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  1. goals: 1: Consistency - go to the gym 6 times a week, just show up, time and effort doesn't matter (YET) need the consistency back. 2: make @@mu proud by upping your damn handstand game 3: move - more - in different ways, currently doing Jon Yuens spinal waves 101, and might join his bottoms up course as well 4: juggle, haven't got space for poi so will postpone this till I have more outside time, and now focus on the normal juggling and contact juggling. More will come here, and as always ill try my best to update (which I will totally fail and forget about)
  2. set ministeps even small hobbit feet have the power to walk to Mordor given enough time. And then listen to Elastigirl! she's smart!. Start small. Go for a small walk. Do one set of one exercise? or similar
  3. Norgaard

    Asuka respawns, slowly

    And snorlax is right on my fAt belly
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    Norgaard - slow and spaghetti wins the race

    exactly! its an amazing feeling! I still suck at updating this though
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    Asuka respawns, slowly

    This picture might come out giant :i