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  1. I can probably find a place or two to take you, that you might enjoy. ;-) Also, this place I'm living has a great kitchen for dancing! Just sayin'!! Also, I've been missing our no sweets pact from last summer. You make things easier.
  2. Yikes, no update in how long?! Actually this challenge is going really well. What's been difficult is finding time to do ANYTHING at all on the internets. I'm still settling into my work schedule and life has gotten much more relaxed. I don't have time for the internets at work anymore and I spend my "free" time commuting. Sorry for the abandonment, but when I get home I just want to exercise, eat, read books, have a beer and hang. Well, actually I'm a little bored with these goals, I've done this before. Also, 4th of July backpacking at Ross Lake was fantastic! Winning!!
  3. The monster defies expectations. I've done a PLP before. It's good to have a visual check list where you can tick off days in a row you complete it. Also, it's more conducive when you have a fixed schedule SHE thinks she is a princess. Man, when she thinks her life is hard (eveyday) she has NO qualms about telling you how hard it is for her. BOOM!! Real pushups! It hurts my dog's feelings when I use her crate. She mopes next to me when I'm blocking it. Great Danes: apparently not completely useless Sup? This challenge is starting out a little rough. I think it's entirely do to no set schedule for me yet and my masochistic commute. I'm training (for like the rest of the summer) at a paper mill that is 2:15h away in the morning and a solid 3h in the evening. However, I think I'll be more settled next week and should have more control over my schedule. I read 3/4 of Ghost Spin before I started work and am now listening to the Final Empire on audio book. Both fantastic stories that deserve more time and brain power than I'm giving them.
  4. Yeah, that happened last weekend. The monster fell asleep ON the rock. Like, a 20min nap asleep.
  5. Live It Up Main Quest Status: Complete. WA achieved. What's next for exjamieus? Remember what life was like when I wasn't job hunting 20h/week. Back in my motherland. Starting new job June 9. Been camping EVERY weekend I've been back. Welcome to what I call Saturday. Main Quest: Begin new life Fitness Goals: 1. PLP - Pull ups - Lunges - Push ups. Only I can't do that many pull ups so I do inverted body weight rows in my dog's crate. 2. 5 min handstand challenge. Fell off the bandwagon here during my crosscountry move/road trip. Was rather enjoying it would like to start again. 3. ????? Not sure I'm willing to assign a 3rd goal right now. Part of me wants to say new gym, but that'll come on it's own probably. I've also been toying with 5 min plank goal. I might throw that in. We'll see how my first week at work goes. It's going to feel great when I settle down enough to lift. I'm really really looking forward to that. I have no idea when I'll get there, but goddamnit I miss that barbell. Life Goals: Remember how to play. What was free time used for before I used it all plotting my eventual return to the Best Coast? Also I'm now a "traveling salesman" for industrial water treatment. When I quit my job my company scrambled and created a position for me out here in WA. Course, when I found out about it I was in Northern Wyoming with no reception and told them "I'll call you back when I'm in Washington already" (eff you I quitted!!). Turns out they had created my dream job. Feeling much like Cinderella. Only the Cinderella who made it happen not the one who waited idly around for some jackass prince. Very excited to start tomorrow. Turns out, I'm not cut out to be domestic, I haven't escaped ennui. yikes!!
  6. I am struggling to stay on top of this challenge! With the exception of running (which doubles as dog stuff) I'm pretty hit or miss what I do each day. And today I won't do a damn thing because it's my work HH. WAY too many distractions from moving and interviewing. T minus 2.5 work days left!!!! I'm spending my last hours at work productively building my play list for the drive, drafting my email updates (one for each day and one for each state) and compiling the email list. My boss gave me 900gb of music and another good buddy gave me 175gb. How, exactly, do they expect me to process that much information? But still, she with the most music wins, no? I'm winning. Most definitely.
