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  1. I'm going to be honest; I don't really like the fact that this isn't my first respawn post. But hey, if they didn't expect you to make mistakes, they wouldn't have programmed in a respawning mechanic, right? So, here I am again, starting at the basics of level 1. I still haven't quite found what works for me, but I have found things I love to do and want to get better at. Me and my preferences have changed since I've joined this site, and something I thought would never happen actually happened: I've mellowed out. Shock! But one thing hasn't changed; how much I love this place and its philosophy on changing habits and living a better life. Let's do this again, make the change really happen, because I want to do it, for ME.
  2. Man, it's been a while! Glad to see you're still in the fight (no pun intended). Congratulations on your belt tests! With trying to heal your injury, they sound like they can get pretty difficult. Keep pushing, but don't push too hard. As for advice on your career options, I really don't have much experience to pull from. But I believe there's honestly no harm in trying to find another option. You still have to do what is best for you, professionally, and if it's been over a month on such a rocky foundation, don't feel too bad about trying to find something else for yourself. If they are a good company and truly want what's best for you, when you go to them and say that you found something more suitable, they should understand. Good companies ARE hard to find, but I believe there is a point where you still need to act for your own best interests.
  3. And sometimes, Zumbi will refuse to mop up, saying that it's good training. They crazy. Sorry to hear that you're going through such a rough patch, but I hope it gets better. Um also, where you live? I might accidentally be relatively close to you, depending (due to a "business trip").
  4. I don't think he meant listening as in a vocal conversation. Zumbi compares the game in the roda constantly to a conversation between two people; games where people are listening and responding to each other are much prettier and more fun to watch than a game where both players are consistently doing their own thing without listening/responding to their partner. I would take that as some high praise. Sorry you're going through a really rough patch, but at least the intensive sounded fun! Hope things get better soon.
  5. I have the same exact problem. I'd much rather do just about anything for anyone, but I might as well be trying to move a wall when it comes to doing things for myself. I'm still trying to find a workable solution to that issue. Otherwise, good work on being adaptable for this challenge. Sounds like you're on track with making things work out.
  6. Me neither. My father's side of the family use July 4th as a "reunion" of sorts. We have a picnic at my aunt's house, with open fields in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. And fireworks shenanigans. If we tried to fit into a restaurant, we'd take over the place.
  7. OMG your caba├ža makes my OCD/perfectionism so incredibly happy. It looks so smooth and perfectly round. XD ... *thinks about phrase above and blocks path to gutter*
  8. Uhh, what day is it? [insert Jim Carrey's Riddler throwing up a stack money in the get-away van, exclaiming, "I LOST COUNT!" gif] - the Internet failed; the gif does not exist (but then again, I also just don't have the patience to find it). Macros have been a bit sporadic. I'll hit green numbers for a good solid string of days, then feel the need to break lose (or wake up without enough time to plan macros for the day), only to return to green numbers again after a day. Walking has been tough; I've been having issues with my sleep lately, so I've been uncharacteristically tired. And rain. So much rain. I've been going for small walks myself, but I haven't been able to take the Ranger Companion; sidewalk has been too hot for paws and with his coat, he doesn't handle humidity well. There was class on Monday, but I passed out after dinner. -.- Planning on going tonight. I also managed to clean the bathrooms downstairs on Sunday evening.
  9. I agree there. I'm mainly using the scale for my coaching; they like to get a feel for what your daily fluctuations are so they can help adjust macros and such to better accommodate your activity levels and goals. The number and trend don't bother me emotionally/mentally like they used to, I'll admit. But it's still not something to rely on completely. I'd like to use measurements and photos to track progress, but I always end up forgetting to do those on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis. -.- I honestly didn't think about it that way. His tendency to want to fix things usually boils down to him thinking that someone wants him to do it for them, even if they say otherwise, so I usually have to phrase things in such a way that he can't hear "I want you to do this" in between the lines. But he's always much more receptive when I approach him with a positive, accommodating attitude. Thanks for the awesome advice. Day 11 Macros: Miss. Steps: Miss. 4.7k. Class: Pass. Adulting: Pass. My macros were carefully planned, and then a colleague offered to pay for lunch (which is happening again today). Plus, I'd forgotten that it was Game Store night. Oops. I've been waiting a bit too long to plan for the day this week. I'm thinking I should spend some time this weekend planning out all the days for the next week to avoid not having the time or forgetting to plan ahead. I did my best to walk around as much as possible, but I got quite distracted in the afternoon and forgot to turn on a GET UP AND MOVE alarm. Currently trying to plan out food for the day...
