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  1. Thank you! I'm pretty pleased even though I'm above my target TTC weight. I didn't really start trying to lose weight again until I realized we were close enough to trying to conceive that I needed to start prenatals. Realized I never exercised yesterday. Oops. Habits are hard to start again. I did take my meds and had raspberry leaf tea in the evening. My anxiety brain is latching on to all the things that could be wrong with me that prevents all this from working. For example I have much lighter periods than I used to, and I was worried that meant something bad for fertility, because it can be. But I also think I'm within normal ranges. Also still trying to work on drinking enough water. I'm usually good for a lot of the day and then I get caught up in something and don't remember to get any water for hours at a time. I'm going to continue trying to lose weight until I get a positive. We're going to do meal planning and minimal sugar in December, and I'm going to try to work out an exercise schedule that excites me.
  2. Yeah, I mean sometimes there is a specific problem that needs medical intervention to be solved. But a lot of the time, doctors won't really check much until you've been trying for 6 months to a year without success! So I don't think trying to be as healthy as possible will be a bad thing. Slowly trying to work through the leftover desserts and wine from Thanksgiving before we get serious about dieting. Did some yoga yesterday and a shorter fast (20h). Had my raspberry leaf tea and today I got my pumpkin seeds and flax seeds in my salad. The pumpkin seeds are much tastier than I expected!
  3. Sooo yup. I'm trying to make a baby. And I'm not really setting up all the ideal conditions to do so. We started trying officially this month, and after a few months of great weight loss and good habits, my exercise and diet all fell completely apart this month, between my husband's birthday, Thanksgiving, and general seasonal depression. On Thanksgiving day I got definitive evidence that we didn't succeed in cycle 1, drank a lot... and resolved to do what I could to better my chances. Once Thanksgiving was over, of course. So this journal is gonna be all about trying to get healthier to encourage that to happen. We're talking diet, exercise, hydration, sleep, oral hygiene, and weight. We're talking things that may or may not make a difference, like raspberry leaf tea, supplements, eating pineapple, seed cycling, and wearing fuzzy socks. We're also talking temperature tracking, peeing on things, various things that come out of a vagina, and fuckin'. I may or may not do the challenges along with this. We'll see how I feel. I haven't lasted a whole challenge in AGES, so I'm not super optimistic about them. An ongoing journal might be better - I have one on another forum, but that forum has a culture of anti-fatphobia in some ways to the exclusion of weight loss talk, so I'm coming back to the first forum I ever joined for this very important quest. Stats Female 30 years old 5'5" 210 lbs, BMI 34.9 Was on the pill for like 6 years, on nexplanon for 3, on a copper IUD for 3. Slightly short luteal phase. Was like 9 days, got it up to 11-12 with a vitamin C & B12 regimen. Though this could have been caused by the IUD. Usually ovulate cycle day 15-17. What's the plan? I'm integrating a lot of things that may make a difference into my plan - from the scientifically proven to the reasonable evidence that it won't hurt you and could help. I've been pretty successfully using intermittent fasting or IF (specifically alternate-day fasting or ADF) for weight loss. Lost about 25 lbs in 3 months, but gained 5 back this month. A lot of these things, what you do is dependent on where you are in your cycle. Phase 0-1: Menstrual & Follicular Phase - body is bleedin' and preppin' the egg machine It seems you likely can fast during intensively up until ovulation, so I'll stay on ADF. I'll also try to eat in a more paleo/ketoish way, as ADF is super hard when you're hopped up on carbs from the day before. During this time I'm going to drink raspberry leaf tea daily. I'm going to eat pumpkin seeds and flax seeds. It's a little woo-woo, but it's easy. I tend to ovulate between day 15 and 17, but I can test this coming up with the almighty PEE ON ALL THE THINGS method. I'll stop fasting to this intensity and treat things as if I'm ovulating when I notice my LH test strips (which predict ovulation) start to get reasonably darker. Phase 