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  1. Allo, Been awhile since I've posted here, I won't get into that here though. What I'm looking to find is if there's anyone else in the Rebellion who is Paleo but also has a J-Pouch? I'm about 2 months post-op from getting my pouch fully up and running and part of the post-op recovery was to focus on mainly white grains to help with the process. Now that I'm nearing 8 weeks post-op, I've been wanting to get back into a Paleo focus. There are a few restrictions so far: no raw fruits or veggies yet (haven't agreed with me too much at this point) and certain veggies so far are a no go for me,
  2. Pretty much. I'm eating plus the shake is only water plus the powder. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't too much to do at once is all so thanks for the answers
  3. So, recently I've started level 2 of the Rebel Fitness Guide and also just purchased some protein powder. Currently, I weigh about 230 and am still looking to lose more as well. As post workout, I mix 1 scoop of the powder into 150ml of water, shake it, drink it up then proceed to cook a meal since I workout about 11am and don't eat until noon so that I can finish my workout then cook then eat. I usually have 3 scrambled eggs along with peeled carrots, mini tomatoes, a chunk of cucumber and a banana. My question is: with doing the protein powder post workout, is what I'm eating too much with
  4. It's exactly about the mountains! Specially only being 90mins away from Banff...makes me a sad panda. Also, nice Troy quote haha
  5. Totally have this bookmarked for the next time I get groceries
  6. Easy as it is to say but hard as it is to do, if your boyfriend isn't hopping on immediately, you have to find a way to put on the blinders and stick to it. I'm sure within a short amount of time, he'll see the difference in you and possibly will be looking to change himself and that you'd already have x amount of time put forward with the healthy eating, that you can guide him through You can do it
  7. Great job on taking the steps needed to get healthier for yourself I've personally never had an issue cooking but also I found 2-3 meals that I love cooking constantly and I still haven't been able to give up Sriracha sauce on my beef and chicken just yet, even though I've been eatly mostly Paleo for about 8 months now. It's just a matter of finding meals that you like to eat and like to cook and sticking with them, then try and mixxing it up for a little variety Also, used to live in SW Calgary myself and I really do miss it some days...
  8. As a former creeper myself, congrats on making an intro and definitely keep up the awesome work I don't say too much but support goes all around
  9. Halifax here as well. I've been into Paleo myself but have been doing the cheap route aka going to Sobeys for what I need But what Pyth said makes me want to look into different options for myself once in awhile and I live really close to Pier 21 so no excuses now
  10. Soleil: you don't say? Nothing wrong with obsessing over the right things, like Clone Wars haha Athena: That's kind of the way Garth Ennis goes, which is why I read pretty much anything by him. Preacher, his run for Punisher on Marvel Knights and Marvel Maxx, when he took over on Hellblazer...I could go on haha. Pretty much my only exercise I get now is my 20 min walk to work. I've been aiming on getting it lower and lower each week cause I walk there about 4 days a week. I know it's not a lot but it's a start. Shoobie: Thanks! Laureleye: Yea, i used to go to the gym when I was younger and en
  11. Thanks Kervalyn and Looseid, appreciate the words. Also, Soleil, really dig the Clone Wars avatar. Such an awesome show and this season is gonna be amazing!
  12. Allo everyone. So, I stumbled onto this site about 5 months ago by reading Tucker Max's new book Hilarity Ensues. He mentioned to this one girl he was talking to about this thing called "Paleo" and went into brief detail in the book. I googled more on him and Paleo and found out what he was talking about so I decided to do further investigation into it since the concept of Paleo eating appealed to me. One of the first sites I encountered was Nerd Fitness and I haven't looked back since that time. When I started doing eating the Paleo way, I was about 310lbs, working as tech support in a call c
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