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  1. Further information on my knees: The diagnosis is "patellofemoral pain syndrome" (which, translated to English means "knee pain") or "chondromalacia of the patella". Both knees. Basically, my knees hurt much of the time, and since the science on this issue is not good, this is "because" of any or all of the following: (1) I have thinned and possibly cracked cartilage around my knees, which is "normal wear and tear" even though I am only 30 years old and was never really into sports or exercise AT ALL until recently, (2) maybe there's a muscle imbalance?, (3) maybe my muscles aren't
  2. Hi everyone! If I go up two or three flights of stairs in a day (even if not all at once), I'm in pretty bad pain for several days afterwards. My doctor also explicitly told me that I am in "maintenance mode" and that I should never jog, run, or jump again for the rest of my life, despite being 28 years old when I was told that. And I want to fix that, so I'd appreciate any help you can give! So the goals of my workout routine are: 1) Build leg strength in general 2) Build hamstring and quad strength in particular 3) Stretch my legs and improve flexibility 4) The more typical goal of "Ge
  3. So......... I totally bombed at #s 1, 2, and 3. I moved house (interstate) which has devastated my time, energy, and broken the good habits I had formed. Goal #4 is going well, though: 33 done (54%) 28/61 remaining So... Time to get back on the wagon. First step, I'm adding a few things back onto my to-do list, things involving forming new goals/habits (for example, I need to make a new workout plan that works with my current housing situation, which my old plan does not).
  4. 1. I will have flexible hamstrings A: Do all of my stretches every day, and avoid sitting for long periods of time [DEX + 3] B: Do 3 sets of hamstring stretches at least 3x/week [DEX + 2] C: Do hamstring stretches most days [DEX + 1] D: Do hamstring stretches at least 3x/week F: Sit all the time and don't do stretches 2. I follow my weekly exercise plan, with any necessary alterations due to injury A: Follow my COMPLETE exercise plan, altered as necessary [sTR +1 DEX + .5 STA + 1.5] B: Do 75% or more of my scheduled workouts, and/or fail to adjust for injuries once or twice [sTR + .5 DEX + 0
  5. Nope, didn't finish strong. It turns out that on the 10th (when I said the longer wall sits were hurting my knees) I hurt my knees. They still hurt, and I'm still trying to recover from it. Hate these knees! Also, whenever my knees start to hurt badly, my mood crashes, and I stop doing a lot of other things too. 1. C: Do hamstring stretches most days [DEX + 1] 2. B: Do 75% or more of my scheduled workouts, and/or fail to adjust for injuries once or twice [sTR + 1 DEX + 1 STA + 2] 3. C: More than two lapses a week 4. B: Draw (or paint) 3x or 4x/week average [WIS + 1]
  6. Somehow I missed a lot of pages on this thread, and thought the hat discussion was current, haha. Oops!
  7. A hat discussion! Fantastic. I need to start wearing hats. Over the past few years I've started to get frequent migraines (every week or so) and I'm very sensitive to light... So I've been wearing caps and sun visors when I'm outside for a long time or when I'm riding on the train (the electric lights KILL me if I don't). The sun visors are dorky as hell, but I can fit them into my coat pocket easily, so that's a matter of convenience... But I really need a less dorky hat. I'm in New York / New Jersey, dress casual (usually jeans and a t-shirt, and often button down shirts). And I ha
  8. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Keep it up, you're doing good!
  9. Thanks! Still doing good... I think I'm going to end up with Bs or B+s in everything, but I can still push for A-s! I think doing 3 sets of 30 sec wall sits is hurting my knees (not badly, but still...). So... Either I need to cut down on them and/or not try to push past that amount for a number of weeks. Sundays are normally a rest day for me, but I wanted to add some deltoid exercises to my weekly routine and I didn't get around to them yet... So today might be a good day to add them!
  10. You have a great attitude about your wrist! Glad to hear you're working around it. Candlelight yoga sounds amazing. I'm jealous. You're doing great, keep it up!
  11. You're doing great, keep it up! If you want to work yoga into your busy schedule, you could do some poses randomly throughout the day... Standing poses typically don't need a yoga mat, so you could do some while waiting for food to cook! It feels great to get in the habit of exercising during times that you'd otherwise just be standing there doing nothing. That's usually when I get my stretches in: Waiting for water to boil and that kind of thing. But that might just be because I'm an inefficient cook.
  12. I'm joining in! Better late than never.
  13. Yep! No, I don't think I was away from things long enough to change the flavor. I think I had quit soda for like three months before it started tasting weird. Quitting stuff for a week isn't really that long (heck, I could go that long without eating pizza if I went on vacation to somewhere that I didn't go to a pizzeria, or if I bought too much other stuff at the grocery store for the week). But yeah, being able to eat most things is definitely a perk. Now I don't have to make people feel weird when I go to their houses for dinner! Things are going good! Yay, a mini-challenge! Th
  14. January's over, so I have a graphical summary! Nerd alert! X axes are the days of the month. Mild weight loss, that's fine, whatever. As long as the trendline is going in the right direction! I only sparsely sample my weight, which is why there are large gaps in measurements. The two vertical lines are when I started and ended the lamb-and-pears diet. So that was clearly impacting my weight faster than is healthy (I dropped like 4 lbs in 5 days). The thin dashed lines are the maximum and minimum weights to be in the "normal weight range" for someone my height. The darker dashed line is
  15. Still on track for stretching and doing my exercises! I've drawn about every other day, so that's not bad... I stopped doing the diet because I was feeling really nauseous nonstop and it wasn't helping my symptoms anyway. So, I probably don't have any significant food intolerances... Now I just have to eat the rest of the food I bought! Still not eating candy and cake, or drinking though! Basically you pull yourself around the room while sitting on a stool. http://www.livestrong.com/article/490189-what-are-stool-scoot-exercises/ It's apparently done a lot in rehab, for working the
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