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  1. SkiBlue

    Kyellan Makes Space

    Holy crap I missed the announcement! Congratulations. <3 Good luck with your challenge and getting ready! I love that you're playing through some of my own husband's favorite games. Would you be willing to share your buddy's YouTube channel link? I'd love to watch your play-throughs!
  2. SkiBlue

    Tourennatrix Pre-School

    This sounds super fun. Also, HIIIIII!!! Sounds like you're pushing through! Learning to NOT guilt oneself about not being perfect or being easy on yourself is so freaggin' important. I applaud your tenacity to tackle it. I've also been (slowly) making my own way through GMB's Elements program. I haven't been able to pick it back up since traveling last week, so maybe we can motivate each other to start again! XD Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Good luck with all the adulting and going back to school and, you know, everything. <3