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  1. I downloaded Calm and had a play, I will look into Headspace thanks! I like guided as I really struggle to clear my mind (or acknowledge thoughts and move on). One app I found has positive buddhist sayings which I repeat for two mins which is a good focus for me to start with. Pain is related to tight hips and IT band. I had made really great progress when I was living in mexico as I wasn't wearing restrictive footwear (I have strange feet with extra bones and bunions) so when they get out of alignment it messes with everything else! Now I have the lovely pregnancy body changes going on as well Its Too cold here to live barefoot or in my toe shoes to keep my big toe straight. SO I just need to do my physio work (clams, calf raises etc).
  2. Ugh week one has flown by and honestly I can't remember details oops! 1) Yoga I did two small stretching sessions, didn't join yoga class - it is on a saturday morning which is my family morning time so I am not really motivated to go then as I love my sat morning farmers market visits with hatchling and Mr Kiwi. 2) Meditation I did one guided relaxation hypnosis session, also downloaded a few apps and played around with them. 3) Swim/gym I went to the pool with hatchling (that counts right? nice try) but anyway we had to get out because I was cold! I need a wetsuit not kidding I just can't handle the water at normal pool temperature anymore. Need to up my game on this one. Others I had a massage on friday which was great to help with my back pain and sciatica Mr Kiwi is interested in cleaning up our diets which is good to have him on board on our health journey together My walking has majorly dropped in the past three weeks and I rarely reach my 10k steps a day anymore. Partly due to the weather but need to make more of an effort on this on sunny days. This week go for a walk increase time doing stretches so they are what I would consider a proper yoga session GO TO THE GYM at least once! Need to start somewhere
  3. Some really great habit changes there - I uncrossed my legs upon reading that one. Looking forward to hear how the meditation course goes.
  4. I love forest running - can't wait to hear about the adventures. oooh and daily meditation sounds great
  5. Thanks - we are all doing well. Hatchling is at such a fun age at the moment she loves reading, bubbles and fire trucks. Feeling lots of little movements in the bump this week which I love. I have arranged a yoga class to go to and will join when I can sort child care situation so hopefully next week. Ahhh my scouting days seem so distant! I can't wait to be able to run pain free again. Hope your daily meditation goes well - any tips on making it a habit? So far this week - easing into things! Instead of the gym I moved 3 cubic meters of wood and stacked it from the carpark down to our house. Did it over three days as was tough work! no meditation yet - I need to go to bed earlier as I find this a good time to do this. yoga - I did a little stretching (maybe 30 mins)
  6. Summary Week 1: July 17 - 23 Yoga: small sessions 2/2 Meditation 3/2 Swim/Gym 0/2 Notes: Made a start on Yoga and meditation but neglected exercise this week. Diet improved. Week 2: July 24 - 31 Yoga Meditation Swim/Gym Notes Week 3: August 1 - 6 Yoga Meditation Swim/Gym Notes Week 4: August 7 - 13 Yoga Meditation Swim/Gym Notes
  7. HI NF its been a while Im back in New Zealand, its cold and I miss Mexico terribly, expecting baby #2 at Christmas, I planned to walk a half marathon in September but am having ITB and sciatica issues so have downgrading to aim for 10km, my mental space is not super Bueno due to life drama out of my control so my main aims right now is about rehab for my body and mind. Long term goal - physically and mentally healthy birth in December Mid term goal - Walk 10km in September Short term goal - get back in to good habits (yoga, meditation and gym) Aims for this Challenge 1) Yoga Yoga or stretching 2 times a week Bonus-ness for joining pregnancy yoga class on Saturday mornings. 2) Meditation Use meditation or hypnosis tracks 2x week I need this in my life right now but have not made it a priority. I feel like there is much in my life that I can not control right now so need to get my head in a better place. 3) Swim/gym Go to pool or gym 2 times a week. Two weeks ago I joined the local pool with a gym. I have been once, my new goggles leaked, the water was freezing and I just hated the whole experience. So I need to put my big girl panties on and get back into it. Winter is no excuse. I can't believe I used to get up and train in the pool 3 days a week at 6am back in my triathlon days - who was that crazy person! I need to sort my hips/legs out to mediate this annoying ITB and sciatica issues so I can get back into walking and eventually running. I miss running.
  8. Meditation and spanish going ok (this week I have ploughed through ten episodes of my spanish podcast, which is just a refresher as it is total beginner) yoga not happening after just finishing unpacking I am going to have to urgently pack up and move across the world again to spend some time with a family member who needs me so I will try to wrap this challenge up as best I can - but priority is getting myself organised to travel and pack up again. I have definitely gained some good habits from this challenge and am pleased to have achieved something challenge wise for a change even though I haven't regularly posted here.
  9. That room looks amazing! Great work on all the organising
  10. Pleased to hear bedtime routine coming along well. Ah internet shopping, so good but such a time vortex. I love dinosaurs - great room theme choice, Even though hatchling is a girl I dress her in the boys dinosaur clothes because they are awesome. Good work on the loose pants! Hatchling has recently discovered books too! but wants to just turn the pages without letting me read them. Have you been getting outside with baby? What kind of sling do you use? I have been using a front pack but now hatchling is 10kg and it kills my shoulders. But I don't really have any other options at the moment so always keen to hear what other people use.
