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  1. Sorry if this is old hat info for you! Germination actually greatly depends on the soil temperature. Right now in cool weather (depending on where you are) stuff like lettuce will come up first. Kale isn't on this chart and I don't know how accurate it is, but you will get the idea.
  2. For the record I didn't mean I'm okay with people leaving plates on the bar because it's easy for me to unrack. I meant it's easy for whoever put them on to unrack so they should do it themselves! I know, my wording was poor. And that the only time I'm annoyed at unracking my own plates is when I have to unrack my trap bar. haha.
  3. 4 DAYS? that's it!? that is dumb as hell. For one whole year? You could be sick for four days just from getting a funny look. I use my sick time mainly for appointments, but that seems silly. Unless you guys get a ton of vacation days, but still I think it should be separate. I'm weird and I like to bank my sick days for in case of serious medical emergency. But that is the ONLY circumstance I can think of where I'd justify not using them when you need them. The vast majority of people are not rocketing around the universe on spare parts like I am. And even then if I'm miserable I will take a day or two off because I can't even focus if I'm that miserable, what is the point of coming in?
  4. Remember not so long ago when you were living the veg life? clearly ribs are treating you well and I am mad jealous. For the sake of our food pr0n, never turn back.
  5. Unfortunately my feet are really needy. Maybe if I was lighter it wouldn't be so bad. I have a pair of sporty flats that are pretty cushioned and it's still not enough support to keep my feet from being sore and the bottom of my heels from hurting. I can get away with cute shoes on days I'm mostly at my desk, but these days when I have to walk around 3+ miles I need a lot more than that. I will definitely check out Bass though and see what else they have! Guilty as charged! My body lets me know from time to time that I've been slacking on the cardio. Glad to have you following along! There are some veggies like peppers that really like the heat! Or is it that you don't want to go outside and garden in the heat? Haha. That I can understand. I don't know, @RedStone @RedStonejogs/sprints are her gains seem to be fine. So if we loose our gains we'll have to ask her what magical super powers she is hiding from us. Green onions are so easy and I put them on so many meals! When you get them from the store, save the bottom 2-3 inches and then plant that in the soil, about an inch deep from the bottom of the little bulb. I actually have a picture I took this past weekend (on the left is the oregano I planted last year that came back of course). The long green onions I planted last year and the short ones starting to grow I planted a weak before this picture. (sometime in may I go around and put straw around my plants as weed barrier and water retainer, so that is some from last year.) I can get a close up for you soon. That's kind of what I was reading online, so I'm glad to have the information from a trusted source! I'll try not to kill it, but I'm not making any promises!! This is THE BEST!!
  6. added you / stalked you on IG >_>
  7. I don't have time at the moment to read fully and respond thoughtfully but I wanted to say that I'm following and I'll come back to reply appropriately tomorrow!
  8. The general trend at my Powerhouse is just to ask people nearby "hey, you seen anyone using this shit?" and if the answer is no, go for it. Because far too many people are guilty of the above, leaving weights on their bars. UGH. On Friday night someone left two 45's on each side of the bench. Like that is easy, unrack! The only one that is kind of a pain is unracking the trap bar. I was afraid of working in until I got to barbell club, we all work in together. So now when I go on my lonesome to Powerhouse (not the gym where I do PL club) I feel a lot more comfortable working in. My coach even has me working in with the guys doing way more weight than me. Even if I volunteer to start a new deadlift station when I have singles, he's like no, ya'll gonna learn to pull off 45's in yo' sleep.
  9. at least if you are gonna go overboard you set a record
  10. lol. I'm impressed when people have the coordination for this. And the resolve to jump up and down that many times...
  11. I third fourth and fifth or whatever that FABULOUS jacket!!
  12. Monday [x] water [x] work goals [x] mobility Monday BB Club Monday, April 24, 2017 at 6:34 PM Squat Set 1: 45 lb × 3 Set 2: 70 lb × 3 Set 3: 100 lb × 1 Set 4: 100 lb × 1 Set 5: 100 lb × 1 Set 6: 100 lb × 1 First triple digit squats and they were EASY! Two more weeks and then test 1RM. I'll have about a two week break from squats post surgery (vs 6 weeks for arm work). So I almost don't want to test 1RM, but I'm really curious and I want to know. Bench Press Set 1: 45 lb × 5 Set 2: 65 lb × 3 Set 3: 77 lb × 3 Set 4: 77 lb × 2 Set 5: 75 lb × 2 Set 6: 65 lb × 6 Bench continues to piss me off. We talked about it and he's going to work on a new strategy for when I recover from my arm surgery. In general the higher rep sessions are going better than the higher weight / low rep. That said, the 77x3 is still one more rep than I have gotten at 77, but the plan was 77 4x3! Previous best was 77x2. Trap Bar Deadlift Set 1: 155 lb × 3 Set 2: 195 lb × 1 Set 3: 195 lb × 1 Set 4: 195 lb × 1 Set 5: 195 lb × 1 Set 6: 195 lb × 1 I've determined that I think my front shoulder has been irritated from slamming down my trap bar heavy reps, from the bounce back. I worked on being gentle and I didn't wake up with shoulder discomfort today. TRX Inverted Row Set 1: 14 reps Set 2: 14 reps Set 3: 14 reps Step Ups Set 1: 13 lb × 10 I walked 3 miles at work yesterday and my feet were KILLING me. 3 miles is not the problem. The problem is I wear (sort of) nursing clogs (they have a heel back, but they slip on) to work, and not walking shoes. So at the late late hour of post-lift I went to the shoe store because I have to walk a lot at work again today. I wanted office shoes but comfy and lace up so they stick to my feet and I have less heel pain. I couldn't find what I wanted. Why are men's shoes designed to make your feet look bigger? (I tried on 5 different styles and all were terrible or uncomfortable.) I was getting more and more upset and refused to leave without new shoes. I would have thrown $50 at someone just to make my feet happy for one day. Finally threw my hands in the air and waved 'em like I just don't care and settled for black tennis shoes that were not too hideous and not too sporty. The hunt for lace up office shoes will continue, I may order some online from Nurse Mates that lace up, via amazon with free returns. Today, I'm walkin' on Addidas clouds apparently: I had to look up what that was, so cool! I feel like the snails would eat the plants though.... Unless the plants had wire mesh around them that flies could get through but not the snails.
  13. I don't record it, but I do also weigh myself at night and in the morning. (Long story, my scale is one of those weird ones that only records a weight difference if it is greater than 2#, so I hop on at night just to reset it for the morning and don't worry about the evening weight at all.) MOST of the time I lose about 3 or 3.5 pounds overnight. But once in a while if I eat late, drink late, or am bloated I lose like 5# overnight and I'm always relieved! haha. I only record and monitor morning weights for obvious reasons.
  14. every day is a new day, you got this!