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  1. It feels good to be back on the novice gains train again. Reps/weight increasing. Today was a solid workout. Got those fucking bench reps. Also, my trial ended and I officially signed up for barbell club! They turned the the classroom into our lifting room with new platforms and it's pimp. A room just for powerlifting. How can you not love that? we could turn on our own music today. BOOM. Barbell Club Monday, February 27, 2017 at 6:04 Pm Squat Set 1: 45 lb × 5 Set 2: 60 lb × 5 Set 3: 70 lb × 4 Set 4: 70 lb × 4 Set 5: 70 lb × 4 Set 6: 70 lb × 4 Set 7: 70 lb × 4 Bench Press Set 1: 65 lb × 4 Set 2: 65 lb × 4 Set 3: 65 lb × 4 Set 4: 65 lb × 4 Set 5: 65 lb × 4 Trap Bar Deadlift Set 1: 155 lb × 4 Set 2: 165 lb × 3 Set 3: 165 lb × 3 Set 4: 165 lb × 3 High Tension Planks Set 1: 20 sec Set 2: 20 sec Lunge (Bodyweight) Set 1: 7 reps Set 2: 7 reps Set 3: 7 reps also, some warm-up and then bike intervals at the end. Of course.
  2. You found my very top secret weight cut/ calorie data / workout log! I like being outdoors so I figure hiking will be my preferred form of cardio going forward. So far so good, but it's only week 3! And I have no plan as of yet for next winter... insulated everything?
  3. Set the bar up on some kind of blocks? For funsies put it up on cardio steps from the aerobics area.
  4. Is it just me or is your weight generally in a one pound range. That seems so magical to me. How do I make this voodoo? You are a mystical unicorn and I bow to your fantastical achievements. Maybe I will solve this mystery when I get to my maintenance weight.
  5. I mean, it is the easiest kind of weight loss. I'm in. It sounds better than a tape worm.
  6. LOL. I find the longer I don't eat sweets the easier it is to turn them down. But it really depends on your outlook and willpower. Some people are of the mindset to have sweets fit their calories/macros. But I develop a sweets addiction. If I have sweets too often I start craving and giving into them every day. I know myself and know I do better if I just avoid them all together, lest I (re)start a daily dessert habit. Maybe when I am no longer on a cut and have 400 calories are more added back in I can consider what I want to do with them. I do like something sweet after lunch as a post-salt snack. For that I bring a piece of fruit with me to work.
  7. peanut butter is never wrong. unless you are allergic to it.
  8. RESIST! i just pretend that the fat tuesday sweets are poisoned. Ok, not really, but that's what I'm going to do. I've been mainly "off the sugar" and trying to keep it that way, so that helps.
  9. I finalize lost in my waist so that damn calculator will finally tell me my body fat went down.
  10. I went up there A LONG TIME AGO (lol) when I had friends going to Michigan Tech. It really is gorgeous (and really is a long drive). I'd love to do it again sometime but maybe do a week long trip driving up and camping and checking out different areas. I almost went to school at Michigan Tech, one of the few places I applied to. Because in my 17-year-old-teenager wisdom it was the farthest place I could go to school and still pay in-state tuition.
  11. Maybe make a list of fun things you could/will do with your time when you are no longer playing the video game(s) that you are trying to quit? Also, I think it's totally okay to write as much as you want about it. It's your challenge and if it helps, it helps.
  12. What Blocky said! I sometimes miss pages and pages of someone's challenge, but you can just jump in with your 2 cents at any point.
  13. So jealous of your snow weekend! That sounds like /looked like fun! AND VENISON SAUSAGE. YASSSS. Let's not forget about the 65# goblet squats. I honestly haven't been paying attention to how heavy your goblet squats have been but that is TOUGH. I also need to make time for cardio. And Mr. T wants to do cardio but doesn't really go if I don't go. and now all my gym days are up at the PL gym. We are hiking on Sundays but I might add in 1 cardio night on Thursday with him. I hate cardio machines. But I know I need it. The best is when everyone is on chat and I can laze my way through elliptical while chatting.
  14. I WISH I lived near mountains! We have some *hills* but that's about it. My tentative plan is to work up to 5 miles on the trails I have near me. (within 30 min drive) and then maybe next summer we can take some weekend trips to farther away parts of Michigan that have some more steep hikes. Right now vacation out of state for hiking isn't in the financial cards, but maybe in the future. Although honestly, the only mountainous parts of Michigan are in the upper peninsula, like 9 hours away, so at that point we'll be better off to go south for closer areas. I have started looking at more difficult hikes in Michigan and then stopped because it is a deep rabbit hole and I'm not even ready for it yet, LOL. When I get to that point there are some areas on the west side that would be more challenging I could look in to, and more like 3-4 hours away. Edited to add: We do camp already because of the medieval reenactment stuff that we do. We are already somewhat used to that side of hiking (packing food, dealing with rain, weather, sleeping outside, etc), but we are not used to the "minimalist" camping.
  15. I said to someone the other day that men seem to take their competition out in sports, and women seem to take out by being catty (rude, if catty isn't a term you have heard before) in the office or in this case the gym. Now I know that is a gender generalization AND I HATE THOSE, but I have just had one too many female co-workers over the years who couldn't learn to get a long. As a general "weird person" I often find it hard to fit in. I have radical political beliefs, I'm a science-y nerd, and I don't tolerate bullshit. So all that girly stuff just whizzes by my head leaving me learning to appreciate where I do fit in. (oh and in my early thirties and I've chosen not to have kids, so that's fun in groups.)