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  1. Mike Wazowski: Challenge Content TBD

    Not to side bar, but it was more so just learning basic ballroom dance moves and how to use them to move around the room. The only "bonus" was teaching us a finishing move so we didn't just stop randomly. That's how uncoordinated I am.
  2. Emerald_Dragonfly doesn't buy candy.

    hahahhaha this is b-movie terrifying I love it and I need to know from whence it came.
  3. Taddea Zhaan: planking, not just for ships

    What needs to happen is you meet me in San Diego and we weekend nerd meet-up in Tijuana.
  4. Taddea Zhaan: planking, not just for ships

    I wish I could drop on the west coast. Pennsic War in PA. Next year my work conference will be in San Diego?
  5. Mike Wazowski: Challenge Content TBD

    I can't dance at all, three left feet! Does sound like your teacher was a flop. But yea, two 30 min sessions is no. I think we had 8 or 9 one hour sessions and that was just to teach us a first dance to a song we picked out.
  6. Mike Wazowski: Challenge Content TBD

    I was thinking of it more like a one time thing when he first starts up. But you make some very valid points!
  7. Mike Wazowski: Challenge Content TBD

    When it gets to that point I also suggest Groupon. That was the second place I looked when we decided to get lessons for our wedding. It's a good way to get people in the door. We totally did end up buying more lessons than were in the Groupon. I'm super excited for you!!!
  8. Chimichanga is a pretty princess.

    I absolutely love this as a rule for cutting back on the booze and I might have to steal it, especially while I'm cutting weight. #solidarity
  9. CM keeps it simple, keeps it safe

    Oh man, I never win anything! I should try entering stuff more often, lol. I think you gotta be able to do go out and do stuff like this even if it throws your exercise schedule off. Totally worth it!
  10. Taddea Zhaan: planking, not just for ships

    NEW DEVELOPMENTS. There was like a 50/50 chance I was gonna have surgery and now the doctors decided no, at least for now. But signs are looking good. So yesterday my coach's immediate reaction was "now we gotta get you signed up for a meet" >_>. I'm tentatively looking at April. And while this summer I was in the weight class I wanted to be in, I'm now 9# above that. So I'm adding daily calorie reports to this challenge. No judgement, no goal, just deposit the calorie count here, whether it is 1900 or 3000. For reference, my maintenance is around 2300. P.S. Did 20 min of cardio yesterday and added to my camping tracking. Also did planks at the gym, so today will be my first day of having to remember to do them at home. I might have to try out some of these ideas as a transition to legit side planks as I can only do a side plank for about 10 seconds at a time. (Up from like 5 seconds, ugh). This cat is possibly better at planking than I am. FB me pics or it didn't happen. You are either going to be sorely disappointed about what this camping trip is or extremely excited. Mr T and I participate in some medieval groups and we are going to the big week long camping thing next year, about 12,000 people attend, so a small village/city pops up in the middle of a giant campground every summer for two weeks (but we'll only go to one).
  11. JustCallMeAmber visits Halloween Town

    No frog's breath in your recipes? Where is your sense of adventure?
  12. Taddea Zhaan - tackles inertia

    Wednesday BB Club Deadlift Set 1: 135 lb × 4 Set 2: 165 lb × 1 Set 3: 180 lb × 1 Set 4: 180 lb × 1 Set 5: 180 lb × 1 Set 6: 180 lb × 1 Bench Press Set 1: 60 lb × 8 Set 2: 60 lb × 8 Set 3: 60 lb × 8 This was supposed to be incline DB but my left front delt is still bothering me. I want to be fresher for 1RM test on Monday. I may avoided all incline/OHP for a whole cycle after this. Horse Stance Bent Over Row (Dumbbell) Set 1: 30 lb × 6 Set 2: 30 lb × 6 Set 3: 30 lb × 6 Set 4: 30 lb × 6 Posterior Sliding Lunges Set 1: 15 lb × 8 Set 2: 15 lb × 8 High Tension Planks Set 1: 14 sec Set 2: 14 sec Set 3: 14 sec Elliptical Set 1: 20 min
  13. ixaera trains the breadlift~

    don't die, that's an order warrior hells to the yeah!
  14. Emerald_Dragonfly doesn't buy candy.

  15. Taddea Zhaan - tackles inertia

    Weight was at least back to 195 this morning. I'll increase water intake and try to get that back to a reasonable number. Monday BB Club Squat Set 1: 75 lb × 5 Set 2: 100 lb × 2 Set 3: 125 lb × 1 Set 4: 125 lb × 1 Set 5: 125 lb × 1 Set 6: 125 lb × 1 I'm really excited that squats are improving. PR is currently 140 and I'm sure I'll get a new PR on Monday coming up here for testing day. Bench Press Set 1: 45 lb × 8 Set 2: 65 lb × 4 Set 3: 80 lb × 1 Set 4: 80 lb × 1 Set 5: 80 lb × 1 Set 6: 80 lb × 1 Set 7: 80 lb × 1 Eccentric Slider Leg Curl Set 1: 12 reps Set 2: 12 reps Set 3: 12 reps Suitcase Carry Set 1: 57 lb × 1 Set 2: 57 lb × 1 Set 3: 57 lb × 1 Notes: 40 yrds per rep per side. Wore my belt for these for the first time. With my hernia I realized that carrying around 60# it was probably time to use it for KB carries. I think it helped a little but I also picked up the speed and that helped too. Split Squat Set 1: 15 lb × 6 Set 2: 15 lb × 6 Set 3: 15 lb × 6 Tricep Push down Set 1: 20 lb × 4 Set 2: 20 lb × 4 Set 3: 20 lb × 4 Repeated this from last week. 15# is too light, but 20# is too heavy so just making slow increases until I can get up to doing 8-10 reps.