  7. The Saturday practice pack was a success. Turns out I can fit 2x more stuff in the roof bag than anticipated. My friends fed me an obscene amount of food and much beer this weepy eyed weekend. After the practice pack the monster and I went to a housewarming/goodbye bbq where everything was in my honor. The hamburgers the size of my head, the sausage dropped on the ground, Ernie #1 winning at Love Letter, the absurdly smoky bonfire. Sunday I gave up all my little side project bottles and roasted nuts and seeds as "Jamie's bouncing" gifts my last little project in DE. I think my friend's Sunday FB update sums up the weekend well "Today I learned why they sell beer in 750 mL bottles, because you have friends you don't spend enough time with and your local craft brewers are trying to give you a hint." Honestly I won't be surprised if I don't eat again until Wednesday, however I must eat Wednesday because that's my work happy hour and my boss has the publicly proclaimed goal of getting me shitty and pouring me in a taxi. He's driving me to work that day and "forcing" me to start day drinking at 3pm. OH. God. Somebody PLEASE make sure I get dinner. I was not very successful on the exercise front but got back on track this morning. Drove up to REI last week to make a return. It's ~ 1h away. The monster felt I was making her life hard and boring on purpose. I said "oh, puppy you have no idea what's coming"
  8. ooooo! By length of rope you meant dog leashes! Gainsdalf the Wise!!
  9. I realized yesterday that despite choosing body weight exercises I'm not sure how to do inverted body weight rows on my road trip. I've been trying to figure out a way to use my car, but as it's going to be full of my possessions not sure how that'll work. Maybe the driver's side door? put my hands on the frame with the door open? It might not be quite right but will satisfy due diligence. hmmm
  10. Children's shin guard? the soft socky kind? Or maybe an athletic tape / duct tape barrier over the socks. These are the kinds of puzzles I spend too much of my time pondering.
  11. At first I thought those baby slots were cute. Then all I could see were the creepy internet memes they would grow up to be. Also, I like that you post duration of your workouts. Helps me gauge and predict mine. Thanks!
  12. Just wanted to point out the obvious: Moving is a lot easier when you just give away all your stuff before you move. Also, if you die there will never be another handshake in this wold. Ever. Most people won't know why, but they'll feel it. A few of us will sit reminisce and talk about those we used to greet with handshakes. The youngins won't understand why we're so nostalgic for the past.
  13. YAY!! Cute puppy pic! I have a sneaking suspicion that Lyra would have found some energy in reserve if this little monster had shown up to play with her. Well one must upon occasion risk certain death to make gains. It used to hurt my monster's feelings when I'd use her crate but she is getting used to it.
  14. Flickr changed the way they do things so I'm not sure how to copy the photo and paste it here. Can't take the time to figure it out this morning so here is a link to the photo. https://www.flickr.com/photos/64391946@N04/13940804536/in/photostream/ The monster is in the crate behind me, it's not a great photo. I made her run with me yesterday, she had a good 25min in her, we turned around at 30 and I dragged her back. Like I had to praise and cheer her on the whole. Lazy monster!
  15. I shudder to think that the mind which created this share the same earth as me.
  16. Not sure how this didn't get muliquoted above. You know what's crazy? I've never lived in WA as a adult. I learned to drink in MN, so I'll be discovering all those yummy microbrews for the first time. exjamieus' Good Fight Goes into the West Hello Assassins! I'm taking leave from the Warrior's for this challenge. Main Quest: Be in Bitchin Shape for Washington Fitness Goals PLP Challenge BOOM!! I got a doozy of a cold in March and had to find things to do that didn't involve coughing and sneezing all over the gym. This fit the bill. I don't do pull ups, I do reverse bodyweight rows in my dog's crate. I'm pretty happy with this, with the exception of this weekend I've done an excellent job of sticking to it %100. I think having a little calendar to cross of days helps. Handstand challenge I've been pretty diligent thus far, made it two weeks! Again, killing it! I think I'm in good shape to keep the habit up over the road trip. Run like it's Broad Street This should have been one of the last things my bestie and I did together before I bounced. But plans changed and I'm leaving early. No reason not to train for it though. The monster is getting much better at running on the leash. Probably because I replaced the 2' leash I lost in the snow this winter. 2' is just the perfect length. I'd like to step up my running because it feels good, but I'm not sure I have the mental capacity to do that seriously, interview prep, job hunt and move. Life Goal I'm moving back without a job. Stress management and separating "happiness from satisfied" are the important focuses for me this challenge. I'm remarkably chill. I credit the huge welcome committee waiting for me in WA and the unanimous support here. With the exception of the big boss who shit herself, my co-workers are beyond positive about my leaving....Which has me wondering...... I also did the side challenge as it's not to far out of my way....but didn't log anything. Facepalm.
