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  1. Since I'll actually be attending a party this year I'm going to be in costume. I'm going as a bodyguard from Repo the Gothic Opera. I really should have someone else with me since it's a pair thing but oh well.
  2. I'm quietly introducing myself. While I will try my best not to lurk, I often don't say much On a Saturday in February a friend and I were bored so we signed up for a 10k run to be done in May. The fact I had just begun the Couch to 5k didn't seem to deter me. Nor did the fact I was overweight for my 5'1 frame (I have no idea how much I weighed. I refused to get on a scale). So I gathered I should continue to train. Currently I run 15kms a week and have lost over 30lbs. Next step? To get stronger. I have a 6yr old son who's energy rivals and most likely beats the Energizer bunny so I need all
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