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    I forgot to skip breakfast on Monday, so no IF that day. Doing my steps with the thunderstorms of these days is also annoying, but so far so good. Here my spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D5oVWwKmDsBLPOPTf4UEc-4sVw6Nd5bRLugPh_zOl4k/edit?usp=drivesdk (if not working, it will be fixed next week when I am on normal time again) No pc time yet to write all the needed mails, but that was expected. Conjured by science and technology
  2. Tkal

    Tkal respanwns

    After something more than two years, it is time to put my (nerdfitness) life back on track. Back to the basics and to simple things. I use this post also to put down my longer term goals. I will be on my "normal" time only nine days in the middle of the challenge. For the rest I will be on "alternate" time, where I have little control on my schedule and on what lands on my plate. I am tempted of waiting for next round, but I fear another year will pass... so I'm keeping it simple There is always the possibility that "alternate time" doesn't happen. So I plan the appropriate branching
  3. Any word of wisdom about walking meditation? I converted the "count your breaths" of mindfulness practice into "count your steps" while I was recovering from surgery some months ago, and then I discovered that there was nothing new in it Personally I find it much more powerful to recenter and calm myself than more static forms
  4. I am surprised to hear that for someone is weird to wake up in the middle of the night. To me it has always been the normality, a pattern shared with everybody in the family. It doesn't matter if I go to bed early or late. I noticed in the past that when it does not happen, usually it means that I am not sleeping enough, so it has become my benchmark. If I am not getting enough rest, I just don't wake up at 1am but I sleep until the alarm goes
  5. Welcome! I perfectly understand your issues with age, speed, strength and length of limbs. The thing is that you cannot compare yourself to others (unless you are in a tournament). You can only improve with respect to your former self, and that should be your only benchmark. Even it it means being beaten every time. Said that, speed is something you can work on, but it requires a change of perspective. Work on precision and endless repetition. You do no train your muscles, but your nervous system. Speed is just the consequence of triggering the correct muscles in the corr
  6. My last challenge ended with a dislocated shoulder the good: I got a call/message/visit from most of the capoeristas in the group. It has been a very long time since I felt so much a strong and supporting community the bad: it hurts like hell. Like having knee surgery without anesthesia (been there, done that), but the pain is not fading as quickly. the ugly: at least six weeks of rehabilitation before been able to trow a punch. No ETA yet for an handstand or climbing Goal for the upcoming weeks: do the needed PT. First appointment with the physiotherapist in o
  7. To add injury on top of injury, I am just back from the ER with a dislocated shoulder. No capoeira nor karate for some time. I am really getting old 😩 Conjured by science and technology
  8. Good. Maybe by then things will be working again Conjured by science and technology
  9. I lost my avatar. Probably the no-face I got is better. Also, is it just me that get more often than no a 504 error? Sorry for posting here, the help pages are unreachable. I know my connection is ok. Let's see if my brainless phone is better suited to this forum than my pc. On the other hand, I get plenty of email notification, much more than before. Of course nothing can be set until I can connect. No further comment as long as connections is so unstable.
  10. There is a lot of politics wrapped up in everything human, so that was not a surprise. And cases of kicking the dog meaning the master are ubiquitous. Personally i prefer a literal kicking instead of a metaphorical stab in the back. Anyway, tonight rest night. Last week I did something weird, I think. I though it was only too many squats, but it is not muscle pain. Saturday was not too heavy on the legs, but the other day training was a pain and I have spent the past two days limping and screaming inside every time I touch my leg. Sometime I forget that I am not 15 anymore and I must be care
  11. Next Sunday some of the guys are going across border for a batizado e troca de corda. To go or not go to? I am curios, but I know that once I am there I will look for opportunities to play but I also know that all my training so far can make me do dangerous things. O profersor made some remarks about politics and nastiness in the roda and now I am afraid to join. So, most likely I will skip this one and wait for when I will be able to stick to "the rules" Fun facts about Portuguese: with my linguistic background (in the spoiler) I can understand it easily. Last Thursday we were singing a new
  12. Achievements in the past years: surgeries done (an very limited physical activities for 6 months due to not easy recovery). In waiting list for changing birth certificateC++ has become decent enough, if not yet fluid. Starting injecting pythonAccording to duolinguo, 47% fluency in Spanish. Dutch has not become worse (at least that). Basic knowledge of Esperanto
  13. My trick for the steps: walk during your rest time while you are doing pushups and pull ups. One minute rest is about 110-120 steps for me, but that is really fast pace. Depending on the logistics and schedule at work and school, also going for coffee not at the nearest coffee machine or using the toilet on a different floor can add plenty of extra steps without noticeable extra time. Roughly one regular house floor means 100 extra steps between going up and down Are walking meetings doable?
  14. The challenge continues on the other side
  15. This is the direct continuation of my previous challenge: same quests, same tracker. I had a hard time writing here in the past weeks. All boils down to choosing between doing things or writing about them. I tired to post from my phone when on a break, but I really don't like to write there. I am not sure it will change much, but I'll show up at least once per week Walking is my strongest point by far. Getting a step counter was really a good choice to keep me motivated. If I think about it is is weird to get pleasure from seeing a bar on a display getting filled, but as long as it work...
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