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  1. Norgaard

    NFA: Dino Hunter

    I did a sugarcane pose that I thought was okay and acceptable, however I couldn't talk myself into believing that my V sit was more than just a high L sit
  2. Norgaard

    5 minutes 'till midnight (KB Girl)

    Yeah I think I will slowly come back to it again!
  3. Norgaard

    [Mad Hatter] Gotta go fast

    WOW NICE with PR!!!!!1 you go!
  4. Norgaard


    exactly! how to be able to save your beer in multiple plans in case you are about to tip over
  5. Norgaard

    Norgaard:childsplay Last video of the baselines! To bad I didnt caught the video of me smacking the poi into my balls and right after knocked my glasses off
  6. Norgaard

    NFA: Dino Hunter

    The Dimorphoden as well! had it been an L sit then easy peasy.... but no!
  7. NINJA WARRIOR! I always dreamt about that! best of luck!!!!
  8. Norgaard

    Asa Pond - We Are All Experiments

    We are just shy that you don't want to kiss us back Cant you yell MERDE! and SACREBLEU while stretching depending on how it goes?
  9. Norgaard

    Norgaard:childsplay First part of the video here there will be poi and handstand later today. And then sunday/monday will be progress. Sorry for the shitty angle I try to fix that on sun/monday
  10. Norgaard

    Trials and tribulations in the new Shire

    yeah invisibility training makes you blind! very good progress on your handstand maybe I should take note of that and actually put in some clever time :I I got a small pair of paralettes now in wood btw! the big ones had to Thin edges and fell apart on first try
  11. Norgaard

    Trials and tribulations in the new Shire

    I tried to find your challenge yesterday but I guess I was blind :i I learned a good trick once. When using a vapor cleaner, blasting the ghostbusters theme makes it 10 times more awesome!
  12. Norgaard

    5 minutes 'till midnight (KB Girl)

    It was a final test for a kettlebell course I did. 100 snatches with 24kgs. No timelimet but you can't put it down You can switch hands as much as you want And after that it was 32kg jerks 12 pr side. Maybe I should try to get back at it. its very motived to see you bust those reps out!
  13. Norgaard

    5 minutes 'till midnight (KB Girl)

    you are a heroine! looks great with the snatches. I once had to do 100 snatches at 24kg. Never happened... maybe one day! Oh my... for a second my brain just read what it said and not you meant and I was like OMG SHARKS? are you okay! what happened! the pain still sucks though
  14. Norgaard


    Nothing better than the fun stuff
  15. Norgaard


    well im a beginner with a giant B, so if you want to be badazzeled then youtube is still the way to go