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  1. Yeah I've never climbed outdoors, and it's been like twenty years since I did any indoors. However, I have such good memories of the experience, I want to join a gym by me in Concord. I have a hard time doing actual exercise, something like climbing can fool me into exercising with a fun activity.
  2. Square Zero, Ver 2.0 I have changed enough up since day 1 that I want to make a new post to refer back to. Streamlined and up to speed with my current situation. Morning Routine: Designed to get my body back to where I could and should be, also helping beat back depression (by having a routine in general and eating a big healthy meal to start the day) Get up by 4am Weigh in and record Meditate Stretches Breakfast Shower, dressed, and ready for the day Scout!: Go out and cover ground every day
  3. Yeah, you're right it was really weighing on me. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now, once these jobs all get going I'll be very busy but making ends meet. I'm a workaholic, I can do very busy. I just have to be very disciplined in time management and lately that has been lacking. I also realized my therapist is like a mile the other direction...so it's kinda dumb I've been burning gas to get over to talk to her once a week. I'm going to get back into bicycling, I dunno why I fell off (the wagon not the bike...I mean the wagon of biking...nm...) I just looked
  4. Replace cola with hot tea or coffee? Do you go to thr climbing gym?
  5. Where do you live sloth? Out here in norcal i feel you can bicycle all year
  6. Meal prep is the way to go, and swimming is a great workout. I'll stay along for the ride.
  7. I got up and walked a mile today. I didn't do anything, I just left in pajamas and sandals with my older boy in his stroller. We stayed on the street and went up and down a few houses until we accumulated a mile. I'm going to switch my goal from time to milage based only because that's what Samsung health is based on, and that's how I'm tracking my calories. I'm going to set this week at 1 mile, and add half a mile per week. I'm going to strip down the morning routine, and focus on waking to the alarm, breakfast, and shower. Everything else can come later, in the day
  8. Yeah Doug that's pretty much where my head's at too. I'm got up early and it feels good at this point of the day. Although I'm not doing my whole routine first thing in the morning, yet. I'm going to work towards that. I got the scribe job! I'll have a 44 hour work week, and tutoring on the weekend. I took a picture of the belt, and counted holes and marked it with my USB cable. I'm on the 6th hole, 48" waist. I think i should be 36" in fighting shape.
  9. I think I'm gonna do Turkish getups eventually. I might start without weight just to get my body used to it
  10. I feel you on the ThxGiving thing. As an introvert it's a hard day for me too. And it's like antithetical to our diets and life styles huh.
  11. Halfway or so through this week, and it's going so-so...on par to be like last week. I want to see improvement...so, I did buy a couple things to help inspire me. A big belt, 50" waist, and I am currently a 48". That's depressing, when I was in good shape I was ~36" (probably could've done 34" but I like stuff a touch baggy). This belt has holes all the way down to the bottom of the belt, so I can use it as a visual reference when my waist shrinks. Maybe I'll post pictures when I go down a notch on the belt or something. 10lb kettle bell. When I was in my best shape I did kettle
  12. I got a KB to get back into it b/c you're doing so well with them sloth. I used to swing a 40lb'er, now I'm down to a 10lb bell to make sure I don't reinjure my old creaky selff
  13. So i want to check in more regularly. Anyhow... Up to my alarm 3/7 Stretching, 3/7 Walking 3/7 Working on job stuff 5/7 I got a part time tutoring center gig, 20 hr/ week in addition to another free lance tutoring organization for unknown hours. And just got a lead on being a virtual assistant to a radiology group. The hospital hasn't responded to my inquiries as to my return to work but there's mi love lost there. Bad news, I've got a new high weight. 244lbs this morning. I have GOT to figure this out.
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