  17. I don't always use my own signature, but when I do, it's more trouble than it's worth. I'm actually kinda bummed to be missing it. My best friend and roomie is accusing me of moving to avoid the run! The monster and I have been training for it. By which I mean I've been dragging her ass out and about. She doesn't have more than 3.12 miles in her either. Lazy pup. Future beer buddies? Yes please. I'll just post a pic, of me, the crate and the monster. It'll make more sense. Yay!! Spitting beer buddies!! This caused my PTSD to surface. No matter what happens, or how mad at each other we get, it'll never be anything that a virtual beer can't fix. Except our fear of sloths. That will never change. Life Update. I did some serious training for life out in WA and made significant progress............GODFUCKINGDAMNITALLTOHECK Chairohkey that sloth is stalking me as I type this. As I was saying, I think by the time I leave the ECoast (In less than two weeks baby!) my liver will be in peak performance and I'll be able to rock the summer. And I got rid of ALL my shit Saturday. Notable things learned from the weekend: A) Day drinking will lead to bed at 7pm on a Friday if all you eat is 1.) home made veggie juice, 2) homemade kimchee, 3) homemade kombucha 4.) roasted carrots and 5.) the rest of the london broil. Couple that will all of the IPAs on tap and co-workers dropping by. Yeah, 7pm on a Friday. Course I woke up at 5am... Getting rid of all your things does feel pretty good, but it's ok to do it in steps. I SLOWLY got rid of my books and cds and useful gadgets, so by the time Saturday came getting rid of everything was actually pretty easy. C) I don't think I'll consider the U my adopted team when I'm back in Seattle. D) It's fun to dress up and not look like a slob once in a while, but when I do dress up I look like I was a slob 5 minutes ago. Saturday was cool. Friday at lunch I was describing the epic good will run and a co-worker said "Don't do that, I know someone who just moved here from Peurto Rico and needs everything. I'll show up with a truck." Her crew came and took everything I was getting rid up, including things they didn't want. I don't even have a good will run anymore. How cool of a connection was that? It's an incredible feeling. I'm down to my embarrassing amount of clothes, my adventure gear, kitchen stuff, scrap books and a few books. Course this means I've lost my futon forever and am sleeping on my roommate's $15 mattress she bought off craigslist in college. It also means the bed is a lot lower to the ground now that it's not stacked two high and the monster sleeps on it when I'm gone. After all my stuff was gone it was time to go tailgate the Union. It was a bit windy but otherwise a wonderful way to spend my last Saturday with my best friend (I'm not moving next weekend, but she's outta town :-( ) I'm going to miss the shit outta this girl, countless hours of drinking, dancing plus working together plus Monday lunches (today's our last one), it was her idea to rent her other room still I saved up enough money to move, and when I was struggling with my job search she'd help me see the big goal and get my ass back in gear. Which is a long ass way of saying she kept me wasted all weekend. After the game she dragged my ass outta bed so her and her boy could take me out to bar. Which was awesome but goddamn! Sunday may have begun with a breakfast beer. I actually remember, I'm simply not saying one way or the other. Then it was play time with monster before we went to a third friend's family Easter. On the way to Easter we stopped for a glass of wine and reminisced, about DE, our lives, Chicago, work, boys, careers and who is going to make VP first. (It'll be her dangit!) Easter dinner was fantastic. If you can't have your own family, find another no? We were adopted by this huge Italian family who claims to belong to the "church of Jesus told me to eat carbs." I have post carboload DOMS <--- that is a real thing. Then I tried to you know organize the mess that used to be my laundry (got rid of all dressers/containers/laundry baskets) and Jenny accused me of failing to drink with her like I promised. So we watched some TV together........for the first and last time. Her TV is really only for football. We watched some shows about suburban families and felt utterly depressed about our futures.
  18. It's almost not as scary as it could be, as there are no sloths in my jogging story. OK, hit "save changes" on my signature setting, so maybe Gainsdalf will be able to sub. Or maybe not. Edit: NOT here's the link. F-You technology http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/47089-exjamieus-good-fight-goes-into-the-west/#entry986944
  19. I have sloth nightmares too. Actually, you should go read my jogging story from yesterday. You'll get a chuckle. Scary for me, funny for you. link's in my sig.
  20. Ah, yes. That scary sloth. shudders. I could respond in kind, but then I'd be so very creeped out.
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