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  1. It is a break dancing move:
  2. Amazing what a little intentional rest can do for you. What a great thing to have reinforced. You are doing so well, we are very proud of you
  3. I love that you are taking baby steps and that seems to be helping.
  4. The half ogre had been sitting cross legged in front of this cave pool trying to meditate for half an hour. His butt was itchy. At first he tried to ignore it, then he tried to squirm a little but that didn't help. Finally, he realized he had to either accept the itchiness, or get up and scratch. He focussed on the feeling working on feeling it fully, and within moments, the itchiness stopped. But he didn't really care one way or the other, it just was. My food choices have been better. It felt a bit like a sugar detox these last couple of days, but I think I'm over the hump. I'm still making bread (which is getting better and better as I go on) but I'm going to try and stay away from cookies and cakes and brownies for a while. Exercise has been good, we went running again last night and we both commented on how it was hard and we each wanted to slow down, but then just decided it was a mental tiredness, and ended up with a better time than the previous run by quite a bit. I just finished this morning's GMB Vitamin session (Pilot freeze, which was more fun than I thought... and easier) and hope to get a good walk in today. Gratitude is getting easier, but still needs work and meditation has gone okay. I'm still learning some new things, but think I want to focus a little more and stop just looking up random things like I've been doing. Hope this finds you all well and kicking ass at your challenges!
  5. I just celebrated my 50th birthday this weekend. So thank you for the kind words
  6. You do what you need to do and try not to feel guilty about it. Moving is a huge stressor and you've got to find all the ways to cope. I feel you.
  7. Quick recap of the last couple of days... Monday (a holiday in the States) was a weird day. I did my GMB Vitamins in the morning and did some stretching during the day. Then did some heavy yard work (turned a compost pile, then added more to the top by shoveling all the weeds from the yard to the pile.) Grilled hamburgers for dinner and made a really good sourdough bread. I tried some new things with this bread and liked how it turned out for the most part. Should have made two loaves instead of one big one, but I was experimenting. We went for a nice walk pretty late at night and then got to bed. Monday we finished the last of the birthday cookies, and I swore that I wouldn't make more sweets for a while. Of course my wife asked for chocolate mousse for our anniversary, so I can't say no to that. And my mousse has lots of eggs in it, so can I call it my protein and fat macros? Yesterday I tried to take it easy by just doing a long stretching routine in the morning and spent some time juggling. Then eldest daughter and I went for a run. Whooooo that was tough. Toughest run I've done in a while, slow and labored the whole time. I think there were a lot of factors, but I am really glad I went running. Daughter wants to get back on a. schedule, so I am happy that I will have some more motivation to run. Today is our silver anniversary so I will spend a portion of the day cooking, and I will count the awesome card I made for her as my creativity for yesterday. Gratitude was a bit easier, I'm hoping I am getting the hang of it. Hope you all have a great day!
  8. Hah! Or you can make pizza to help yourself feel better!
  9. It is so good to see you doing so well. It makes me happy
  10. Thnx, that gives me another idea which is to look for simple things to be grateful for. Week 2 recap: Physical - Didn't go running at all, tried a couple of times, but the family wanted to walk instead, so we walked. This week I have my older daughter's promise that we will go running - Exercised quite a bit this week. Did GMB Vitamins and did some really good handstand practice. Getting pretty good at it. Also did my "Circus reps" which is what I call it when I do lunges and squats while juggling. - Tried to eat smarter, but it was hard last week. It should be hard again this week because of birthdays and our anniversary (25 years!) is this week. Emotional - Cooked quite a lot this past week. Made a beautiful stuffed pork loin roast, some nice grilled and gochujang glazed country ribs, and last night made some really great pork loin chops with a mushroom, garlic and red pepper pasta that turned out really great. Also made quite a bit of bread. (as well as some cookies and pancakes that messed up my eating goals...) - Meditated twice, not up to what I wanted, so I'll try and work on that - Creativity was had, but nothing really big. I got into the woodshop and did a little bit of design work. Need to focus a bit more on this. - Gratitude practice is really tough you guys. When I remember to do it, my brain just wants to rebel against it. But, I understand that it is practice and it is okay to suck at something like this at first. Intellectual - I've been diligent about Duolingo every day. Maybe not for as long as I maybe should, but the habit is there. - I've been learning new things. I've read a couple of articles on programming. - I've done better at work. I've found some new things to work on and actually got quite a bit done. Part of the way forward was to admit I don't have all the answers, and that some problems can't be solved by me. That helped All in all, not a great week, but I know what I need to do going forward. I will keep up with the exercises and add running back in. I need to eat better and carve out some time for meditation and make a plan for creativity. I will take some advice and focus on gratitude for things that are easy and simple to be grateful for.
  11. HAHA oh I had a MATHS teacher that tried to say that. Everybody has had a math teacher that has said that in some form 😜