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  1. Welcome aboard! I'm in the warrior guild if you have any questions about what we are all about. We do a wide variety of strength work from dumbbells, barbells, to mixed methods including sled pushes and sandbags etc. We are motley crew of powerlifters, strongman competitors, olympic lifters, body builders, and folks just in general interested in building their strength. No strength tool left unturned!
  2. The ability to see abs is based on a lot of things, including genetics and getting to a very low bodyfat percentage level. Most people will be in EXCELLENT shape and still not be able to see their abs. What is it that is motivating you to have visible abs? The question is, is it worth the personal sacrifice to get there?
  3. Hello there! What are your goals what types of workouts are you interested in? I can point you in the direction of some helpful information. (like body weight exercises vs dumbbell exercises vs barbell exercises). Welcome to NF!
  4. @Brovatar Korra does strongman and might have some thoughts. I have thoughts, but I don't do strongman. I'll wait to reply until others chime in.
  5. That is really frustrating. It sucks to have worked really hard on a space to relax and hang out in and then not be able to use it because of pain. What kind of room do you have in the lady cave? Like in terms of new furniture/chair options? I know it's not the same as trying it out for hours, but most furniture and office supply stores have items on site that you could at least try out for 15 minutes. At least the office stores around here have chairs on the sales floor.
  6. I was about to ask what that was, haha! Delicious!
  7. I don't know and I was just lamenting this myself! There are so many kinds of leg press and so many companies, it is probably hard to say. That is going to be rough! I googled that yesterday after you said. It doesn't look hard but then if you go to do it, damn it sure is. But you are strong AF. Keep on trainin'!
  8. Looks like someone is going to be more than ready for beach season.
  9. That looks like more like 3 jobs. But okay.
  10. How many cals are you eating now? And are you currently gaining or losing weight? hahahaaaaaa. I almost spit out my coffee.
  11. Woke up on the heavy side this morning. I'm probably full of shit. Either that or because yesterday was my first real workout in two weeks and I got that leg pump on. MONDAY FUNDAY Water: 5 bottles Garden: peaked at it, waved hello High Fiber Foods: black bean dip (6), atkins meal bar (11), bread (8) TOTAL: 53g, that might be a fiber PR, I don't think I'll beat that for a while. Monday BB Club Monday, May 22, 2017 at 6:00 PM Welcome to leg day every day for the next 4-5 weeks. Leg Press Set 1: 90 lb × 8 Set 2: 90 lb × 8 Set 3: 90 lb × 8 Set 4: 90 lb × 8 (Weight doesn't include the rack. This is inclined leg press? 45 degree press? I think this is what we have at my PL gym. Whatever is the one that you sit near the floor in and push the weights up at an incline. I just one-armed threw a 45 plate on each side with no regard to how much I could probably do and it worked out.) Step Ups Set 1: 0 lb × 8 Set 2: 0 lb × 8 Hip Thrust (Bands) Set 1: 8 reps Set 2: 8 reps Set 3: 8 reps Set 4: 8 reps Notes: blue band (almost time to add a band or increase in color on this one, finally) High Tension Planks Set 1: 30 sec Set 2: 30 sec Set 3: 30 sec Lateral Walks (Banded) Set 1: 20 reps Set 2: 20 reps Set 3: 20 reps Set 4: 20 reps Set 5: 20 reps (Well sort of. I did squares. Lateral to one side, monster walk forward, lateral to the other side, monster walk reverse back. Each set is a square five paces wide, but I really have no idea how many I did. I just kept doing them until I got sick of them. Probably more than 5.) Bird Dog Set 1: 10 reps Set 2: 10 reps Set 3: 10 reps ARC Trainer Set 1: 17 min
  12. Tough shit, suck it up and follow anyway. Color me jealous of the digestive lives of rabbits.... heh heh heh. humans are disgusting. I had to google this yesterday and I'm highly amused that this is true! I'm convinced I'm a black hole. Less comes out than goes in. WHERE DOES IT GO?!?! you. are. welcome. Poop is a crap palindrome. lol, glad to have you on board this poop train.
  13. I follow all the BL threads I follow (lol) but you have to post at least once a week or it drops it from your feed. If that fails, I rely on the star system. Still annoying.
  14. Same. Warriors and battle logs is all I can manage. To the next person thinking of challenging outside the Warriors, please at least locate that shit in the BLs.