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  1. I'm reading it now after hearing and interview with him. So far it's a great read. I went to his website and the amount of links to studies is staggering. It was actually very nice to see since the introduction of the book came off as a bit of "snake oil". That feel seemed to die down once I got into the actual meat of the book.
  2. Howdy, My friends and I are attempting to start a paleo food truck in the Houston area! We've been researching recipes, seeking advice from other food trucks in the area, and trying to get this started. Well today we launched on kickstarter! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1467046736/caveman-chow-houstons-first-paleo-food-truck If you guys want to check it out, spread the word, or help back us we would truly appreciate it. I'll be happy to field any questions, comments, and possibly snide remarks. Thanks Dan
  3. Thanks Wolf, Yeah we're leaning toward the idea of a food truck. We're in Houston so we may visit the DFW area at some point We figure with a food truck we can hit up all the crossfits in the area when their classes are done.
  4. Howdy everybody, My buddy and I are discussing starting a Paleo themed eatery. We're still in research mode and this is where you can help! We have a put together a short survey (there may be others to follow). Its only four questions and would help us out. Thanks https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dGNVaTB5a2Jmc3NoZWo2S2YyaG82bVE6MQ Feel free to add additional comments here. Thanks again! Dan
  5. Wow that is a good read. Looks like the strong lifts mixed with some running would yield the results I want. It makes sense that as those muscles strengthened that the push ups and sit ups would improve naturally. I probably won't do that exact work out... but I think it shows that doing 100 push up /200 sit up programs would just be redundant.
  6. Alright gang here it goes. I find i can stick with this stuff if I have a more regimented plan. So I'm going to try to develop one with y'alls help. Right now I'm a Kinesiology major. Which I really enjoy. I'm also in the Naval Reserves and we're looking for a new guy to be in charge of PT. Sounds like that should be right up my alley. I need to improve my PT scores a bit. (Push ups, sit ups, and a 1.5 mile run) I figure I'll do the 100 pushups and 200 sit up routines that can be found on line. I just finished a training plan for a half marathon so, I can run. I just need to go f
  7. I'm fairly new here myself, but I can try to take a stab at this and others can correct me as needed. The quick, over simplified version. Eat more calories than you burn and you'll gain both muscle and fat. Burn more than you eat and you'll lose both muscle and fat. You're exercise will determine what exactly the ratio of fat to muslce gained or lost. A bit more detail. If you eat a calorie excess your body will have the additional fuel that is needed to build muscle (assuming of course you're getting proper nutrition). However, you'll likely be unable to give the body exactly th
  8. Ha Ha Ha... I LOVED those commercials. I heard they stopped those because they got bought by a company in New York. Wonder if that's true... If it is that would be a great example of irony.
  9. I just started the paleo thing too (getting close to a month, only a few cheat days), I actually counted calories for the first few days and found out I was getting no where near the calories I needed. Now I just keep boiled eggs, fruit, carrots, things like that handy. And If I feel hungry I eat something. I still periodically count the calories to make sure I'm getting enough but I've gotten better about just listening to my body and trying to give it what it needs. Actually counting the calories and seeing that I was at such a deficit was a little freeing. Since now I don't mind usin
  10. I've never tried this but I've been told it works really well, and you end up with very moist cakes. http://www.ehow.com/how_8035641_substitute-yogurt-eggs.html
  11. Thanks for the responses guys. I guess I won't fret too much about it!
  12. Howdy all, Since I started doing Paleo I've been consuming a fair bit of the stuff. I'm just wondering if it fits with in the Paleo guidelines. The ingredients are as follows. Chrushed tomatoes, water, crushed tomato concentrate, jalapeno peppers, diced tomatoes in tomato juice, fresh onions, distilled vinegar, dehydrated onions, salt, garlic, natural flavoring. From my understanding the only things that are questionable would be the vinegar, salt and, natural flavorings. And it seems there are numerous schools of though on salt and vinegar. The natural flavorings I'm wondering ab
  13. Youversion is an awesome App. Its on droid for sure as I have it on my phone and tablet. I'm pretty sure I had it on my BlackBerry before that. So I'd be shocked if it wasn't on IOS. Anyway another Christian Nerd checking in! I grew up in a church (where my dad works). When I joined the Military I tried a few churches and got disgusted with the amount of hypocrisy I saw around me. This lead me to shelve any religion for many many years. My girlffiend attended a small church here, I wouldn't describe her as religious, more spiritual. She taught me that its about pursuing the relat
  14. They have those? Cooking with the grease is something I'm still playing with. Still got too much of the old, fat is the enemy, mind set in me. Though I did get asked to make some refried beans for a get together last night. Instead of lard I used Bacon grease... I've never seen people go back for beans like that. I did try a few, and they were good... But my body did not like me having beans... I only been doing paleo for like 3 weeks now and already I'm not missing the old foods, It just means more room for Bacon!! (or Taco meat as was the case last night)
  15. That looks amazing.. A primal grilled cheese sandwich! I think I may have to try to make a burger tomorrow with bacon as the bun. This opens up all sorts of new recipe ideas!
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