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  1. Fireandlight takes on the Long Game

    Things are going okay. I’m hitting my challenge goals, for the most part. I actually did 4?5? Workouts last week, even though I technically missed one of my actual required days. Now the hard part. Work has decided to ship me off to another country for a week. I found a hotel with a gym, but I’m really worried being off schedule is going to make it hard for me to get at least 3 days in. I’m also discouraged by the fact that every time I start to get a good workout rhythm, the scale starts to go the opposite direction. I have one that measure Body Fat and Muscle percentages, and these gains don’t really seem to be muscle related. Yet again I’m thinking about trying to keep myself from weighing for the remainder of the challenge and see where I come out at the end, but that typically doesn’t last more than a week. We’ll see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. T2SC. 7 weeks = $500

    I’m super late in getting here, but this sounds great! Following! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Fireandlight takes on the Long Game

    I was all prepped and ready to go over a week ago, but life happened and so here I am now. In the car on the log ride home from a hockey game, I suddenly realized that tomorrow is the start of the challenge. I’m just happy I remembered now instead of tomorrow or even later in the week. Just as with the previous challenge - this challenge for me is about building on the foundation of the habits I started last challenge. QUEST 1: Love thyself, Part II CRITERIA: Meditate for 5 minutes each day. Bonus points for meditating before 5pm. LOOT QUALIFIER: Small prize: End with a 7 minute average per day Large prize: End with 7 minute average or more per day, and 25% or more sessions before 8pm LOOT: Small prize: 2 New items of clothing Large prize: $200 Shopping Spree QUEST 2: Round is not the shape I want to be, Part II CRITERIA: Work out every Monday and Wednesday for a minimum of 20 minutes. Allowances are available on days where Monday or Wednesday are travel days LOOT QUALIFIER: Small prize: Complete 8 out of 8 workouts Large prize: Complete 8 out of 8 workouts, +6 extra workouts from other days LOOT: Small prize: New workout outfit Large prize: Personal Trainer QUEST 3: Let’s get hitched, Part II CRITERIA: Complete the following tasks by the end of the challenge Schedule dress fittings Design invitations Send pictures of bouquet choices Call wedding planner with questions Finalize wedding favors Confirm FOB attire Confirm FG attire Confirm RB attire LOOT QUALIFIER: None LOOT: None QUEST 4: Better to bend than break, Part II CRITERIA: Complete 3 yoga sessions per week (10-15 minutes per session) LOOT QUALIFIER: Complete 12 yoga sessions total LOOT: New Yoga mat Challenge log is here.