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    TGP going the distance!

    Wow! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. GoodDoug

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Whatever you choose, write them down and hide them in a secret place. Then you can sneakily bring them out to look at them, assess for yourself how you are doing and then hide them away again!
  3. That makes me feel better as; I will have another birthday just after this challenge finishes, let's see if I don't perish right afterwards.
  4. GoodDoug

    Ye Ranger Guilde Halle in the North [General Chat]

    <rant> I come from the Pacific Northwest where craft beer has been around long enough to have matured. I feel like other places (I am in the SF Bay Area now) have discovered hops and so they try to do ALL THE HOPS ALL THE TIME! LOOK AT THE HOPS! FEEL THE HOPS!!!! And this is after they played so long with the different malt types and got (finally) sick of those. My hope is that they will mature (as the PNW did) and learn to use hops carefully. I feel like around here all the brewers are like a kid that discovered and were so moved by Van Gogh's Sunflowers painting and are trying to use every shade of yellow, gold and orange crayon they can find in every drawing they do. Most paintings with those colors will look terrible, and most beers that focus that much on hops won't be good... but too many people equate stupid hopping with good beer. Good hopping makes good beer.</rant> OK, I feel better now.
  5. Thanks, you know that terrible voice in your head that tells you ad things about yourself? Yeah, I also like to imagine there is a wise person in there that props you up and offers sage advice. I also like to imagine that voice won't accept any bullshit from me, and tells it like it is. Also, for this challenge, I tried to make the grizzled old guild leader genderless without calling it out. So anyone can see that same guild leader inside themselves, if that makes sense.
  6. Midweek update for zero week: Got my second workout in this morning, awesome. It was deadlift day, so that feels good. Also, my arms are noodles now, had that "Oh crap! How am I gonna wash my hair in the shower?" moment, which is appreciated. Now to see how quickly I feel normal again. Longer than a day or two means I am going too hard. Did handstand/rings training one day and some yoga another. Also rolled my foot with a lacrosse ball, but should do more general rolling this week. Still tracking my foods. Didn't do too well with carbs yesterday, finding that this is hard to do. I need to make sure I am aligning my strategies around that. Today seems to be closer to on track, but it will still be a struggle to keep at it through dinner. Walking has been good, Over 3 miles every day so far, so I like that goal. I did have to get out during the day for a walk to make sure I hit that, but it all worked out. Creativity is hard right now, I've had a hard time just sitting down to do some drawing, and it has been hard to get into the wood shop, even to do little things. I need to make sure I get in there tonight. So, I feel pretty good about my week, I just might need to make an adjustment on the carb goal, but I'll give it a couple of days.
  7. GoodDoug

    TGP going the distance!

    Yay, glad you posted. I, too, keep waiting for life to slow down... but maybe it isn't life that should slow down but me. Interesting to think on... I like what you said about slowing down to avoid the potholes. Maybe it is my speed that is making life seem so fast... the classic Red Queen race. Thnx for the insight!
  8. GoodDoug

    Darkfoxx 56: Rebuilding A Solid Foundation

    You are a true friend of the rebellion! Bringing in new recruits is the greatest gift you can give us (and your friend)
  9. GoodDoug

    Ye Ranger Guilde Halle in the North [General Chat]

    But I thought we were the cool kids, so wherever we are, that is by definition where the cool kids are. I'll hold my tankard high and toast, "To Rangers old and new. To Rangers departed and to the Rangers yet to come!"
  10. Zero week is where we try stuff on to see how it fits, so yesterday I didn't eat 100% primally, maybe 80%. I also went to the gym and lifted, squats were done and I felt pretty good about them. Went into the garage and took some clamps off of the salt cellars I am making, I also thought a little about what I had to do next. I have to be creative with not having the tools or talent to easily do what I want to do with these, so I am trying to get creative... when I should just fix my bandsaw, or sell it and get a new one. Also, walked 3.01 miles, so I know my lower limit I guess. Today I am on track for eating primally, and did a handstand/rings workout. So it looks like I'm on the right track. Feels good so far, just need to judge how much I can push myself. I'll try and get some drawing in tonight if I can.
  11. GoodDoug

    GoodDoug: 80's training montage

    My next challenge is posted. Took a little bit to write (and it may take a bit of time to read) but I wanted to be thoughtful about this one.
  12. GoodDoug

