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  1. jedi_mind

    jedi_mind heals part ii

    Me and the older boy played ball hockey for about an hour straight until we're both drenched in sweat. Now he won't go anywhere without his Sharks stick. Now we're about top do our family walk together, and we're gonna bring the mini bmx for thr big boy to ride around on. Until he finally is tired enough for a nap. Feeling a lot better already. One day at a time. Thanks again nerd fitness.
  2. jedi_mind

    jedi_mind heals part ii

    Thank you Xena. My cert lapsed shop I'm not teching for a few weeks and i quit three scribe gig because the training process was taking 5× months and i couldn't keep the schedule open for $12 / hr. So my schedule is in my own hands, I'm doordashing a ton. So with that in mind I'm hitting it for Monday like you said. I got up at 4 but laid around until 0530 =( I did stretch just now and it feels great. My wife and i are gonna walk the kids later, hopefully. It is hard to get her on board because we're so busy with the kids. But again thanks for the pep talk. I wanna finish strong.
  3. jedi_mind

    jedi_mind heals part ii

    Ok i disappeared on account of having a kid and all. Things are falling into a routine now, so I want to tackle a lot of the habits and goals I fell short on last time. Diet & Exercise Meal Prep (Burrito Bowl Diet) I was so/so on this last time. By burrito bowl I mean a healthy bowl of beans, rice, chicken breast and salsa. Or something equally healthy, but prepped out to ensure I eat it consistently. Physical Therapy I was bad about this after the first couple weeks. I put reference pictures here so I remember to return to the forum. Mileage Walk or Bicycle for a total of 6 hours per week. I wasn't great about this. I'm looking at buying a kid trailer to tow my boys in, making this double as family time. Finances Budget Stay within our allotted budgets on Mint, track spending accurately. Earn Work enough door dash to ensure we stay in the black.