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  1. I feel like this should be the theme song for this challenge. You only truly fail when you give up, right? Awesome! I'm in good company, then! HIIII!!!! Day 1: Macros: Check! Steps: Check! Class: Check! Adulting: Check for plans! I managed to get all green numbers for my macros and walking yesterday, without including steps from Capoeira class. Class was a bit different; attendance seems to have dwindled a bit. There's not nearly the same number of people at Intermediate Class as there usually is, but that's okay! More breathing/kicking room! We did mostly drills and skill work, on top of an early roda. I'm getting a LITTLE better in there; low game still needs to be a thing for me. Unfortunately, most of my walking was done at work, and with class being in the evening, I did not manage to take the Ranger Companion with me. That's okay; it was raining for a good part of the day, and he does not like rain. At all. As for adulting, I've decided that the first two tasks will be getting the error code read on my vehicle and cleaning the interior of the house. I'm taking the day off Wednesday for a dentist appointment & a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, on the other side of town, to discuss the results of a recent blood test (I'm getting tested for hormonal imbalance). Sounds like the perfect day to stop by the Autozone by the house to get the code read (they'll do it for free, if you don't already know). The sooner I get that code, the more time I'll have to get it repaired in time for its inspection. I'm also hoping to spend some time on Wednesday getting the cleaning process started. Staff Appreciation event is on Friday, which always turns into an unofficial half-day, followed by the last paid holiday of the fiscal year; 3.5 day weekend is perfect for cleaning.
  2. Hey there! No matter how many times I stumble around, I always find myself returning, so here I am, still attempting to figure out a rhythm for myself. I've taken a bit of time off-line to try out some things on my own. I've learned a few new things, and I believe I've gotten a solid idea of where I want my foundation to be. I know I've tried in the past to pave one and haven't had much success with lifting off it once it's there. However, I'm beginning to think that was due, in part, to being afraid to build on it, not trusting myself to keep the foundation, when I know that I'm more than capable of doing so. I also think I get stuck in my head too much; too much planning/analyzing/thinking, not enough doing (case in point: everything I post here). So here's to more actions and less head time; less time to doubt, to analyze & paralyze. My goal for this challenge is simple: drop my weight below the 200lb mark. I've been hovering between 210lb and 200lb for what seems like forever (hitting the 200lb mark was a bit of a rude awakening). I know what I need to do in order to get there, so this challenge is about making it happen in action, with all y'all crazy Rangers (and other friends ) to hold me accountable; when you get down to it, doing things for others is what drives me (doing these things for others, by proxy, gets them done for me). Here's how we're going to accomplish this goal: Hit my daily macro goals. Extra effort required during weekends. Walk 8-10k steps daily. Bring the Ranger companion whenever possible. Obligatory Ranger Companion photo: Attend regular Capoeira class weekly (2x per week, Monday & Wednesday). Be a more responsible adult (choose-your-own-adventure, see below). Choose Your Own Adventure (4th quest): Every week, I will choose one task (either from one group or both, provided two tasks are not overwhelming) from the provided list of adult tasks. I will do what I can within that week to complete the chosen task(s). If I complete it early, I will strike it out and pick another one to work on for the remainder of the week. If I do no complete it by the end of that week, then I will carry it over to the next week. I will set a minimum requirement of four completed tasks for this challenge. All right. Thread up. Time for action (afternoon walk) before I ramble on about this week's choose your own adult adventure decision. Yes, you guessed it! More weeks = more actions. I start TODAY. Goals rant (because I can't help rambling):
  3. Mazdas are such great little cars. I hope you find a good deal on one!
  4. Same!!
  5. Well then! I'm glad nothing came of the sirens & scary clouds (were they green at all???) and that everyone is okay. Serenity yoga sounds like just the thing for tonight.