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  1. So I know I'm a bit late for this update, but as they say, "Better late than pregnant." Week 2! Bring lunch to work 3x: Three times. Well, twice we had food brought in, but I only went out twice, which is the goal. Go to the gym 2x: I crushed it. I missed Thursday and Friday morning, but I actually went after work on Friday, which amazed even me. Although I still need to make up for my missed workout in week 1. Kung fu: Also a success. I don't actually remember if I went two or three times, but it was at least twice. Find an apartment: I didn't really do anything for this one, other than browse a bit more. Fortunately, this one is kind of an all-or-nothing task, so I'll just step it up a bit this week. I'm glad that I'm achieving my goals, because life is too short not to kick some butt. Which reminds me of what my grandpa said right before he kicked the bucket. "Orange," he said, "how far do you think I can kick this bucket?"
  2. So I've been pretty busy (which is good), so I haven't been on here much. Week 1 Totals Bring lunch to work 3x: Total success. I actually brought lunch to work 4 times. Go to the gym 2x: This one was a bit of a fail. I went on Monday, and was going to go on either Friday or Saturday, but I started to come down with something and figured the sleep was more important. Considering I'm starting to feel better, I'm going to call that the right decision. And since I went to kung fu 3x (instead of just 2) and played racquetball twice, I'm going to give myself the chance to make this up. Which means one of the weeks during this challenge I need to go 3x instead of twice. Kung fu: I went three times. I was honestly only going to go Monday and Wednesday, but then I made plans to play racquetball with one of the guys in my class on Thursday right before class, so of course we went to class afterwards. Find an apartment: This went reasonably well. I found a few places that are close to work (including one that is literally a 3 minute walk). And while I'd prefer to save some money and find somebody looking for a roommate, I have these options. So all in all, a pretty solid week one. Hopefully I can carry on the trend and do well! Also, a new goal for this coming week: add more jokes to my updates. They get kind of dull without any bad puns.
  3. This is, without a doubt, the hardest thing to actually do. So if you're still trying to come up with reasons not to do it, don't beat yourself up. Especially since you seem to be doing a good job of actually going to the gym and not eating out. Those may seem like small victories, but each time you do it makes it every so slightly easier the next time. Good job so far!
  4. This is a good question. I had found a good teacher where I used to live and I was a thousand times more likely to go to that class than do it at home, even though it cost more than it should for each class and I actually enjoy it a decent amount. In short, it'll be a long time before I make yoga a goal again. But I wish you the best of luck/will-power!
  5. For warmup sets, I always start with the bar (or something that I know is really light and easy), and then just spend another 2 or 3 sets working up to my actual weight and average out the difference. It keeps me from starting off too high. Good job setting the workout goals while you're on the road. It's always a huge pain to try and workout when you're out of your normal rhythm.
  6. Have you been doing this a lot? Because I know when I was trying to cut down on fast food I kept trying to go from 4+ days a week to 1 or 2 right off the bat and it never worked out. Although considering my eventual solution was literally leaving the country, maybe my advice isn't always the most practical. Good luck with everything!
  7. First off, thanks for all the encouragement! TheDoc: I think there's a panini grill at work, actually. I just try it out. Thanks for the idea! RES: I hate moving too, but fortunately most of my stuff is still in boxes, so that should make it much easier. Son of Zurg: That's a great idea. Unfortunately, the closest gym to my house at the moment is about 3.5 miles. And even once I move it'll probably be several miles. But definitely biking distance. [Vin]: Glad I could help! I'm trying to remember why I've failed in the past and not make the same mistakes again. Cheetah: Thanks! Good luck on your challenge as well! LovelyBouncer: Unfortunately I haven't started parkour yet, but hopefully soon. Ideally my new place will have enough open area I can practice rolls and whatnot without putting on snow pants. Do you do parkour? Or just another future badass like me? ;) I'll try and check out all of your challenges as I have time. After all, this is a community. :) First two days have gone well! Monday Positives -Went to the gym in the morning and did everything I planned on. -Brought two sandwiches to work (plus cottage cheese) and only ate one, so I had a leftover one for today. -Played racquetball with a friend after work -Made it to Wing Chun on time and got some good practice in. It's been a few weeks since I've made a class (and I'm only about six classes in), so I'm glad that I didn't lose *everything.* Learning Moments -I was pretty pressed for time between work, racquetball, and wing chun, so I didn't have time for dinner, which means I had a slice of leftover pizza when I got home. It's not really a negative, but eating right before bed isn't a good habit, and I want to find something to try and learn from every day. After all, life never goes perfectly according to plan. Tuesday Positives -Brought lunch to work Learning Moments -I'm still trying to dial in how long it takes me to get ready and get to work in the morning, so I ended up getting there with too little time to go to the gym and do some cardio, but earlier than I really wanted to go to work, so I ended up going to breakfast. Not a bad thing in itself, especially since I love breakfast, but still. In the future, I'll try and keep an eye on what time it is rather than just when my alarm went off. I could have spent 15 minutes stretching and foam rolling (both of which I desperately need) or practicing some wing chun basics before my shower. Or else just showered after working out instead of at home if I had made up my mind to go to the gym, but I thought it was later than it was. Recap All in all a pretty good start! I haven't spend any time on the apartment hunt yet, but this is the first chance I've had in front of my computer so far, and I'm about to go out with some friends, so no time now. Diet: 2/3 Gym: 1/2 Wing Chun: 1/2 Apartment: Nada Good luck to everyone!
