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  1. I still exist! I needed a break from the internet. Been killin' it on the fruit and veg and tracking front. Weight loss so far is 6.9 lbs. Low to no issues since avoiding eggs. No movement on the trying of exercises. Bleh. Just don't wanna.
  2. Hooray! I've surpassed my 5 lb loss goal in only two weeks! I love the whoosh that happens in the first few weeks. I think I'm going to aim for losing 3.9 more lbs I'm the next 3 weeks. That will put me at the next benchmark of 220.
  3. Maybe not nearly as easily, but at least somewhat. Egg nog is obvious. A sandwich with mayo that triggered it could have been eggs from mayo - it seems like that would be too little to set it off, but maybe not? Chicken Alfredo night had egg noodles and cookies which had egg. The sausage pasta night is hard to remember... I might have had a lot of cookies that night too? But still, if the whole batch of cookies has two eggs, and there are 27 cookies in a batch, would even 5 cookies (how many I will have at the very most if I'm a little binge-y) be enough to cause an issue.
  4. Whelp, I had a big veggie scramble with 26 fat grams worth of olive oil today and everything is hunky-dory in stomach land... And last night between my dinner which contained cheese and my dinner part 2 which had pot pie which has a roux was probably like 40... Sooo... Eggs?
  5. I have on occasion! I forgot I have protein powder I can throw in there too. Though I never thought about zucchini in a smoothie. That's brilliant. I find spinach doesn't quite blend up enough in my blender unless I boil it first. Little pieces of leaf in my smoothie isn't my idea of a good time.
  6. I'm tiiiiired. I also am at a day that reminds me that calorie counting can mess with my head. I'm sitting at 1942 calories, just 28 calories under what MFP set for me, a touch hungry and *agonizing* over whether/what to eat. I'm trying to relax and remember what I was taught by my Intuitive Eating coach I paid a ton of money to last year. Things I am feeling other than hunger - thirst, tiredness, irritation, grief, guilt. What of these can I solve quickly? Thirst definitely. Thirst solved. Do I still feel like eating? A little, but less so. Am I
  7. Ooh, I'll have to try the turkey breakfast hash. That sounds good. Though this morning may point to the problem actually being eggs. <10 grams of fat and 6 fairly hefty quail eggs and I felt sick allll day. Then higher fat dinner.,. Nothin. This all kicked off with illness following having egg nog so ??? And I agree 1500 is pretty low calorie. It's just been kind of hard to get more while trying both to keep fats under 20 grams a meal, trying not to go nuts on carbs, and only being able to tolerate so much chicken breast. It's just kind of been what I've fallen at. I
  8. Also, I've been tired all day. I perceive there is some correlation between rapid swings to cold weather (we got snow today =_=) and being inexplicably exhausted. I got 8.5 hours of sleep and basically took a single walk and a grocery store trip and I'm ready to go to sleep 12 hours later.
  9. May 11th has gone well. Just over 1500 calories for the day. Should have pushed back on the offer of some sweets given to me by a friend, which I didn't even remotely enjoy. Tested the limits of my current fat sensitivity levels with dinner, where I got about 23.8 grams of fat. I'm okay so far, but not also very long after dinner. I want a damn cookie so bad. I need to work on boosting my protein intake at breakfast. My total % protein today was only like 13% and 49 grams, which feels low. I should be able to get away with several hard boiled quail eggs for breakfast wi
  10. I don't know why, but I'm down like four pounds already. Maybe I weighed myself in the evening the first day due to my eagerness to get started? Yeah, that sounds like me.
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