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  1. that's still good of you though, to cook anyway and have that food available. too many times I cook food after i've eaten so I have it available, and then eat some of it anyway. good self-control! Hopefully you get this soon, you have been so busy! Self-care is important.
  2. Thursday cals: 1929 (whoo!) I have a confession. I went to jazzercise yesterday. I didn't die. I think I sweated out a good half a pound. This morning I went to barbell club and wasn't fully recovered so that was akin to torture. Squats took me a good thirty minutes. And it was 5 sets of squats. So much work. Then I had bench press and trap bar deadlift. I ran out of time to do anything else before I had to leave for work. I'm supposed to be going up north this weekend but Mr T is not feeling well, so we'll see. I might still go by myself as a self-care weekend and not waste the rental money.
  3. right?! thank you for agreeing with my choice. I guess I could give it a whirl!
  4. DAMN SON I wonder if you have reflected lately on how far you have come in your #fitlyfe in the last year? Have you gave yourself a pat on the back recently?
  5. the older we get I feel the more weird things we learn about our cycle... for instance, I have determined I get ridiculously constipated the week before my period. WHY AM I LIKE THIS. bodies, i tell you. I hope you feel better soon!!!
  6. oh man what a nightmare of a travel situation. nothing gives me more anxiety than airports. pro points for keeping your food reasonable while all of that was going on. also double pro points for being wise to take home extra rice and beans. who doesn't need free rice and beans now, really. thank you for reminding me I need to get back into my hiking habit... one of these weekends....
  7. GROSS unless it's a tuna sandwich, then I'm all about that life. Wednesday cals: 2155 I worked out in the morning because I was going to have a long day. I did all my lifts except step-ups, but I did do my goblet squats. Because my legs were still sore from Mondays split squats, followed by 20 min of elliptical. Calories were high because I TOOK A SOURDOUGH CLASS. And it was delicious and amazing and how could I not. I should not have, but I did eat some dang on pile of ding dang tasty bread. I have my starter now and shits about to get real. Things I want in my life: sourdough bread, sourdough cinnamon rolls, sourdough pizza, sourdough friends. That kept me out late so I couldn't do morning cardio this morning before my 7:45 am dr. appt. So I have brought my stuff to work to do cardio in the evening. Plan: Thursday: post work cardio Friday: AM BB Club Weekend: traveling Monday: late evening workout (unless for some crazy weekend we get back early on Monday and I'm all jazzed up to lift)
  8. PRAISE BE! I think it's adorable that she likes going to the gym daycare area, that totally works out for you. Lucky! The more workout time the merrier.
  9. This is the epitome of a perfect fall morning/day. Why can't it feel like this season all year round?????? bacon, eggs, apricot spread, pumpkin bars.... surely the most heavenly season.
  10. I think ya got time unless the wedding is in the next month. We planned ours in 3 months. There is always a place somewhere with space. You'll be awesome. It will be awesome!
  11. If Oprah says it, then it must be true. Okay I think I got my shit back in order. Tuesday cals: 2155 Last night was Tai Chi, I lifted this morning because I have to work late. AND THEN I'm going to do a sourdough baking class, which I wish I wouldn't have signed up for because $ and time, but here we are. I'm still excited though. Dinner yesterday was crockpot chicken beans and green chile type stuff, eaten with sour cream and tortilla chips. But I have earlier in the week leftovers of chicken, veg, barley to finish up for lunch today. I'm going to make fish on Friday and might try making that a thing. I don't want it to be leftovers for work because #microwavesmells but I like that it's low cal and good for you. Planning: Thursday: Cardio AM, water aerobics PM Friday: barbell club AM
  12. I'm not dead. Just very busy. I did miss two workouts (general fatigue with a touch of laziness) but I made it to the last two - swimming last night and BB club this morning. I plan to be back on regular updates starting Monday.
  13. I didn't do well yesterday but I'm tracking all my calories today. HOWEVER, I've got that horrible pre-period constipation where I can't tell if I'm eating too much or just haven't pooped in two days. Also, a sickness is going around work so I've given myself permission just to be nice to myself and get some rest, so I didn't do laundry last night. Tonight I"m getting groceries and going to tai chi. I feel tired and more tired. Tomorrow will be lifting and laundry. But I'm not feeling fabulous so I may just take the day off and catch up on laundry and do reading for work. I'm not full on sick yet but I feel it creepin' on me. I almost forgot! ETA to add your italian for the day. Apparently they have a whole series of hand gestures that mean specific things, so if you get bored at work... Also the one for "are you afraid" is literally like your butt muscles squeezing when you are scared so apparently you are only supposed to use that one with friends...
  14. glad you like them! helps me help myself while entertaining others!
  15. it could be if you were one of those people who ate their hummus with a pool of olive oil on top...
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