  8. Hey everybody! I'm OrangeJorwell, and I'm a newb (kind of). I did a few challenges here several years ago, but then dropped off the map. I actually have improved since then, but not as much as I would like, so I'm going to try this again. I'm setting nice small goals so it should be fairly easy (it says right here in fine print...). Anyway, on to my challenge! My Main Quest Become like Jackie Chan! This involves learning martial arts, getting stronger, and learning gymnastics/parkour.  My Support Quests 1) Diet goal: Bring lunch to work 3x per week One of my goals is to reach my goal weight. Obviously this can't be achieved if I'm eating out all the time. What this goal is NOT: This goal involves no calorie counting, and no cooking requirement (sandwiches and leftovers are fine). Cup noodles may or may not be a significant portion of my lunches 2) Fitness goal: Go to the gym 2x per week My goal is to be like Jackie Chan. Obviously he isn't a weak person, so I must get stronger. I have to go to the gym twice a week before work. I will be doing Phrak's Greyskull Variant recommended by r/Fitness. What this goal is NOT: This goal does not care if I improve, just as long as I finish the workout. Mastering that stare at the end will be in a future challenge 3) Fitness goal: Go to wing chun classes 2x per week Jackie Chan is an amazing fighter. So I must practice. Wax on. Wax off. What this goal is NOT: While I plan to practice at home, there will be no requirement. I've watched this like 100 times and I still have no idea how to do that 4) Lifestyle goal: Find a new apartment I'm currently living 40 minutes from work and the kung fu dojo. Which means that if I get off work at 5 and class starts at 7, I have to kill two hours. Also, when class gets off after 9 it means I don't get to bed until after 10, which is later than I'd like if I'm going to wake up and go to the gym in the morning. If I move closer to work, this will both shorten my commute (allowing me to go to bed/wake up later) and therefore allow me to more easily attend class regularly. Plus, living with family makes certain things awkward... Well, more awkward, anyway. About Me Hey all! You can call me Orange, and I just got back from an amazing gap-year traveling around the world. I'm settling back into real life and have a new job I really enjoy. When I started my gap year I successfully gave up pop and fast food (which I used to have a major issue with), but I never managed to get into the exercise habit I was aiming for. My game plan is to use this challenge to get back into a routine (with a nice, short commute) so that over the course of next year I can start making (and achieving) more specific goals reaching towards my Main Quest.
  9. So last week I accomplished nothing for the challenge. I had a rough weekend (long story) and didn't get back to town until Tuesday, at which point I basically crashed and did nothing productive. And then I went out of town again this weekend, so nothing got done. But that's no reason to quit, so I'm back at it this week. I'm going for a run after work today and then making my go-to meal for dinner tonight (chicken, broccoli, and asparagus stir fry). I never used any aloe, since I didn't want to buy a bunch only to use it once. I'm still peeling, but it stopped hurting a while ago. Russian is going half decently, and I actually have been working at it somewhat consistently, even if I haven't been doing the Pimsleur as much as I wanted. I got a schedule all set for my trip, with hotels booked, as well as a flight between Moscow and St. Petersburg. I got my invitation, so now I have to apply for the visa. I'll get that done tonight or tomorrow. Run | 0/0 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/3 | Cook | 1/1 | 0/1 | 0/1 | 0/1 | 0/1 | 0/1 | Squat | 3/6 | 0/7 | 0/7 | 0/7 | 0/7 | 0/7 | Foam Roll | 3/5 | 1/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 | Russian | 2/5 | 2/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 |
  10. Seems like a good challenge. You are trying to drop a lot of weight in six weeks, so don't be too upset if you fall short. 2 lbs a week is double what people usually expect. Although I've heard of much more severe drops from people that drink a lot of pop when they cut it out of their diet, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. When I was trying to be religious about tracking food I would enter it before I even ate it. I don't know if it helped or not, but it's an idea. It also might hold your portions slightly more accountable if you have to go in and change it if you over eat. The only advice I have about the veggies is the same thing you'd get from anyone: find something you like. Squash is delicious if you cube it, drizzle it in olive oil, and bake it. Super easy, and way better than I thought it would be the first time I did it. Or if you like broccoli you could get one of the frozen packages that you nuke in the microwave. I'll get the broccoli/cauliflower/carrot ones, because I love broccoli, kind of like cooked carrots, and am not a big fan of cauliflower. But because I don't want to waste food, I end up eating it all and it gets more variety in my diet. Best of luck, and enjoy your trip! And try not to eat too much poutine.
