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  1. Good morning I have a question on good fuel before a cardio workout. I do kickboxing and martial arts 5 days a week, sometimes I will stay for 3 1-hour classes in a row. Kickboxing as you know is a pretty good amount of cardio, along with some simple bodyweight stuff. I usually don't like to eat before working out, but if I don't I feel out of energy way before class is over. Is this something that my body will just have to get used to? If not whats a good thing to have before the i go to the gym, while losing weight? I've found my favorite snack so far is a half cup of steel cup oatmeal an hour or two before I go. I want to try a little more variety, and something that will help me keep up stamina during class and sparring. Thanks! Keep
  2. Hey there! So I'm a noob to most things fitness related. I just started at a gym doing mostly cardio but I want to mix in bodyweight and free weights in as well. I was wondering if I'm going to start both, should I do it all in one day? Say a half hour doing cardio and then a half hour doing strength? Or should I mix days during the week, cardio one day and strength the next day? Or should my workout week look something like 3 days a week of strength and then one day of high intensity cardio like sprints and whatnot? As you can see I am quite lost and have a lot of questions. I want to get the both of both worlds without getting burnt out because I'm still new. So, any suggestions on a good workout plan that will help me get strong, fast, with good endurance? Thanks!
  3. Hey everybody! So I'm new to the site, and new to getting fit. I'm still learning which questions to post in the correct forums, so if this isn't the right place to ask this question then forgive me. I also have flat feet. Not flat flat, the doc says their some kind of thing called "pronated". My footprints show an arch, and I have somewhat of an arch which I attribute to some of the foot/arch strengthening exercises I've done such as walking on my toes all day, writing the alphabet with my toe, and just walking around barefoot while forcing my feet to give themselves an arch by kind of pushing down with my toes while keeping my heel on the ground and essentially "lifting the arch". My left foot is the worst, I've rolled the ankle a few times, and I have this funny little knobby bone that sticks out right at the top of the arch, which is caused from the pronation ( I can post a pic if anyone's interested, but I'm not gonna go flashing my funny feet right away I mean, I only just met you guys ). After a day of moving around a lot in shoes with no support, or if i don't constantly focus on how I'm placing my foot when i move, or even if I'm over zealous with holding it an arch it freaking KILLS and the following day I'm left with an unattractive limp. I've come here because I've been working on a couch to 5k program and I've started to enjoy running. When I saw a podiatrist he suggested wearing New Balance or Nike or something with lots of support. I'm very against those for one just because of all the bad things barefoot running blogs say about them, also because I get pretty bad knee and shin pain when I run in them. I also was wearing shoes like those the past three times I rolled my ankle. I find i get the least pain and I'm most comfortable running in my pair of Feiyue wushu shoes with the (old lady) orthotics the podiatrist gave me. So I was wondering if you guys have any tips on running with flat feet and how to prevent any injuries? Does it seem like I'm doing things right so far? Thanks! ~Keep
  4. Hey there, So I'm new to fitness in general. Not sure if this is the right thread to ask this question. Little backstory: I'm a young female, 4'11'' and 147 lbs. I'm pretty strong for my size but I'm here to become more fit. For the past few years I've had pain in my right shoulder that spreads to my bicep whenever I do more any body weight workout involving arms or lift heavy things. I carry around and lift/put away heavy things at work, things that are usually an average or 45 pounds. When I get right to work my shoulder starts to hurt right away, but when I've been moving around for a while (you could say "warmed up") it feels like it's starting to yell at me to stop after a couple hours. Last month after a particularly large load of things to stock, I was stocking on and off for about 3 or 4 hours, i noticed a small bruise on my right bicep just from the lifting. So my question is: Is it time to see a doc or is this just normal newbie pain? I want to start bodyweight and weightliting training but the fear that I might make things worse in my arm is holding me back. My mother had rotator cuff surgery on her shoulder and seeing her during recovery has made me a little neurotic when it comes to my shoulders. Thanks for reading, any input is appreciated.
  5. Hey! First off let's start with some mushy heartfelt stuff! I want to say it's good to be here. I've been a lurking for a little while and figured it's time to buck up and join in the fun. It seems like there's a great bunch of supportive, up-beat people around here that I can't wait to meet and talk to. Well then now that I've said hello...allow me to introduce myself! I'm a 20-year old lady, coming in at only 4'10" (and 3/4"!), I'm short and stocky, and I am rather lacking in the grace department but don't let it fool you- I'm quick when I want to be, whether it be beating a kid in an impromptu foot-race, or stealing the last fry from off your plate when you aren't looking. But, there are of course things I would like to change. That is why I am here! In general I just want to be stronger, leaner, and quicker. In the near future I want the body weight exercises I do now to be just what I do as a warm-up. Also, running has always been completely foreign to me, and I'm only just now starting to see myself doing it as regular exercise. So, one small goal of mine is to be able to run a mile by the end of the month without feeling like I am going to die afterwards. It's small but hey, you gotta start somewhere. That's my story! ...for now. I'll see you all on the boards. Feel free to say hey ~Keep
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