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  1. For the sake of keeping myself accountable I'm posting my challenge. I'll do my best to keep this updated, but I've learned a bit about priorities this last challenge, and while I consider taking care of myself a priority, stressing myself out about how I haven't posted isn't... So I'll get here when I can get here, and the rest I'll wrap in a nice little bow at the end. QUEST 1: Headspace and Heartspace CRITERIA: Perform 1 act of self care a day: Meditate for a minimum of 5 minutes Practice at least 1 moment of mindfulness Take a bath LOOT QUALIFIER: Small prize: Complete self care 21 of 28 days Large prize: Complete self care 28 of 28 days LOOT: Small prize: Try that fancy new shampoo & conditioner Large prize: TBD QUEST 2: Round is not the shape I want to be, Part III CRITERIA: Work out Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for a minimum of 20 minutes each day. Workouts can be shifted to other days if needed, but a minimum of 3 workouts a week is required. LOOT QUALIFIER: Small prize: Complete 12 out of 12 workouts Large prize: Complete 12 out of 12 workouts, with at least 4 yoga sessions (can be counted in the 12 or not) LOOT: Small prize: TBD Large prize: Personal trainer QUEST 3: Let’s get hitched, Part III CRITERIA: Complete the following tasks by the end of the challenge. New tasks can be added or shifted as needed Confirm FOB attire Confirm FG attire Confirm RB attire Schedule Hair Order invitations Schedule 2nd cake tasting Order wedding cake Send list of names/addresses for the Bridal Shower LOOT QUALIFIER: None LOOT: None QUEST 4: Flexible flexibility CRITERIA: Complete one of the following each day to increase flexibility (5 minutes minimum per activity) Yoga Post-workout Stretching At home stretches LOOT QUALIFIER: Small Prize: Complete 23 out of 28 days Large Prize: Complete 28 out of 28 days LOOT: Small Prize: New yoga mat Large Prize: TBD
  2. And so... here's how it all ended: QUEST 1: Love thyself, Part II CRITERIA: Meditate for 5 minutes each day. Bonus points for meditating before 8pm. RESULT: I ended up only meditating just over half of the days of the challenge. In the process, I realized I've since lost sight of what this goal was really about. It's not about becoming a person who meditates every day, but rather someone who is comfortable in her own skin and can be proud of who she is. Meditation was merely a tool by which to give my mind the space to find that confidence. I'm looking at how I can approach this goal in new ways for the next challenge that is really getting at the heart of where I want to be. The way I built my loot goals, I still qualify - given that I was actually doing a lot of extended sessions (10-15 minutes), which is nice. I also managed roughly 43% of the sessions before 8pm. GRADE: C LOOT EARNED: Large prize | $200 Shopping Spree QUEST 2: Round is not the shape I want to be, Part II CRITERIA: Work out every Monday and Wednesday for a minimum of 20 minutes. Allowances are available on days where Monday or Wednesday are travel days RESULT: Completed only 7/8 workouts, and 3 extra workouts near the beginning. Not enough to really qualify for my loot, but I recognize it was partially due to lack of effort. I've had a large number of personal and work related issues come up in these 4 weeks, and it's derailed me a great deal. Life happens, and I need to get back on track with the next challenge. LOOT EARNED: None QUEST 3: Let’s get hitched, Part II CRITERIA: Complete specific tasks by the end of the challenge RESULT: Completed 5/8 tasks. Again - other things in life got in the way, but I'm at least happy with the progress I was able ot make, I just need to start picking up the slack and getting things done at a faster pace. QUEST 4: Better to bend than break, Part II CRITERIA: Complete 3 yoga sessions per week (10-15 minutes per session) RESULT: Completed 6/12 sessions. I've been pleasantly surprised to learn that I'm actually starting to enjoy Yoga now... I used to hate it. That said, I've been trying to capture 2 goals under one umbrella, which is getting in shape and becoming more flexible, and it's getting too complicated. I feel like I'm not making the progress I want to in terms of "getting in shape", so I'm feeling more and more pressure to separate these out, which means either 30-45 minutes at the gym (when I don't really have the time to with work and everything else) or drumming up the willpower to "be at the gym" essentially 5 days a week - which I recognize I don't have the willpower to do. I'll be looking at ways to make this a bit more flexible (pun intended) for next challenge. LOOT EARNED: None
  3. Still having a hard time getting back on track, but doing my best not to just consider the challenge a wash. Getting back into the swing of daily meditation, but workouts (yoga or otherwise) are still difficult to find the time for. Realizing now how far behind I've gotten on wedding planning tasks. I've made some progress , but there's still plenty left to do. Not sure that I'll be able to get it all done before the end of the challenge.