  11. Still alive and going strong. Neglected my computer recently but challenge last week went well. Week 2 round up 1) Yoga Did one session of a hip opening yoga class off you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lUqo5Qceh0 It kicked my butt - I need to do this more often. Since then my hips and knees have been really achey and getting worse and now I can't really even walk - however I think this is unrelated to yoga and that I am sick. Yes I feel awful. Don't expect much from me this week. (Mr Kiwi is recovering from Dengue Fever and Hatchling recovering from a sinus infection, she had over a week off day care but is back now). Fun times. 2) Spanish Yet to contact spanish school, Did one pimsuler class and memorised the alphabet song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MECCt38QwEA its catchy - your welcome. 3) Meditation I did 4 guided meditation/hypnosis tracks this week, in bed last thing at night. Really helped chill me out. I fell asleep during all if them I think. Aim for this week: Rest rest rest. Contact Spanish school and book in for classes. If I can move - do more yoga. Post here and try to comment on other challenges.
  12. mama of a one year old girl aka "hatchling" (born Jan 2015). Trying to get back into yoga and one day eventually running again. Would like to start thinking about baby number two soon so got to get back into prime condition for that.
  13. Weekend: Meditation Tried to do some but my head is so full that I just couldn't focus. So I rocked out my colouring in book (Dia del los muertos theme book) and did some active meditation and had a weekend with lots of colouring which really helps to wind me down. Little hatchling 'helped' me colour which was fun. Spanish I got a really cool science magazine to read (I actually did a happy dance when I found it, it was so up my alley). Also tried to read the local paper over breakfast with Mr kiwi. Week 1 round up Easing into things - need to up my game. 1) Yoga Only did one session 2) Spanish Yet to contact spanish school, and did one reading session. 3) Meditation Lots of colouring. Aim for this week: I like the idea of aiming for doing one thing a day. Contact Spanish school and book in for classes.
  14. I was good and did a little hip related yoga while chatting to Mr Kiwi in the evening. Now to get some Español and meditation done!
  15. Quick update Move going well - helping me get my step goal up on my fitbit. But slow process. Hatchling is having a rough week both moving both home and going to day care, she is a bit unsettled understandably with lots of change at once. Its Wednesday night and yet to do anything challenge goal related! Might take half an hour and do a little express yoga.
  16. This month is all about finding routine and settling into my new location and routine. Easy goals to get into good habits. A few life changes in the works this month: My little Hatchling (who is now one year old!) is off to day care starting Feb 2 Moving to new apartment on Feb 1 Both of which mean a little more time and space to get stuff done. So I have no excuses to not finish this challenge. GOALS 1) Yoga Ease back into things. 2 x a week 2) Spanish I want to start at a Spanish language school some time this month as I have an embarrassing vocabulary given how long I have lived in Mexico. But until then 2x a week 3) Meditation Ease back into things. 2 x a week Boom go!
  17. Hola from my new home in Mexico! yucky stressful quick move done so back into things today.
  18. Super mega quick update! Downloaded my old hypnotherapy and meditation apps, also did some of my active meditation of colouring in pictures. mmmmmm. Had migraine on saturday - still recovering. This is a challenge (and general productivity!) killer. Mr Kiwi and I spontaneously decided to change our plans and move to mexico IN ONE WEEK. That means we need to pack up our apartment, relocate our stuff and take as much as we can on our flight down. Trying to stay positive - but I still feel rotten and baby is sick too and I hate moving. So challenge might not happen much this week (when I need it most though right?) fingers crossed. if there is one thing I will try to keep up it is my meditation. See you soon Mexico!
  19. Good goals! I will be following your moving planning - I always need tips. Are you going cold turkey on the crisps/ chocolates?
  20. Yes - we are still finalizing our plans but we could move as soon as next week back to Mexico, then back to USA for xmas. Will see. I should order some packing boxes. Thanks! I will try to finish this challenge really I will Thanks. Online therapy is just having an online councilor to help me with my mental issues rather than going to see one, as we don't sit still in one place long. Thanks - I hate moving, Hope all is well with you too. Extra aim today - comment on others challenges!
  21. Quick update Im going to change my last goal from doing my online counseling homework to finishing a writing course I am doing in November. Week 1 Monday - Travel day, lots of jiggling a 10kg baby in a front pack at airport. Ouch shoulders. Tuesday - Walking, did two walks one with baby in front pack the other with her in pram. Total about 1 hour. Wednesday - I had some 'me' time while everyone was sleeping in the AM so made myself some tea and did 40 mins yoga while listening to accuradio spa channel. Gosh my mind was distracted, need to get onto meditating. Also the cat kept wanting cuddles. Walking about 40 mins. Started working on my writing course - I am a few days behind so need to catch up. (Can someone tell me how not to get giant pictures?) Week 1 Summary Meditate 0/3 Yoga 1/3 Walk 2/5 Writing course 1/7
  22. I'm back to a new challenge! It's been a while since I have popped into the Druids to have a cup of tea but I'm back as I need to Return to my happy place! My little girl is now nine months old and I'm slowly getting the hang of motherhood but I need to spend a little time looking after myself too. So here I am. Goals: 1) meditate 3 x week 2) yoga/stretch 3 x week 3) walk 30 mins 5 x week 4) Complete my writing course I am doing in November. Each day I have homework so 7 x week. If I take a little longer thats OK I just really want to complete it rather than rush it. My overall aim is to improve my mental health and loosen up my tight hips which are still bothering me. Mid challenge I will be moving (again!) so not to freak out about packing and moving etc. And go!
  23. Still here! set up camp in new town and have been going on daily walks to explore. bought a yoga mat havent been running yet but walking is a good start
  24. still here still chugging along slowly not enough yoga in my life but some good walks in process of moving back to other side of world
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