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  1. Mel The Hangry

    Mel The Hangry is making changes

    Week 2 Update I'm happy with my no 2 sugar days in a row quest this week as over all it worked out. The amount of sugar quest was still a fail on the days I ate sugar but that will be a challenge to do later down the track. I don't know where my head was with the Yoga and Meditation quest... I need to push myself more but I did go camping on the weekend which was mostly relaxing.
  2. Mel The Hangry

    iatetheyeti: metanoia

    Definitely a win and something like self-awareness can be a powerful tool.
  3. Mel The Hangry

    Mel The Hangry is making changes

    Thanks heaps, we have to celebrate all of the wins
  4. Mel The Hangry

    Mel The Hangry is making changes

    I’m back again I was originally thinking of skipping this challenge but then I though screw it, I’ll do the challenge! Food/sugar is currently my biggest problem at the moment and I’ve dedicated two quest to it to try to help that issue. The Challenge:  Nutrition Quests No two in a row sugary snacks & deserts – Because I have an issue with eating too many sugary foods (usually chocolate) I will be implementing the no two in a row rule and hopefully in the future I can make that rule last longer: I will not eat sugary snacks &/or deserts two days in a row. Limit the amount of sugary snacks & deserts – By having a clear and cut size rule that I can stick to and not a generalised don’t overdo it: Baked goods (biscuits & cakes) = No more than the size of my palm. Packaged goods (chocolates & lollies) = No more than half the size of my palm. Fitness Quests Yoga – Apparently exercise is good and my last challenge was to yoga once a week so now I’m upping that to twice a week to get momentum going, with access to printed routines, apps, YouTube videos & classes there are no excuses: 2 days a week at the minimum. Level Up Your Life Quests Meditation – I didn’t succeed with this last time so I am at it again and will succeed this time, plus I really need to do this for my mental & physical health: 3 days a week using my Calm app. Minimum of 2 minutes required. I’ll be posting on a weekly basis as that’s easier for me to stick to that daily.