2: Ovulation - body releases an egg So here I'll want to slow up a bit on the fasting. Do more of a 15 hours of fasting regimen. Basically just skip breakfast, which is fine because I don't really do breakfast. When I'm approaching and in this phase the focus is going to be having sex. I'll know this phase is over when my basal body temperature rises. Phase 3: Luteal phase - body waits to see if baby? While waiting for possible implantation and pregnancy, the goal is not to fast. Eat regularly, but still healthy. Eat to avoid spiking blood sugar. Lots of fruits and vegetables. Woo-woo stuff specific to this phase is eating sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. Things to do all the time: Get enough water to drink. I've been feeling constantly dehydrated and even if the 8 glasses of water a day is false, I at least shouldn't be not drinking water when I feel thirsty. Avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine. I'm a fiend for these things but they can hurt fertility and at least sugar & alcohol are strictly not good for you besides. Exercise daily. A good bare minimum is fertility yoga, which again, a bit woo-woo but will at least be of benefit in moving. Would like to get back into the habit of fun stuff like swimming, lifting, and rollerblading as well. Take my medicines. Prenatal, supplements for my deficiencies, allergy drugs, brain drugs, etc. Brush my teeth. I guess good oral hygiene is linked to fertility? I have ADHD and just forget a lot of the time. This is also good because if my mouth doesn't smell terrible, my husband might actually want to do the activities that cause babies. Wear warm socks. More woo, but who cares? My feet are cold anyway.
  4. I still exist! I needed a break from the internet. Been killin' it on the fruit and veg and tracking front. Weight loss so far is 6.9 lbs. Low to no issues since avoiding eggs. No movement on the trying of exercises. Bleh. Just don't wanna.
  5. Hooray! I've surpassed my 5 lb loss goal in only two weeks! I love the whoosh that happens in the first few weeks. I think I'm going to aim for losing 3.9 more lbs I'm the next 3 weeks. That will put me at the next benchmark of 220.
  6. Maybe not nearly as easily, but at least somewhat. Egg nog is obvious. A sandwich with mayo that triggered it could have been eggs from mayo - it seems like that would be too little to set it off, but maybe not? Chicken Alfredo night had egg noodles and cookies which had egg. The sausage pasta night is hard to remember... I might have had a lot of cookies that night too? But still, if the whole batch of cookies has two eggs, and there are 27 cookies in a batch, would even 5 cookies (how many I will have at the very most if I'm a little binge-y) be enough to cause an issue.
  7. Whelp, I had a big veggie scramble with 26 fat grams worth of olive oil today and everything is hunky-dory in stomach land... And last night between my dinner which contained cheese and my dinner part 2 which had pot pie which has a roux was probably like 40... Sooo... Eggs?
  8. I have on occasion! I forgot I have protein powder I can throw in there too. Though I never thought about zucchini in a smoothie. That's brilliant. I find spinach doesn't quite blend up enough in my blender unless I boil it first. Little pieces of leaf in my smoothie isn't my idea of a good time.
  9. I'm tiiiiired. I also am at a day that reminds me that calorie counting can mess with my head. I'm sitting at 1942 calories, just 28 calories under what MFP set for me, a touch hungry and *agonizing* over whether/what to eat. I'm trying to relax and remember what I was taught by my Intuitive Eating coach I paid a ton of money to last year. Things I am feeling other than hunger - thirst, tiredness, irritation, grief, guilt. What of these can I solve quickly? Thirst definitely. Thirst solved. Do I still feel like eating? A little, but less so. Am I hungry? I don't think so. So now I've gotten to a point where instead of feeling compelled to eat, I have a choice over whether to eat or not eat, and can be more analytical and intuitive about what I need and want, rather than indiscriminately shoveling food into my face. So now do I want to eat? Meh, if I had grapes I would be INTO some grapes right now. But I do not have grapes. None of the other fruit type things we do have will quite scratch the same itch. I could see a salad with the apple honey vinaigrette I have, but ehh. I don't think I'm hungry right now, but if I need to eat before bed, a salad sounds good.