    Saving What We Love: Tanktimus' Mindset

    I mean that there are some threads where I get to a point where I roll my eyes at what someone is saying... and you swoop in, and say just the right thing to keep them going. Whether it is a pity party, an excuse monologue, or whatever, you say something and it makes me feel ashamed for my eye-rolling. But in a good way, in that it teaches me to not be so judgey and to accept people and their issues for what they are. I'm sure I am not getting across my feelings very well, but I just wanted to let you know you are appreciated by me.
  13. GoodDoug the half ogre finished his report on his last challenge while the grizzled old Ranger guild leader listened. When GoodDoug finished, the guild leader thought for a moment and then said, "You are _not_ ready for a full mission, but you are right that more training isn't going to help you or the Rangers. We have some support missions we'd like to put you on. Nothing on the front lines, just readying supplies for Rangers in the field, crafting items as needed, and delivering orders and retrieving reports from the field." The guild leader stood up, beckoning the half ogre to follow, "You need to treat this like training and show up for duties when you are needed. Surprise me by doing well, and we can get you out in the field next cycle. Otherwise, more supply runs next time. Got it?" GoodDoug nodded. It wasn't exactly what he wanted, but he knew it was probably what he needed. He needed to be contributing, and this was better than more training. The guild leader showed him to the supply room and the old halfling that ran it. "Ben? This is GoodDoug. He'll be your go to guy for support here. Make him work hard, okay?" Ben was old, but spry. He leapt over the counter and stood looking up at the half ogre, sizing him up. "Don't worry, this one will work hard. Come on GoodDoug, I have some boxes of spears destined for the front lines I need sorted and moved to the staging area." I really want to get back to story based updates. I think this challenge will be a boring story, but I want to get back into the swing of things before we go hunting dinosaurs or fighting hordes of undead again. This challenge I will be riffing off some of the themes from the last challenge as well as adding to it. Goals: Diet: It is time to go back to full primal eating. That really means eating whatever I want as long as it doesn't have any grains, legumes or simple sugars. Which really means quite a lot of stuff is off the table. I hate it when people say, "But I can eat what I want on this diet as long as it isn't..." It is better to be honest that you are depriving yourself of something. In this case, I know why I am doing this... it is to get healthier, as well as to feel better. I know that a bowl of ice cream before bed will throw my sleep off. I know that eating that huge batch of cookies will be awesome while I am eating it, but will make me feel terrible (physically and emotionally) for hours afterwards. I am realistic that it is difficult, but I know that it is worth it. Diet goals: Continue tracking, at least 5 days a week Eat as primally as I can Average under 110g of carbohydrates per day Story- As I move to and from headquarters to supply drops, I need to live off the land and eat what I can forage or catch. Exercise: I am getting into a little bit of a groove with exercise. I'd like to keep it up while extending it in a smart way. I know I need to be careful about burnout, while also being careful to not use that as an excuse to slack off. It's a dance, and trust me, you don't want to see this half ogre dance. I want to continue with my current strength program, and find a way to add a little to it. Exercise goals: Go to gym 2 times a week for strength training Handstand and rings once a week (I'd like to do more, but I'm going to be reasonable) Fill my rings every day Walk or run 3 miles every day (average 4 miles per day every week) Story- Got to move boxes of things and head to the front lines and back to headquarters, sometimes needing to walk, sometimes needing to run, and sometimes needing to climb. Flexibility: One of the themes from last challenge was flexibility. I'd like to continue that, and add in physical flexibility. I need to be flexible with my eating goals, with my exercise goals and be flexible in mind and body. This will be a weird one, but I am hopeful it will give me what I want. I want o program some flexibility into my goals, not just being okay with "cheating" but doing so with intent and mindfully. So, if I can't get to the gym, I will do another session of handstands/rings, or maybe go running instead. For getting into the woodshop, I need to be okay with just cleaning the space and sharpening the chisels and planes if that is all I have time/energy for. Flexibility goals: Yoga once a week Rolling out muscles at least twice a week, especially my foot that is starting to get plantar fascitis "Cheating" at least once a week on at least one of my other goals, but do so mindfully Go out for coffee once per week Story- I need to be ready for whatever Ben (or life) throws at me. But I also need to take a coffee break when needed. Creativity: I crave creativity in my life, but I find it hard to make time for it with all of the other things calling for my attention, including all of this fitness stuff. But, if I decide to write it here and make it a priority, I will find time for it. Creativity goals: Draw twice a week Get into the wood shop 4 times a week Do story based updates here twice a week, one of which is my weekly recap Story- I need to build some shields, shape some bows and staves, and assemble some crossbows for the front lines. Also, this half ogre needs some avenues for creative expression, so some of those shields will be getting anime characters drawn on them. Side notes: I will continue trawling the forums, as that is a huge indicator of success in the challenge. I'll keep you all accountable if you keep me accountable. Also, it really helped having the post-mortem from the last challenge in front of me while writing this challenge. Also, I need to go running at least once this challenge. If only to say I did it this challenge. I'm not ready to make it a regular part of my routine yet, but I want to do it for the following challenge, and that means getting at least one run in this challenge so I can assess what I want to do next challenge. If I can run once a week this challenge, then the guild leader will send me on a real mission next time. Otherwise, it will have to be a support mission with some running involved. And finally, I'm continuing with my stoic studies. Making sure I am honest and perceptive, make sure I am doing the right thing for the right reasons, and persevering to reach the goals I have set. As well, I want to maintain the flexibility to pick myself up when (not if) I screw up. To start again. Are you still reading this? Go home.