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  1. GoodDoug

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    I find that trying to get to bed too much earlier than normal just makes it worse. I get all worked up at how much sleep I'm missing out on while tossing and turning... so if I need to get up early, I'll try to tire myself out early and go to bed just a little bit earlier. Have a fun trip, and I hope you aren't still trapped by the road work.
  2. GoodDoug

    Novaurora Decides which of her F*cks are Newsworthy

    Nice. I've been bringing lunch to work this challenge and it has been really good... when I've made sure to front load the work before I need it. Making a large batch of something (bbq chicken, carnitas, bolognese sauce, whatever) on the weekend means I can open the fridge the night before I need lunch and just put it together. If I have to scramble in the morning to throw something together I get pretty flustered, and question why I am doing this to myself. Glad you are feeling better!
  3. GoodDoug

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    I want to do a cartwheel now. What progression are you using? Not that I need another thing to start working on, but maybe I can fit one more thing in... (spoiler: I can't, but I will still try)
  4. GoodDoug

    KB Girl and the fight for women's rights

    Think of taking rest days as giving yourself really long hugs! Also, think of it as insurance against burnout.
  5. GoodDoug

    GoodDoug on a cultural exchange

    Hah! That's because you haven't heard about today! Today was actually fine, but I got up early, started the warm-up (Prepare) and then looked at what was expected for Practice and Push and said to myself, "Whoa, I don't know if I can do that..." But I jumped in and 40 very sweaty minutes later, it turned out I could do it. But I am wiped today. Practice was bent arm bear and spider mans. Then Push was 30 seconds each of Bent arm bear, Monkey, Spider man, Frogger, Bear... no rest between those exercises and 1 minute rest between sets (4 sets) They didn't mess around with this week. I think I wouldn't have been so sore, except for the admonishment to "Keep it pretty" which meant I couldn't half ass it. I will be happy when the gains are evident, but damn!
  6. GoodDoug

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    Not making your Mari Kondo goals is good news. Now you have something to do for the next challenge!
  7. GoodDoug

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    Glad you are back. Sorry things have been yucky lately. I think we all find ourselves in a funk sometimes. Here's hoping you find your way through the funk and to the funky good times.
  8. GoodDoug

    [The Books of Vries] I am the Dream

    I feel you on the biting off more than you can chew for the challenge but still feeling okay with what you have accomplished.
  9. GoodDoug

    » shaar channels the dirgesinger within

    Right? Who knew that we needed water? And now I will always imagine you entering any conversation as Wendy... which is probably very true to life.
  10. GoodDoug

    TGP takes another chance for an adventure

    Congratulations! Really proud of you and your hard work. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what completing this means for you personally.
  11. GoodDoug

    GoodDoug on a cultural exchange

    "GoodDoug-ur, the chief wants to see you." "Thank you Temak, I will go to him as soon as I finish this bandage." The half-ogre finished the bandage, infused with the wyrmwood poultice and explained to the other healers watching him how the wormwood suppressed the magical infection, allowing the body to heal itself. He was grateful to them for all they had taught him and he was trying to return the favor by teaching what he could. He asked one of the junior healers to bandage the other bite on the patient in the same way and then washed to go meet with the chief. This week had been very busy, between learning magical healing and beast mastery skills from the druids, teaching traditional healing methods to the orc healers, and working with the orcs to plan a counteroffensive against the enemy, there was no time to rest. He had learned to take the time moving between tasks to assess his day. Today had been good, there had been a bit of travel to help coordinate with the other tribes and there had been some time to get to talk with the druids he had been studying under about differences between the orc druidic traditions and those of the rebellion. GoodDoug reached the chief's area. Gromm'on-kan waved him over, "GoodDoug-ur, nice to see you." The Ranger repeated the traditional greeting to one above your station and then the chief started grilling him about the Rebellion and where they could coordinate strikes. A couple of hours of planning later, they finally all relaxed. Gromm'on-kan turned to GoodDoug and Lodrok, the half-orc that had come with him on this cultural exchage, and said, "Your time with us is short. Your Rebellion is sending another group to come help us coordinate, and they want you back with them. I'd love to keep you here with us, but I feel better knowing you are with the Rebellion. I trust you both, and I need people I trust to ensure the orcs don't get screwed here." The chief sighed and then continued, "This is a delicate thing we are doing, allying with your Rebellion... and orcs aren't good at delicate," he finished with a grin. Lodrok spoke first, "Once the Rebellion leaders hear about your dedication to honor from us, they will be working really hard to be even more honorable than you are." Everyone laughed at that, GoodDoug added, "The Enemy is in for it now." GoodDoug returned to his training, he would make the best of this last week with the orcs. What a nice week. I did pretty well, though not perfect. But that is all we can ever hope for, right? Week recap: Maintain: Juggling every day - Check! Food tracking every day - Check! Met protein goal every day. Handstand training every day - I am doing it most days, but not every day. Some days I just feel like it wouldn't be prudent to push it after doing the GMB workouts Practice: Duolingo every day - Check! I am on quite a streak GMB Elements 6 days a week - Check! This has been awesome, and keeps getting tougher Work on puzzle boxes - Ehhhhhh, I did a tiny bit, but was just too tired and busy to do more this week. I did start taking an old branch from an apple tree we took down and cleaning it up to make a big wooden spoon, but that was just a half hour of work. Push: Running twice a week - No running this week, not sure if I'll get it this week Lift twice during the challenge - Nope, and now this is the last week and GMB has cranked up the pressure so I think I'll have to fail at this one Ponder: Re-read The Obstacle is The Way - Done and then finished Stillness is the Key also by Ryan Holliday Meditate on the bus - Because of the challenge, I've been meditating at least 15 minutes each day. Overall, I've backtracked a little on food... I've done what I said I would do, which is to track and consume at least 100g of protein, but some days, I track the crap I ate when my willpower was low. I'll try to be more mindful of that and not eat so much crap this last week. Also, I've pretty much taken running and lifting out of this challenge... but I feel like the GMB Elements workouts have been really good for me, and so I'm not terribly upset by this. I am getting stronger and flexibility is up, so that's a win. So busy with work that it is affecting the rest of my life, and I don't like that. It is good to be busy and productive, but this is starting to bug me. I'll have to think on what I can do around this. Also, thinking about next challenge, I might be total Ranger and try and do something from every other guild- lift from Warriors, runs from Scouts, yoga from Druids, handstands and other stuff from assassins, etc.. It could be a fun challenge, but it could also be wild and unfocussed... we will see.
  12. That is wisdom Pack the bag, take it, but no pressure to do it. It is always best to give yourself the option... then if you don't do it, it will be because you made an explicit decision at that moment and not because of a decision made too early to know what you might be up for.
  13. GoodDoug

