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    Well this is the nth reboot I've had here and for my fitness in general, but the first New Years Resolution I've ever done. I've talked about my overarching plan and my background in a Respawn Point thread here: I'm lifting these goals from my mostly abandoned last challenge: Habitica: Use for my daily routine stuff, complete tasks consistently enough so as to level up without potions or healing magic. C25K: I've put this goal on the docket and dropped it many a time. I've never been able to run a 5k before so this is a long time goal. It's 9 weeks so it will extend over into the next challenge. Meditate E'ry Morning: I want to sit for 5 minutes every morning before I do very much with my day and feel cluttered or too busy. Begin weekly meditation classes Jan 17th. Study Maths: via Khan Academy before clsasses start. Then hit new class like a champ, attempt homework before lecture.