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  1. So lets be honest. I will forget to update here a lot, and thats just how it is ;) But none the less here is the years first challenge:


    1: Daily Handstand work, 5 quality float attempt pr day.

    2: Practice Juggling/Contact juggling for 10 minutes  5 times pr week. Need to get back at this.

    3: Spend 10 minutes on the keyboard at least 5 times pr week.

    4: Handle in my paper on time. (24th of January) pass/fail

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  2. On 11/6/2019 at 1:17 AM, Manarelle said:


    :lol: If you can twerk for 20 minutes, sunshine, I will be HIGHLY impressed. 


    Nice goals, and grats on the focused clean and wash. May I ask what the exam is? 


    I can't, but I can focus on it for 20 minutes  ;). 


    Its a 5 hour written examn on scientific theory and applied research metodology, with a heavy focus on qualitative and mixed method research.



    it starts in 3 hours :D 

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  3. 1. Stand on your hands daily

    2. Do something for 20minute everyday focused. set a timer. juggling? twerking? contact juggling? drawing who cares! just focus!

    3. Do Chin-ups everyday! at least one

    4. Study every day for examn friday, after that enjoy only having to focus on 3 goals! yay

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  4. On 10/7/2019 at 9:58 PM, Manarelle said:


    Fair. So is the hanging just to keep the shoulders active and used to it then?


    well yeah both active to get some work for the scapular, and some passive just for general shoulder jointcare. But seem like I forgot to update this the past 14 days :P 

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  5. On 10/3/2019 at 7:51 PM, Manarelle said:


    Hahaha, I completely feel you on this. Glad to hear you're rocking your goals though. For the hanging 3 minutes a day, is that like passive hang to strengthen your grip? I can't imagine doing hat for 3 minutes straight...


    its not in one go just accumulated.

    Used to do more, sometime its passive, sometime active, sometime 1 arm or arching. Just to keep the habit.


    Id like to. go up to around 10 minutes over time, but its all about the habit.

    On 10/4/2019 at 3:40 PM, raptron said:

    Hope your handstanding and hanging is going well :D 


    it is but to slow :D but then again, you reap what you sow

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