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  1. I really need to start pimping up my journal pages like this.
  2. I feel like I am sensing a pattern with your hikes...
  3. Consider the value of taking the weekend off for those things. Maybe you need a break to be able to stick with it better during the week. Just something to consider.
  4. Gardening can be just as strenuous as walking. If you are weeding half an hour non-stop that is at least as good as walking half an hour at a normal pace. Just my $0.02
  5. Haha! I read that as you tried to get pregnant. But for real, your trying looked great to me. Keep on trying... at whatever it is
  6. Congratulations on getting out of a toxic situation. That sounds like it sucked.
  7. Having been juggling for many years, I might have some unsolicited advice. Feel free to tell me to shut up or to ignore me Take care with weighted juggling balls, they are awesome for conditioning and I highly recommend it as a form of conditioning, but no more than half an hour a day as RSI with weighted balls is a real concern. You may already know that, but I feel obligated to say something. Also, I find doing regular balls after the weighted ones to be great for coordination. For me, I feel like tired muscles learn better. I am currently working on juggling clubs. I can do it fairly consistently and so now I am trying to master crossing my hands every few throws. It keeps me humble to try something I can't do, but I also remember a year ago when I was trying to get back into club juggling and had a hard time stringing 5 throws together. Best of luck and I can't wait to hear about your juggling successes!
  8. I love that you are making time for things you enjoy. It can be easy to forget that when writing out a todo list.
  9. You might look to see if the Computer History Museum wants them (https://computerhistory.org) Otherwise, that might be a hard sell It's not canoeing, but I'm looking into kayak classes on the bay. You might have inspired me to move more on that!
  10. I used to joke with friends that my success was due to the little known ELXM diet. When they asked what was I would say: "Eat Less, eXercise More" and they would shake their heads and say, "No, really?"
  11. Cookies instead of yoga? Sure, why not. But now I want cookies.
  12. Her name is Procrastination. She's a demon boss fight in the Game of Life. Worst superhero ever
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