  4. This last week was terrible on many fronts. I've been failing to prioritize, partially because I haven't been willing to stand up for my own sanity and well being. Work is figuratively yelling at me from all sides, and I was off in another country, away from my normal routine and normal food schedule for a week adding to my stress. I did poorly whilst actually in transit - missing a number of meditation days. I'm exhausted and feeling defeated on so many fronts. Now, having gotten the general woes out of the way, a recap of my actual performance since I left... I missed a total of 5 days of meditation while on travel, which is not good. I probably could have used it to help with stress management too. I'm doing well enough at keeping the sessions to before 8pm, but I would like to refocus on getting back on track now that the travel is over. As a part of the learning experience, I've sorted out that I really max out at about 15-17 minutes for the sessions. Anything longer I start to get really distracted and it's less useful. In the future I'd like to get better at extending the sessions, but with all that's going on right now I need to get back to remembering my actual goal which is still only a minimum of 5 minutes. Allowing adjustments for travel I met my minimum commitment of 2 days a week for the workout goal, but I fell behind on my 3 days a week for Yoga. There wasn't much space to do it in the room, I never bothered to check out the space in the workout center, and (queue the excuse) I felt so worn out from everything and had already reached my "exercise goal" for my fitness tracker that I simply didn't have the motivation to get up and do more at the end of the day. Being back home will help, but I have clearly gotten off track with my plans this challenge. Time to get back on the wagon.
  5. Things are going okay. I’m hitting my challenge goals, for the most part. I actually did 4?5? Workouts last week, even though I technically missed one of my actual required days. Now the hard part. Work has decided to ship me off to another country for a week. I found a hotel with a gym, but I’m really worried being off schedule is going to make it hard for me to get at least 3 days in. I’m also discouraged by the fact that every time I start to get a good workout rhythm, the scale starts to go the opposite direction. I have one that measure Body Fat and Muscle percentages, and these gains don’t really seem to be muscle related. Yet again I’m thinking about trying to keep myself from weighing for the remainder of the challenge and see where I come out at the end, but that typically doesn’t last more than a week. We’ll see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I’m super late in getting here, but this sounds great! Following! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Day one went well. Started a new workout program with Asana Rebel (the yoga app I use - and got a subscription to after last challenge!). The first session was a little challenging, but that's the whole point, right? It set me up with the program on Sunday, Tuesday, and a couple workouts later in the week, which doesn't line up well with my commitment to go to the gym on Mondays and Wednesdays. Will see about trying to do cardio on those days to stick with that goal, otherwise I may just adjust and go to doing Sunday's and Tuesday's to match up with the program. I started in on the wedding invitations, but have already started to hit some snags. Have some thoughts on how to get around them, but it'll have to wait until the weekend. In the mean time I should probably get some of the other "one and done" tasks out of the way, but will have to find time to do them with all the crap going on at work right now. Day two worked out. Got some cardio in at the gym after work, and finished my meditation around 7:15/7:30 (cutting it a little close to the 8pm deadline, but hey, I like to live on the edge). Not much else to comment on, other than I'm trying to keep the momentum going.
  8. Yes, it is definitely mine ! And thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I was all prepped and ready to go over a week ago, but life happened and so here I am now. In the car on the log ride home from a hockey game, I suddenly realized that tomorrow is the start of the challenge. I’m just happy I remembered now instead of tomorrow or even later in the week. Just as with the previous challenge - this challenge for me is about building on the foundation of the habits I started last challenge. QUEST 1: Love thyself, Part II CRITERIA: Meditate for 5 minutes each day. Bonus points for meditating before 5pm. LOOT QUALIFIER: Small prize: End with a 7 minute average per day Large prize: End with 7 minute average or more per day, and 25% or more sessions before 8pm LOOT: Small prize: 2 New items of clothing Large prize: $200 Shopping Spree QUEST 2: Round is not the shape I want to be, Part II CRITERIA: Work out every Monday and Wednesday for a minimum of 20 minutes. Allowances are available on days where Monday or Wednesday are travel days LOOT QUALIFIER: Small prize: Complete 8 out of 8 workouts Large prize: Complete 8 out of 8 workouts, +6 extra workouts from other days LOOT: Small prize: New workout outfit Large prize: Personal Trainer QUEST 3: Let’s get hitched, Part II CRITERIA: Complete the following tasks by the end of the challenge Schedule dress fittings Design invitations Send pictures of bouquet choices Call wedding planner with questions Finalize wedding favors Confirm FOB attire Confirm FG attire Confirm RB attire LOOT QUALIFIER: None LOOT: None QUEST 4: Better to bend than break, Part II CRITERIA: Complete 3 yoga sessions per week (10-15 minutes per session) LOOT QUALIFIER: Complete 12 yoga sessions total LOOT: New Yoga mat Challenge log is here.
