. I love dogs, and I've been waiting for this all year. XD. We're picking this guy up tomorrow. His name is SHAZAM!
  10. I'm currently reading through the first book in the "Ranger's Apprentice" series, as recommended by someone here! So far, I really enjoy it. I just started reading it yesterday, and I only have a few chapters left, so it's been devoured.
  11. Since I need something to help me re-focus, I'm using my doctor as motivation. I have a follow up appointment in 4 weeks, and I'll be damned if I don't lose at least 5 pounds by then. >:|

  12. Woot! Put down the deposit on a nicer apartment, and we're signing papers on Friday! =D So glad to be getting out of our current situation... AND I can finally adopt the dog I've been wanting. <3

  13. Did something similar for a Bowl game in college. Who knew it could get so cold off the Mississippi river? >.< We typically had the opposite problem. North Texas marching camps in the summer. Every year, we had a handful of freshman pass out from the heat because they weren't prepared for it.
  14. Hello, fellow nerds! Just curious to see if anyone is going to Emerald City Comic Con at the end of March. Our passes just came in, and I'm stoked. It'll be my first con, so I'm looking forward to seeing everything that goes on. Maybe we could even have an NF meetup somewhere at the con, assuming everyone isn't too busy geeking out.
  15. It's so true. I haven't been in marching band for years now, and my calves are still solid. I'm gonna email Steve and have him add "Roll-step" to the list of body weight exercises. ...high knee marching is an entirely separate beast. ._.
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