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  1. Taddea gets off the roller coaster

    i'm excited. especially if it works out then i'll have weeknight cardio I can do in winter when it's too dark to walk/hike outside. I kind of cheated and had a few doritos instead. >_> but not my weakness so I didn't eat 4 tons.
  2. Hiking Goals 2018

    yeah, that absolutely makes sense. 100 degrees is hot hot hot. Even when the high here is above 80 I try to only hike in the early morning. Basically i try not to hike above 80-85 degrees, lol.
  3. CM enters muddy waters

    this seems wise, since body changes vs weight can be totally off. also, i totes gained like 3-4# right before my wedding from last minute stuff happening and I just spanx'd into that thing and everything was fine. slightly tight but i had a fabulous day. with everything wonderful happening I didn't even notice after a few minutes.
  4. Brogo Brings Home the Bacon

    I'm going through these same feels. But struggling to have weight loss be the sole motivating factor. I'm thinking about setting rewards. Obviously it'll be different for each person what reward helps. i'm going to do $1 per day not drinking, starting this week, and then I can use that money to purchase new work tops. Any thoughts on if losing weight is going to be a big enough motivator for you?
  5. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    at first I thought you meant for real. that this was a real thing that exists. "why would lemon suppositories even exist" but then again, maybe they do.
  6. ixaera keeps on going~

  7. Scalyfreak stops playing the game and goes her own way

    the colds going around right now are the worst! my hubby is a walking disaster and had to call into work today. so I totally get not being able to swim/lift. Good thing you've rested! And ice cream is magical.
  8. Taddea gets off the roller coaster

    It's monday time! Saturday: 2310 Sunday: 2662 whoops Saturday morning I went for a 4 mile trek (although the park was mostly flat) with a friend. It was super buggy, so we wagered we burned extra cals swatting our arms around for 4 miles. Then after I went up to farfit because alreadysweatymightaswell finish my weekend lifting. Sunday was house cleaning and I had a couple beers. But my weight dropped overnight because we have no AC and it was 95 degrees, I guess I sweated out my beer. There are POTATO CHIPS in the office, and ruffle ones at that. Which are my #1majorweakness. My goal for today is to pretend they don't exist. NEW THING YA'LL, I start water aerobics on Thursday. thatisall I fully expect to be the youngest person there and I'm totally cool with it. It is a late evening class, so we'll see.
  9. JustCallMeAmber is just going to wing it

  10. Juni0r83 re-evaluates and refocuses

    This is awesome! And not an easy task. I have a system of moving anything completed from my inbox to folders. And I get that same feeling when I can see all my inbox without scrolling. Great job getting that done!
  11. CM enters muddy waters

    THIS and no matter what happens when it is all over you'll be married to your lovely SO! <3
  12. Taddea gets off the roller coaster

    I had a 5 hour morning training. So I definitely drank a lot of water and coffee and carbs. But at least that was better than having to write hungover emails?
  13. Laghail Slinging Books n Gods

    The worst part is, that's not even his pet.