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  1. My PhD is in Applied Marine Physics and the job is working in a National Lab doing applied research for both government work and private sector work. Day 3: 35 minute Elliptical and leg workout. Day 4: Dealing with fraudulent charges from the gym which has caused a string of overdrafts that has used up the remaining funds I had to last until my next paycheck.
  2. I just moved to the area and I don't start work for a few more weeks. I would love to meet up with anyone in the area and you can show me your favorite place to workout... or just hangout.
  3. A bit late joining the challenge, but I just moved and haven't had internet and such... okay well that is an excuse for being lazy. Anyway my main goal is to just be more active. I just finished my Ph.D. but in that process became very lazy and lost motivation. I used to have a very good body image but now I can't stand it when I look in the mirror. I am not fat, but I am pudgy. So the goal is to just be active. How I plan to do this? Monday I signed up for a 1 week trial at a gym, and when that ends I will try the next. Since I just moved to the area I don't know which gym fits me best and this way I can get a good idea. I will go to the gym at least 3 times a week for working on the elliptical for at least 30 minutes, and 3 times a week for weight training (they can be the same day). So how am I doing? Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical and arms/abs weights. Wednesday: 35 minute elliptical. Wooo! Lets keep going! And as for my life goal, I want to settle into my new city. I just finished my Ph.D. and moved in with my mom to help her recover from some surgeries. We have a 9 month lease together and then I can look at getting my own place. I start my new (dream) job on Sept 28.
  4. So I have taken a year or so away from this site (whoops) I really don't know what happened. I guess life got in the way and I was gone quite a bit. Plus that whole dissertation thing (yeah school sucks right now). But the good thing is that I took quite a few of the things I learned here with me. While I haven't lost weight I haven't gained any either. I still eat my sweets and have my morning coffee(s) but I do make other healthier choices for my meals. I am also eating more regularly than I was, but not as regularly as I should. Breakfast, yeah that rarely happens. I snack 3-4 times a day and eat one larger meal around 5 or 6 pm. I am no longer late night snacking which is good. As for exercise, I really need to get back on that. I think my goal right now is my arms. I am starting to get that arm fat bludge.. So my goals: *To eat regularly, the main focus is starting the day with something (besides coffee). I will have to start slowly but ya know baby steps and all. *Arm workouts, wide arm and close arm push-ups would be a good thing. For every episode of anything I watch, 10 of each. Yes, lets start there.
  5. Hey nerds, I am looking for someone in my area that would be interested in working out together or at least meeting for motivation. I do so much better with someone expecting me to be there and holding me accountable. Or if you are willing to email me and yell every day if I haven't done something, that would work too... GraceM
  6. Hmph.... Well I am back. Things have been crazy.... well okay lets not lie.... I have been lazy and haven't done anything lately. (FYI depression sucks!) However I have sprained my ankle by falling down the stairs and chopped off the tip of a finger while cooking.... But now that I am healing (as in I can walk again and actually ventured into the kitchen again... and then ran back out to avoid hurting myself) I am back and trying to log my activities and get some motivation again. I have been looking for a gym buddy but I haven't found one. Its hard when you don't really know anyone and its a big gym. I am also thinking about getting a bike and cycling into work. A lot of people here do and that would be a good way for me to get exercise (if I don't hurt myself). But I am not sure what type of bike to get (I think something with city/road wheels not mountain bike) or how much this will run me...
  7. Well after a successful first challenge, and a not so successful second challenge I am going to start my log here again. I am wavering in my resolve and I am falling back into my old habits. Add on top of that a worsening depression (actual clinical depression, not just "i am sad" depression) and the stress of grad school and this all adds up to way too many days of me staying in bed, eating fatty empty calories, and procrastination. I wasn't really seeing how bad it has gotten until this week. My advisor was giving me direction on what I need to do and I felt like my mind was fighting through a fog. It was so hard to even concentrate on what she was saying. Later I went to my room-mate/friend/co-worker and she basically belittled me because I hadn't been working out or even leaving my room lately. Last night I went out to see a concert with a friend and I was just so uncomfortable in public. She hit it off with the guys we were next to so while she was flirting and we were waiting on the way too late performer to start, I stood there like an idiot realizing my skirt barely fit, and all I wanted to do was climb back in bed and sleep for ages. So obviously something has to change. This isn't healthy and isn't good. Not at all. However as much as I know things have to change I am also scared by that change. I know everything that I should be doing, but it is so much at once that I have no clue where to start. I need to find one thing and work on that. Focus on it and keep on that change till it is routine and part of my life and add another.
  8. Fitness goals: fail. All of them, like maybe 40-50% Personal goal (the origional one): 100%. Not only did I get the apllication in, I also made it. 25 out of 100-200 people got accepted, so yay me!!
  9. Okay, so I kind of fell off the grid for a bit. Most of the fitness and diet goals were only done 50% but the good news is that I made it into the summer colloquium in Barcelona (yay!) So now I just need to work a bit on my spanish so I can explore the city while I am there, but I have till July so I should be good.
  10. Yeah, those girls are evil. I have started walking to the grocery store, which allows me to walk (and buy less food). The dog park I go to is closed for a few weeks, which has messed up my morning routine of walking. I am about 75% paleo now. I am not being too strict because I know I tend to relapse if I push too hard. I read the post for successfully making a diet change, and I am going for that.
  11. GraceM

    Paleo Staples?

    I broke down and bought a new food processor, I really wanted to make my own nut butters. I am doing a pretty good job of switching. I am about 75% right now. I don't know if I am ever going to be able to make a 100% chance change. Tonight, paleo Salisbury steak and mashed cauliflower.
  12. Okay so I had gone most of the week paleo (dinner Monday and Tuesday night were not... and neither was my latte but still not giving that up) and then the stupid girl scouts got to me... but I ate in moderation. And I had thai last night. I figure I am doing fairly well.
  13. GraceM

    Paleo Staples?

    Okay guys. Thanks so much for the help. I love to cook so that isn't a problem. (Sweet potato with chicken portabello sausage and chicken andouille sausage) But I do need to get a food processor that works so I can make half the recipes I have found.
  14. Ack! Okay so my original personal goal is back on... I must do my CV and the one page application due on Feb 10. As for paleo, its going good... except my food processor is broken and I can't make almond butter or almond flour. I am craving something sweet, like chocolate cake and all the recipes I have call for it. ooo homemade paleo nutella!!! Ugh damn food processor.
  15. Also proud to report that not only am I getting healthy, but my oldest dog (4 yo border collie lab mix) has lost 10 lbs in the past year. The vet is so happy with her new weight.
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