  11. The sky lodge sounds awesome. I'm adding that to my list of things to do in Peru. It will join "Hike to Machu Picchu" and "Become a Peruvian Eel Hunter." The latter is an inside joke between some friends and I, but it sounds pretty bad ass even if you don't know the back story. If you find running boring, I have a way to increase the excitement.
  12. So far so good with the challenge! I haven't run yet, as the burn is still rather uncomfortable, and I may be going out of town over the weekend, so I may skip week 1 for that goal. Again, I'm just playing it by ear. And if I'm going to spend a lot of time outside over the weekend, I should probably spend less time outside during the week. Or wear sunscreen, but I haven't done that since my mom forcibly made me when I was a small child, so forget that. I made Cracklin' Chicken from Nom Nom Paleo on Tuesday. It was alright, but there was way too much salt in the recipe. It seemed like a lot when I was adding it, but I don't know cooking, so I trusted the recipe. Wrong move. I also haven't eaten any non-Paleo food since Sunday. Other than ghee, that is, which is called for in a lot of Paleo recipes. Which is weird, now that I think about it, since it's a milk product. Time to do some research. There were only two pictures on Google Images with this quote on them. Very disappointing. I've done the squats and foam rolled Tuesday and Wednesday, and yesterday the squats were rough. I didn't think 5 minutes would be that bad, but by the end I was doing 20 second sets. My hips don't lie, and they were yelling about how much they wanted to kill me. And you thought this was going to be a Shakira gif I've only done 1 Pimsleur lesson so far, but I did a little bit of Rosetta Stone, too. They work pretty well together, since there are some things in RS that I didn't get (grammar rules, mostly) that are actually explained in Pimsleur. I probably would have done more yesterday evening, but I got distracted by A Link to the Past. 4 days left in the week and 4 lessons to go. Works out perfectly. Run | 0/0 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/3 | Cook | 1/1 | 0/1 | 0/1 | 0/1 | 0/1 | 0/1 | Squat | 2/6 | 0/7 | 0/7 | 0/7 | 0/7 | 0/7 | Foam Roll | 2/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 | Russian | 1/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 | 0/5 |
  13. Well I'm in for the encouragement of watching somebody else be a bad ass/good example. I like the goals, and can relate to needing to practice double unders. My PR is 1. Haha. Based on the feedback so far, it sounds like you should make a Survival Parkourâ„¢ class. I know I'd be down. I like deadlines. I love the whoosh-ing noise they make as they fly by.
  14. In for the languages! I kind of know Spanish, am learning Russian, and will eventually get back to all the other languages that I want to learn.
  15. Failed before, yada yada yada. That doesn't matter, because it's in the past. And you can either run from it or learn from it. So onwards to this challenge, where I'm just going to use whatever images/gifs I think are appropriate. None of my goals really tie together, either. So this is my random challenge! MAIN GOAL: Don't be the fat kid -Everyone else in my main friend group is in rather good shape, except for me. I'm tired of being the fat one, so I'm going to try and lose enough that I can no longer call myself fat. GOAL ONE: Run -Run 3x per week -Ultimate Goal: Run 5 miles straight by the end of the challenge -Exception: Week 1 (I got sunburned really badly on Sunday and now it hurts to even walk. I'm hoping to still get two runs in this week, but I'm going to play it by ear) -Background: I've run off and on for a few years, and towards the end of last year got to the point where I ran over 6 miles without stopping. Then I quit because it was cold, and now I'm back to barely being able to run a mile. I'm using Zombies, Run! 5k to get back to 3 miles, then I'll go back to the normal app after that. GOAL TWO: Cook -Cook at least one Paleo meal per week (I cook in batches, so it's at least three meals, usually four) -Ultimate Goal: Eat 100% paleo during the week, whatever I want on weekends -Background: I've gone back and forth with both eating paleo and eating nothing but garbage. So my compromise is to eat Paleo during the week and whatever I want on weekends. GOAL THREE: Bend -Squat for 5 minutes per day weeks 1 & 2, 10 for weeks 3 & 4, 15 for weeks 5 & 6 -Foam roll at least 5 days/week -Ultimate Goal: Be able to be comfortable in the bottom of a squat -Background: I have very poor mobility. Nowhere is it more obvious than in my squat, so I clearly need to work on that. Also, my calf has been bothering me while running, and I know I should foam roll more, but never do. So that's part of this now. GOAL FOUR: Russian -Listen to 5 Pimsleur lessons per week -Background: I'm going to Russia at the end of September! I'm really excited about it, but don't know Russian. So I want to try and learn the basics of conversation. I'll also be doing a couple of other things when I can, like Memrise for extra vocab and Rosetta Stone. I also have a text book from which I'm going to try and learn a little bit of grammar. -Ultimate Goal: Be able to speak enough Russian that I will be able to learn while I'm there, rather than just struggling. Or to drink with Putin. Whichever. So that's it for now. Oh, and I'm going to own this challenge.
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