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  1. JustCallMeAmber is just getting warmed-up

    I assume you either have a blanket on your bed or you are in your bed, in either case wrinkled sheets don't matter????????? ? ? ? I am also a big fan of bunch it all up so it kind of looks flat and shove in the closet.
  2. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    YOU ARE A BIG DEAL <3 all the lifting <3 morning PRs are still PRs
  3. courtniemarie puts one foot in front of the other

    I see you too like to live [fiber] dangerously.
  4. Taddea Zhaan in Breaking Bread

    Guess who made a cooking challenge and then proceeded to continue to be stressed out and not cook? Tuesday was crockpot chicken with what turned out to be HORRIBLE Indian sauce, which is what I get for not buying it at an Indian grocery store. Last night we got pizza because I couldn't make myself eat the leftover chicken. But I did bring it the chicken for lunch today, plus a slice of pizza to eat as a pre-workout. But I'm making dinner tomorrow night, I swear to god. I'm writing a grocery list today, so you have about 12 hours to send me some tasty but not overly complicated because #lifestress recipe ideas for a Friday night. Bonus if it includes chicken breast (2#) or ground meat (1# ground turkey) because that's what I have in my freezer.
  5. Taddea Zhaan in Breaking Bread

    BACONNNN Sadly medical stuff prevents me from going low carb, because a bacon diet might be a good trade off for carbs That sounds really good! I will stick that in my back pocket. If we hadn't had sheperd's pie recently I would make that tomorrow. so much love all in one pan! I may or may not be really into cook interview type shows on Netflix >_> I mean, we all have to eat, right? ALL OF THE DOUGH ALL OF THE TIME
  6. Mrs. Emerald_Dragonfly, are you free?

    I thought this was going to be some kind of dank existential challenge about freeing yourself from a mind prison. But I'll take 70's british sitcoms instead.
  7. ixaera does not surrender~

    If only I had a dollar for every time I forgot to log something until after I had just eaten what I thought was the final piece in my macro puzzle. It sounds like you are starting to do intuitive eating right because you are thinking about it. One step at a time.
  8. Taddea Zhaan - tackles inertia

    Monday's workout I forgot to post, I'm doing Day 2 today (Thursday) instead of Wednesday because life. Squat Set 1: 65 lb × 3 Set 2: 85 lb × 3 Set 3: 85 lb × 3 Set 4: 85 lb × 3 Set 5: 85 lb × 3 Set 6: 85 lb × 3 Bench Press Set 1: 72 lb × 5 Set 2: 72 lb × 5 Set 3: 72 lb × 5 Side Plank Set 1: 12 sec Set 2: 12 sec Set 3: 12 sec Shoulder Press DB 1/2 Kneeling Set 1: 25 lb × 3 Set 2: 25 lb × 3 Set 3: 25 lb × 3 Lat Pulldown Set 1: 85 lb × 5 Set 2: 85 lb × 5 Set 3: 85 lb × 5 Glute Bridge March Set 1: 0 lb × 10 Set 2: 0 lb × 10 ARC Trainer Set 1: 0 mi | 20 min That was supposed to be a really easy workout but I felt such low energy on Monday. : - / Also, I haven't been tracking my calories much for the last week or so. Basically since did the backpacking trip thing on March 10/11. And it is really showing up on the scale. So i'm going to resume posting calories/protein here, which means I actually have to complete my MFP entries.
  9. Taddea Zhaan - tackles inertia

    all of the above? I have a gym I go to for powerlifting but I have some stuff like dumbbells at home, so if I'm sick or there is a blizzard I can still get a light workout in. welll.... actually I have two gym memberships. One to a close by globo gym and second membership at the gym where I do powerlifting.
  10. Wildross returns....no really, I mean it

    I feel you, I was not super stocked by some pics of myself this weekend. the camera is an evil villain though. it doesn't know how you feel.
  11. ixaera does not surrender~

    i'm super late to this party but showed up just in time for the fabulous news! I'm so relieved it is feeling better.
  12. Taddea Zhaan - tackles inertia

    Saturday Paused Bench Press Set 1: 50 lb × 5 Set 2: 55 lb × 5 Set 3: 65 lb × 5 Set 4: 65 lb × 5 Set 5: 65 lb × 5 Set 6: 65 lb × 5 Set 7: 65 lb × 5 Goblet Squats Set 1: 25 lb × 5 Set 2: 25 lb × 10 Set 3: 25 lb × 10 Set 4: 25 lb × 10 Set 5: 25 lb × 10 Trap Bar Deadlift Set 1: 100 lb × 5 Set 2: 100 lb × 5 Set 3: 100 lb × 5 (still feeling good!) Lateral Squat Set 1: 2 lb × 10 Set 2: 10 lb × 5 (don't ask >_> ) Physioball Roll-outs Set 1: 10 reps Set 2: 10 reps Set 3: 10 reps ARC Trainer Set 1: 20 min
  13. RedStone Turns Left

    any tips for keeping pins securely in place? I've lost a couple off my purse.
  14. Taddea Zhaan in Breaking Bread

    cooking since Friday didn't really go..... I was really tired on Friday so I got deli baked chicken. Saturday I DID make a slab of corned beef in the crockpot because my sisters came over and that seemed like crowd food, BUT I forgot to take pictures. Sunday we had a celebration hike and afterwards I ordered the least healthy thing on the menu, saving half for lunch today. This is a burger with bacon, egg, cheese, and onion strings on it. bacon and onion DOES make everything better. see above pic ^^^ lol I haven't formally put bread in the goals.... but I do plan on manifesting bread at some point. YES! I do like weird recipes. My one friend catalogues old books and she's always posting the weirdest things on FB. This is why I will never relate to people who don't like onions. Thanks! Looks fabulous and easy!