  10. So, I've discovered/realized two huge reasons why cleaning the house (whether inside or outside) has become such a chore (when I usually never have issues with it). One, the house is filled with too much stuff. Purging/decluttering has been sizzling in the back burner of my brain for over a year now, so I'm not entirely surprised. The only decluttering I've done this past year has been four out of the seven closets in the house (and my clothes). They've yet to revert back to their original states (not so much luck with my clothes), but some of the stuff I pulled out of them to get rid of is still sitting on the dining room floor (I swear I did this back in JANUARY). The "sewing" room has become a closet itself in the state that it is, and unfortunately, another closet is full of stuff that is not mine. On top of the fact that junk is just thrown into random places that don't get looked at until I want to clean clean; corner tables, bookshelves, lower cabinets. Not to mention how many things are broken around the house that aren't getting fixed (either because of lacking knowledge on how to fix it or reason # 2 that I'll elaborate on later). What was once a great and productive way for me to relieve stress has now become a source of stress itself, due to the Snowball Effect. Bah! Two, not calling it out as a bad thing, but more of something to work around, is the Husband. Most of the free time that is available to me to clean, the Husband is around for as well. The reason why I don't see this as a bad thing is the fact that he actually likes to spend time with me and do things with me (whether it be playing games, talking, watching movies). I wouldn't trade that for anything. BUT he sees chores, like cleaning and decluttering, as work. So, where I would find it relieving and fulfilling to clean or purge something together, he would not. Work = stress, and he has a hard enough time dealing with stress as it is (I could give countless examples, but I won't). As you can probably guess, I don't have the heart to convince him to do anything other that something enjoyable during his free time (I really wish he could let me mow the lawn). I have until next Sunday to get the house in a presentable state with just basic cleaning, but I'm starting to think that some of my vacation days this summer will need to be taken in order to tackle some of those bigger projects for my peace of mind. And I don't feel bad about the predicament with the Husband; a colleague of mine has the same one and has used the same tactic to compensate before. /rant
  11. Day 9 Macros: Check! Steps: Check! 9k. Class: Pass. Adulting: Check! Day 10 Macros: Almost. Only protein was low. Steps: Miss. 5.5k. Class: Pass. Adulting: Check! It really needs to stop raining. Both instructors are out of town this week (apparently Zumbi wasn't lying), so there hasn't been class to go to. I was going to take the Ranger Companion for a walk when I got home from work yesterday, but this is what it looked like outside when I walked out of the store (for emergency cleaning and dish washing supplies). While it's sunny today, I probably won't be doing much walking outside at work. It's time to finally clean up the chaos that was left behind by Advanced lab students...
  12. If he really wants his strawberries back...
  13. That sounds AWESOME. Enjoy dem strawberries! And now is the time I remember that I also have a copy of Trine 2 that I have yet to play...
  14. I'm still here, doing my thing! Day 5 Macros: Miss. Steps: Close! 6.5k. Class: Pass. Adulting: Check. Day 6 Macros: Check! Steps: Close again! 6.1k. Class: Pass. Adulting: Check! Day 7 Macros: Check! Steps: Miss. Not even 1k. Class: Pass. Adulting: Pass. Day 8 Macros: Check! Steps: Miss. 1.7k. Class: Pass. Adulting: Check! So yeah. Dentist. I was in and out of there in 30 minutes. I was surprised. Having had 7 teeth pulled during my younger years and only one cavity ever so far, that would be where the anxiety stemmed from. Plus, it wasn't until the last minute that I realized I could've gotten the Husband out of work early to give me a ride so I could get gassed. But, I Rangered through without. Again, the worst part for me is always the administration of the local anesthetic. On the plus side, no more metal in my mouth. However, after the anesthetic wore off, the injection sight was pretty sore, so the rest of my meal plan for the day did not get followed. Extended weekend of cleaning? Yeah, nope. Always hard for me to clean when the Husband is home (am I the only one?). BUT. He had a friend from out of town visiting on Sunday, so convincing him to help me clean the downstairs was relatively simple and, with his help, didn't take too long. So SOME of the house interior has been cleaned. Still working on the rest (which will probably have to happen during this week). I'm starting to think I should've broken down the cleaning into parts. Sunday was spent with out of town friend who bought himself heavily into Star Wars Destiny, so we played that a good deal while he was here. Fantasy Flight really screwed the pooch with the release though, so finding places with them in stock has been a pain. But it's still a really fun game. Monday was spent relaxing, chilling, and wasting a bit of gasoline trying to find Destiny packs, AFTER the oil got changed in my car (didn't get the error code read, but the oil change was also a big priority; poor thing was going on 7k miles on that oil). And miniature painting. I've gotten two models finished in the past like, five days? Also helped the Husband finish painting a unit of six models (because he actually hates painting). Card games + painting + RAIN = not much walking. -.- Zumbi also wanted to have a holiday off work like the rest of us, so officially no class yesterday either. But cooking was had. Now to plan ahead so macros will be met for the rest of the week!
  15. Day 4 Macros: Check! Steps: Check! 10.6k!! Class: Pass. Adulting: Check(ish). Yesterday was a mostly good day. Walked around and cleaned a lot at work, trying to set myself up to be in a good place before the 3.5 day weekend. Again, SO EASY to hit macros when you plan the day before. I dunno why I never thought to log my food the day before so I know I'm hitting the right numbers. No class though. I also got caught up in trying to restore my computer at home that I didn't have much time to do any cleaning other than dish rotation. My custom-built desktop stopped booting up properly after a recent update (Windows 10); I've tried every recovery option available, outside of clean installing the OS again. Trying my hardest to avoid that; a lot of the files and such I can live without, but with the external back-up dead, I can't get to a few select files I REALLY don't want to lose. Might have to bite the bullet there. *sigh* BUT, it'll give me a chance to put Windows 7 back on it. 10 wasn't terrible, but I still prefer 7. I keep thinking YAY half day of work, only to remember... dentist. -.-
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