    GoodDoug on a cultural exchange

    GoodDoug held the pose as he was instructed and then tried to "feel like a bear" - whatever that meant. Bears were strong and ponderous but could move quickly in an instant, he tried to feel the essence of that. The pose wasn't uncomfortable, but it was unfamiliar. Bursa, his druid instructor smiled, "So close, and yet so are using your words to try and explain what can't be explained with words. Your body is not the body of a bear, but you can make it act like a bear." She got down and executed the movement he was trying to do. She made it look simple... maybe it was that simple. The half-ogre wiggled all of his joints, made a bear snuffle and instead of trying to be a bear, he pretended to be a bear. He moved ponderously, swinging his head, as if looking for berries. He turned and looked at the tree a little ways off and pondered whether climbing it would offer bear food. He shuffled over and sniffed at the tree, smelling the forest, smelling his own sweat, and smelling the clean duff of the ground beneath the tree. He listened to the forest in front of him, hearing birds call, the scuffling of tiny rodent feet, the chatter of a squirrel asserting his territory, and distantly, the sounds of others in the orc tribe. Why were they so loud? He could hear their discussions though he knew them to be far off. Bursa, tapped him on the backside, "Good, good, that is much better. I felt the bear inside you... you matched the rhythm of the natural setting very well this time. So next time we will make it harder, you will swim with the frogs and learn from tadpole to frog what it feels like to be both predator and prey." GoodDoug shifted himself upright, sore but not in pain, tired but not exhausted. His mind was more open, he could feel as an afterthought the rhythm of nature around him. Now it was time for the training in healing magic. His time with the druids this week had taught him much about using the magic of nature as a healing force, and for his part, he taught the druids about the traditional medicine of the Rebellion. The work he was doing here was good and important, but he was starting to long for his companions in the Rebellion. He was glad for the friends he had made here, but knew it wold soon be time to leave them... but he also knew they would all fight side by side in the coming months. I don't get a long weekend for Columbus Day, and I don't think the kids do either. But both daughters have soccer games quite a ways away. One is in the middle of nowhere, and the other is in the valley... one each day. So chances are most of my weekend will be spent on the road. But I don't mind, it is a good excuse to hang with the girls separately, and we will go to out favorite hole in the wall Indian restaurant in the valley. Work has been busy, which is good and bad. I feel productive, but get sooooooooo tired by the end of the work day. Good thing I workout in the morning! But, all that energy spent on work means I don't have as much energy to stave off the junk food cravings. I've been hitting the snack machine at work and justifying it as "energy" needed to keep going even though I know the is bullshit. I'm not going hog wild and eating completely terribly, but I can and should do better. I need to figure out a way to sublimate those cravings into something healthy. I would walk, but by that time of day it is too warm to go walking (and I already walk in the morning... not that I couldn't walk again, but my snaky brain rationalizes that I shouldn't go walking again when there is work still to be done.) Just writing about it here should help at least a little, as it is giving me perspective on what I am doing and what I should be doing... thanks for being my rubber duck!
  14. GoodDoug

    The Dadjoke Awakens: Tanktimus Becomes a Parent

    There was an age with all three children that we got to after the first couple of months where the only way to calm them was to walk with them. I got quite a lot of walking in then, doing laps around the dining table... I once tried doing stairs for a while until I realized I was getting tired and the possibility of falling while holding the baby was getting too high. But as Elastigirl says, it can help to find ways to incorporate movement with whatever needs to get done at the time. Except when you need to nap, I don't recommend trying to get your movement in while napping