  10. Final summary, goals first: QUEST 1: Love thyself, Part I CRITERIA: Meditate for 5 minutes each day RESULTS: 30/33 sessions 9m 19s average per session LOOT ACHIEVED: Small prize: Full body massage QUEST 2: Round is not the shape I want to be, Part I CRITERIA: Hit the gym every Monday for a minimum of 20 minutes RESULTS: 5/5 Mondays Extra Workouts: 8 LOOT ACHIEVED: Large prize: YETI Water Bottle QUEST 3: Let’s get hitched, Part I CRITERIA: Complete the following tasks by the end of the challenge Book block of hotel rooms Research decorations Go to Men’s Warehouse with C by January 30 Setup gift registry RESULTS: 5/5 tasks completed QUEST 4: Better to bend than break, Part I CRITERIA: Complete 3 yoga sessions per week (5-10 minutes per session) RESULTS: 14/15 sessions LOOT ACHIEVED: Asana Rebel Subscription (Annual) I've decided I've earned the loot for both meditation and yoga even though I fell ever so slightly short of my goals. I put a good amount of effort into each of them, and the result of missing the goals wasn't for lack of trying. Meditation, I decided to forego the large loot on the account that I had deliberately missed a day, but I did reach well about the large loot average even missing 3 days. Yoga, since I averaged well about the 5-10 minute goal - that too seemed worthy of a reward despite the one missed session. I have always been a person who hates yoga. I've always found it so boring and dull. I decided to really give it a shot in the past couple of months, and I've actually found I really like it. Approaching it as an exercise in improving my flexibility has really seemed to improve my outlook, and I think I'll continue on with it throughout the year in varying ways. Keeping myself to a specific day at the gym also helped. In the past I've approached workouts in just the aimless sense of "x number of days per week", which usually results in my putting off the workouts for the first part of the week, and then scrambling to get them or giving up toward the latter half of the week. This time it seemed much easier to just remind myself that "it's just today, after today is all up to you and is bonus points". It proved a good way to get me back into the swing of things, and I surprisingly look forward to at least a couple of days of working out at least (although I ended up doing mostly yoga at home, not at the gym per-se). The wedding planning goal ended up being the most underwhelming. I've begun to rethink it a bit for the next round - filling in a bunch of more minor tasks that aren't the big ones I track in the planning app I use. That said - it did help to keep my focus on what was needed for right now, and it felt good to be able to really cross some of those items off. All in all, I'm happy with how the challenge went. I don't feel like I had any major breakthroughs, but I went into this hoping for a fresh start and I feel like that's what I got. I want to build on it from here and see how far I can really go this year. Onward to the next one! Thanks to everyone who followed along!
  11. Well, last week could have gone better. Wednesday I was so exhausted we fell asleep at 8:30 before I had a chance to do meditation, and remained busy enough the rest of the week that I also failed to finish my 3rd yoga session. Definitely learning that I need to pay more attention to my goals while traveling. I usually don't have to go this much, but I can't let it set me back so much when I do. That said, things have been going really well. If I make my workout today (I'm planning to do 20 minutes of yoga when I get home from my Nephew's birthday party) then I've reached by Large Loot goal (yippee) for Quest #2. Wrapped up the last of the wedding tasks last week. Although I've missed 3 meditation sessions, with 1 exception I didn't intentionally miss them and since my average is still well above my minimum for my small loot qualifier, if I can maintain this and not miss any more during work travel next week I'll consider it earned. As for Yoga, if I can make up for the 1 session I missed last week, and still get my 3 left for this week, I'd say I've earned the goal. Going back to double check my loot again though because I feel like I forgot some thing that I could really use when I was putting those goals together, and no harm in shifting things around as long as the general value is the same IMO. Almost there!
  12. Little late to this party, but what tooth is it? If it’s a lower molar, my follow up question is do you have bruxism? (Gnashing or grinding of the teeth in your sleep) I’ll sometimes get temporarily sensitive teeth if I’m going through a stressful time and grinding a lot at night. In fact - I just brought one up with the dentist last week when I went in for a checkup. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Got back on track the next day. Traveling for work the rest of the week, so it’s bound to get interesting. We’ll see how it goes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I have a confession: I did no meditation yesterday. I recognized I hadn’t done it, had time and perhaps some of the energy to do it (without falling asleep) but I just didn’t want to. It’s probably a sign that I needed to even more than other nights, but I just couldn’t seem to muster the will to do it over sitting on the couch and watching TV. I feel only slightly guilty about it, but considering that I’m averaging almost 10 minutes across all my other days...I don’t quite care as much. That aside, things are good. Well on my way to earning my large prize for workouts as well as for yoga. Having to back track a bit on my block at the hotel since they are being royal pains about it for everyone who tries to book. Should have that squared away by tomorrow though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. But dirt is so much fun! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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