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  1. kamen rider

    Achievement unlocked: amidst a strep throat epidemic around here, I have tonsillitis. I got antibiotics today and have been taking it easy (a few sick days from work). I've been hitting most of the goals this week though; mainly the food, elimination, and tracking. Obviously, I've not been to class since Monday (which is where I think I got it from), but it's been going. Just wanted to say I'm still here and missing class while I'm trying to swallow around golf balls.
  2. For someone who learns music by listening to it over and over and over and over again, learning capoeira songs is nightmare-ish, to say the least. Unless it's a song they sing every class in the roda, I'm never going to learn it on my own. Zumbi's taken it upon himself to write new songs on the white board every few weeks, so we can take them home and practice. That allows me to attempt to find the LYRICS of the song online, but that's never guaranteed, let alone find a video of the song on the Tube. And she's right, when you do find it online, it sounds totally different. The best thing I've found to help me learn songs is to stay after class and practice instruments and singing with Jovan and making it a point to go to Open Gym on Fridays, when O'Brian is there to tune us. He's even mentioned that he's going to start recording Zumbi/us when we sing new songs, to help us remember. Glad you're getting to play again!
  3. When you first get your Driver and become a Kamen Rider, the path is never always crystal clear. You may win a few battles here and there, but there's an element of struggle. You're not sure how to use this power that you've been given. While you're struggling with that, your battles keep seeming easier and easier until you hit your first hurdle; a new opponent who's stronger than you. That's when it becomes clear; all those previous struggles were meant to prepare you for that first power up in order to defeat said opponent, so you can find your purpose. Sure, I feel like I've won a few of these first battles last challenge, but a few opponents that ran away before have returned, and they brought friends. I'm not at that hurdle yet, but I know it's coming. It's time I focus on what I'm really struggling with this month in order to be ready for my soon-to-come power up. Goals for this challenge are as follows: Continue to attend class a minimum of two times each week and stretch daily. I did well with class attendance last month, but I relied heavily on gaining that sticker to do so. Going to add it again so it becomes a habit that no longer needs a sticker. Stretching didn't go so well, so it's back to get better. Continue to journal daily and track all food and drinks in MFP. I did well with the journaling, but it followed the same as the one above; get dat sticker. I'm keeping it until I don't need it and adding my tracking to it as well. This is something I started recently, but it's been sporadic, and I don't want it to be, so there. Follow elimination protocol for caloric drinks, especially coffee-containing substances. I feel like I got a handle on my treats, so I'm moving on to a sub-par habit that I've picked up. I've been drinking the not-optimal coffee options for caffeine (see this chart for reference; I'm mocha and frappuccino -.-). This usually only happens when I succumb to Big Food, but I'll need to be extra conscious about it for when I do. Typical protocol; toss 1/4 for first two weeks, then progress to 1/2 for the second. Eat a home cooked or prepared meal for breakfast AND lunch a minimum of three times a week. Yeah, I know I was working on vegetables last month, but I really noticed just how badly I struggled with just EATING the food I brought to work and being too lazy in the morning to get up early enough to eat at home. It hurts my gut, waistline, and wallet, so I'm going to focus on this for now. It doesn't need to be squeaky clean, but it should still increase the quality of my food and decrease the quantity. I'm set with my strategy, now it's time to implement! Here comes Week Zero!