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  1. Day 11 B'fast - scrambled egg with bacon and spinach Snack - mixed nuts & rooibos tea Lunch - same as y'day Dinner - sloppy joe turkey mince with steamed brussle sprouts, asparagus and squash Not feeling hungry after dinner tonight which is good. Still unable to do any excercise with these horrid headaches though - physio did say though it would feel worse before getting better, hoping for improvement tomorrow with next physio session. No aims at this stage with excercise, but keeping meals to a minimum to try and stay on track
  2. Can someone suggest something small to eat for around 8pm that is not too bad to eat...I'm hungry around this time and was hoping not to be! Probably sounds like a stupid question but I'm not sure what to do around this time of night
  3. Day 9 B'fast - 2 x salmon &veg muffins Snack - handful of macadamia nuts & black coffee Lunch - 2 slices free range bacon, 1/2 tomato, mushroom and spinach Snack - coke zero Dinner - 1/2 steamed sweet potato stuffed with mince & lettuce tomato salad No gym - something wrong with my neck....really bad headaches - off to physio tomorrow Day 10 B'fast - 2 x eggs with spinach Snack - macadamia nuts and rooibos tea Lunch - same as last nights dinner Dinner - chicken stuffed with Rosemary and garlic and rolled in bacon with steamed broccolini, zucchini, carrot and cauliflower Physio appo
  4. Day 8 B'fast - Leftover beef broccoli and ginger stirfry Snack - 2 x salmon and veg muffins & black coffee Lunch - Free range bacon with grilled mushroom, 1/2 tomato, zucchini & spinach Snack - small handful of macadamia nuts, small green apple with coconut spread & rooibos tea Dinner - Marinated pork medallions with stirfry veg Really happy with my choices today and have not felt like chocolate at all! Only day 1 with 4 days to go....but who's counting Rest day today so no real exercise - plan for a gym session tomorrow
  5. Thanks! Figure I need to try something so yeah the 75% cocoa chocolate is worth a try, but would like to go without it for a week first. I have found coconut spread is a nice sweet substitute.
  6. So bad.....forgot to post my day yesterday! Day 7 B'fast - left over dinner & black coffee Snack - handful of macadamia nuts and earl grey tea Lunch - chorizo, egg & spinach bake & black coffee Snack - green apple with coconut spread Dinner - roast chicken with salad Extra - chocolate Excercise - gym program 15 min cardio bike and treadmill, free weights Aim - no chocolate for 5 days.....yes I can do it! I plan to drink a glass of water for every time I think I want chocolate!
  7. You're absolutely right! I did think about it a bit more after I posted that....my only hesitation is that I ended up focusing so much on achieving the challenge that I didn't really achieve my goals the first time I tried a challenge. I spose' it's about getting back up and trying again, so I may join. I really need to remember that I'm not alone and there are so many people to talk to and no go at it alone! Just not sure what group I fit into. I don't to my Thai boxing anymore due to injury so Monk doesn't really fit, just more of a try a bit of everything type of girl, but more focused on
  8. Day 6 B'fast - 2 x salmon & veg muffins & rooibos tea Lunch - 3 x tandoori chick skewers and salad Snack - almond and stewed apple cake with walnuts Dinner - turkey "sloppy joe" with steamed broccolini, carrot & zucchini Extras - black coffee and few cubes of chocolate Started to look at a forum with other "Aussies". Hopefully I can find some people close to home to chat with! Made me think about whether I try the next challenge, but really want to get a good start with my whole self first before I start a challenge. Didn't get a chance for a walk today so will head for the gym to
  9. Hi there! Not sure yet about the next challenge.....just restarting my journey on NF for the second time round and really want to stick to it, so want to get my diet right and excercise plan underway before committing to a challenge. I was a Monk, but need to change and I'm sure which group I fit into yet. How long have you been a part of the community?
  10. Day 5 Bfast - Left over 1/2 stuffed pepper & black coffee Snack - Small handful macadamia nuts & rooibos tea Lunch - slice f/r bacon, 1 salmon & veg muffin, wilted spinach & grilled mushrooms Snack - Celery & carrot with coconut spread & black coffee Dinner - Broccoli & ginger beef stirfry with coconut cauliflower rice Excercise - 40min walk medium pace incline and decline Aims - Choose 1 topic on the forum to interact with - Another 30/40 min walk
  11. Hi there. Anyone from Melbourne? I live in Monbulk, up in the hills near The Dandenongs.....
  12. Hi Mmars, I feel the same as you.....loose weight, gain weight! This time around I have done some serious reading on paleo and plan to stick to its using the daily battle log and not cheat myself by not accounting for the bad foods....all will be logged to see how I can better myself for the next day. Have you also thought of taking a pic of yourself in the mirror? You can do it weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc? This way you can really see the changes and not rely on the scales. I have decided not to look at scales at all this time cause yes they tend to disappoint and then you end up eating s
  13. Wow, your post really puts life into perspective! Obviously we are all here because we are dealing with, well something in our own way! I wish you well on your journey and you have definitely motivated me to better myself. Thank you
  14. Day 4 B'fast - salmon, veg and egg muffin & black coffee Lunch - basic salad Snack - carrot and celery with coconut spread & rooibos tea Dinner - meat stuffed pepper Snack - few cubes of chocolate Excercise - 10 min treadmill, weighted squats and lunges 10 min bike, free weights session Tummy exercises, plank, stretch Other than the chocolate, feeling ok about choices today. Aims - go for a 1/2hour walk at a decent pace
  15. Day Three Mornings are definitely not my friend at the moment. Guess my body is still adjusting to recent changes..... B'fast - rooibos tea and white peach Lunch - octopus salad with chilli, ginger and seaweed Snack - black coffee and celery with coconut sweet spread Dinner - lemon thyme chick skewers with steamed asparagus, baby spinach, broccoli and carrot Excercise - May go to the gym..will repost if I go. Aims - go to bed by 9.30 - no tears (write down what I am feeling)
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