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  1. norgaard: find your zen

    Id rather meditate for you assassins aren't good at harming, its either kill or spare ;). but yeah its so simple on paper, and yet so damn hard to do!
  2. norgaard: find your zen

    its the goals. I tend to try to do to much, and then ending up doing nothing at all. this is nothing but small habitual changes! which is nice
  3. Asa Pond - A Girl Has No Theme

    I used the past 10 years to not be behind in schools, its harder than it sounds so good job on catching up on some of it!
  4. Akura takes the Hunter exam

    I simply love how you track this!
  5. [Darth Yoga] The Weasel returns!

    great job with the standing "desk" for your laptop!
  6. norgaard: find your zen

    so status yesterday reading done, juggling done checked forum but only once, still better than nothing, and did some handstands after my yoga teaching!! best challenge Ive had for a long time
  7. norgaard: find your zen

    Yesterday was good too, forgot my book today will read later. Did pack my juggling balls though
  8. Asuka uses 2018 to improve her life!

    Keep me updated after the Bao then
  9. What's everyone reading?

    almost done with "The book of joy" with Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, next im line is "Light on yoga" by B.K.S Iyengar
  10. Yogaglo?

    I used different online sites like yogaglo and the danish counterparts, "cody" app as well. there are very good content. However there is a lifelong pool of materiels online for free, if you dont want to pay out
  11. Asuka uses 2018 to improve her life!

    Bao with 5spixe pork belly then!!
  12. Asuka uses 2018 to improve her life!

    Like not spicy at all, or just not too spicy?
  13. Asuka uses 2018 to improve her life!

    thai food rocks! looking forward to hear about that! which teas are your favorites?
  14. norgaard: find your zen

    but for the first time in a long time I actually got to check up on the site as much as I want too :). My reading session today is going to be different, im going to watch a 1 hour interview with dalai lama because, he is awesome! Handstand done and an hour of yoga later today so today thee should be time to do some juggling
  15. norgaard: find your zen

    so I havnt been good with updates. Haven't been feeling good, so Didn't do anything yesterday, and today only a few times on my hands. Tomorrow is a new day