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  1. pffft, that's not even silly at all. But I do like the name when I was first recovering and had no strength I HAD to use the log roll to sit up in bed at all, because I had zero abdominal (or abs because they were not connected for a while there) strength. So I would roll to one side and then use my arms to push myself into a seated position. BOOM. cheatin' the system.
  2. seriously! @Deciduous my totally unprofessional opinion is that you have some pretty long femurs. you can see at the bottom of your squat that if you had a barbell on your back it would be basically behind your foot entirely. In order to get it over your midfoot you need to lean a lot more forward than you do in the bodyweight squat. so in this case being a human taco is not the worst thing, otherwise the barbell would fall off your backside! you have great ankle flexibility, so you have 1,000x more advantage than a lot of folks. I think it will be one of those things that once you build up the baseline strength you'll skyrocket. What does your coach think? This is a case where I think the eye of an experienced coach would be useful. Do you do low bar or high bar squat? And have you filmed yourself with the barbell from the side? I learned A LOT from doing that.
  3. That's not okay at all. Do you take a pre-workout? Could be something in that, or could be low blood sugar. Has this ever happened before? I know there is also the valsalva maneuver. Not sure how much you hold your breath on the way up.
  4. That sounds so miserable. And I thought it was bad that I had to drive in to campus and take a bus the rest of the way in to work. That is even worse! Even more props to you for getting in your workouts with that going on. Do you know when the stops will open back up? Also, if barbell club has taught me anything, it's the skill to ask to work in with folks and share the rack. It's very scary at first but then after that not so bad. And you go to a gym with a close-knit community of lifters, correct?
  5. This is not about bench, but how do you get into bed without bending over? I've had umpteen surgeries so I'm not making fun of you, just trying to correct the picture in my head of you doing a belly flop onto your bed.
  6. This and this https://www.healigo.com/blog/2016/12/14/all-squats-were-not-created-equal
  7. THIS JUST IN. I got my new program for starting next week. I'm no longer squatting 3x week. I'm almost sad, but yet also relieved. AND OHP is making a come back! I have missed being able to talk OHP shop with @Emerald_Dragonfly. Lots of tricep work for meeee. I asked for single arm work and I got A LOT OF IT. You get what you ask for. Who is volunteering to comb my hair for the next 6 weeks? I'm still pretty hungry but I haven't wanted to strangle anyone yet.
  8. Don't you dare steal my human taco concept.
  9. Belts are pretty forgiving, at least mine works very a wide range of sizes. Also, lever vs prong seems to be a thing. I can get tighter with the lever. I had a handmade belt I measured on my setting for ordering a lever belt and if I recomp well I'll probably need to go down to a medium (got a size large strength shop belt) in the next couple of years. That said, still has a very wide range of sizes. I'm crossing my fingers for you!
  10. YEAH, you can't be a block if you are missing pieces. Then you are just swiss cheese.
  11. inquiring minds want the tinga recipe do it. sleep is the magical gainz giver. I like your plan. I do find the extra light to make it harder to WANT to go to bed, but then once I'm on the pillow and trying to fall asleep, I still go to sleep pretty normally.
  12. Captain's Log, Stardate 4.3 Building a Log Cabin: Water: accomplished Fiber: 55g OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I hate to say it but this is a new fiber PR and it wasn't intentional. I'm still doing my C25k tonight. I do have a lot of carbs today so maybe they will hold me together. Calories: 2199 I'm trying a new thing. Normally I am starving the day after i workout so then i eat extra on non-lifting days. So now I'm letting myself eat up 2300 cals on lifting days, and I will see if it helps with hunger the next day. The goal is 2300 on lift days, 2000 on non days. If it doesn't help then I'll just go back to having a general calorie target. Wednesday BB Club Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 5:30 PM Box Squats Set 1: 45 lb × 5 Set 2: 65 lb × 3 Set 3: 85 lb × 1 Set 4: 85 lb × 1 Set 5: 85 lb × 1 Set 6: 85 lb × 1 Bent Over Row (Dumbbell) Set 1: 20 lb × 10 Set 2: 20 lb × 10 Set 3: 20 lb × 10 Hip Thrust (Bands) Set 1: 12 reps Set 2: 12 reps Set 3: 12 reps Notes: new green band Bench Press Set 1: 45 lb × 8 Set 2: 50 lb × 8 Set 3: 50 lb × 8 Set 4: 50 lb × 8 Supinated Band Pull Aparts (superset with step ups) Set 1: 12 reps Set 2: 12 reps Set 3: 12 reps Lateral Step Ups Set 1: 13 lb × 10 Set 2: 13 lb × 10 Set 3: 13 lb × 10 Sled Work (superset with pallof press) Set 1: BW (+90 lb) × 1 Set 2: BW (+90 lb) × 1 I keep forgetting to change this setting to be just a weighted exercise so it stops that stupid BW thing. These were more reverse pulls. Per usual one set is across the turf and back. By the last pass I was moving so slow and my thighs were burning. Do folks include weight of the sled when they track sleds? Pallof Press Set 1: 0 lb × 10 Set 2: 0 lb × 10 Set 3: 0 lb × 10 Notes: yellow sport cord This morning I am sore everywhere. Primarily in the legs. But it was nice to get a full well rounded workout even if arms are still light.
  13. @Mike Wazowski suggested the solution to my program was to stop calling it a Fiber PR. >_> Next time we will go prepared.
  14. Yeah but how fast are the zombies. (my fave zombie chase scene) You are killing your zombie goals! YESSSS.
  15. That's really impressive that you went from only having done 11 miles to doing 22 miles. Even if your knees and your body protested, and maybe wasn't the smartest thing you've ever done, you accomplished it! I understand the food situation. I'm always trying to be frugal, so if I didn't have room I'd eat the canned food too. Although, you know, you don't have to store food only in the kitchen. Do you have a different closet you can put it in?