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    Norgaard - a new quest

    Well its a mix between fish and then heavy farmer food. like shrinpcocktails. Or bread with steamed and fried fish and salad and bread. abd then The heavier Meat typical pork Or beef. With potatoes and gravy. lots of butter and cream and taste!
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    Norgaard - a new quest

    HHello there, you look new, in order to give you the best experience we ask you to complete the following steps New quest: save on shoes, stay on hands!. Do handstands at least 5 times pr week. Sidequest: Strength training full body at least 2 times pr week Sidequest: Be ready for Masters: - apply for finances - apply for student ID - apply for transport card Completed: quest 1: join the party late (x) press “I” to change gear (x) press “Q” to accept new quests (x) optional: speak with bartender in the tavern
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    Norgaard - a new quest

    Thats very The power comes from i broke mine though maSsive holes
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    Norgaard - a new quest

    Classic danish food like our grand mother’s made it! been a rough start but it goes!