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  1. So no update here. still haven't done enough keyboard but will update that more in next week same with this hopefully!
  2. Yeah currently have a giant stack of books I need, which change! synopsis went well, now I just need to do a lot of analyzing!
  3. so juggling goes good (bad but I get juggling some! two days now, but not as long as I liked. keyboard is on a hold because all my books are flooding it right now Have to send a 3 pages synopsis tomorrow, so I can discuss parts of my paper so thats in focus right now! hope you all have a great challenge so far!
  4. So lets be honest. I will forget to update here a lot, and thats just how it is But none the less here is the years first challenge: Goals: 1: Daily Handstand work, 5 quality float attempt pr day. 2: Practice Juggling/Contact juggling for 10 minutes 5 times pr week. Need to get back at this. 3: Spend 10 minutes on the keyboard at least 5 times pr week. 4: Handle in my paper on time. (24th of January) pass/fail
  5. this time it was about pain science, listening to a lot of different ones. I just got a keyboard at home
  6. Thanks! well the waiting time is fine because I just started my course on health and body cultures. yesterday lots of handstand and some chin-ups. and zoned out for 40 minutes listening to a podcast I wanted to hear for the past month
  7. I will not have the result for another 4 weeks im afraid. It went okayish, so now time will tell
  8. I can't, but I can focus on it for 20 minutes ;). Its a 5 hour written examn on scientific theory and applied research metodology, with a heavy focus on qualitative and mixed method research. it starts in 3 hours
  9. so because of the examn I haven't had much done at home. So todays 20 minutes was a focused clean and washing
  10. you guys are awesome! treat updated
  11. I like all the cool stuff you craft! And love the reading challenge! book time is quality time! and I necledge it myself!
  12. I dare you to say presses every day until you believe you will get them one day!!!!
  13. I cross fingers that its just enough and not to much!
  14. 1. Stand on your hands daily 2. Do something for 20minute everyday focused. set a timer. juggling? twerking? contact juggling? drawing who cares! just focus! 3. Do Chin-ups everyday! at least one 4. Study every day for examn friday, after that enjoy only having to focus on 3 goals! yay
  15. good otherwise I would have been kicked out a few times!
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