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  1. @machete: Dafuq man ) @Gainsdalf: So.. setting aside my inability to hit below parallel, my form is ok? Right?
  2. HI Gainsdalf/guys, question regarding squat form. Which should bend first? The knee of the hips? based on my video my knees bend first. Do you think that is a problem/issue?
  3. Please don't be offended, but I believe you seriously need to improve your strength level first. Try to reach the following: Squat = 1.5x BW Bench Press = 1.25x BW Press = 1x BW (This will be extremely hard, but at least try ) Deadlifts = 2x BW When you reach these, you can go into "cutting".
  4. I second this. After milking 5x5, 3x5 and 1x5, go for Texas Method (weekly increase). After that, go for 5/3/1 where the increase in weight will be per month.
  5. The only advice i can give you is to "chill out". It is virtually impossible for anyone to gain muscle only during bulking without any assistance from steroids. Of course you can manage the muscle:fat ratio with the "cleanliness" of your diet. But you shouldn't dwell too much on this. Could you give us your body statistics? Your weight? Maybe you are just getting too paranoid. You can test your strength/muscle:fat ratio gain by doing body weight workouts. My favorite is the pullup. If i was 180 lbs and I can do 10, by the time i reach 190 or above, I should still be able to do 10 or more.
  6. I have a neck pain after a crappy bench press yesterday. I did not properly squeezed my shoulder blades (dammit!). The pain's coming from the right lower neck going to the right side of my upper back. It feels like i have a super stiff neck/back. Turning around and looking up is a pain in the ass. Should i rest for a few days for this? I hope this is not something that could impact my training. P.S: I am currently doing Smolov Jr. for Bench Press P.S.S: Miss you guys!!
  7. Thanks for this. I'll give it a consideration. Btw I did a 5x5 225 back squat. Everything went well. Too bad I was not able to establish a BP record today
  8. I see. I'll probably take a 2 weeks off. Or atleast lower the intensity by 50%. Thanks!!
  9. Hi guys! I've been very busy these past few months and I've not been active in the forums. Fortunately, i haven't neglected my workouts. Anyway, I just reached 370x5 in my deadlifts. The problem is, after that workout my back hurt. After 2 days, the pain subsided but I'm just wondering why every morning, every time that i wake up, I can feel the pain. But during the whole day, everything feels normal. My question is, since my workout will start by tomorrow (I workout Mondays to Fridays) do you think I should take a break from doing deadlifts? I'm also planning of doing front squats for now a
  10. I don't think my hip mobility is that poor. I can squat way way down (Ass to Grass) when I do BW squat or loaded squats 245 lbs and below. Well I guess I should really practice adopting the most bottomest squat that i can do even when aiming for PRs. Thanks guys!
  11. Noted on that sir! I thought my depth was enough. Those squats are definitely harder compared to my last vids XD
  12. Thanks for the feedback Gains! Hmm.. trying to point my toes a bit more forward feels uncomfortable to me during squats especially that my stance is a bit wide. Do you think I should try to point my toes more forward?
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