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  1. Pretty much off the reservation for the duration...been busy with work, family, and the move. Sorry I'm not pouring gasoline on any fires right now. Thanks for asking though:) How about yourself?
  2. 24 Oct 2013 12 k road march. 17 kg ruck. 105 minutes.
  3. Very cool. We've done a lot of fostering for pets. Its important to take care of our 4 footed brothers and sisters:)
  4. So, what do you do with a pet hedgehog? I'm thinking they don't play fetch or chase laser pointer lights...
  5. Curious to see what you come up with. Hoping you get on top of this soon. Luck to you:)
  6. Sounds like you're making epic progress all around:) The archery is very cool. Can we see your target results sometime?
  7. The inverted squat wouldn't be that bad using a Smith-type rack. I'd rather use an incline sled though.
  8. While the mechanical/material characteristics of breasts are a fascinating subject (and I can imagine a satisfying career gathering data on breasts in the field), I've always considered them "fine art", i.e. poetry in motion. I suspect everyone has a quasi-religious attachment to breasts given the near universal experience of breast feeding. Probably accounts for the diefication of Motherhood also. I'm thinking there's a mini challenge involving breasts, bras, support provided and creative inclusion of Cthulu tentacles in a sports context brewing, but I shudder at the prospect of the guys participating:O
  9. Glad all the angst was worth it. Hope it plays out well for you over the rematch next date:)
  10. 13 Oct 2013 Did the 6 hour run yesterday. The first 10 miles felt pretty glorious, kind of floating along on my endorphin high. The next five were kind of tough, apparently my endorphin reservoir was running low. 15-20 were as painful as anything I've done, running on endorphin fumes. Had to walk the next three, my endorphins were tanked. Ran (hobbled) the last two 'cause I started raging out, I guess adrenaline decided to sub in. Would have been a good picture, me looking all snarling-ugly:) Missed my 26 by one. Eating a little humble pie that I couldn't run a marathon in 6 hours. Notes: The pain was in the joints. Pretty much all of them from the knuckles of my toes to C1. I think my pinkie fingers felt pretty good. What can I say, my pinkie fingers are tough. Cocky too, the way they were talking sh!t to the other joints. I wonder if I was just tender from the week before? Maybe running more often for shorter distances is in order. Toughen the bones back up on the installment plan. The good news was my wind felt great and my muscles didn't seem fatigued; no cramping. Alternatively, its possible that the great assassin in the sky is dumping some instant karma on me for focusing too much on scout activities. Hmmm. Not sure I'm up to figuring out how to appease an imaginary being born of endorphin overload. I'd break out the tom-toms, but I don't think the neighbors would like that...
  11. Oohh! Pretty motivational girl! Rock on:)
  12. I believe in crushing that which would oppress me. Call me sentimental..
  13. Ok, now the question is, what ends will you turn this power towards? Truth, justice and liberty? Or oppressing the sheeple? As Spidey says, "with great power comes great responsibility". I know, its tough to be a super hero:)
  14. I'm thinking along the same lines that you are. I guess Nerd Unders are the wave of the future.
  15. Pretty friggin' epic, dude:) Positive style points.
  16. Its important to show the young-un's stupid human tricks:)
  17. My folks had a cabin in the remote area. I used to go there on occasion in the winter to get away from the silliness. Sounds like you have a good relief valve. The good thing about new rock gyms is seeing how a different crowd approaches an obstacle. It really doesn't matter what the grading system is, you should be able to size up a route based on your abilities no matter what they call it.
  18. Infantry don't wear under-shorts, they chafe on road marches.
  19. Sometimes you ride the wave, sometimes the wave rides you. As long as you're still blowing bubbles its all good:)
  20. Toronto sounds like a must-do. Its important to have something to look forward to, and a day at a big city climbing gym sounds perfect:) The cottage sounds pretty great. Why the last chance to go for the year? Rough roads in winter?
  21. So, I'm thinking Steve needs to add some nerd unders to his product line...
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