  10. Ooh, I'll have to try the turkey breakfast hash. That sounds good. Though this morning may point to the problem actually being eggs. <10 grams of fat and 6 fairly hefty quail eggs and I felt sick allll day. Then higher fat dinner.,. Nothin. This all kicked off with illness following having egg nog so ??? And I agree 1500 is pretty low calorie. It's just been kind of hard to get more while trying both to keep fats under 20 grams a meal, trying not to go nuts on carbs, and only being able to tolerate so much chicken breast. It's just kind of been what I've fallen at. I suspect before that I was eating 2500 calories a day? 3000+ here and there wouldn't surprise me? Today is a little higher than the last week at almost 2000 calories. Most of that was bread though. I feel sick, I eat bread. 🤷 Will definitely try the "just one set" thing. I can do a set of something. A set can be like, five. Or one.
  11. Also, I've been tired all day. I perceive there is some correlation between rapid swings to cold weather (we got snow today =_=) and being inexplicably exhausted. I got 8.5 hours of sleep and basically took a single walk and a grocery store trip and I'm ready to go to sleep 12 hours later.
  12. May 11th has gone well. Just over 1500 calories for the day. Should have pushed back on the offer of some sweets given to me by a friend, which I didn't even remotely enjoy. Tested the limits of my current fat sensitivity levels with dinner, where I got about 23.8 grams of fat. I'm okay so far, but not also very long after dinner. I want a damn cookie so bad. I need to work on boosting my protein intake at breakfast. My total % protein today was only like 13% and 49 grams, which feels low. I should be able to get away with several hard boiled quail eggs for breakfast without going over my body's tolerance. And there's no reason I can't do some chicken breast with breakfast as well. Also would like to try and do some veggie that feels like it fits with breakfast, because I've been eating soooo much sugar at breakfast with all the fruit. So maybe a veggie egg chicken scramble? Or a tofu veggie scramble? Tofu is another food with a relatively low fat-to-protein ratio. Anyway I think I'm going to try to do a veggie and a protein with breakfast tomorrow. If you have ideas for veggies in breakfast, hit me up. Anyway, progress on the other two goal fronts have been non-existent. Good thing the goal I picked to do daily has been inexplicably easy for the first time in my life. But I have not done a single "workout". I've walked? But I have a shocking amount of resistance to lifting or yoga. The resistance to climbing or swimming is less shocking, because the idea of going to a place with people has been anathema the whole year and I've got a mental block about it. Does anyone have any ideas for overcoming this?
  13. I don't know why, but I'm down like four pounds already. Maybe I weighed myself in the evening the first day due to my eagerness to get started? Yeah, that sounds like me.
  14. Manageable, for most people yes, at least for a long time. Reversible I'm not sure? Seems like most cures for gallstones are surgical, temporary, or not strictly supported by science. Then again I've been a lot less up on my medical knowledge since I stopped consulting doctor google due to my hypochondria.
  15. No death by salad! Just general salad happiness.
  16. Oh right, I also had my doctor's appointment. She thinks it's a gallbladder issue given my family history. She suggested an ultrasound to get more info, but is overall unconcerned given I've quickly figured out how to manage my diet around it, that it occurred after essentially a week-long birthday/anniversary binge, and that I have no pain unless I eat over a certain not quite dialed in amount of fat. Like if I have gigantic gallstones, she might suggest getting them out before getting pregnant. But now I have to get an ultrasound which pokes at my medical anxiety. 😖
  17. May 10th was a success. I had one serving of fruit and two servings of veggies. I'm beginning to enjoy putting together salad to go with whatever carb+meat thing I came up with. I ended the day on 1469 calories and 22% fat, which is an improvement over the previous three days. My protein went down though... Need more chicken breast. (Ok honestly this would have been better if I hadn't gotten really sad about something last night, drank about it, and logged it as a meal today because it was after midnight). Had a fairly active day working on cleaning out the shed even if I didn't do a "workout." If I'm not totally missing something on tracking and my TDEE is as I expect, I should be well on track to losing a pound a week, if not two.
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