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  1. Week 1 didn't go the best. Vegetables and fruits I definitely got one or more of a day, but I didn't "track". I got an hour and a half of exercise last week which exceeds my requirement of 6 minutes a day by a long shot, but it was done in fits and spurts of random sessions during random days rather than a daily commitment. I've never had much success come to think of it with a daily exercise routine, so maybe I should more make a point of getting that total number up, since I've gotten in the habit of tracking my exercise by time? Water didn't go well, to the point where I got so dehydrated I couldn't sleep. Part of this was prompted by my water just tasting gross to me one day and not wanting it? I feel like I've been dealing with a lot of executive disfunction lately and like my ADHD is just unmanageable and it's very frustrating.
  2. I didn't do very well with week 0 but I am READY for week 1. I did a 7 minute yoga video and then just 3 minutes of walking for good measure. I am currently stuck under a cat who demanded snuggles but as soon as I can get up, I'll get some water and probably a fruit. This week will probably be easy produce wise because last challenge I already had started gradually shifting to a lot of fruits and veggies in snacks and meals. Unfortunately I feel like I have a cold today.
  3. Thank you! I'm in my 13th week and getting some of that 1st trimester relief, which is why I'm getting the exercise and healthy foods kicked off now! Perfect timing for the start of a new challenge.
  4. Hellooo Last time on Grizzy Tries to Try Last challenge I focused on trying to do very minimal tasks to keep myself healthy. I was in the first trimester of pregnancy, zonked, and not super enthused about cooking or eating healthy. I found my struggle with my exercise plan for last challenge was that I basically couldn't remember when I was supposed to be doing what after week 1, so I just didn't. Strategies and learning from failure I'm most successful with self-directed activities if I can establish a solid daily habit that is done at a time and in a fashion where it is not more difficult than the activity should be. This, for me, primarily l requires identifying a good time for the activity. For example, meditating before bed is great for me because I'm relaxed enough to do it, reading before bed was great until I started getting so tired that by the time I got into bed I couldn't read. I've also read a ton of habit books and know all about habit stacking, pairing less desirable activities with more desirable ones, starting small, making things you don't want to do harder and making things you do want to do easier. Goals Exercise I want to work my way up to 30 minutes of exercise a day, split between yoga and walking, depending on what feels good in a given day. Habit stacking: I'm going to do yoga followed by walking immediately after peeing and having a glass of water in the morning. Removing barriers: My sneakers now belong right next to the treadmill, along with a spare pair of socks. Habit pairing: I'm going to have my primary time sink websites blocked in the morning, and I'm allowed to disable the blocker the moment I start walking on the treadmill or immediately after I'm done with yoga. An easy progression: Week 0: Every morning after getting a glass of water, take out yoga mat and sit on it, put away yoga mat. Then confirm sneakers are next to treadmill, put them on, and stand on it. Take sneakers off after standing on treadmill. Practice putting sneakers next to treadmill when they are used in other places. Week 1: 6 minutes of exercise each morning. Week 2: 12 minutes. Week 3: 18 minutes. Week 4: 24 minutes. Week 5: 30 minutes. Food I want to work my way up to 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Removing Barriers: I got a fruit stand so that my produce is out and visible rather than hiding in bags or corners. I've begun buying veggies and dips for quick snacks. I've started learning meals with lots of veggies that take little time. Habit stacking: I've been at least a light intermittent faster for years now, generally waiting on eating anything until my late-rising husband gets up at noon. However this is now FORBIDDEN by my body and I basically need to eat every two hours or I start getting hangry and fainty. Since this is a new habit my body is forcing on me, I don't have a lot of ingrained habits of WHAT to snack on, so whenever I am getting a snack I should consider something that includes a fruit or vegetable. We also have established a habit of meal planning each week, and can slowly work our way up to planning a vegetable with each meal. An easy progression: Week 0: Start getting used to keeping a count of the number of fruits and vegetables I eat in a day. Week 1-5: Week number is the number of servings of fruit and veg I should get each day, and also the number of meals I should plan for the week that include a serving of vegetables. Hydration I want to drink more water. Now for me I know this comes easily if I just... Have the water readily available. I have a large bottle for this purpose. So instead of getting my morning water in a glass, every morning when I get up and get water, I'm going to make sure my bottle is clean enough for use and I'm gonna fill it. Then I'll drink some from it. I will try to keep it on me - going to try and find some post it notes and put them around my house where I often sit or wander asking "do you have your water bottle?"
  5. Last day of challenge! I'm pretty happy with how I did. Did I track diligently? No. But have I improved in some areas that I hoped to improve in? Definitely.
  6. Yeah I get the impression they count kinda because fiber but they don't really have the vitamin content of like a real vegetable.
  8. I'm having the end-of-challenge desire to start planning for next challenge instead of doing this challenge.
  9. Confirmed with my zoomer bro, the kids no longer say yeet.
  10. Ok, update for the last week. Food: Good! I didn't go out to eat once! My husband did though. But I don't control him. Not my fault. I also bought a fruit stand so I can see my produce and eat it rather than forgetting it exists and allowing it to rot. I have eaten a mango, multiple clementines, a sweet potato and an avocado as a result. Exercise: Meditation: Still going wonderfully. Having some ho-hum feelings about work lately and trying to just make it to firmly second trimester before giving up and yeeting myself into unemployment. You know I'm old because I don't think the kids say yeet anymore.
  11. Read the chapter in what to expect (which my MIL bought a brandy new copy of as a gift) on nutrition, and maaaan I am doing poorly by comparison. I personally object to Annie's Mac and Cheese not being listed as an essential food group. Looks like the next time I go to the grocery store, I need to invest in fruit, veggies, and WHOLE grains. I just love my white bread so much. I also should really cut my daily mocha down to a latte. (Fear not I am staying within safe caffeine guidelines)
  12. Lol dude I already look pregnant. Between pre-existing overweight belly plus bloat plus maybe a tiny bit of actual bump, here are my 10 and 11 week pics.
  13. Thanks! I think technically according to charts I have 1-2 weeks left of 1st tri (some say week 13 starts 2nd, some say 14) but my relatively mild 1st trimester means I generally had some vaguely icky days, threw up once at the "peak" of 9 weeks, and went back to feeling fine by week 11. I'm eager to graduate out of the most nail-bitingly anxious over highest risk for loss trimester. I'm getting blood drawn for NIPT tomorrow, which most importantly assesses risk for all kinds of genetic defects but also gives us a heads up as to the gender. I'm pretty excited for that - I've gotten a bunch of used stuff (and some completely unused!) from friends and I need to know if I'll be excitedly using the more girly stuff or still using it but more from a well I'm exhausted and it's available perspective. I'm told it will be over a month before I start feeling any movement since I've never been a 2nd tri pregnant person before. Annoyingly, I already have a ton of aches and pains but I'm sure it's nothing compared to third trimester.
  14. Oh also my appetite is mostly back to normal with nausea gone. So I'm mulling over an aspect of next challenge that is back to a focus on nutrition (ideally LOTS more produce and whole grains) rather than just "don't eat out literally all the time you're not rich enough."
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