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  1. Jord

    Grumble Suffers in the Marathon Game.

    WOOO! you may be a runner but that's a nice warrior-esque celebration.
  2. Jord

    CM and the Veritable Smorgasbords

    yeah but fall though, so excited for this weather! Today is the last day of 80 degrees.
  3. Jord

    Jord - tackles inertia

    Thursday: 2154 But water aerobics kicked my ASS, so I'm okay with it. My new water aerobics class (this was week 2) is deep water aerobics and they don't mess around. It's a good 30 min of solid swimming followed by strength and abs work. My abs are always killed by the end. HOWEVER, dealing with changing out of the swimsuit and showering etc is kind of a pain in my ass. I discovered the jazzercise near me has 5:30 am classes every day. So after water aerobics ends in late November I'm going to switch to that. It's closer, before work, and most importantly doesn't involve wet clothing. I kind of would rather just switch to that now, but I'm pretty out of shape, so at least all the work I'm doing now will get me better prepared for fit latte moms. Italian phrase of the day: fratelli = brothers. So in the movie The Goonies, the Fratelli brothers were literally the Brothers brothers.
  4. Jord

    ixaera keeps on going~

    lol, you know, as saints do I think about doing this constantly and then just get lazy and cheap out...
  5. Jord

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    I've been having a crazy week and didn't realize how behind I was on your BL! I think KNOWING that salt and training and BMs affect weight is half the battle. Most people don't even get that and panic about the day to day fluctuations. So you are already way ahead of the curve. Also, how much will regulating sodium affect your happiness? I.E. if a more consistent scale number isn't worth it, is it worth the effort to monitor sodium?
  6. Jord

    Jord - tackles inertia

    So much to do, so little time. Tuesday cals: 1800 Wednesday cals: 1964 This is long because it's two days of updates and Italian notes: I've been so constipated and bloated I haven't been able to eat as much. But my weight is still up from those two things. This morning it finally seemed like it's coming back down. I was so full yesterday I didn't really even it dinner, just had PB stuffed pretzels and some vodka bubblies. I've figured out that I get real constipated the week before my period, so I need to figure out a fiber plan for next month. Tuesday's tai chi was fun, he finally played music while we practiced. Last night I went to BB club. It's starting to feel like my squat skills are returning and the weight isn't a TOTAL joke. I'm still going gangbusters with duolingo. Today I looked up some podcasts for learning some italian so i can do it when I'm on the cardio machine. To sum up so far I'm doing... 1) duolingo on the website/app 2) slowly working through the Living Language books and CDs so I can listen on my drive home. I've discovered I can't do it when I'm driving in the morning when it's dark out because I need to concentrate on driving. So I just try to do 10-15 min a day on the way home. Maybe I'll consider sometimes going on the gym on the weekend just to do the seated bike and read the book rather than in my armchair at home? 3) starting podcasts for while on the elliptical. Schedule notes:
  7. Jord

    Jord - tackles inertia

    It was all going really quite well until last night. well, at least the exercise is going well... Monday: unknown quantity of calories at my work's symposium with a plethora of bite sized food stuffs and some kind of punch working on course correcting today. tonight is tai chi! legs are sore from Sunday's split squats, so I'm glad it's not a lifting day. also Mr T would like to do cardio tomorrow evening, so I'm going to try to leave work a touch early so I can get to the gym early and back to do cardio with him after that.
  8. Jord

    Jord - tackles inertia

    I think that this is a reference that I'm supposed to know but I don't...
  9. Jord

    ixaera keeps on going~

  10. Jord

    Jord - tackles inertia

    I thought I replied, but I guess not! Updates below! All weekend calories Fri-Sun are radical guesses. But I did my best to try to stay at maintenance and when in doubt only eat until pleasantly full and not stuffed. Friday: work party: 2337 Saturday: wedding crafting pizza & beer: 2236 Sunday: movies & brunch, 1769 (I had salad for lunch and just in general was feeling full and maybe constipated) I did not do cardio on Saturday but I was busy all day. Sunday I DID not want to go to the gym, but managed to drag myself there at 7:30 pm. OF COURSE I was glad I went and I'm trying to channel those feels more and more, the feels where I know I'll be glad I worked out so just do the thing. On Sunday I saw the new Predator movie and I LURVED it. It is more of an action horror comedy, so I can see why maybe some people didn't love it if they wanted it to be more serious and gritty like the original. It does make me want to go back and rewatch old ones anyway. Also I saw the preview for a movie called Overlord coming out November 9, if you like action sci-fi like me, I highly recommend watching the trailer.
  11. Jord

    Mike Wazowski: the SHeL thief

    great, now I want to learn Scandanavian after I learn Italian.
  12. What he said, or adapt and set new goals. An injury isn't failure. What other things do you want to accomplish? That don't involve your adductor.
  13. Jord

    Mike Wazowski: the SHeL thief

    So..... you aren't just going to tell us?
  14. Jord

    The Mead Hall: The Warrior Water Cooler

    I don't need them but now I want them.