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  1. That reminds me of the call to action of one of my favorite sailing YouTube channels https://sailinguma.com "Don't buy a couch if you want to travel the world"
  2. So, what I hear you saying is that you were over-thinking the fact that you over-think everything... is that right?
  3. Except I still look like I’m a flailing goblin! A better flailing goblin
  4. Sick kiddo is such a test of patience. It also always ends up a test of self forgiveness… it is really easy to look at all the things you could have done better and not be as aware of how much just being there and sticking with her during this is worth. Hang in there, know that many of us have been through it.
  5. I can't remember where I read it, but some author once said that the best stories include a bunch of characters that deserve their own books. That choosing which character's story to write doesn't mean you don't think about the stories of all of the other characters. They said that was the only way to make sure all the side characters have depth.
  6. I went through this same thing with my hockey gear a few years ago. I lived almost an hour from the rink, late games ended at 11:45, and I was destroyed the next two days. As much as I loved playing, I am glad I am not playing any longer.
  7. Can I just say I _almost_ started a challenge just so I could name it "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB" just to mess with you?
  8. Graham crackers came out of a temperance movement that wanted to limit sweet biscuits, non-vegetarian meals, and masturbation. Basically, they are slightly sweet crackers made with coarse ground whole wheat flour. Digestive biscuits, while similar in their sweetness, are more defined by the use of bicarbonate and caraway instead of the coarse ground whole wheat flour... but I'm sure they would be an okay substitute. So, graham crackers for preventing masturbation or digestive biscuits for preventing farts… your choice I guess
  9. The idea of a s'more: A perfect bite of sweet gooey, chocolatey, crunchy snack often had outdoors. The reality of a s'more: Sitting around a campfire with friends/family laughing over someone dropping their marshmallow in the fire and trying to figure out how the heck you got marshmallow in your hair while trying to make the perfect s'more, but being really happy with the sloppy mess you've got.
  10. Frame of reference for the win. Look at it instead as an excuse to miss those things. Sometimes I will take a break from adding tons of garlic to my dishes so I can appreciate it when I add it back. Sometimes you need to take a break from being so awesome to realize just how awesome you have been.
  11. You are getting very sleepy... When you wake up, you will keep posting Tank level food updates...
  12. Hmmm... maybe finding some simple core exercises you can do in a chair or lying down in place of the walking might help. Even if it is five minutes of going into/out of plank at whatever level you are at might be worthwhile. I've also found that most of my back/leg/foot issues feel much better if I focus on hip mobility stretches and exercises. I like the gmb.io hip mobility routine: https://gmb.io/hip-mobility/ and find just doing it in the morning when I wake up feeling weird in my feet/legs/back makes the whole rest of the day better. Following along to see if I can be nudged to try NaNoWriMo again.
  13. Burnout is something I am somehow managing to avoid. I just got on cholesterol medication earlier this year... I hate that I have to take it, but want to not have to put my kids through a funeral sooner than needed. I love your simple goals, makes it easy to keep strong.
  14. Yay Badges! I am a sucker for collectibles and streaks and whatnot
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